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Bookmark and Share     When Tom Daschle served as the Democrats senate leader he was not very cooperative when it came to presidential appointments. In fact in 2004 Daschle prevented up-and-down votes on ten of President Bush’s nominees to federal courts of appeals.


Back then Tom Daschle believed that there were issues and factors that surpassed the judgment of the President and that President’s constitutionally guaranteed right to appoint individuals to positions that they saw fit.

Little more than four years later Tom Daschle now believes that the President has the right to appoint him to a position despite ethical breaches.

Tom Daschle is,was, and will always be a liberal and as such he always possesses a level of hypocrisy that is astounding.

In 2004 he felt that because the Presidents judicial appointments were conservative, the President should be denied them. Daschle simply disagreed with the President. Those ten judges did not conduct any moral, ethical or legal breaches of conduct or activity. They just weren’t liberal. So for that Daschle, held up the courts and denied the President his judicial appointments.

Now in 2009 Tom Daschle wants us to ignore his own unethical conduct and allow him to be appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services simply because the President wants him.

For his part President Obama wants us to accept his appointment of Tom Daschle to the HHS position because he believes that Tom Daschle is the best person for the job.

Never mind that President Obama made a big deal about constructing the most open, honest and ethical administration in history. Never mind the fact that President Obama stated that he wants his administration to be above reproach.

None of that is suppose to matter when it comes to giving President Obama a stamp of approval. Regardless of his supposedly pristine approach to government we should overlook the ethical breaches of those who he wants to work with.

Despite the fact that Tom Daschle collected over two hundred thousand dollars from the very health care industry that he wants to reform, we should simply approve of the move and give Tom Daschle a thumbs up.

We should approve of President Obama’s choice of Tom Dascle for HHS Secretary despite the fact that he is a tax cheat who claims that he simply saw the year or more of the use of a car and chauffer as an ordinary gift from a friend.

We are to believe that a one hundred and forty thousand dollar gift from a political patron was normal and that it really has no bearing on anything.

Well you know what?. I don’t buy it.

I do not believe that a man who has been given two hundred thousand dollars by an industry can effectively reform and police that industry for the American people.

I do not believe that a man who neglects to pay taxes on services amounting to one hundred and forty thousand dollars demonstrates the ethical sincerity that we need in government.

Tell me, do you think the taxes on that “gift” would have ever been paid had Tom Daschle not been thrust back into the spotlight?

No. He promises to pay the taxes due on those services because he was going to get caught.

As for President Obama, well I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. He is my President and he has one heck of job to do. He has only been in office for a matter of weeks and he deserves to at least get his footing before anyone tries to knock him off balance. So I have shied away from any harsh criticism, but the inherent hypocrisy of liberal thinking is building to a crescendo and I can not sit idly by and say, sure go ahead, do what you want, ethics do not matter.

The Obama administration is not off to a good start.

The most ethical administration in history didn’t even take office before one cabinet member-designate , New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, had to withdraw his nomination as Commerce Secretary because he is being investigated for selling legislative favors in turn for substantial campaign donations.

Right there it became obvious that the Obama vetting process was faulty.

But then, during confirmation hearings, it became clear that Obama’s choice for Secretary of the Treasury was a tax cheat. That appointment claimed that he didn’t understand the tax code.

Now that’s encouraging, isn’t it. The man in charge of our treasury doesn’t even understand the tax codes he will rule over. Yet despite his lack of familiarity with his job and his ethical breaches, the senate overlooked it all because President Obama felt he was the best man for the job.

Now this.

Tom Daschle takes money from the industry he will monitor and neglects to pay his taxes.

Is this anyway to gain our confidence in this administration or its sincerity?

Is this anyway for the most ethical administration in history to begin?

I for one do not accept the ethical breaches and illegal conduct of these individuals. I believe that the Obama administration better start saying what it means. Either they are above reproach or they are not.

Right now they are not.

Right now they are making so many exceptions to their own rules of conduct that they cannot be believed.

The only thing that would anger me more than what the Obama administration is doing to ethics would be for any Republican to vote in the affirmative when it comes to confirming Tom Daschle’s nomination.

Any Republican that can approve of Daschle is simply playing the game and voting for Tom Daschle because he is a former member of their exclusive club….the senate.

Republicans need to be the loyal opposition here. They need to keep President Obama to his word and realize that Tom Daschle is far from meeting the standards set by the President.

And if that isn’t enough I have ten other reasons for denying President Obama his first choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Those ten reasons are the ten judges, whose appointments to the bench, Tom Daschle denied, simply because he didn’t like them.

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NASA was celebrating, they had just made the scientific breakthrough of a lifetime.

As they were uncorking a bottle of champagne, the head scientist at NASA, asked everyone to be quiet as he had received a congratulatory phone call from the President of the United States.

He picked up a special red phone, and spoke into it.

Mr. President,” he said, grinning broadly, “after fifteen years of hard research costing billions of dollars, we have finally found intelligent life on Mars.”

He listened for a second, and his smile gradually disappeared, replaced by a frown.

He said, “But that’s impossible … we could never do it. … yes Mr. President,” and hung up the phone. He addressed the crowd of scientists staring at him curiously.

“I have some bad news,” he said, “the President said that now that we’ve found intelligent life on Mars … he wants us to try to find it in Congress.”

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In an earlier post I presented a campaign strategy for McCain to pursue . It included a number of sub themes to hit upon in addition to a homestretch strategy that laid out a schedule of releasing a new policy initiative on some of the most important issues facing us and to present them every other day. This would help McCain to control the news cycles rather than be controlled by them. It would also allow Americans to see the kind of President that he could be rather than see how well or poorly he can campaign for President.

As we all know, the economy is the issue dominating our minds at the moment. In light of that, if McCain were to use the strategy that I have previously proposed, he should present an economic stabilization package.

If I were managing his campaign I would assemble his economic team and hammer out the details. Then I would have that package carefully reviewed. Weigh the pro and cons, rip it apart to the same extent that Barack Obama would and be prepared to tear down and disprove those criticisms.

Once that has been done, give the media six hours notice and present the following press release.

At this press conference, as alluded to in the release, John McCain should start off by explaining how we got to where we are today. Outline the lack of responsibility practiced by the government, the unethical practices of private sector loaning practices and the lack of personal responsibility that many Americans have exercised.

McCain should use this press conference to signal his intention to gear us in a new direction. A direction that forces our society to deal more with hard money than fake and speculated money. A direction that focuses on what we have more than what we don’t have and living within our means as opposed to beyond our means.

State that such a direction begins by example with our own government.

From that point on, get into the details of the stabilization package. Outline initiatives which explain budget cuts. Call for a legislative reform of the process which allows unassociated riders to be placed on bills which produce wasteful pork barrel spending and funding for things that have nothing to do with the bills that they are attached.

Outline the tax cuts which will stimulate the economy, help to increase employment and grow our economy .

Senator McCain should also announce an executive order that would put a halt to the long standing Clinton National Homeownership initiative which forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to enter into hundreds of thousands of sub prime, high risk loans. Loans which helped to inflate the housing bubble that recently burst because it was over inflated by extending loans to people who could not afford to pay them back.

There are several other aspects to an appropriate stabilization package that must be announced as a part of this proposal and after doing so John McCain needs to tie the package up with a ribbon that makes his initiatives more than acceptable but hopeful.

He should announce that Mitt Romney will be the person who will implement this package and oversee the treasury of our nation as John McCain’s secretary of the United States Treasury.

He May Not Still Be Running For President, But  He Can Help Get One Elected

He May Not Still Be Running For President, But He Can Help Get One Elected

This would be seen by some as cocky. To present a cabinet before you have the house you will put them in may seem unusual but in this case it is more than appropriate. In this case it is a move that doesn’t leave Americans open to surprises. The man running against John McCain is full of surprises. He has no record of accomplishments for us to get a sense of what he would do and he is associated with some of the most corrupt, shady and dangerous characters that politics has to offer.

From fundraiser and friend, convicted slum lord Tony Rezko to racist, American hating Rev. Wright and domestic terrorist William Ayers, one must wonder who Obama will bring into his cabinet. What kind of people would he have steer our economy?

This is John McCain’s opportunity to be bold and upfront. Leave no doubt in in the minds of Americans about John McCain’s judgment. Announce his economic team. Put forward names like Meg Whitman of Ebay. Suggest a position for Michael Bloomberg. Tell us who your director of the Office of Management and Budget would be and declare Mitt Romney as the chief financial director of our nation.

Mitt Romney understand s how the economy works. He He has created wealth in the private sector, grown business and economies. He has increased employment in both the state that he ran and the companies he helped to build.

He took the state of Massachusetts and overcame it’s Taxachusettes moniker by lowering taxes and meeting budgets.has operated under budgets both as a head of state and CEO. He has created wealth in the private sector, grown business and economies. He has increased employment in both the state that he ran and the companies he helped to build.

Additionally, Mitt Romney has never failed at any responsibility given to him. He took a corruption strewn, beleaguered Olympics in Salt Lake City that was losing money and turned it around . He made it one of the most secure, smooth running and profitable Olympic spectaculars in history.

Mitt Romney has never led a business into bankruptcy and required a government bailout or exited from the stage with a golden parachute. He grew businesses and helped others to grow their own. All in all Mitt Romney has been a solution to problems not a part of the problems and that is what we need . It is what McCain needs and any future President needs.

Therefore McCain should be bold. He should not only use this campaign to outline his direction, he should make public, the names of the people who will help him carry out that direction when he is President.

A guy was lost in the mall at the Washington Monument.

He stopped a cop and asked, “What side is the State Department on ?”

To which the cop answered, “Ours, I hope.” 

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