Maryland – US Senate


Incumbent Party – Democrat

Projection – Strong Democrat Hold


Daniel Bongino – R


Bongino on the Issues

Bongino’s Website

Bongino’s’s Facebook Page




Cardin on the Issues

Senate Website  – Campaign Website

Cardin’s Facebook Page







Cardin should hold on to seat by a comfortable margin.  While political newcomer Daniel Bongino is an excellent candidate and has appeal as an anti-establishmentarian and outsider, Maryland’s liberal tendencies are not likely to succumb to some sudden desire to cross Party lines and cast their vote to Bongino after they vote for Obama at the top of the ticket.

Bongino will be at a disadvantage in almost everywhere way possible; name ID, fundraising, organization, and enthusiasm will be just a few.

But what this race could do is give birth to a successful future candidacy.  That is because Bongino will perform well and he will leave voters with a positive impression of him.   So although a new Senator may be borne from this race, I do predict that a rising political star will be born.

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