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Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas-Put Down Your Party Labels

On this night, whether to the left or to the right,
Politics disappears and there is no fight.
Christmas Eve is here, and Santa is near,
So be not grumpy, just be a dear.
Celebrate Christmas, with all its cheer.

With Christmas Eve upon us we take the time to put aside our differences and forget the overburdening taxation, intrusive policies and misguided direction of Democrats.

In the spirit of the holiday and the goodwill it brings, we wish all, who celebrate the birth of Christ, a merry Christmas and to those who don’t, we extend respectful wishes of comfort and joy for you and yours.


And remember……….

For the next day, the letter “R” stands for reindeer, not Republican!

reindeer Pictures, Images and Photos

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Chris Chris Christie Campaigns For New Jersey’s Republican Ticket

Bookmark and Share   POLITICS 24/7 is proud to particpate in a call for fiscal sanity, limited government and liberty in America, at a rally in support of the Republican ticket.

Join us with Governor Christie and congressional candidate John Runyan at this Ocean County Republican Committee event at 7:oo pm.  See below for more details. 

POLITICS 24/7 is proudly providing for our musical enjoyment, DJ Nick Peters of CityLine Productions.

Ocean County Republicans

Rally with Governor Christie and Jon Runyan!

Sunday, October 24th – Rally with Governor Christie and Jon Runyan!!!

Location: Toms River Elks #1875, 600 Washington Street, Toms River NJ

Time: 7:15pm

Additional information: Come show support for Governor Christie and Congressional Candidate Jon Runyan!  For more information/RSVP here: Click here for more details and to RSVP.

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Call Me Don “VETO”

Bookmark and Share    The following is a political  ad and campaign statement for use in an online, virtual presidential campaign that takes place at U4Prez.com

The ad and subsequent speech that support the ad’s message may be part of a game of fantasy politics, but they also reflect the opinions of its creator, ….me,……..Kempite.

If you have not yet become a part of U4Prez.com, do so now.  Beyond the gaming aspect of finessing your own campaign for President, U4Prez provides a platform for interesting and often intense debate ith an array of fellow Americans who are willing to go to their graves in defense of their political opinions and beliefs.

The following is just one example of the many creative angles that can be used to advance your opinions and candidacy on U4Prez.  This particular ad and statement was prompted by a video advertisement contest currently being sponsored by members of the site.

We need a President who will use the power of the veto.

America needs a President who will say no even to good legislation if it brings with it dozens of bad legislative amendments and billions of dollars of pork.

The power of the veto is not something to be taken lightly. It is not something that should be used in any willy-nilly manner. A President must have good reason to overrule the majority vote of the people’s house and require a supermajority to undo such objection. This power is great and, more often than not, the votes required to override presidential vetoes are not often achieved.

Since the time of George Washington to the time of George W. Bush, American presidents have cast a total of 2,562 vetoes. And of that total number, only 110 have been successfully overturned. That is little more than 4% of all the vetoes cast throughout our history.

So clearly, with an almost 96% success rate, President’s have the advantage.

It is that advantage which must not be carelessly abused, but responsibly used.

Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore were the last Presidents we ever had that never used their veto. Most recently, President George W. Bush had gone 1,889 days without issuing a single veto. It was more than 5 years before he saw fit to object to any legislation.

During that span of time, President Bush did however approve of and sign in to law 1,091 bills.

I tend to believe that if it were my signature required to turn that many proposals into the laws of the land, I would probably not want to put my John Hancock on all of those 1,091 pieces of legislation. I have a feeling that not all of the bills put before the President were perfect and that some of them contained either concepts or spending that I would have found objectionable. But it wasn’t until George W. Bush’s last few years in office, specifically the two years that Democrats controlled the House of Representatives, that George W. Bush finally objected to something that came across his desk. In the end, he vetoed a grand total of twelve bills and of those twelve, four were overridden.

By contrast, Franklin Roosevelt had much to object to.

Although his numbers are skewed because of his longest in history service as President, he still objected to much that Congress sent him. He vetoed 635 pieces of legislation. And of those, only 9 were successfully overridden.

Somewhere between George W. Bush and FDR probably lies the happy median regarding a President’s use of their veto power.

But I fear that a happy median is probably out of the question for any President who really feels that the games, tricks and abuses of the legislative process have gone too far and are no longer acceptable.

As President, such is the opinion I myself would hold.

With billions of dollars that get past any legitimate scrutiny or debate and the addition of amendments that are not germane and in fact totally irrelevant to the thrust of many proposed bills, the people of United States of America are being shortchanged. When healthcare reform legislation can include a clause that is buried amid a few thousand pages and dedicates hundreds of millions of dollars to a certain state for issues that are entirely unrelated to healthcare, that is bad enough. But when such conduct becomes not the rarity but the norm, then it is time for someone to say enough is enough!

That is why, as President, I will initiate the Kempite Doctrine.

It will be a doctrine that demands all bills contain items, sections, clauses, and amendments that are relevant to main concern that each bill is aimed at addressing. In addition to the existing reforms of the process that I have proposed , I declare here and now that every aspect of every piece of legislation better consist of clauses that are germane to the main thrust of any bill at hand. As President I will not be able to approve measures such as an infrastructure bill that has spending on something so off topic, such as funding for the study of the effects of insomnia on circus animals.

Nor will I pass a defense budgets that includes something like changes in civil law for such things as hate crimes.

Under my Administration, if there is any spending that must be paid for or a law that needs to be written or changed, they will have to be individually approved on the basis of the merit of each individual issue or proposal.

I have no problem with omnibus legislation which contains related initiatives but we can no longer tolerate the shady deals that assemble votes on one issue by including amendments that have nothing to do with the original issue. If something is good enough to be included in any piece of legislation that comes before this American government, than it should be good enough to stand alone and after standing up to healthy scrutiny and debate, be passed on its own merit, not the merit of another bill.

This will most assuredly put me at odds with Congress on many occasions. It will also force me to foster a truly bipartisan presidency. For if it is my Party that holds the majority and if it is my Party presenting a bill that is stuffed with pork and the pet projects of the donors that a lawmaker is trying to slip quietly into a major piece of legislation as a favor, I will be forced to work with the minority party or the opposing Party. I will be forced to maintain a coalition of support that will make it impossible for my veto to be overridden.

I may at times be criticized and attacked for not signing truly good and valuable legislation. But let it be known that I would rather oppose good legislation that is filled with bad amendments, and riders and costly pork than pass bad amendments and riders and wasteful spending that is attached to good legislation.

And for those in Congress who want to challenge me, be forewarned that I will not be intimidated easily. I will use the power of the bully pulpit ,otherwise known as this presidency, to call each and every sponsor of pork or unwarranted amendments out by name. If you try to pollute necessary and productive legislation with political junk, I will veto it. And then I will visit your legislative district and personally tell your voters what you tried to sneak through Congress. I will let them know that you are the roadblock to the passage of that meaningful bill that America clearly needs or those spending reforms crucial to job creation in our nation. If you are a polluter of the process, I will make you famous, or to be more accurate, I will make you infamous.

The games are over.

The political class must begin to recapture the virtues of integrity and honesty. Our American government deserves nothing less than to be viewed as virtuous as opposed to the image of corruption and dishonesty that tarnishes it now more than ever. And if you can not force yourself to act with virtue and integrity, I will force you to. For I will not sign into law any measure that I can not be proud of and that Americans can no longer afford.

Call me Don “Veto” because as of today I will become the Godfather of the presidential veto and if forced, I will use it.

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Ron Paul Wins CPAC 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Bookmark and Share   As the political atmosphere turns its turbulent winds of unrest against the Administration of President Obama, anger and dissatisfaction within the American electorate has forced them to focus and rally for a change from the change that Barack Obama’s promised false hope produced. As a result, the annual Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington, D.C. saw its largest gathering ever.

Amid countless speeches from the likes of Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, J.C. Watts and rising star Marco Rubio to Mike Pence, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, countless rally cries for change are echoing from throughout the ballrooms of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel and into the political world.

Along with insightful and inspiring, pep-like speeches to motivate the conservative forces, there are countless workshops and organizational training classes that are aimed at allowing dedicated activists to focus their energies on the development of increasing effective grass development and activism.

Among one of the highlights of the annual conference is the CPAC Presidential Straw Poll. The results of the straw are a clear signal of whom the base of the Republican is most energized by and a hint of who has the base’s momentum as we move closer and closer to the presidential election.

For the last three years, former Governor Mitt Romney has taken that honor. Last year he won the CPAC just a day after he withdrew from the Republican presidential nomination contest that ultimately went to Senator John McCain.

This year the CPAC ballot consisted of eleven names Mitt Romney, Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, South Dakota Senator John Thune, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Texas Congressman and perennial presidential candidate Ron Paul, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. A twelfth option was offered on the ballot in the reform of a space for voters to write-in any other preference that they may have.

Just moments ago, in what can only be seen as a surprie upset, the results of the straw poll were released and this is how it turned out:

  1. Ron Paul                     31%
  2. Mitt Romney            22%
  3. Sarah Palin                  7%
  4. Tim Pawlenty             6%
  5. Mike Pence                  5%

Of the 10.000 people in attendance, only 2,400 cast a straw ballot and from the looks of things, the ever dilligent Ron Paul had his very loyal, vocal militant supporters passing out as many ballots as possible.  

So although Congressman Paul can claim this victory, most people, including those in attendance at the CPAC conference, will tell you that no one expects Ron Paul to be the nominee of any major party in 2012. 

Two good signs from this poll though are that even without a corrdinated push for a ballot position thi year, Mitt Romney remains to be a favorite.   The other optimistic sign is Mike Pence’s 5th place showing. 

As a relatively unknown Indiana Congressman, Mike Pence has made quite a name for himself, especially in the area of fiscal conservatism.  Apparently that is beginning to catch the eye of many.

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Happy Thanksgiving From POLITICS 24/7

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

-Frederick Koenig

Be sure to click here to read She Set The Table For Thanksgiving  a reflection of what our thanks is really for

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She Set The Thanksgiving Table

Bookmark and Share    She was an older woman. Her face was etched with a history of struggles and her heart strengthened by a faith in a force that was the backbone of her survival. She was a bright lady, industrious and ingenious. Determined and strong willed, her fury could be unlike the scorn of no other, but compassion and fairness ruled her every action.

She was married to truth and loyal to justice. Her family was an unruly bunch and a large one too. It consisted of those born of her and those adopted into her arms. But all were embraced with equal amounts of love.

Each morning, she woke, without ever actually having fully slept, and prepared to fuel all those in her home with the energy to face the day ahead. Wheat from her heartlands was risen in dough. Corn from the fields she tilled flavored the muffins in wicker baskets made with her own hands, and the bacon cured and eggs laid on her farms, sizzled in the cast iron griddles milled from the iron mined out of her mountains.

When breakfast was done, the work had just begun. Every member of her family had to go out on their own. One by one, as each left, she reminded them of their bounty and of the future that could be theirs if they made the new day they embarked upon, more productive than the last.

Each of her loved ones did something different. They worked in auto factories, others in shipyards. Some worked as lawyers, others as teachers. Some kept financial records, tended bars, stocked supermarket shelves, sang beautiful songs and played magnificent music, prepared luscious meals, made haute couture, wrote for newspapers, provided protection and some cured the ill. What each one did, did not matter to her so much as did their doing it well. For sure, she knew that each one was as valuable as the other. She knew that without each one doing their part, her household would suffer. And suffering was not in her plan.

She herself had suffered many tough times. She had been faced with financial ruin, been battered and forced to face many violent confrontations. She had been stolen from, taken advantage of, beaten upon and endured mental anguish as she struggled with harsh decisions and extradoridnary moral and ethical questions.   Her life was never easy and the assaults of time on her very being, often showed.   Many adored her and looked up to her. Some were jealous of her, others were leery of her and a few often challenged her. But each challenge dropped in her lap and each hurdle crossed, made each of her many successes, all the more grand and incredibly more exhilarating.   She took to the skies, crossed the seas, scaled over, through and under mountains, created artificial light and virtual reality, wrote enduringly prophetic pieces of literature, invented life saving practices and products, bridged islands and worlds and even gave birth to freedom, the force that she would eventually come to realize was the key to her being.

But she never basked too long in any glory.

Instead, she always looked forward and prepared herself for the next challenge ahead. The changing weather, the shifting earth, the roiling seas, the changing opinions and needs of her own family, and the influences of her neighbors, never allowed for a static day. And besides, she was too wise to ever sit on her laurels. The future offered too much promise to ever allow her to just be happy with what was, and too many counted on her own promise to make the most of what will be.

So she trudged ahead with the start of every new day. She knew that as tough as things may be, her freedoms enabled her, and all those in her family, to do their part so that each next challenge could be and would be overcome.  By doing her part and insuring her household with freedom and also responsibilities, all those in her household could become increasingly strong and they in turn would keep the roof over their heads strong.  She knew that as each member of her family did their part, in that which they were best at doing, the bounty of her existence would always be there.

Appreciative of all that bounty, as this day progressed, she prepared a meal for all to share as they came home from their missions.

She made sure that there was a place for everyone at her table, and as, one by one, they took their places, she placed atop the table a wealth of hearty riches that fed their hungry stomachs and fueled the hunger in their hearts for a better day tomorrow.

As they joined hands together as one family, they gave thanks for the wealth of the strong willed lady who provided and insured the freedom that allowed them to lead rich lives with endless opportunities.

Today Lady Liberty has set the table for a celebration of thanks for all that she has made available to us and all that she continues to offer us……..So long as, we all always, do our part.

Happy Thanksgiving America and thank you Lady Liberty. I love you.

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Connecticut’s Republican Governor, Jodi Rell Will Not Seek Reelection

Bookmark and Share    Republican Governor Jodi Rell has just announced that she will not seek reelection next Governor Jodi RellNovember.

Her decision will move up the start of the Connecticut race for Governor. This typically liberal New England state is not friendly to Republicans and so many Democrats have already been looking into a run at the Governor’s mansion. Most prominent is Ned LaMonte, a flaming liberal who defeated Joe Lieberman in a primary for the Democrat nomination. Lieberman went on to run as an independent though and won.

LaMonte stated just days ago that he is exploring a run.

Other’s who are assumed to be eyeing the governor’s seat are Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and popular state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal may also want the job. If he does, he will become the automatic frontrunner both his party’s nomination and in the general election.

With Jodi Rell now out, Connecticut Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele is a likely GOP nominee. Back in August Fedele stated to several news outlets that should Rell not seek reelection, he will be running for the GOP nomination. Other potential Republican candidates are the Connecticut House Minority Leader from Norwalk, Lawrence Cafero and Connecticut’s Senate Minority Leader John McKinney from Fairfield.

Connecticut Lt Gov Micahale FideleAlthough Republicans are not in favor in Connecticut, Jodi Rell remains popular. She had approval rating in the 70’s. Currently they are down from that very high number to reasonably high numbers in the 60’s.

Rell served Lieutenant Governor under her predecessor, popular Republican Governor John Rowland. The Ropwland/Rell ticket was elected 3 times. 1994, 1998 and 2002 . In 2004, Rowland was convicted on corruption charges and Lt. Governor Rell assumed office. In 2006 she ran for her first and now last full term as Governor and won by an astounding 63%.

With it looking like a good year for Republicans nationally, Rell was still probably the best hope that Republicans had to keep the seat. With her out, the race is in play. One thing that could help the GOP, would be a strong candidate to run against the wounded Chris Dodd who is up for reelection. In fact, since Rell is not running for Governor, it would be great if she could run for Senate. She is probably the one Connecticut Republican who could give Dodd a real good run for his money. In fact, in what will be a good year for Republicans, she is probably the only one who could beat him.

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The Week’s Best & Worst In Politics-Winners & Losers

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers



Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

Loser ScozzafavaDede ScozzafavaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The NY State Assemblywoman and Republican nominee for Congress in NY’s 23rd CD, was outed as closet liberal, crashed, burned and decided to take everyone out with her.  She withdrew from the race on Saturday & endorsed the Democrat nominee over the Conservative candidate, Republican Doug Hoffman.  He lost in a narrow race and gave Nancy Pelosi an extra seat in Congress.  This woman is not just an Assemblywoman, she’s an ass& come next year, someone better get her ass out of the New York State Assembly.


Joseph Cao  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The freshman Republican Congressman from Louisiana was the only, “the only” Republican to support the Democrat’s big government takeover of health care and insurance.  What he saw in it which 215 other Republicans didn’t, is hard to say.  Perhaps you see something else when looking from the left.  But to look from the left you have to be on the left and that’s where this guy belongs.  If he fails to find the faults in this 2,000 page, 111 bureaucracy creating, 1.3 trillion dollar costing, freedom steeling, job costing, tax hiking, care rationing novel, than he is a Democrat or he is missing a chromosome.  Either way……….Ciao, Cao!


 Governor-reject Jon CorzinePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket+

This man was to New Jersey, what Katrina and Governor Kathleen Blanco were to New Orleans.  This golden parachuted, wealthy Wall Street wizard purchased a senate seat only to turn around and buy the governor’s mansion so that he could use the same kind of financial expertise as Bernie Madoff.  He had nothing to run on, so he tried to turn the election into a referendum on President Obama.  But in the end, voters knew that a vote for Corzine, was like buying a ticket on the Hindenburg.  This despicably deplorable Governor should be punished, not just voted out of office.  Good riddance!!!!


Creigh DeedsPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Creigh Deeds?  More like crepe paper.  This loser was blown away like tissue paper in a wind tunnel.  His liberal ideas fell flat, his campaign never got off the ground and he cost Democrats all across Virginia dearly.  This guy wasn’t as bad a candidate as New Jersey Governor-reject, Jersey Jon,  but he practically chalked up a negative vote total.  He was an embarrassment, but most Democrats are.  Virginian’s just didn’t want to let this one do to their state, what Corzine did to New Jersey.  Still so pathetic was Deeds, that he should be forced to pay a fine to the DNC for defamation of Party.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite


POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

Bob McDonnell Governor-elect Bob McDonnellPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

He ran a good campaign, made people believe in him, never miss-stepped and had coattails so big that he swept in a Republican Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General as well as 5 new Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates.  If Republicans aren’t coming back, someone has to tell Bob McDonnell and the voters of Virginia that.

Governor-elect Chris Christie

Governor-elect Chris ChristiePhotobucketPhotobucket

He didn’t win so much as he didn’t lose.  42% of those who pushed the button by Christie’s name, said they really voted against Jon Corzine, not for Chris Christie.  Still, after blowing a double-digit, Bob McDonnell-like lead, he won the election and becomes the first Republican to win statewide office in New Jersey since 1997.  The people may not have thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they are behind him and hopeful that he will be able to clean up the wreckage that Democrats and Jon Corzine have strewn across the state.

President ObamaPresident ObamaPhotobucketPhotobucket

Election Day was a setback for him.  Virginia and especially New Jersey were a referendum on the President and his Party, but after Saturday night’s landmark vote for the government takeover of health insurance and care that he wants, he ends the week up.  The President put a lot into this vote.  So much political capital was spent by him, that his reputation was on the line.  Had this not passed the House, the President would have been severely wounded and Democrats would not have wanted anything to do with him as they approach the midterm elections.  He lucked out by 2 votes.  This week he must be seen as a winner.

nancyleftSpeaker Nancy PelosiPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

She delivered!  It took a strong hold over her minions and on power to keep the legislative loose cannons in line.  Pelosi would have liked to get more votes and she failed to convince many who were not Democrats of the merits of her health care takeover , but she said she would get it passed and she did. Getting the vast majority of her conference to stand with her on a vote as contentious and questionable as this, took a masterful sense of politics——closed-door  politics,—- to pull this off——and Pelosi did.  She is a lying con artist but she is a good one.

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National Review & POLITICS 24/7 Join Forces. Of sorts.

Bookmark and SharenroNational Review, a magazine which I have always greatly appreciated, just moved up a few notches in my book. 
Through their internet  site which mirrors their magazine, National Review Online or NRO , recently linked to POLITICS 24/7 in order to convey a  message about the 2009 elections.

Author Jim Geraghty posted the image of a billboard that POLITICS 24/7 took a photo of and unveiled un a piece  I like to call “Jonnie Obama” .  The post was actually entitled ” Governor Corzine Tries To Appeal To Voters By Changing His Name“.  

It told a funny tale based on the billboard which featured New Jersey Governor-Deject Jon Corzine behind an image of  President Obama and made the soon to be gone Governor toNational Review Magazine look like President Obama’s running mate.  The story I created out of it claimed that Governor Corzine was legally changing his name to Jon Obama.  I suggested that Corzine was trying to do as much as possible to make his election all about the President, including an attempt to pull a Michael Jackson in reverse by darkening  his skin.

NRO’s Jim Geraghty tapped expanded on that point by using the examples I offered in POLITICS 24/7 and a another example of how Virginia Democrats tried to make the election there a referendum on the President too.

This is how the National Review story appeared; 




Recalling Some Now-Inconvenient Deeds and Corzine Campaign Material

The White House would like you to forget this Creigh Deeds flyer:

A Deeds flyer that is almost entirely Barack Obama.

And they want you to forget this billboard:

An Obama-Corzine billboard.

However,  with New York’s Special House election looking very close but the Democrat leading, Vice President Biden would like you to remember this CNN:

Joe Biden, campaigning with Owens.

Remember, whatever happens on Election Day, no result could possibly ever suggest that Barack Obama and his administration is not as popular, as persuasive, as well-liked or as influential as he was a year ago. Never, ever, ever.

11/03 11:10 PM Share

Thank you NRO.  And thank you Mr Geraghty.  Your ability to drive nome the right points that conservatives in America must get across never fails and I am truly honored to have been able to provide just a little added assistance in enabling  NRO to make it clear that the 2009 elections most certainly did make a statement about the national opinion of the President and his policies.

Again, thank you Mr. Geraghty!  It made my day!

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A New York Story: Senator Found Not Innocent But Not Guilty

Bookmark and Share   On his New York State Senate Web site the top story his office offers reads “Senator Monserrate Celebrates Central American Culture and Heritage in Corona, NY”. It’s not exactly an intriguing or compelling story about courageous or innovative leadership that tackles any of the problems facing troubled New Yorkers but it is a much less controversial read than “Senator Monserrate Awaits His Fates After Slashing Girlfriend In Face”. But perhaps it is the safest story to highlight when you have little in the way of meaningful political accomplishments and you actually are waiting to here a verdict in a case where you are accused of slashing your girlfriend in the face and dragging her around the streets of New York as she cries and bleeds.

092209_hirammonserrate_emk07.JPGSuch is how Queens, New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate has spent his day until at about 3;45 this afternoon a judge stated that Monserrate was not innocent but he was found “not guilty” of the most serious charges against but guilty of lesser charges.

Based on the slashing accusations outlined above, a grand jury charged Monserrate on three counts of felony assault on his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo. He was originally arrested for the incident on December 19, 2008 and later that same day, pled not guilty to the charges of second-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon along with three counts of misdemeanor assault.

The incident apparently involved an argument between Monserrate and Giraldo that took place in in his Queens apartment. Originally Karla Giraldo reported to police that Senator Monserrate was intentionally responsible for acts that ultimately cut her under the eye with broken glass. Giraldo later recanted her story and claimed that it was all an accident. From that point on, she became an uncooperative witness in the case. As for Senator Monserrate, in an official public statement he said “Listen, the reality is that from the very beginning I have said this was an accident. My girlfriend said it’s an accident. This is an accident and we look forward to the dismissal of all these charges based on the truth”.

As the case proceeded, Monserrate waived his right to a trial by jury. According to his attorney, Joe Toccapina, a jury consultant and polls revealed to him that Senator. Monserrate could not get a fair trial before a jury anywhere in the state. The move only raised doubt about what was really going on behind the scenes especially since the judge ultimately deciding Monserrates’s fate is Justice William M. Erlbaum of State Supreme Court in Queens. Before even going to trial, Erlbaum has been making procedural rulings that have all gone against the Senator. Yet Monserrrate and his defense still preferred their chances with one judge as opposed to their chances with a jury of 12.

Monserrate's Victim/Girlfriend Karla Giraldo

Monserrate's Victim/Girlfriend Karla Giraldo

With none of the court related details in the case public as of yet, it was hard to tell if the initial story that Karla Giraldo would be considered more true than her retraction. After making herself an uncooperative witness, she had to be subpoenaed into court and forced to appear in court. Being what could be considered a hostile witness, any attempts to explain her initial claims that Moneratte assaulted her could have possibly been not be taken at face value but even more than Giraldo’s changing testimony was video that was placed into evidence in the matter.

Surveillance cameras in the Senator’s apartment building, caught Monserrate and Giraldo on the night of the incident in question. On it Giraldo is seen crying and fleeing down a staircase, with Monserrate rapidly coming down behind. As Giraldo comes off the stairs she begins knocking on a neighbors door at the bottom of the steps. Next thing you see is Monserrate yanking her away and whisking her off. The cameras then catch a struggling Giraldo losing a bag that gets caught on a banister and as it falls to the floor, Monserrate continues to pull her to an exit and outside of its doors. The video evidence continues as exterior surveillance cameras then catch Senator Monserrate tightly holding on to Giraldo and pushing and prodding her down the street outside of his apartment as she cries.

The tape did not necessarily provide all that is needed to make an airtight conviction here, but it was enough for  Judge Erlbaum to find Monserrate guilty of reckless injuring Giraldo.  According to Erlbaum, it was obvious that Giraldo was not someone being willingly escorted out of the building and down the street.  The reckless injury is considered a misdemeanor.

A neighbor who was called as wittness in the case had testified that he had a very loud and raucos fight on the night of the event,  but faced with Monserrate and Giraldo’s statements in court, Judge Erlbaum could still not convict the Senator of the most severe charges in the case. 

The judges decision could have put Monserrate behind bars for as much as seven years in prison if he found him guilty of assault.   That meant that Senator Monserrate was not alone in his intense interest in the verdict. New York Democrats also awaited to see if they had to continue contending with the combative, loose cannon that Monserrate tends to be. Many would not have minded seeing a decision of guilt in the case.  Had he been found guilty, legislative rules would have required his immediate expulsion, a result that would havel pleased some of his legislative colleagues.

Not long ago Monserastte and one other Democrat Senator joined together in a move that paralyzed the New State legislature. Attempts to remove the then leader of the senate, a Democrat, Monserrate and State Senator Espada switched to join with Republicans and provided an even split which created a deadlock that could not be broken. The impasse was further cemented due to the fact that there was no Lieutenant Governor who could provide a tie breaking vote. When Governor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign amid scandal, then Lt. Governor David Paterson became Governor Paterson, thereby creating a vacancy in the LG position.

There were no existing procedures to replace someone in the job and when David Patterson tried to appoint someone, members of the state senate challenged the action in state court.

Since then the courts have determined that Paterson could legally appoint someone to the seat but at the time, Monserrate’s escapades helped to stop all business from being conducted due to the deadlock that he created all because he did not like the democrat Senate Leader.

The episode left a bad taste in many Democrat’s mouths and wouldn’t mind seeing Monserrate eliminated as a player in state government. This is especially the case since there is no risk of Monerserrate’s senate seat falling into Republican hands. The district is solidly Democrat. So much so that if they decided to run Rod Blagojevic for the job, he would be a shoo-in.

Having been found not guilty, state business marches on with an incompetent Governor, an inepot state assembly and a corrupt and ridiculously ineffective state senate that now has a leader who is described as a “thoroughly undistinguished legislator”, whose major claim to fame is that he once tried to block a District Attorney from prosecuting a Democrat Assemblyman and Democrat Party County Chairman on charges of corruption.

All of this allows us to draw a very appropriate comparisson  between the charges that once surrounded Senator Hiram Moneserrate and his once alleged abused girlfriend Karla Giraldo. Monserrate is very representatives of New York State government and Giraldo represents the citizens of the state.  Just as Giraldo was originally seen as being beaten up by Monserrate, the citizens of New York are being beaten down by state government. The only difference is that Monserrate could have been  punished if he was found to have assaulted his girlfriend while the New York State legislature is not likely to be punished anytime soon for their assault in the quality of life of New Yorkers.

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