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How To Make The News

Bookmark and Share This is a “how to” for you all you activists out there.

It is for those of you who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  It is also for those of you who are so caring that you are helping others through efforts in your community.  It is for those of you who realize that one person can FreePressmake a difference and are willing to get off your rumps to make that difference.

You may be involved in something that is currently a minor effort.  Maybe you are assisting senior citizens on your block.  Maybe you are organizing a tea party protest.  Whatever the effort, you could be doing something that involves or could involve more than ones self.

That small effort, that personal goal could become a bigger than life event that gets attention and involves many more people and ultimately creates more help for others,  prompts greater awareness of an issue or cause or expedites positive societal change.

Such efforts begin with getting your word out and there are few better ways to get the word than through the endless opportunities available through what is commonly called earned media or what most people would call “free press”.  The contemporary proliferation of informational sources and news outless is infinitessimal and it is all available to you if you know how to take advantage of it.

So how do you turn your effort and cause into something that hundreds of thousands of people hear about on the radio, watch on television or read about on the internet or in the newspaper?

It all starts with a press release.

Press releases are an important initial step in getting your message out.

Done properly a press release helps to spread your message. However, an effective press release goes beyond what you want to say. A truly effective press release approaches the story from the perspective of the reporters or media outlets that you hope cover your narrative.

A reporter or news outlet is looking for stories that are topical and or controversial They want to write about something that grabs peoples attention. A press release discussing your monthly garage sale or monthly group meeting is not a story that they will consider dedicating much ink or airtime to. For your press release to get any type of significant news coverage you need a good sense of what is commonly called “spin” and you must “spin” your story into something that has greater ramifications than what it may convey on the surface.

Contemporary technology has only helped to exaggerate the long held rule of thumb, “if it bleeds, it reads”. The juicier the stories the greater the coverage. Thankfully and hopefully the press release you wish to distribute does not consists of gruesome mayhem but short of being as dramatic as some acts of violence how can you insure that your story gets covered?

What one can do is craft their press release into something that relates your topic to other newsworthy events at the time.

For instance, if one were to be organizing an event dealing with high taxes, they would be wise to try to piggy back their event to something such as state budget negotiations. The turmoil that revolves around the creation of a state budget is often heavily followed by news outlets. As such your press release could directly connect your tax protest to the newsworthy, controversial budget negotiations. During times like that, a press release with a headline like “TAXPAYERS REVOLT AS THE DEADLINE FOR A STATE BUDGET APPROACHES” will catch the attention of print, television and radio journalists as well as bloggers. For those looking for a good story to tell, your headline provides a new and saucy angle for them to cover.

Once you have your angle and headline, your press release should be as brief as possible and precise as possible.

Reporters often tend to take a news story in their own direction. That makes it incumbent upon you to write a press release that is strong and unambiguous, leaving no room for reporters to interpret your press release in any way other than the way you want. Crucial to this control of the story is selecting a press secretary or group spokesman and there must only be only one. A single spokesman helps to insure that the focus of the story never wanders off into an unintended direction.

The opening sentences of your release should contain the gist of your story. Using the same story example I previously gave it might read “Fed up with the high cost of living and ever increasing taxes, a grassroots network of Georgia taxpayers are banding together and preparing for a massive march on Atlanta”.

This initial statement, after your headline, makes clear what your release is all about and if it sounds important and big enough to the reporter reading it, they will continue to go on and read the details contained in the rest of the release. But before you get into those details, such as time, date and place, now that you have captured the attention of the reporter or news outlet you can begin to embellish the importance of your event.

You can start citing some of the conditions which inspired your grass root movement and then go into details about the group itself. Explain that participants in your effort span a cross section of citizenry ranging from housewives to business leaders and from teenagers to senior citizens.

At this point it would be important to briefly demonstrate some of the organizational capabilities of your group. At some point you should be able to refer to something like your “online headquarters” where members meet and coordinate their efforts. For this you should have a convenient web address that a good reporter will include in their story. This will increase traffic to your site and increase membership.

It is also good to have the ability to refer to a group blog.

One of the best blogging platforms is wordpress.com. WordPress is free and offers a wide range of templates as well as numerous pages and the use of widgets that enable you to provide links to anything that you want observers to have access to.

If you have a blog that contains compelling posts about your cause and that come from the view points of different groups members, this will help add credence to the newsworthiness of your story and offer insightful background to anyone covering your press release. Just be sure to have enough data, blog posts and information on it to impress the reporter. A blank blog that has infrequent posts will only leave the impression of an empty , inactive organization and not lend any weight to the capabilities or seriousness of your effort.

With all this in mind it is important to correctly present your well worded, carefully crafted press release.

Typically the top of your release contains a group image and heading. Below that, on the left, in bold and capital letters is the phrase FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and below that goes the title, name and telephone number of the contact person for your story.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                      July 1, 2009

       Contact: Barack H. Obama
       Press Secretary 202-666-6663


Following that goes your headline centered and in capital and bold print.




After the body of your press release is written typically its end is confirmed by the typing of three number signs, below the story and centered on the page.

                                                                                                          I.e.:    ###


Once the hard part is done the frustrating part begins.

It is the part involving the development of your media list and getting your press release out and into the right hands. For a list of news outlets in their own state one can go to :


In many cases you may have to call and verify any numbers you get or for a proper fax number to a news desk or assignment editor.

For major daily newspapers one is wise to send several releases to several different entities at the same paper. You may want to send one to the assignment editor or assignment desk, and in many cases, you will want to send one directly to one or two reporters who tend to cover stories similar to the one you are issuing.

In all cases write on a cover sheet or on the top of the press release to who’s attention you want. For example, ATTN: Larry Higgins or ATTN: Assignment Editor

Be prepared to spend more time on trying to assemble an effective media list than on writing your actual release. Also anticipate having to resend your release a few times. If you are persistent, it will be worth it. But you have to be sure to cover all your bases and that includes the many small weekly newspapers that are out there.

For those local weeklys it is best to establish a more personal touch though. If you live in Franklin Lakes and are reaching out to a local newspaper in Cape May, you might be wise to alter your press release and use a Cape May resident as the focus of the story. Local papers are more likely to cover events involving their local readers. By taking this route some weekly newspaper editor is more likely to allow the paper to do a story that can contain a headline that reads “Cape May Man Cultivates Grass Root Tax Protest” than they are to run a story about somebody in Franklin Lakes.

And don’t ignore you local weekly’s. Often times major daily’s will pick up on a story that they come across in those periodicals.

If you present your story properly and professionally and articulate your case in a way that makes a reporter say “this is good stuff” in time, they will be coming to you before you get to them.

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Bookmark and ShareAs Democrats begin to feel their oats, with control of all three branches of government, there has been a renewed interest inantfairnessdoctrine_front1 what liberals smartly, but improperly, call  the Fairness Doctrine.

The Fairness Doctrine seeks to insure that the media allots equal time to both liberal and conservative viewpoints.

That sounds innocent enough on the surface but a cursory look under the surface reveals a twisted and tangled web of deceit and chicanery.

First of all, the Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair.

Is it fair to tell you what you must listen to or see? Is it fair to dictate what a private company sells outside of illegal trade?

Well the so called Fairness Doctrine does just that. It tells privately owned media outlets what they must air.

So if you are a liberal themed radio network, now you must change your format and become both a liberal and conservative network.

Attempts to reinstitute any type of Fairness Doctrine are attempts to undermine free speech, the free market and freedom of choice.

Liberal cries for a new Fairness Doctrine stem from a fear of conservative talk shows dominating the airwaves and over the years, they have become a thorn in the sides of liberal advocates. So much so that left leaning activists have tried and failed at creating their own liberal talk show ventures.

One such progressive station recently closed on February 5th. It was an AM station located at 1260 on the dial and called Obama 1260.

One of the most recent big liberal ventures was Air America. That went over so well that it went bankrupt in 2006.

Yet it seems that every day there is a new conservative oriented radio or television program cropping up. Be it Glenn Beck on t.v. or Mark Levine on WABC am radio, conservative hosts are increasing in popularity. They are getting more time on the air, more listeners and more money. Rush Limbaugh recently signed on to a decades long contract which made him one of radio’s richest hosts in history.

Why is that? Is it because the liberal oriented media moguls like these guys, or is it because they like the money that these guys bring in for them? Do they give these conservative hosts more time because their ratings are slipping or do they give them more time because when these hosts articulate the conservative cause, ratings go up?

The truth is that there are more people in America yearning for a comprehensive, logical, conservative oriented approach to government. Such an approach is not what they always see from their so-called political leaders. Voters are often disappointed by their political leaders who cave in on any number of political issues or votes. Yet conservative talking heads are able to  remain consistent in their views without having to bend to political compromise. So more often than not, conservative hosts are even more popular than some conservative legislators.

This popularity irks the left. They are frustrated by an articulation of conservative ideas that people listen to and want to listen to without having any desire to hear Al Franken, Randi Rhodes or Rachel “madcow’ Madow on Air America.

It is the free market which leads to the preponderance of conservative viewpoints that exists. It is driven by what is popular. Like any other commodity, radio and television is geared to what the people like. Would Milton Bradley keep on producing Monopoly if it didn’t sell? Would it be right for the government to come in and demand that Milton Bradley continue to make it if no one wanted to buy it?

Unless the government intends to confiscate the airwaves and all other forms of media, they have no constitutional right to control programming that does not violate the bounds of legal decency and ethics.

In the former Soviet Union the Fairness Doctrine had a different name. It was called Pravda. It was an official state sponsored radio and television agency which aired only what was approved or written by the government. It was an effective way to help maintain thinking in line with the way that the communists wanted the people to think.

If a Soviet Premier suddenly had a heart attack while having sex with a mistress, no one would ever know. In fact it could be weeks before the government decided to let anyone know that their leader was dead.

For communist Russians, it worked. But this is America. And in America, whether you call it fair or equal or anything else you might, it is not right. It is government control.

Government control seems to be the trend during this era of “spreading the wealth” but just how much government control do we want and where does the Fairness Doctrine draw the line?

Does the Fairness Doctrine eventually apply to the internet? Perhaps it will someday limit the internet to only a certain amount of conservative and liberal comments . Maybe servers such as aol or platforms such as wordpress can only be online at times of parody between Republican and Democrat commentary.

Will the Fairness Doctrine be strictly enforced in schools where every good word said about President Barack Obama is required to be followed by a good word about the Republican Senate Minority leader?

How far do we go?

I do know one thing for sure and that is that whenever government encroaches into new territory, they keep on going. When government creates a new tax that they promise to keep at a certain rate, they inevitably increase it.

When government regulates something, they rarely, if ever stop there. They regulate it more and more.

The saddest part of this whole discussion stems from the fact that the Fairness Doctrine is no where near being a sincere minded effort. It is a politically driven, partisan attempt to make censorship legal. It is an attempt to censor a free market society by the same people who try to claim that conservatives ban and burn books .

It is just another example of liberal hypocrisy.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

But to add insult to injury let us look at liberal Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Stabenow recently stated that she has begun the push for the Fairness Doctrine and feels that hearings on the matter are in the works.

That is interesting. Particularly in Stabenow’s case.

You see, you wouldn’t know it but Debbie Stabenow is also Mrs. Tom Athans.

Tom Athans is her husband and he is a radio executive.  A failed one but one who is still struggling to make his mark in liberal radio.

Athans is the co-founder of Democracy Radio and after failing as Vice President of Air America he founded another liberal talk show network called TalkUSA Radio.

For the sake of full disclosure I will add that, last year, Tom Athans was also arrested for hiring a prostitute for $150 bucks but that had nothing to do with Stabenow. However; for the the same sake of full disclosure, will Senator Stabenow disqualify herself from participating in measures that would in essence force demand for her husbands networks on to national airwaves and produce a great deal of personal wealth and benefit for the Athans-Stabenow family if those measures are approved?

Senator Stabenow with Husband Tom Athans

Senator Stabenow with Husband Tom Athans

Does anyone else not see the conflict of interest in Stabenow’s rush to push for the so called Fairness Doctrine?

Stabenow’s push to censor conservative talk shows and to call it a Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair or decent. It is censorship and in her case it is also an obvious conflict of interest.

Just as the infidelity of Stabenow’s husband is none of my business neither is radio or television any of Stabenow’s governmental business.

When I watch the Obama network, otherwise known as NBC or MSNBC, I do not believe that the government needs to intervene and needs to control their programming, I just do what most Americans do. I turn off MSNBC.

The same can be done with Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity or any other host or program that someone does not wish to see.

It just so happens that when it comes to liberal radio, few have been able to make a good case for liberalism. Hence the failure of Stabenow’s husband’s liberal programming career. It is a result of the free market. It is a victim of supply and demand. There is very little demand for a great deal of liberal propaganda so there is a limited supply of it coming from a market that is based on profit.

The funniest aspect to this whole hypocritical legislative initiative is that there are few people who will argue with the fact that most of the media already has a liberal bias. Even Hillary Clinton had a hard time containing her disdain for a liberal media that turned on her in favor of an even more liberal Barack Obama. Yet that is not good enough for greedy liberals like Stabenow.

Liberals like Stabenow want to stifle speech and profit from it too.


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A capitalist and a socialist are working on the side of a road when a rich fellow drives by in a Cadillac.

The capitalist says, “Someday, I’ll be driving a Cadillac.”

The socialist replies, “Someday, that guy won’t.”

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