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Michael Reagan Gives Keynote Address at Jay Webber’s Reagan Day Dinner

Bookmark and Share    On February 6th, America will celebrate the centennial anniversary of one our nation’s most popular contemporary Presidents……..Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Wilson ReaganEvents to commemorate the day will be held throughout the nation. But here in New Jersey, one man has championed the cause of our state’s annual contribution to insure the continuation of the Reagan legacy with our celebration.

On Friday, February 4th, Assemblyman Jay Webber is conducting his 8th annual tribute to America greatest modern champion of freedom at a dinner that will be featuring Michael Reagan as its keynote speaker.

Michael is the eldest son President and is a conservative political commentator and the author of several books, including On the Outside Looking In: Twice Adopted and The Common Sense of an Uncommon Man; The Wit, Wisdom, and Eternal Optimism of Ronald Reagan.

Assemblyman Jay Webber

With all the events that are being conducted to commemorate the Reagan centennial during this first weekend in February, to have Michael Reagan join us in New Jersey is a testimonial to Jay Webber, the importance of his annual celebration and the great appreciation that many in New Jersey have for Ronald Reagan. Assemblyman Webber had to pull many strings to pull this one off and the fact that he could get Michael Reagan to attend New Jersey’s Reagan Day Dinner, out of all those occurring on this same night, is an indication of just how influential and respected the Assemblyman has become in conservative politics.

Assemblyman Webber is truly a rising star in New Jersey. He is among the hardest working, most principled, fair minded and conservative legislators the state has ever seen. And like Ronald Reagan, Jay Webber is not an angry conservative, he is an optimistic one, with common sense, and innovative ideas. Webber is also a leader who can articulate the conservative cause in a way that resonates with people of any political stripe. All of which probably accounts for the deep sense of appreciation for Ronald Reagan that led him to become the founder of the annual New Jersey Reagan Day.

According to Assemblyman Webber:

“We owe it to Ronald—to his ideas and historic accomplishments—to celebrate his 100th birthday with freedom-loving Americans and to work together to turn the tide in America toward freedom”.

This year’s New Jersey Reagan’s Day dinner is sure be the best yet—-one that will be fitting for the extra special occasion of a centennial celebration.


Event details:

  • Friday, February 4th,2011
  • At the Sheraton Hilton
  • 199 Smith Road, Parsippany
  • 6:00 p.m. Doors Open
  • 6:30 p.m. Program and Dinner
  • Tickets: $45.00
  • RSVP’s Required

To request reservations click the invitation below

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