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Palin Resigns From One Job But Is It To Get Another?


Bookmark and Share  To hear that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is resigning in two weeks is shocking news. At least to those of us not in her family.

The reasoning for this was explained by her husband Todd Palin as he stated that the Governor wants to dedicate more time to issues important to the nation and not just Alaska.

Her brother believes that Sarah Palin concluded that her and her staff are having to defend themselves against so many unfounded ethics complaints that she believes too much time and energy is having to be spent on defending herself and that she is not able to spend as much time and energy on the business of the state as it should properly receive.

I believe the answer is a mix of the two explanations.

Sarah Palin’s entrance on to the national stage made a significant splash.

Liberals automatically tried to write her off as a small town mayor. Feminists reared their hypocritical heads and tried to admonish her for being a conservative and Alaska Democrats dedicated all their time to trying to tarnish the rising star of their state’s Republican Governor.

As a result she became a target of frivolous and false charges and accusations that have cost millions in legal fees and countless hours of defense. This indeed absorbed much of her time. It was time taken away from her responsibilities. And it was all because petty partisan players wanted to insure that Sarah Palin has no political future.

Given these circumstances, I believe that the Governor sincerely decided to put an end to all that was distracting the state leaders from the important business at hand and to the opportunity that her continuing as Governor afforded liberals who tried to turn every breath she took into an ethics charge.

By resigning, not only is the excuse that partisan players have to throw accusations at her gone, but it gives Alaskans the opportunity to continue building on her substantial work with a strong successor in Lt. Governor Parnell and her the opportunity to move on.

What resigninging is for may just be for bigger and better plans. It may possibly be a plan to devote three years to earning the Republican nomination for President.

Sarah Palin may just have been planning to run for the nomination ever since the conclusion of the 2008 election but now she may also be fed up with all that was thrown at her in an attempt to deny her of that chance. She may be fed up with the politics that is being used against her and decided to double up her efforts.

If this is an opening statement in the 2012 election race for President it is quite dramatic. It is also risky. Some will accuse her of not fulfilling her responsibilities to the people of Alaska. Others will understand that Democrats have made Sarah Palin more the issue than the issues themselves and that by stepping down as Governor, all that she has so far accomplished can be built upon and all that must still be done can be done without the distraction of every liberals favorite target being in the way.

And through it all Sarah Palin just might now have the time to take ownership of the conservative mantle as she becomes free to take up the causes and issues important to her and our nation.

However this plays out, Sarah Palin is pissed and like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. So believe me, Sarah Palin is not going to leave the national stage quietly. In fact I think she may have just jumped on the stage and is about to open the curtains.

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