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Because “Hope” and “Change” Is Easier Said Than Done


Bookmark and Share     Like Charles Schultz’s famous Peanuts character, Linus van Pelt, who literally carries around a blanket as a source of security, President Obama carries a teleprompter around with him everywhere he goes.

A teleprompter is the source of what is suppose to be the first quality that impresses us with our new President. We are suppose to be impressed by his purported speaking ability and his incredibly articulate manner. For the left it is a particular source of pride. They claim President Obama’s command of the language is a terrific counter to the seemingly less articulate dialogue of former President George W. Bush.

Although President Bush did have his moments, he didn’t follow snoopy around with a blanket in hand. He didn’t require a teleprompter to know what he felt or what he knew, in his mind, we needed to do.

Unlike President Bush, President Obama uses a teleprompter to deliver all his speeches. There is nothing wrong or unusual with using, occassionally. But President Obama uses a teleprompter with unusual regularity and consistency. Far more than any of his predecessors. He drags it around like Linus with his security blanket.

President Bush, used a teleprompter only for major speeches, like the State of the Union. He never needed one for occasions like the traditional pardoning of the turkey for Thanksgiving Day events. But not Barack. He uses it for everything from announcing nominees to cabinet positions, to welcoming the Irish Prime Minister on St. Patrick’s Day.

The teleprompter, or as some have come to call it “TOTUS“, is everywhere POTUS goes.

It has gotten to the point where those covering the President are finding it difficult to do without being hindered by the teleprompter. Photographers have a tough time taking a picture of the President without a teleprompter covering his face from one angle or another.

It makes one wonder how confident our President is on any of the issues he addresses. It makes one wonder if Barack really is the great communicator and profoundly articulate individual that his adoring fans make him out to be.

Does he really feel what he says? Does he believe what he says? Are his words coming from the heart? Or are his words merely coming from a teleprompter in a carefully scripted charade.

I do not know the real answers to those questions but I am inclined to have my doubts.

For another opinion on the matter, here is a video for your viewing pleasure.

It comes from the real horses mouth. The teleprompter.

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