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President Obama Turns The Legal System Upside Down

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As Thursday approaches,  so does the date in which Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law goes in to effect.

The entire process leading up to the implementation of the law has been one of utter chaos. First critics lambasted the law but failed to read it. Even the former Governor of Arizona and our now sitting Homeland Security Director came out attacking the law and then when asked if she read it, the answer was no. Even the chief law enforcement officer of our nation, Attorney General Eric Holder, lent his critical analysis of the Arizona law and went as far as to say that he may challenge it in the courts. And when asked if he read what he intended to challenge, his answer was no too.

In fact most political leaders who jumped on the bandwagon to denounced Arizona and its new law, had failed to read it. The entire process was an exercise in ignorance and it never ended. One liberal politician, organization, and interest group after the other came out denouncing the bill that they did not read. The endless onslaught began to embed itself in local governments, sports franchises and even local school boards.

The City of Los Angeles proposed a statewide boycott of Arizona, professional sports teams decided not to play in the state of Arizona and in one case, a girls high school basketball team from the Midwest was not allowed to play in their national championship game because it was being held in Arizona.

By orchestrating an immediate and intense smear campaign against the Grand Canyon state because of the new law, the left put in motion that which  is all a part of a political process that is more concerned with votes than issues. That is why the left and its leaders jumped on this before they read the bill. They did not have to. What exactly was in it did not matter. What mattered to them was a political opportunity they could take advantage of. That is why even after they did read the bill and discovered that it simply mirrored federal law, they still forged ahead with their smear campaign and attacks.

The left is sorely in need of ways to motivate their base. They are well aware that their base has become demoralized by their Party’s inept handling of the economy, abuse of the legislative process, the existing and lingering high unemployment, and by the President’s numerous missteps on everything from race relations, to the response to the Gulf oil disaster and the economy.

For that reason, they had no need to read the Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill. To achieve their goal of motivating Hispanics to come out and vote for Democrats this November, all they needed to do was jump on this issue with a campaign of disinformation and turn it into what they wanted……….a wedge issue between Hispanics and Republicans.

To a certain extent it worked. La Razza and many unions comprised of large minority memberships are pumped up, and other voters have been swayed to believe that the Arizona bill is just a Republican anti-immigration measure. Far be it for the truth to have anything to do with Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill.

So now, in an attempt to insure that the left can capitalize on the issues among Hispanics, the Justice Department is taking Arizona to court over their bill. The process will drag the issue out and keep it in play for Democrats at least until the November elections. What the final ruling on the Arizona law is does not matter. For the left, even if the DOJ loses their case, the process leading up to that ruling still serves their only purpose behind the challenge to the law…….motivating their base.

But what is truly ironic about this sad episode in politics and justice, is how in their attempts to help the Democrat Party get through the midterm elections without falling too deep onto minority status, the Obama Administration has turned the dynamics of law enforcement upside down and inside out.

While he has ordered his Justice Department to take the state of Arizona to court for mirroring existing federal laws, he ignores the more than 143 local governments that skirt the law and turn themselves into Sanctuary Cities.

These Sanctuary Cities refuse to identify illegal immigrants to the federal government. They refuse enforce the law with as illegal immigrants and instead provide illegal immigrants with services and sanctuary. In my opinion this is akin to the aiding and abetting of law breakers. It condones illegal conduct and works against the federal laws that are suppose to deter illegal entry in to our nation. It is a policy which I have long been an opponent of. In the past I have supported legislation which cuts off certain federal funding to any locale that maintains a Sanctuary City policy, and I still do. In fact I believe it should be a part of any future comprehensive immigration reform initiative.

But while I and most Americans seek to find ways to enforce our laws and prevent people from getting around them, the Obama Administration is going out of its way to sue Arizona and force them to not enforce laws and make it easier to get around our laws. This to me is bass ackwards. While President Obama and the left focus on Arizona and attack, vilify, and boycott the state for following federal law, he ignores the 143 governments which promote the breaking of our laws and work against any attempts to defend our sovereignty.

So this week, as the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law takes effect and as the left uses it as a political football that they hope to keep running down the field till Election Day, I would like to present to you the following list of local governments which the Obama Administration should really be taking to court. They are the 143 locations and local governments that have become safe havens for illegal immigrants.

Thank them for making it easier for so many to break the law and for encouraging a continued flow of illegal immigration rather than legal immigration in to America. Then thank Democrats and President Obama for turning the legal process on its ear by attacking proper law enforcement and ignoring improper ways around the law.

They are:

Anchorage, AK
Chandler, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, A Z
Bell Gardens, CA
City of Industry, CA
City of Commerce, CA
Cypress, CA
Davis CA
Downey, CA
Fresno, CA
Lakewood, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Long Beach, CA
Lynwood, CA
Maywood, CA
Montebello, CA
National City, CA
Norwalk, CA
Oakland, CA
Paramount, CA
Pico Rivera, CA
Richmond, CA
So. Gate, CA
San Bernardino, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Santa Maria, CA
Sonoma County, CA
Vernon, CA
Watsonville, CA
Wilmington, CA
Aurora, CO
Commerce City, CO
Denver, CO
Durango, CO
Federal Heights, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Lafayette, CO
Thornton, CO
Westminster, CO
Hartford, CT
New Haven, CT
DeLeon Springs, FL
Deltona, FL
Jupiter, FL
Lake Worth, FL
Miami, FL
Dalton, GA
Chicago, IL
Cicero, IL
Evanston, IL
Wichita, KS
New Orleans, LA
Cambridge, MA
Chelsea, MA
Orleans, MA
Springfield, MA
The State of Maine
Portland, ME
Baltimore, MD
Gaithersburg, MD
Mt. Rainier, MD
Montgomery County, MD
Takoma Park, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
Detroit, MI
Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Worthington, MN
Reno, NV
Camden, NJ
Fort Lee, NJ
Hightstown, NJ
Jersey City, NJ
Newark, NJ
North Bergen, NJ
Princeton, NJ
Trenton, NJ
Union City, NJ
West New York, NJ
Albuquerque, NM
Aztec, NM
Rio Ariba County, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Albany, NY
Bay Shore, NY
Brentwood, NY
Central Islip, NY
Farmingville, NY
New York City, NY
Riverhead, NY
Mastic, NY
Spring Valley Village, NY
Uniondale, NY
Westbury, NY
Carrboro, NC
Chapel Hill, NC
Charlotte, NC
Chatham County, NC
Durham, NC
Winston-Salem, NC
Columbus, OH
Dayton, OH
Lima, OH
Oberlin, OH
Painesville, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa. OK
State of Oregon
Ashland, OR
Gaston, OR
Marion County, OR
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Austin, TX
Baytown, TX
Brownsville, TX
Channelview, TX
Denton, TX
Dallas, TX
El Cenizo, TX
Ft.Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Katy, TX
Laredo, TX
Mcallen, TX
Port Arthur, TX
Provo, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Alexandria, VA
Fairfax County, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Burlington, VT
Middlebury, VT
King Co. , WA
Seattle, WA
Madison, WI .
Jackson Hole, WY
Washington, D.C.

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CURBING GOVERNMENT & EMPOWERING PEOPLE; An interview with Steve Lonegan – Part II

Bookmark and Share     Confident that he will be the Republican nominee for Governor, Steve Lonegan answered questions in this interview in a way that came across to me as a back to basics strategy. A strategy that would scale back the scope of government and their intrusiveness in our lives. A strategy that intends to strip off the extras which cost us more.

In the previous installment of this interview, we got a good glimpse of that approach to government when the Mayor answered questions involving the Committee On Affordable Housing. Aside from calling the actions of the committee “leftwing social engineering“ he called for its abolishment.

Such signs of Lonegans desire to put government back in its proper place are most evident in the area of taxes.

antlone1In part two of this interview, Lonegan volunteered that the “first thing” he needs “to do in the state of New Jersey is to cut taxes“.

He says “we have the worst income tax, we have the highest top end rate in the east at 9%, we have the highest sales tax in the nation and the highest property taxes“.

The former mayor claims that these exorbitant taxes are all “a result of the massive growth of state government”. He adds that “we also have the worst estate tax in the country so not only can you not afford to live here, you can’t afford to die here” and he made it clear that under a Lonegan administration, the solution that he will provide to the problem will be achieved by cutting taxes across the board which you do by cutting the size of government. He added that he will do so by “cutting it with an axe, not a scalpel”.

  • …..“The number one driving force behind increases in property taxes in New Jersey is the state government“…..-Steve Lonegan, 1/21/09-POLITICS 24/7 interview

As for property taxes Lonegan believes the key to solving the problem is lifting government off of our backs and giving mayors and local council members “back the tools they need to govern effectively rather than become functionaries of the state whose job it becomes to implement all the COAH mandates and all the other unfunded mandates that Trenton heaps on the backs of local officials.”

Stating that after 12 years as Mayor of Bogotá he knows the burdens of which he speaks, and proclaimed that he knows what it takes to cut taxes and that due to the overreaching that Trenton participates in, local “officials do not have the tools” to cut taxes .”

He added “we need to eliminate COAH which will be driving up our property taxes. We need to give mayors and councils the ability to negotiate union contracts on a fair playing field and we need to give school boards the ability to negotiate teachers contracts and give them  a fair playing field which they do not have now.”

  • …..”The real losers here are the students”…..      -Steve Lonegan, 1/21/09-POLITICS 24/7 interview

Another factor, one of the most important factors, in rising property taxes is the 15 year old Abbot School funding formula which Lonegan clearly states is plain wrong.

Calling the Abbot funding system “another product of our liberal state supreme court”, Lonegan explains that we have the 33 most expensive school districts in America. “These are the Abbot districts where spending per student ranges as much as $25,000 and in some cases $30,000 per student and the real travesty here is that after billions and billions of dollars pored into these school districts, we still have students coming out of these school districts with a less than mediocre education, often in unsafe schools”, he added.

  • ….“I think the idea of collecting money from people and sending it back is absurd”…..                        – Steve Lonegan, 1/21/09-POLITICS 24/7 interview 

Still on the topic of property taxes, I asked the Mayor what he thought of the homestaed rebate program which eligible homeowners recieve after paying their taxes.  His response was expected and right on the mark.

“I think the idea of collecting money money from people and sending it back is absurd.  I think the whole sytem should be eliminated”  said Lonegan.  He  further stated that as governor, as  he reduces the size of government, “one of the programs that will go will be the homestaed rebate program”. 

  • …..”cut taxes for everyone”…..           Steve Lonegan, 1/21/09-POLITICS 24/7 interview

But before anyone takes tthe line about doing away with the homestaead rebate and tries to paint Lonegan as someone who refuses to make it easier for taxpayers in New Jersey, he made clear that his goal is to “cut taxes for everyone and give them real tax cuts, not some phomy income redistribution scheme that requires people to call into some stupid phone number and wait for an hour”.  Steve believes that if we can “start cutting the state’s income and sales tax for the people, they will say, we don’t want your rebate anymore”

As for the education of our children Lonegan declared that the highlight of his career will be the day that he signs a bill requiring every Abbot school districts to “give a quality education to students with the same funding as every other school district in the state of New Jersey”. 

If they don’t, Lonegan demands that they give each parent of those students a voucher so that they can go to the school of their choice.

With much of our discussion dealing with funding and mandates I asked Mayor Lonegan if as Governor, he would refuse any federal funding for the state because of strings that may be attached to it.

When it comes to our return on the tax dollar that New Jerseyans send to Washington, D.C., most of it has to do with the ability of our representatives in D.C. and how good they are at delivering for the state. Our representatives in the U.S. Senate, Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez have been a sleep and during their naps, New Jersey has fallen to last place when it comes to the money we get back from Washington. Although New Jersey could use all the help it can get right now, I asked Steve if there was any limit to what help he would reject  t from Washington because of some of the federal strings attached to it.

His matter of fact response was “I certainly would, it depends on the strings of course so it has to be analyzed case by case.”

The mayor did feel that it is a “sad state of affairs when the federal government uses money to manipulate us into implementing their agenda on the state level.”

But that answer cuts both ways.

For instance, I am a supporter of legislation sponsored by Texas Senator John Cornyn, which prohibits the use of federal money involving projects that a state or local entity obtains through eminent domain policies. I also support federal legislation to link the refusal of Homeland Security dollars to states that allow themselves to be sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

However the Mayor’s comment has merit. There are many cases where the federal government does refuse to turn over money to a state if they fall short of adopting some of D.C’s  intended social engineering programs, programs like COAH for example,  and besides, he did state that he looks forward to the day when we don’t need any help from Washington.

All in all Steve Lonegan presented a great case for not only conservatives but for taxpayers as well.

He also demonstrated that someone with the experience of a New Jersey township or municipal mayor, might just be what New Jersey needs in a Governor. Who knows best what the ramifications of Trenton’s decisions are in the towns, villages, cities and municipalities, throughout our state, than a mayor who has had to deal with what comes out of Trenton?

His points are hard to argue and the only real area for debate, regarding his points, deal with the approach to the solutions of each of those points and that’s what the Republican primary for the gubernatorial nomination will be all about.

In the next part of this interview we will get into that debate as we ask the Mayor about his opponents and his chances of winning.

We will also get into what may become a political liability and deep bump in Lonegan’s road to victory among Republicans.                                                                        Bookmark and Share


A friend of mine is in the naval reserves…………….

A few weeks ago, He was attending a conference that included admirals in both the US and the French navies. At a cocktail reception, my friend found himself in a small group that included an admiral from each of the two navies.  

The French admiral started complaining that whereas Europeans learned many languages, Americans only learned English. He then asked. “Why is it that we have to speak English in these conferences rather than you have to speak French?”  

Without even hesitating, the American admiral replied. “Maybe it is because we arranged it so that you did not have to learn to speak German.”

The group became silent.

Submitted by Mike, Broomfield, Co.


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