Delaware – US Senate


Incumbent Party – Democrat

Projection – Strong Democrat Hold


Tom Carper – D (Incumbent)


Carper on the Issues

Carper’s U.S. Senate Website                        Carper’s Campaign Website

Carper’s Facebook Page


Kevin Wade– R


Wade on the Issues

Wade’s Website

Wade’s Facebook Page




Move along, there is nothing about this race worth looking at.

It’s truly sad, but with all due respect to Kevin Wade, while we respect his stepping out to make sure that Tom Carper  did not technically go unopposed, this race holds no suspense, no surprises, and no potential for Republicans to win.

Wade seems like a nice guy, and even though I don’t see his previous experience as a chairman of Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign in Delaware to be a positive aspect of his representing the conservative oriented Republican Party, I would be happy to report that he could give Tom Carper a run for his money.  But I can’t.  No one can.

Carper is probably one of the least known names in the United States among Americans.  He is just there, living and breathing an undistinguisehed existence in a senate seat that he wins simply because he runs on the Democrat Party line.  But that’s all you need to in delaware to get elected…… to be a Democrat.

Carper won his 2006 reelection effort with a 70.2% to 28.7% win over his Republican opponent, Jan Ting.  The only iquestion surrounding this race is whether or not this time around, Carper can keep Kevin Wade to below 30% too.

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