White House 2012

White House 2012 is a satelite blog of Politics 24/7 designed to be a central online location and resource for news, commentary, analysis, and editorial opinions specifically on the race for the White House. In addition to offering you news, opinions, and analyses, it also provides you with biographical information on each of the Republican candidates who were and are in the race,  along with their positions on the issues, links to their sites, their Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, voting records, public statements, financial filings with the Federal Election Commission, and much more.

White House 2012 offers a unique and informative look at presidential election and the information contained within it offers you a helpful and useful online election resource.






GOPElephantRight.jpg GOP Elephant Right image by kempiteStars01.gif picture by kempiteGOPElephantLeft.jpg GOP Elephant Left image by kempite

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