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The Economics of Jealousy and Hypocrisy

Bookmark and Share    On the issue of taxes, there a  few politicians and Parties have more of the  market on hypocrisy than do Democrats. A vast majority of those who play the role of your biggest so called “fighters for the common man” ironically happen to be among the wealthiest and most removed segments of society from the plight of the working class.

The fact is that of the 535 seats in Congress (435 in the House and 100 in the Senate), 44%, or 237 of them, are millionaires. In whole, only 1% of the entire American population are millionaires, so clearly there is an alarming disparity that exists between the face of America and the Congress that represents it.

This is not to suggest that legitimately accumulated wealth is a bad thing. Quite the contrary. Wealth is a good thing, especially when you do the right thing with it and do others right by it. But the existing gap between wealthy Americans and the wealthy Americans representing their needs in Congress is of some concern. I mean, at some point, as we all have, you must begin to wonder how in touch Congress is with the people whose concerns they represent.

The left has spent decades playing off of this question. They have used it to play a sometimes successful game of class warfare that is designed to divide and conquer by feeding off of one of the most debased and unchristian instincts there is ———– jealousy. Much of the Democrat Party tries to make voters believe that wealthy Republicans are out of touch rich men who are trying to prosper from the toil and sweat of the working class. This is the argument that has helped to advance socialism throughout the world. But that argument never quite mentions the fraud and benefits which is extended to the bureaucrats who are placed in charge of spreading that wealth and it also neglects to address the unsustainability and inherent mediocrity and lack of excellence that comes with such a system in the areas of productivity and quality of life.

Yet Democrats often get away with their class warfare tactics.

It is easier for a poor man to blame his lot in life on someone else. For Democrats that finger of blame for ones lot in life is pointed at Republicans as they paint members of the G.O.P. as fat cat business interests in their exclusive country clubs, hob knobbing with the rich and famous..

But the truth is that as most Democrats point their fingers at Republicans, while admittedly almost evenly split, the majority of the wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats. And even if that were not the case, it is the majority of those same finger pointing liberals who do their damnedest to hide their wealth, cheat the system, live above the laws they create for others to follow and evade what Vice President Joe Biden called, their “patriotic duty”………paying taxes.

Take Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters.

These are just two of the latest cases of tax evading hypocrites on the Hill today.

Both led the fight for socialized healthcare, both exempted their own congressional healthcare plans from the 3,000 page federal healthcare boondoggle that they wrote, both are wealthy, both have benefited from skirting the very regulations they draft and support and both are now being charged with unethical conduct regarding the way they have hidden and added to their wealth. This would bring into play another very unchristian value————greed.

Their greed and their desire to promote the economic politics of jealousy and class warfare have played a critical role in the way that the liberal leadership of the Democrat Party has crafted legislation and to be more exact,………crafted  bad legislation.

But beyond the likes of Rangel and Waters, there exists an incredibly strong history of liberal hypocrisy on the issue of wealth and attempts to paint Republicans as the Party of the rich.

Take one of the most beloved political families in the world……..The Kennedy’s

The son’s of Joe, a swindling financier whose greed built a political dynasty and drove his sons to value power more than people, have all been wealthy, country club liberal elitists. They run around with, party with and play with the rich and famous while wining and dining the media elite who eat out of their hands and then sing their praises in print and on the airwaves. All of them have built their careers on the plight of the common man. Yet while they perform this play on the political stage, they have done everything from kill to cheat and avoid accountability.

But while the Kennedy’s are a prime example of the liberal class warfare hypocrisy that exists in the Democrat Party, they are far from alone.

Of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress, 8 are Democrats;

Jane Harman (D-CA) – $377,275,000,
Herb Kohl (D-WI) – $265,629,996,
Mark Warner (D-VA) – $346,085,992,
John Kerry (D-MA) – $258,959,049,
Jared Pelosi (D-CO) – 566 $265,609,998,
Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) – $128,416,002,
Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) – $101,856,020
Diane Feinstein (D-CA) – $101,849,018

All eight of them have done their best to paint themselves as the toughest fighters for working families that ever existed and claim that the G.O.P. is simply for the rich. Yet when it came time help the working man, these rich limousine liberals have all failed to alleviate the tax burden that weighs down a families ability to achieve financial security and oppresses their ambitions for economic freedom and prosperity.

They have opposed such things as making an increase in the child tax credit permanent. They refused to pass a bill that would have cut all income tax rates and make other tax cuts of $958.2 billion over 10 years and convert five tax rate brackets, which range from 15 to 39.6 percent, to a system of four brackets with rates of 10 to 33 percent.

They have rejected efforts to require a supermajority to raise taxes and protect working families from the never ending rising costs of the government bureaucracy and attempts to oppose making income taxes flatter and lower.

And these are not reforms that could be simply defined as effecting only the rich. These were reforms designed to directly impact working families and the common man that they claim to be the defenders of.

But beyond the voting records which indicate just the opposite when it comes to proving who the real defenders of personal economic freedom really seems to be, are the far fetched attempts that Democrats and their Party make in trying to claim whose side they are really on. Not only are they the same rich and powerful enemy that they try to make Republicans out to be, they are true hypocrites of their own messages who are far from understanding of the plight of the working class.

Take John Kerry, the Democrat Party’s former standard bearer, who fell into wealth after marrying the power hungry wife and heir of deceased Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz’s fortune.

After Teresa Heinz inherited her husbands ketchup fortune, she maintained her Washington, D.C. power base and tax writing authority by marrying incumbent liberal Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Kerry then shared in the wealth and the two ran for the presidency of the United States. Much of the Kerry-Heinz campaign was based on typical Democrat class warfare which described George W. Bush and the G.O.P. as the wealthy corporatists who robbed from the poor to give to the rich. But during that campaign, he and his wife neglected to mention that in their own family, making money from the workers in their corporation was a good thing and to them, wealth was something that you married into and sheltered in schemes that evaded taxes.

For instance. Take the case of the 76 foot Heinz-Kerry luxury yacht.

Keeping it docked in The senator’s home state of Taxachusetts would have meant that he had to dip into his wife’s purse and dole out a minimum of half a million dollars in taxes to Massachusetts. So what did Kerry do. He kept his yacht, the “Isabella” in the much more relatively tax friendly neighboring state of Rhode Island. And had it not been for a public disclosure of the creating docking arrangement, Kerry would have avoided the expense. But instead the failed presidential nominee had to resign himself to telling the press that he promised to bring his yacht back home and eventually the proper state taxes that he owed on it.

John Kerry, Maxine Waters, Jane Harman, Charlie Rangel and the rest of the liberal elitists who makeup the Democrat establishment are truly divisive hypocrites. Each and everyday they preach the virtues of the working class. They speak of how the wealthy are ruining this nation and how the rich Republicans are co-conspirators in a plot to rob the common man of his just desserts. They preach socialism and tout its virtues, yet they spend their time out of the public eye cheating the system and accusing others of the crimes they are guilty of.

Do both sides of the aisle have their share of wealthy members of Congress? They sure do. But the difference is that Republicans do not pretend that wealth is a bad thing. Republicans do not use an unholy greed for power and money to divide people and to inspire jealousies that form the foundation for economic policies of oppression and limited opportunities. Republicans are not ashamed of any wealth that individuals may have. They are not hypocritical leaches who are chowing down on caviar while writing speeches that claim the wealth creators of America are forcing everyone else to crumbs.

John Kerry once said “Values are not just words, values are what we live by. They’re about the causes that we champion and the people we fight for.” But apparently, the values that John Kerry and many of his wealthy and powerful liberal friends live by are not the values that most hardworking Americans live by. The values of greed and deceit are those which Americans try to avoid and this November, we will see exactly how many Americans feel that way.

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