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Is This Administartion For Real? Welcome To The Mirror Universe.

Bookmark and Share  By Mike Dunimiak (POLITICS 24/7 Guest Blogger
 It is as if one night we all went to bed and when we woke up, we found ourselves transported to an alternate universe where everything is mduminiakreversed. At first, people just didn’t take notice. Absorbed in their own lives and having come with a basic trust of those in power, they didn’t notice that the government wasn’t the same one they grew up with. Then they started to notice.

We all were raised thinking that government should be based on the idea that all people are equal. This government does not share that view. It believes that some people are entitled to take from others that which they did not earn. It believes that people are inherently unequal and that government exists to use force and confiscation to create a subjugation based equality.

We were taught that if you use government money to subsidize an industry, that is basically a bad thing but perhaps a necessary evil to save jobs. This government believes that using government money to subsidize or outright buy industries is a great thing. Further, they subsidized or bought industries and then ordered those industries to close down facilities and lay off workers. This government forced the people to fund the destruction of their own jobs.

We believed that reducing the number of people who are dependent on government assistance is a good thing. Even the last Democrat Party President (Bill Clinton) worked to reduce dependence on government. This government believes the exact opposite. It has already added hundreds of thousands of people onto public health care that had and could easily afford private coverage. It has pushed for the laying off of thousands of workers in the auto industry and placed them on government assistance. It is working hard to make dependents of every single citizen by designing a bill that would force them to either take a government run health program or pay steep penalties for failing to do so.

We all can recall the cries against unilateralism and the need to build international coalitions. Well this government just shifted from the five nation coalition talks dealing with North Korea to just the United States dealing with North Korea.

We were certain that free speech and expression were the foundation of a just society. This government has targeted those who speak against big government, for personal responsibility, for lowering the deficit, against government take-over of health care. This government labels such free speech and expression as potential domestic terrorism.

We understood that our military existed to protect the country, its interests and its citizens and that its veterans should be honored. This government believes that the military veterans are instead threats to its power and control. They are watch-listed as potential domestic terrorists.

We thought that the people elected to represent us should act in accordance with our wishes. This government believes that the people are a bunch of crazy idiots whose only moment of rational intelligence was the couple of minutes they spent in the voting booth electing them; that the rest of the time government needs to do what it wants regardless of what the people want because they’re too stupid to know what’s best for them.

Unfortunately, like Charlton Heston’s character in “Planet of the Apes” we will find that this is not some alternate universe or distant planet to which we were transported. This is our reality. We are responsible for our own destruction.

Yet there is hope. People may not yet be screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” out of their windows, but they are shouting at town hall meetings across the country. Civility is eroding as passions rise and people feel desperation with a government that does not listen. This government better start to pay attention before it truly wakens the sleeping giant that is the American people. They tend to wake up angry.

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Party Like It’s 1773

teaparty1   Bookmark and Share December 16th, marked the 235th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the original Boston Tea Party. It is the model for the more than 500 tea parties that are taking place across America on this day which marks the deadline for filing taxes.

A little more than 235 years ago the residents of the American colonies had enough. They could no longer quietly tolerate the oppression of a ruling authority that dictated too much. They were tired of the majesty’s demands upon them and it all came to a head in Boston when the cry of “taxation without representation” resulted in a tea party that was anything but sedate or civil.

Back then, American colonists were developing a sense of independence that wanted government out of their lives. They wanted to make their own wages without a ruling authority limiting how much of it they could earn. They wanted the right to have a say in the way their territory was run.

This spirit led to the Declaration of Independence and eventually it led to the birth of what the world would came to know as the freest, most innovative and powerful nation in the universe.

Today, we still hold that impressive title but many of us see it being lost. That greatness is a bi-product of freedom. A freedom that has allowed individuals to flourish well beyond the limited framework that any one established authority could set it’s people on. The diversity of thinking, and goals has created the greatest pool of ideas known to man.

Our freedom and individuality has been the key to our greatness but unlike the people of colonial America, today, Americans are giving up their freedom and relinquishing their individuality to a controlling authority that they want to give greater control to.

Instead of demanding “no taxation without representation” we are accepting of the practice.

If you live in New Jersey but work in New York, in addition to a litany of federal taxes and state taxes, you have to pay a commuter tax. Does paying that tax give New Jerseyans the chance to vote for leaders and representatives in New York? Heck no! But without any representation for them in New York, they are forced to pay taxes to New York.

This scenario is not limited to New York. It exists almost everywhere in the nation but that does not make it right. It is simply an indication of the spirit that has been lost since days of old.

Further indication of this is made in other areas of government.

Instead of that sense of responsibility that the colonists had, today we look towards government for everything. Where the colonists wanted less of the majesty’s governance, we want more of the federal bureaucracy’s governance.

Have a business that isn’t successful? Let the government bail you out.

Want to start a business? Let the government give you a grant to do it.

Lost money on a business deal or investment? Let the government give you the money back.

Let the government do everything and pay for everything, right?


The money the government gives you is not theirs to give away. It is your money, it is our money. It is the tax dollars we let them take from us and the more we refuse to do for ourselves, the more money they take from us.

Economically, that may not sound like a bad thing to some but in reality it is anything but a good deal.

When the bureaucracy of government does something, they do so in a way that costs much more than any individual or private sector institution can. So by letting the government do more, is allowing more money to be wasted. If you needed a hammer would you buy one for 8 bucks at Home Depot yourself or would you buy the same one from the Pentagon for 108 dollars?

The government needs to get out of our business and Americans need to recapture the independent spirit that founded this country and made us the great nation that we are.

We need to start doing for ourselves what we have come to expect government to do for us. Our reliance on a controlling authority has taken control of our lives away from us. That reliance has created a dependency that has led to the growth of government and that growth has created the need for more money. Money that is raised by increasing the taxes that the people have to pay.

The Boston Tea Party may not have been a cozy afternoon gathering but it was a good thing. It signaled our deep rooted yearning for our God given freedom and believe it or not, freedom is still a good thing.

235 years later Americans are far removed from that fact. Instead of demanding less government and more personal freedom, we ask for more government and more government action. Instead of protesting excessive taxation we just held an election that endorsed more taxes and “spreading the wealth around”.

Maybe we will have to lose some of our freedom in order to realize what all the hullabaloo in Boston was about.

Slowly we already have lost some of our freedoms but apparently not enough. Not enough to select candidates who want to limit government. Not enough to force representatives to stop trying to solve problems by restricting our freedoms and creating more problems.

Just how much freedom we must lose before we begin to miss it, is quite important.

That freedom made us the great power and people that we are and the more of it that we lose, the further from greatness we shall fall.

Those of us who understand that are the ones behind the organic, grassroots growth of the tea parties that hundreds of thousands are participating in today. Ourr participation is not merely based on taxation. It is based on freedom and the right to it. It is based on the need to rid ourselves of a controlling authority that has gone too far, takes too much and produces more harm than good.

More than 235 years ago, a bunch of colonists who understood the value of freedom stood up to their oppressors. They were a group of soon to be Americans whose desires for a better life led them to renounce the authority of a government for the sake of their freedom. The same freedom that we have come to take for granted and whittled away.

That is what today’s modern tea parties are all about and that is the sentiment behind the events that Americans from border to border and coast to coast, are rekindling today.

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