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A Real Kennedy Legacy: JFK On Taxes

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It is for all those who contend that Ted Kennedy and his legacy is in the great tradition of Camelot and the legacy first jFKsupplystarted by his brother John F. Kennedy. This message is for all of you who believe in the greatness that was JFK and for all of you who try to use supply-side-economics as a disparaging phrase and claim that Ronald Reagan was an unsuitable President of the time.

It is a post that highlights the words of J.F.K. and proves that all of you who joke about tax cuts for anyone who is not below poverty line being inappropriate are ridiculous people with no sense of history or grasp of the economic reality which America is now at the crossroads of.

If you liked JFK and still think kindly of him but have a problem with supply-side economics than you are either a hypocrite or just a tool of liberal propagandist who try to rewrite history and deny the truth.

The video that I am about to introduce to you uses phrases like “a tax cut creating more jobs and income and eventually more revenue”. It introduces references to taxation that state lower taxes “will create more jobs and more spending and more customers and more growth for an expanding U.S. economy”. All of which are statements and facts that are lost on the current ruling regime in Washington, D.C..

These are not my words or the words of Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich or Ronald Reagan . They are the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as he spoke of attempts to cut off deficit spending and avoid a recession.

They are the words of a Kennedy who believed in a government that did not make decisions for Americans but rather made it possible for Americans to afford to make their own decisions.

The words spoken in the video below are the words of a Democrat that is far removed from the contemporary policies of the modern day Democrat Party. Yet the Democrat who spoke these words is hailed as one of our greatest Presidents by many who call themselves Democrats today. But despite their praise and respect for JFK, they seek to canonize his youngest brother who spent decades opposing the stated beliefs of the iconic JFK.

And the same people who praise President Kennedy also praise President Obama even though every single economic policy that he seeks to enact runs counter to the economic beliefs of the Kennedy who was President.

So I ask you, please spend the next two minutes listening to a man whose legacy has proven to be everlasting and think for a moment about how far today’s Democrat leaders have come from the legendary leaders that they had in the forefront of their party only a few decades ago.


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