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Felons For Obama Give New Meaning To Political Corruption

Bookmark and Share  All across America a new trend is developing. It is not inspired by the pages of Vogue or GQ. It is not sparked by Madonna’s latest outfit in a new music video or trend initiated by the latest fashions on the red carpets of Hollywood or the catwalks and runways of New York or Paris.


 Look closely at the above photo.
No, not at the faces of the felons that are the subject of these mug shots. Look at what they’re wearing.
Each of them are wearing Obama related garments.
Be it “Change”, “Yes We Can”, “Obama 08”, “Obama for Change” or just a simple image of our new President’s face, each of these arrested individuals are sporting shirts touting their support for President Obama.
And before any of you try to make excuses and claim that all these people were probably all arrested for some minor charges involving a pro-Obama demonstration, guess again. They were all taken of individuals arrested at different times for different crimes not involving political protest. The crimes range from acts of violence to drug offenses and some minor disorderly conduct infractions. These particular shots come via Sgt Rodney Hicock, an Iowa State Trooper .
Sgt. Hicock is now himself in hot water as Iowa Public Safety Commissioner Eugene Meyer conducts an internal investigation into whether Hicock used a state-owned computer to send a personal e-mail that included these and more jail mug shots of the Obama T-Shirt wearing criminals as an attachment.
Never the less, like never before, criminal blotters across America are being filled with the images of lawbreakers with a political conscious. In the past it was not often that you saw many if any mug shots of criminals captured in their Ronald Reagan T-Shirts, JFK hoodies or Clinton nightshirts. But today Obama gear is taking mug shot photo shoots by storm.

You can draw your own conclusions on the statement that this new trend makes.
As for myself, I see a great deal of symbolism here.
I see criminals whose lives take more from society than give to society and in the end lose their liberty as they sit in a prison cell. I also see them proudly adorning themselves in clothes that boast their pride for an American President who is leading a government that, like them, is doing more damage to society than good and taking liberty away from us all.
But perhaps the ultimate irony here is the fact that these Obama supporters are probably content in jail where, just like the Obama policies that they support, they are given handouts that come at the taxpayers expense.
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Liberty or Death……A Story

by Michael Duminiak
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It was indeed a sad state of affairs. A plastic grocery bag overflowed in the corner of the room, leaking out a stream of deathorlibertyflagunpaid bills hastily shoved into it the day before to clear off the carved oak desk that had been a family heirloom. The desk was gone, sold off the day before at Sheriff’s sale along with a household of other pieces of furniture and other valuables. The marks on the carpet where they once stood reminded one of the ruined foundations of long lost civilizations. Such a parallel was apt as civilization had indeed been lost here.

The body itself was against the far wall of the room not far from the sack of bills. It sat as if seated in relaxation, head down on chest in slumber. If not for the gaping hole exposing the gray tissue inside and the large upward splatter of blood and bits of flesh, bone and hair upon the wall, it would have looked tranquil. Nothing is quite so quiet as a room that screams of death.

The gun used still rested clutched in the bone white hand. Where it had been secreted away in order to avoid the Sheriff’s sale will remain an eternal mystery. There can be no doubt that it was saved specifically for this purpose. No doubt because its neighboring hand held a simple note of three words, “Liberty or Death!” As the former had been lost, the latter was obtained.

The scene said much to any who cared to see it. Rather than use the weapon to fight off the authorities who came to take away everything, it was saved only to end the misery. Despite all the injustice visited upon the deceased by a corrupt government that beat down the people who bore the brunt of economic collapse to force the liquidation of their assets so that those who caused the collapse and had already been given billions could collect their 40 pieces of silver, this one person remained loyally obedient.libertyordeathmask

The scene indeed said much and accused more with grim testimony. No rebellion, resistance or law breaking was committed despite being deprived of house and home. No stain save noble blood rested here. No excuse could be made by those who stripped away everything. On their heads alone rested judgment.

Here a martyr rests. Not the martyr of blazing glory in heat of battle or of stoic bearing while in the hands of the executioner, but a martyr still. Here rests a martyr to liberty and justice. A gloomy monitor and testament to how far from justice society had slipped. Here rests a martyr for a nation abandoned by its government.

All the lofty speeches and promises instantly wither to dust at the testimony of the scene. Here is the truth. Here lies the grist ground down by the political machine. Festoon it with streamers and bedeck it with flags, shower it with platitudes and lecture it with excuses – do what you will to spin it. It remains unmoved. It convicts without pardon. It exposes without exception.

Silently unmoving rests the shattered remains of a citizen deprived of every inalienable right.  Oh how that silence screams.

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