Minnesota – US Senate


Incumbent Party – Democrat

Projection –  Hold


Primary Date August 14, 2012
General Date November 06, 2012
Incumbent Amy Klobuchar
Incumbent Status Seeking Re-election


Amy Klobuchar – D (Incumbent)


Klobuchar on the Issues

Senate Website  –  Campaign Website

Klobuchar’s Facebook Page



Republican Candidates:





Klobuchar goes in to this race as a clear favorite for reelection and early Democrat polling has her beating her likely Republican opponent, Kurt Bills, by as much as 26%.  This is to be expected in a race that pits a incumbent who is in relatively good standing among the electorate, against largely unknown opponents. And that is especially the case here in Minnesota where the electorate is considered the 20th least conservative in the nation and which voted 2.97% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.  Minnesota has been trending Democrat in presidential elections since 1992.

That trend will be challenged at the top ticket as Mitt Romney contests President Obama in Minnesota but there is no reason to believe that Klobuchar’s less known, under-funded, Republican opponent will be able to do the same in the senate race.   And no matter how well Romney may do against the President, he is not likely to have very long coattails for the G.O.P. senate nominee to ride to victory on.

Unless an overriding issue which catalyzes the attitudes of Minnesota voters is interjected in to this senate race, and unless the top of the ticket begins to take a nose dive in in the state’s presidential contest, Klobuchar should be able to sail to victory and be reelected.

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