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Ron Paul 2012! A Perfect Example of a Ron Paul Supporter. All Mouth, No Brains.

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It is said that Ron Paul has an overwhelming amount of support in the American electorate. This is a claim mainly made by Ron Paul supporters. Still it is true that the Texas Congressman, a career politician with almost two dozen years in Congress, does have a relatively substantial voting bloc of his own. Yet this voting bloc still only amounts to a total of anywhere from 8 to 14 percent in any given statewide primary or caucus. And in this, his third run for President, continues to produce this small but consistent base vote.

One could say that this loyal following is inspired by Ron Paul’s admirably undeniable and extremely justified respect for the United States Constitution. At least one would be inclined to think so. But if you were to take a look at Ron Paul’s most ardent fans, you will see that it is hardly his respect for the Constitution that is responsible for his often rowdy and boisterous base.

This following video sets the foundation for what I believe is really responsible for Congressman Paul’s loyal following.

As exemplified by the young man seen in the video above, most of Ron Paul’s supporters are men between the ages of 18 and 30. Let me be clear. Not all of his support comes from this demographic, just most of it. While Paul certainly has support from women and people older than 30, the majority of his base are men below that age. And his support among both men and women progressively declines from the age of 27 and up. In other words, most of Ron Paul’s support comes from the very kids that you see on MTV during Spring Breaks specials at Senor Frogs in Cancun, or surrounding a stage on Miami Beach while drinking beer through funnels and flailing their bootie hands about to Fifty Cent’s latest rap about those he deems as bitches and hos. As portrayed by the very civic-minded young man in the video above, this is what accounts for a significant portion of Ron Paul’s support.

The problem is that much like the irresponsible fool in the video, many of the minds in this young demographic are not as inspired by Ron Paul’s respect for the Constitution as they are for the excuses they come with up based upon Ron Paul’s interpretations of the Constitution.

Paul’s mousey toned, but impassioned description of the Constitution helps the typical young rebel who feels invincible and naïvely believes they are of superior intellect, to make excuses for irresponsible behavior. While it is not Ron Paul’s intention to provide the youth of America with an excuse for having a reckless disregard for such things as the law, that is nevertheless what many impressionable youngsters and imature college kids do with Paul’s message. While Ron Paul’s message about freedom and liberty has a certain basic truth about it, the extent towhich he exagerates some of those truths, provides the counter-cultural, anti-authority, impulses of the youngest generations with what they try to make a courageous stand for freedom and a reason to defy authority. What they do with Ron Paul’s message is say “Yeah, that’s right. Government has no right to tell me what to do”. And while Ron Paul does not necessarily mean that government has no control and no authority ata ll, his total lack of willingness to acknowledge many of the proper responsibilities for government, allows for an almost anarchist-like interpretation of his message by those who wish to legitimize their own unfettered conduct.

It is the excuse for defying authority that the youngest generation creates from Ron Paul’s message, which accounts for their support of Ron Paul. The largest demographic supporting Ron Paul likes the idea of freedom but they do not quite grasp the fact that with freedom also comes great responsibility and personal control. And so like the punk kid in the video, they do not respectfully regard the Constitution for the freedom it defends, they instead use it as an excuse for avoiding the personal responsibility that comes with freedom.

This is not to say that Ron Paul intends for such an interpretation and I am not saying that older and more rational and people do not support Ron Paul for his sincere views. There are a few that do. And lately many more are offering support of him as a sign of protest against politics-as-usual. But there is no denying that the majority of Ron Paul’s most vocal supporters, the ones that are always screaming out and calling others dictators or war criminals, are the ones who want to legitimize their own lack of self-control. Can you just imagine if Mr. Constitution in the video above had the ability to legally acquire heroin as Ron Paul would allow? God help us.

I am sure that the Ron Pauliacs will now drink the kool aid and come after me for the conclusion that zi draw from the facts. I will be called a neo-con, a jackbooted thug and much more. I expect nothing less from the Paulbots. But unlike them, I have a perfect exampe supporting my charge. It’s that damn fool in the video who is trying to suggest that the Policie should just assume he was innocent even though he was four times the legal level for intoxication.

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Ron Paul Supporters Prove One Thing at CPAC

Bookmark and Share   This afternoon, CPAC took the time to honor one of our own with the Defender of Freedom Award, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld’s responsibilities during times of crisis and war have given him the burden of making many controversial and at times unpopular decisions. Indeed I myself believe that he made some calls in the latter part of the war in Iraq. But there is no denying that Rumsfeld is truly a defender of freedom. For the most part, his decisions, judgment and leadership have made us a stronger and better nation.

Perhaps that is why a special guest surprised the CPAC audience for the purpose of presenting Rumsfeld with the award. Vice President Dick Cheney made his way to the podium and after recanting some amusing personal stories  about moments shared between him Donald Rumsfeld, he gave Rummy a unique prize which consisted of an original document written by President James Madison.  The ACU felt that the histroical docment was fitting for Rumnsefeld because they noted that Madison and Rumsfeld shared very similiar career paths. In his presentation, Cheney said that Rumsfeld has made America stronger, safer and more secure today.

These remarks and the award that came with them were in fact quite deserved by Rumsfeld. Yet in a despicable display of hate and ignorance, boisterous supporters of Ron Paul booed, hissed, hollered, shouted and cursed Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney. One particularly disruptive Pauliac decried, with a piercing shout “war criminals”.

I must tell you, that while I agree with Ron Pal on many things and even appreciate Ron Paul, I have some deep rooted apprehension with his vision of isolationism. I have doubt about some, not all, but some of his desired intentions to ignore problems related to our national interests in the international arena. I was also particularly offended by remarks he once made in which he blamed 9/11 on America itself. But let there be no doubt that I still respect Congressman Paul. But I have no respect for the radical Paul supporters who carry libertarianism so far that it comes full circle with liberalism.

It is their extremism which brings libertarianism too far and leads them to also believe that America deserves more blame than credit. This is not a perception that I prescribe to. But my disagreement with the blind followers of Ron Paul is not what causes me to lose respect for them. The cause of that is their utter disrespect and 1960’s-like, in your face, protestations which seek not to hear other opinions but to impose their own on everyone else.

While not all Ron Paul worshippers are like this, the loudmouthed, small brained, few who accuse American heroes of being “war criminals” and who would rather see America ignore responsibilities than live up to them, which smears the general perception of all Ron Paul worshippers.

So to those who hope to see Ron Paul become the next Republican presidential nominee and ultimately the next President, may I suggest that you join the debate, not filibuster the debate. May I suggest that you act seriously if you want to be taken seriously and I suggest that you realize that freedom is not something that can be maintained in some sort of vacuum that ignores those things which erode at it. And one other thing. Try to remember that being obnoxious will not get you votes. It will cost you votes. Is that any way to support and advance Ron Paul’s cause or his candidacy?

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