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East Coast Earthquake Prompts President to Propose a New Stimulus Package

In response to today’s East Coast earthquake that was felt from  as far South as Georgia and as far North as Canada, President Obama has proposed a new economic stimulus package.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced that the President has cancelled his Thursday morning golf game in Martha’s Vineyard to present to the people a new stimulus package that will create jobs and prevent future quakes from occurring along the Eastern seaboard.

The $938 billion package will finance a major excavation project designed to replace the old and worn tectonic plates which were responsible for causing Tuesday’s shifting of the earth.  According to Carney;

“The President has been consistently fighting for much needed and long overdue infrastructure maintenance and construction.  In the wake of the widely felt East Coast earthquake, it is clear to everyone that the President is correct.  Our U.S. tectonic plates have not undergone any major repairs at anytime in history.  It is long overdue”

Carney made it clear that the President will take his case to the people and  demonstrate that not only will this new spending create hundreds of thousands of much-needed new jobs, but is also an investment that saves lives.  The White House believes that if any President can stabilize the earth it is President Obama. 

The President’s proposal calls for Vice President Joe Biden to head up the new project whic is being called Operaton Solid Ground.  The White House is also reaching out to former Congressman Anthony Weiner and requesting that he head up a special project division which will be responsible for monitoring the project and providing progress reports to Congress with the help of photographic evidence.  

Another member of the Operation Solid Ground oversight committee will be former Vice President Al Gore.  Gore will be in charge of the projects Geothermal Restructuring division.  This division will attempt to combat global warming by lining the tectonic plates with a complex maze of cooling systems that will regulate the earth’s core temperature.

Jay Carney pointed out that the President was of the opinion that while we’re down there, we mine as well take advantage of the opportunity to combat global warming too .

When made aware of the new Obama initiative, Speaker of the House John Boehner became unavailable for comment as his jaw dropped and he became speechless. 

In her own response, Democratic National Committee Chair, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced that she is proud of the President’s bold leadership which kills two birds with one stone by not only pumping more money into our economy and creating  jobs, but by also finally fixing the earth. According to Wasserman-Schultz;

“Not since Moses split the Red Sea has a leader undertaken such a massive and lofty initiative.  Thanks to him, our nation and the world will be a much better place for the effort”

In a related story, upon hearing the news of the new stimulus initiative, the credit rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch joined with Standards & Poors’ in their recent decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating.  All three of the major credit rating services downgraded the U.S. to an NH-.  This is a newly created rating that stands for “No Hope”.  Treasury Secretary Gietner responded to the move optimistically  and said that he believes we will be upgraded to an NH+ in no time at all.

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Who’s Really Trying to Keep Their Promises to the Voters in the Debt Ceiling debate?

Bookmark and Share“Boehner Plan is not a perfect bill. However, the fact Pelosi, Reid and Obama hate it doggone makes it perfect enough- where is their plan?”

That was Florida Congressman Allan West’s tweet today on Twitter.

I find myself always appreciating the 140 or less character comments that Rep. West leaves on Twitter. They are short but powerful, sharp but honest, and unlike some of the innocuous statements that many of his congressional colleagues often leave on Twitter, West’s twitter feed expresses honest emotions that I sympathize with. In the banner of this blog, is a quote from British politician R.A. Butler which states “Politics is largely a matter of heart”.  I believe that.  While our legilsation must be based on law and not emotion, I find that one’s heart must be true to the cause they undertake in politics, for without the passion that comes with such truth, other temptations can achieve the worst results.  I believe that Allan West’s heart is really in the game and I appreciate his passion.  In the case of his recent Twitter comment,  Congressman West demonstrated a sarcastic but frank assessment of the all consuming budget ceiling debate.

He suggests that if leading liberals like President Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid oppose Speaker Boehner’s approach to the debate over raising the budget ceiling, than it must be good.

I agree.

The left represents a continuation of the same tax and spend policies that have gotten us into this mess. Not that Republicans haven’t helped. They have.

In the past, while many Republicans held firmly in favor of tax cuts and against tax hikes, they have not exhibited the same type of vigilance against spending. But in 2006, and again in 2008 Republicans paid a price for their lack of fiscal responsibility. First they lost control of the House and then they also lost control of the Senate and the White House. But in 2010, with the aide of conservatives who were more concerned with policy than politics, and a TEA Party movement that held conservatives accountable, a new crop of Republicans helped take back control of the House. These new Republicans, of which Allan West is one of, accept the fact that a reform agenda must take hold in Washington, D.C. It is an agenda that must reform the way Washington, D.C. does business, how it spends our money, and reforms the entitlement programs that will soon become the largest part of our ever growing national debt.

That is why, while in the past, there was little to no debate over raising the debt ceiling today it is a debate that is front and center. In the past Democrats, including President Obama when he was in the Senate, voted against raising the debt ceiling when we had a Republican President.  And Republicans voted against doing the same when we had a Democrat President. Each Party played politics with the issue and participated in a blame game that allowed the Party out of power to claim that the Party in power supports a larger national debt.

This time though, the new crop of Republican figures who make up the balance of power in the House, are not willing to play politics. These new members are dead serious about doing exactly what they said they would and what voters elected them to do. As a result, the same old sleights of hand that allowed politicians to avoid making the hard decision and to avoid dealing with what creates our debt, are not being tolerated. This time around, the new, true Republicans in the House are holding the Party leadership’s feet to the fire. That accountability has forced Speaker Boehner to hold firm on a plan which offers spending cuts that are greater than the debt hike……… the chief goal of new era Republicans.

According to the Congressional Budget Office in a report released early this evening, the House Republican proposal will:

  • Cut and cap spending by $917 billion over 10 years – that’s more than the $900 billion debt hike;
  • Cut $22 billion in spending for FY2012
  • and hold spending below FY2010 levels until FY2016;
  • Continue reducing discretionary spending each year compared to President Obama’s budget (by $96 billion in 2012, $118 billion in 2013, $115 billion in 2014, $117 billion in 2015, and so on); and
  • Require Congress to draft proposals that produce reductions of at least $1.8 trillion that help protect programs like Medicare and Social Security from bankruptcy.

To this, Senate Democrats and President Obama say no. They instead want Republicans to go along with a plan that is filled with gimmicks and which the Congressional Budget Office verifies will increase the debt limit by more than it cuts spending while also imposing “caps” that actually increase spending. The CBO report also suggests that the Democrat backed plan is a collection of gimmicks and “mostly fake” cuts.

The discoveries in the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the liberal plan find that “savings from the Democratic plan come in at $500 billion less than advertised, lowering the deficit by $2.2 trillion while giving the president an up-front debt limit increase of $2.7 trillion. It also reveals that of the $2.2 trillion, more than $1 trillion comes from “saving” money that wasn’t going to be spent anyway on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rest comes from slashing defense spending in a way that would hurt our men and women in uniform, and from what the Wall Street Journal calls “mostly fake spending cuts like less government ‘waste, fraud and abuse’”.

Additionally, the report suggests that the liberal sponsored debt ceiling bill imposes what they call “program integrity” caps that actually spend $18 billion more than they save.

Neither the Republican nor the Democrat plan solves the problem to our mounting debt. That is not something which can really be solved in a debate over the debt ceiling alone. It is a problem which requires a national debate over the federal government’s role in our lives. However; unlike the Obama Reid, Pelosi plan, the G.O.P. plan actually cuts more than the President wants us to spend with another raise in the debt ceiling. While that is in truth, only a drop in the bucket, it is still steering us in the right direction. Whereas the Democrat plan simply amounts to another spend-more-than-we-have act that simply exacerbates a debt problem which a former Secretary of Defense considered so severe that it is a national security issue.

In 2010 one of the key reasons Republicans were elected was based upon a promise to reduce our deficit. In 2008 President Obama was also elected in part based upon his promise to “get serious” about reducing debt.

Now in 2011, the question is, who is trying to keep their promise to the voters?

The answer is pretty clear. The people with a plan that proposes to cut more than we want to spend on increased debt are adhering to the mandate given to them. Those people are the House Republicans like Allan Wes,t who are not leaving any room for politicians to hide from the need to finally confront our debt crisis. And so, under these circumstances, it is time for Democrats to stop telling the American people one thing and banks another. It is time for them to stop lying to, and scaring, senior citizens about their Social Security benefits and checks. It’s time for Democrats to either agree to less spending as opposed to more debt and say yes to the Republican plan which does just that. If they don’t, who will really be the Party of “no”?

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Republicans are Fascists? That’s like the Dictator Calling the Communist a Marxist

Bookmark and Share    I recently stumbled upon a link on Facebook that led to an article published on an online, liberal, advocacy publication called AddictingInfo.org. The site is about as addicting as a car wreck. You just can’t help but take a look at the mess. One of its main stated goals is to “stand Against” the Koch Brothers. Now I know that the Koch brothers are hated by liberals as supporters of the G.O.P.. At the same time, being a politically involved Republican, I must state that it is my daily experience that the influence of the Kochs is not quite as pervasive and ever-present as the left claims. But I guess the left’s desire to exaggerate the Kochs is a manifestation of their need to counter the influence offered to their Party from such liberal activists and supporters as George “I Can’t Give Enough Money” Soros. But in this liberal groups attempt to counter the rich supporter of their ideology with a rich supporter of the opposing ideology, they published an article written by Stephen D. Foster, Jr., a leftwing radical whose legitimacy is based solely on the fact that he is the braggadocios holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology and is….surprise…… a teacher, in Pennsylvania and Missouri. Most of his ramblings are found on a site called the Proud Progressive Forum.

But on AddictingInfo.org, Foster posted an article that claims Republican’s are fascists.

By definition, a fascist is any one who is part of any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism.

By that definition, it is my most sincere opinion that it is the liberal ideology and the Democrat Party, not the conservative ideology and Republican Party, which is most closely connected to fascism. Part…….just part of this belief ……….. is based on such things as the Democrat Party’s takeover of General Motors, their standing policy to force people to become dues paying union members if they want to be employed, their initiatives dictating how much a private company or corporation can pay its CEO’s, their desire to redistribute wealth and penalize success, and their centralized control and nationalization of healthcare, not to mention their suppression of Republican opposition to Obamacare by excluding Republicans from the process that created the healthcare reform bill behind closed, partisan doors, and passed strictly by a partisan vote.

The fascist Foster goes on to state that “fascism is the ultimate manifestation of social change and moral revolution,”.

He then asks…..“Sound familiar?”

It sure as hell does!

The liberal ideology that dominates the Democrat Party has consistently touted social change as their main mission. They often call it social justice.

This has especially been the case since the days of FDR and then again LBJ.

Are liberal Democrats now claiming that all social change is evil, wrong, and fascist?

Are they now claiming that federal attempts to acquire equal rights, and end discrimination were fascists acts? Are they now suddenly wanting to repeal such things as the 1964 voting rights act? All of these items (and many more) are examples of social and moral change. And in many cases they were achieved with equal credit having to be given to both Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps liberal minds forget that during the Obamacare debate, the leading liberal fascists in their Party argued that healthcare reform was “a moral issue”. From Louise Slaughter, to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez, and John Lewis, to President Obama and all the rest of Democrat Party, they all claimed Obamacare to be morally right. Yet suddenly, it is the G.O.P. who are fascists whom are trying to consolidate central government power to create social change based on morals? Such a view is maintained only through a double standard that is the hypocritical hallmark of liberal thinking.

Now liberals may consider me an extremist. At the same time, some conservatives…..”some conservatives” ….. don’t consider me extreme enough. I however; consider myself to be a common sense conservative. As such I am not so extreme as to believe that all social change is bad. I am also not so extreme as to believe that our government and governance is not based on a certain degree of morals. However, I am also independent enough to possess an innate and experiential understanding of principles and simple facts such as increased government size and spending is out of control and that like the housing bubble, the big-government bubble will have to burst at some point. And if such innate and experential understandings force me to address these issues by limiting government, cutting our budget and yes, “bringing about moral change” by weaning our society off of the unsustainable culture of dependency which the liberal ideology has been the chief proliferators of, than I guess I am what a liberal would call a fascist. But the way I see it, the governmental model as erected by the American Founders through our constitution, gave the federal government only 20 specific powers and left the rest to the states and people. As a Republican I believe in maintaining the federal government’s constitutional jurisdiction over only those twenty powers. Among them include the defense of our national sovereignty, something which Mr. Foster suggests in his article that we should relinquish to the United Nations.

However; liberals believe that all injustices must be resolved by legislative action and that all inequities must be balanced through federal fiat. In doing so, they claim moral justification for their unconstitutional federal intervention and like Mr. Foster, they expertly use unhealthy political hyperbole to denigrate opposing view points and to advance their own fascist viewpoint. Need proof? Check out the fear mongering exhibited by this following liberal-progressive ad.

Could you imagine the outcry that would have stemmed from a similar ad sponsored by Republican interests showing President Obama pushing that old lady off the same cliff? Not that President Obama wouldn’t. After all, during the 2008 presidential election, he threw his own Grandmother under the bus by trying to claim that she had racist tendencies.

Other examples of Mr. Foster’s own political hyperbole are exhibited in his own account as he tries to claim Republicans are fascist because they want to insure voter integrity. He accuses Republicans of fixing elections and never once touts the preponderance of evidence that has proven widespread liberal election tampering. Mr. Foster also tries to claim a deep rooted, Republican hatred for gays. This is a point which I particularly like. As a gay Republican it has been my experience that those who hate me the most are fellow homosexuals. Despite their cries for acceptance and tolerance, many gay men and women are the least accepting and least tolerant of differences of opinion. I have been spat upon by be gay men because I am a Republican. At the same time, I have been embraced by Republicans and hired as a chief of staff to Republican state senators in New York, Republican assemblymen in New Jersey, as the campaign manager to countless Republican candidates on the state and local levels, and elected and appointed by Republicans to leadership positions within the Party.

In the end, Mr. Foster’s charges are nothing but political propaganda that are used by him and his fellow liberal fascists, as a means to hold on to their last vestiges of liberal legitimacy in modern politics. When it comes to contemporary politics, the liberal numbers just don’t add up. Their policies have led to an unsustainable federal behemoth that can only be propped up through rhetoric, the proliferation of ignorance, and much like the popularity of unhealthy narcotics, through a continued dependence on something that is not good for you.

Ultimately, I believe the most contrarian approach to fascism that one could take is to oppose a centralized government that seizes the assets earned by individual Americans through excessive taxation that funds social engineering and programs that exceed the twenty constitutional powers given to the federal government. For that Mr. Foster considers me a fascist. Yet ironically he considers his belief in more government intervention, more social engineering and greater centralized powers in the federal government make him a defender of liberty?

Cleary, Mr. Foster and anyone who is inclined to hold his writings up for consideration are either living in denial about their own fascist inclinations or totally unaware of what liberty truly is.

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New Jersey Needs To Act on Market Competition and Consumer Choice…”S2664″

Bookmark and Share   Any day now, the New Jersey State Senate will be taking up important legislation called the Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act (S2664).   The measure is not a topic of discussion at Garden State dinner tables, but it is one that is worthy of  fighting for . Passage of this bill would reform outdated laws that have outlived their usefulness, and hamper the development, expansion, and use of new technologies within the state’s telecommunication industry and among cable providers. The Consumer Choice Act is actually one of those rare pieces of legislation which rectifies legislative inadequacies and instead of suffocating economic development and stifling competition, it promotes competition, the drive for greater customer service, lower prices, and business expansion that creates something sorely lacking these days….. Jobs.

In a day an age when the Obama Administration is causing many Americans to understand that more government and more government regulation is not necessarily a good thing, New Jersey is slowly waking up to the same reality. People like former Governor Jon Corzine helped show us that big government comes with a big price tag, a price tag that costs way more than its worth. More government and more government regulation is a rising tide that lifts all costs. From the cost of utilities and the price of merchandise and services to taxes, over-regulation delivers higher costs and less competition. And with decades and decades of intrusive federal, state, and local regulations, New Jerseyans live within a tangled web of government weaved red tape.  That’s why the Consumer Choice Act is so important to New Jersey.

Newly evolved technological advances in the telecommunications industry have transformed the industry, but New Jersey’s outdated laws, create an obstacle that makes it hard for the benefits of these new technological advances to fully thrive in New Jersey. Yet special interests which profit from the enforcement of oppressive regulatory policies,  want to prevent the New Jersey State Senate from passing the Consumer Choice Act.   Blocking it in the state senate is their last hope because the bill has already passed the State Assembly. In fact, in the Assembly it passed with enthusiastic bi-partisan support.  Even among the leadership of both Parties, in both legislative chambers.

These special interests are literally trying to scare voters into demanding that their State Senators vote against the Consumer Choice Act. They are threatening legislators with the promise of pumping tens of thousands of dollars into campaigns to defeat them during next years state legislative elections. And to motivate voters to their side, these special interests are stooping to scare tactics and lies. They are trying to convince vulnerable, fixed income senior citizens into believing that their phone service will be taken away. They are trying to make sports enthusiasts believe that their favorite cable sports channels will evaporate right before their very eyes.

The problem is, the Consumer Choice Act  is anything but a danger to existing services.  It promises to increase choices, enhance service quality and hold down or even reduce costs through competition.

Current regulatory policies do not properly deal with the realities of the competition that exists in today’s telecommunication market. The way regulations are now, companies like Verizon are able to dominate the market and inhibit consumer choice among alternate technologies such as cable companies, and wireless and competitive local exchange companies. This in turn stymies investment, innovation and growth of the telecommunication industry and among cable service providers. That lack of growth is costing New Jersey desperately needed tax revenue …..  increased tax revenue that could come without raising taxes.

This has been proven in other states which have adopted legislation similar to the Consumer Choice Act. When Indiana adopted such reform legislation, they saw an influx of investment from telecommunication companies that approached half a billion dollars and created thousands of new jobs. But here in New Jersey, we are left to contend with outdated legislation that stifles competition, kills growth, inhibits innovation and discourages employment opportunities. 

Well it is a new day in New Jersey. With Governor Christie at the helm, you might say that it’s finally morning in New Jersey. As such, we now have an environment conducive to getting government out of the business of bureaucracy, untangling the red tape that creates a hostile environment for business and industry, and can reform government in a way that will allow it to enter the new decade that has already begun.  The Consumer Choice Act does that.  It is a reform that allows government to catch up to the times. And at the same time, people need not fear the cries of wolf coming from the special interests opposing this bill. Existing legislation such as the Consumer Protection Act , helps insure consumers against all the evils they try to scare us with.

We live in a state that has an innumerable amount of antiquated and truly stupid laws on the books. Take the Married Women’s Property Act from the 1800‘s. It allows only married women to own, control and dispose of property. Then there is another law still on the books from the 1800’s. It claims that if a woman is raped but then gets married within a certain timeframe, the man can’t be considered a criminal. State Senator Jennifer Beck is trying to get these laws repealed. But there are hundreds of senseless and outdated laws still on the books. One of my favorite state laws makes it illegal for men to knit during fishing season. On the local level, in Newark there is an existing law that makes it illegal to buy an ice cream cone after 6pm without a note from your doctor. How’s that for over-regulation?

Let’s face it folks, New Jersey does not have a problem with too little regulation. The problem is we have too much and much of it is too old to be effective in the 21st century. That is why it’s time to pass the Consumer Choice Act. It’s time for New Jersey to step out from the shadow of our past and into the brightness of the future. And it’s time for the naysayers to take a deep breath and get on the bandwagon before they get run over by it in the 2011 elections.

Call your State Senator and tell them you want market competition and consumer choice in New Jersey.  Tell them you want S2664.

To find your state Senator and their contact information visit the legislative directory link provided here and click on your municipality.

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DNC Ad Attacks GOP With CPAC

Bookmark and Share  In what can only be viewed as a sign of things to come, the Democratic National Committee is returning to their attempts at demonizing Republicans by trying to paint their conservative base as heartless fiends and maniacal evil scientists who would dare to experiment with such things as the ability for the free market to improve quality and life in America. In a video put out this week by the DNC, clips from CPAC, the American Conservative Union’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

The video uses clips of cheering CPAC audiences as speakers talk of replacing the E.P.A, abolishing the Board of Education and allowing people to opt out of Social Security. After the evil Republicans have their say, Steny Hoyer and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are spliced in as they discuss how Democrats are making sure that America is competitive enough to insure is a stronger economic future. The video then goes to a clip of President Obama from his State of the Union Address in which he discusses the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans and how as a nation “we do big things.”

What the ad does not tell you is that for Democrats, those big things are big government and big government programs which replace the American entrepreneurial spirit with bureaucratic mandates and regulations that have a return on the dollar that is less than the cost required to implement.

Another interesting thing to point out is that, the way I see it, the DNC seems to also be banking on President Obama’s supposed great oratory skills as means to appeal to the hearts and minds of the American voter. Not that there is anything wrong with that. A President should be able to do so, but one must be able to tap into American sentiments if they wish to be successful at such attempts. One must be Reaganesque if they wish to do that. The problem is we knew Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan. Nice try though.

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Obama Tax Compromise Derailed & the Economy Holds It Breath

Bookmark and Share    A small band of liberal Democrats in the House and an even smaller band of House conservative Republicans, have successfully derailed President Obama’s great tax “compromise” which lies at the heart of an omnibus spending bill that among other things, will keep the government open through the new year. Thanks to a procedural hurdle, the rules under which the vote for this omnibus spending bill would take place can not be established and without such rules in place, the game can’t go on.

The procedural blockade to passage of the bill which would extend the Bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits can be overcome by a two thirds vote in support of suspending the rules. However; at this point in time, it is clear that such a supermajority does not exist and would fail.

Failure to pass compromise spending bill before the new year, would have a devastating short term effect on the national economy, tens of millions of American families, the day to day operation of the federal government, and President Obama.

Without passage of the bill, one of the most immediate effects will be a shutdown of the federal government which could come as early as this weekend. For some of us, the idea of a government shutdown is actually not bad news. Many of us see it as the only way for the government to save money and stop spending like there is no tomorrow. But beyond the prospects of a shut down, are the debilitating effects of the uncertainty that will be caused by a failure to pass the compromise on taxes that exists in the bill.

Failing to pass the compromise bill and the Bush era tax cuts will force businesses to continue holding off on hiring and investing. This will continue to keep money out of the economy and American workers out of work. In addition to that, while less money is coming in to our pockets, every American will have to dole out more money from their pockets to pay for what essentially amounts to a tax increase. This will all only exacerbate a still sluggish economy and spur on a economic reversal that would mire us in economic decline.

As for the President, he has put all his weight behind passage of this compromise based, omnibus spending bill. He has called in former President Clinton to urge fellow Democrats to pass it and has warned that without approval of it, millions of Americans will suffer great economic pain. Yet despite his efforts and dire warnings, the majority of dissenting voices come from members of his own Party. Those members are diehard liberals, loyal liberal Democrats who once saw Barack Obama as the savior of their Party but now see him as an ideological Benedict Arnold.

If President Obama can not find a way to get fellow Democrats on board with this omnibus spending bill, his already shaky house of cards will fall. It will be evidence of his losing support and confidence in all quarters and the fallout from it will only cause what support is left to hemorrhage.

Most dramatic of all the fallout will be that which comes with a government shutdown. Such an event will produce a total lack of confidence in President Obama. It will help enforce the impression that he is losing control of government and his ability to govern and as the establishment of the Congress approaches, President Obama will be severely wounded as he tries to work with a Republican controlled House of Representatives.

It is more than likely that the rules for the vote on this omnibus spending bill will be established before this weekend. The rules are essentially a blueprint for how the inevitable vote in support of the bill will take place. This will probably be resolved by allowing a bit more debate on the bill and giving those who oppose it, the chance to enter their objections in to the record. But the most pressing aspect of the rules for this vote will be how amendments to it are handled.

Right now the rules would force any amendment to it, to go directly to the Senate for a vote. Democrats who oppose the extension of the Bush era tax cuts on estate taxes , are particularly unhappy with such a course. They would rather see a full house vote on the spending bill that includes their amendments.

It is this hurdle which will be the hardest to overcome.

My prediction is that a couple of the rare ultra-left Democrats who are returning in January, will be promised some major benefits by outgoing Speaker Pelosi. Most interesting will be what if anything, conservative Congressman Mike Pence might be promised by incoming Speaker John Boehner. Pence is one of the handful of Republicans who have been quite vocal in opposing the Obama compromise due to its many spending measures. If overcoming the procedural hurdles comes down to or three votes, Republicans like Pence may be pivotal to allowing the bill to come to the floor for a full vote.

Either way, the situation is not a good one.

Our national economy is now holding its breath and as new polls show that only 35% of the voters believe President Obama deserves reelection and 53% believe we would be better off without him, the President faces one of the biggest hurdles he has encountered during his time in the White House. Can he prove that he can work with Republicans while also still having influence in his own Party? Or will he prove that he is unable to work well with either Party? At the moment it is not looking good for the President. He has pulled out all the big guns on this vote. He has even exhausted the credibility and reputation of former president Bill Clinton and tis deal still isn’t done. Maybe the only one left to turn to is Hillary Clinton. After all, many Democrat primary voters are still saying, it should have been Hillary in 2008. I can only wonder how many are thinking that it should be Hillary in 2012.

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Why Democrats Are Going Down

Bookmark and Share    President Obama rose to power on a wave of enthusiasm and popularity that was based on a vision for America that would transform us from being a war weary, economically troubled nation, into one that would be an economic powerhouse at peace with the world and ready to provide a chicken in every pot and car in every garage.

Problem is that almost two years later, the economy has worsened, unemployment has risen, the world is far from being a more peaceful place and his attempts to put a chicken in every pot with socialist style healthcare and a car in every garage with Cash-For-Clunkers have fallen short of living up to the promise that many saw in candidate Obama.

President Obama’s plan for delivering hope and change was based on nothing but one single approach……spending. The President’s answer to everything has simply been to spend. His answer to high unemployment was to spend little more than $250,000 per new job created……temporary and unsustainable jobs. Jobs that don’t even pay an eighth of the amount it cost taxpayers to create. His answer to saving the environment from carbon emissions was to spend money by giving Americans thousands of dollars for cars that were in many cases only worth hundreds of dollars. His answer to making healthcare more affordable was to have the federal government take control of it at a cost that is now projected to be well over a trillion dollars with an additional $10 to $20 billion in administrative costs to implement Obamacare over the next ten years and with $105 billion over the same 10 year period for Congress to fund discretionary programs in the overhaul.

In the meantime, his promise to get unemployment below a still staggering 8.0% has failed to materialize, the American auto industry is still struggling along with banks, and big and small businesses alike. And through it all, the only concrete results of the Obama Administration to date is a quadrupling of the national debt and a richer and happier China that owns most of our debt.

And while the Chinese celebrate and develop a new generation of fighters that could make our aircraft carriers and battleships obsolete, President Obama has done nothing to keep us safe from nuclear proliferation in the Mid East and on the Korean Peninsula. But he did scrap our promised non-offensive missile defense shield in Europe before the Polish Prime Minister was killed in a plane crash. That new window of opportunity for potential threats to fly through, certainly did not make the world safer for us, our allies or our interests, but so long as it is what the Russians and Iranian’s wanted, who cares right? I mean after all, didn’t President Obama promise to make our enemies in the world love us? How’s that been going for us? Have you noticed the friendlier tone of the explosives that terrorists are using these days or the warm and fuzzy feel good tone of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

With consumer confidence at one of its lowest points in years, unemployment is at it highest since the 80’s, Wall Street is bouncing up and down in uncontrollable spasms of brief glimpses of optimism and long durations of fear, and the world is at greater risk from the nuclear ambitions and muscle flexing of North Korea and Iran, it is no wonder why the President’s base, his ardent liberal followers and cheerleaders, are jumping ship and even taking shots at him. After nearly year two years of an aggressive “Blame Bush” policy, and no credit of his own to lay claim to, Democrats are finding it necessary to not just run from the Obama agenda and its creators but they are beginning to have to show voters that they are opposing their President. Smart move when you consider that last year, all of the candidates that President Obama campaigned for, from Virginia to New Jersey and even Massachusetts, lost…..big time.

The situation is an extremely sad one for Americans. For all the freshness and change that Americans saw in then Senator Obama in 2008, in 2010 he is about as fresh as rotten eggs and for all his reforms, there is so little actual change that it  has left an already cynical electorate feeling duped and even more cynical than they were before.

Include also the fact that despite being our first multi-racial President, racial tensions are on the rise with groups like the New Black Panthers threatening to kill white babies and the NAACP crying racism for every single disagreement on any single issue. The Obama Administration has even inspired tens of millions Americans into activism in the cause of political revolution, one that the left tries to write off as a race based revolution.

At the moment President Obama’s presidency is exemplified by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. His Administration seems like a broken pipe that has money flowing out of it uncontrollably while he sits and waits for something to happen that will fix the deficit, the out of control unemployment rate and shrinking economy. It seems that much like the way he handled the Gulf oil disaster, he is handling everything else, from the economy, to foreign affairs, all the same way……helplessly,  much like Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s when Iran took Americans Hostage for 444 days.

The failures of President Obama and his inability to live up to the messianic image and expectations that his presidential campaign created, now puts him and his Party in dire straights. But that fault is not President Obama’s alone. All of the most controversial issues of the past year and a half were settled along strictly partisan lines. And to achieve these Party lines votes, the American people saw a process led by Democrats that illustrated all that we despise about politics. They saw legislators bribe each other with pork barrel, deficit spending and back room deals that cut out the loyal opposition from having any legitimate input. They saw attempts to escape responsibility for passage of controversial legislation by trying to simply “deem” bills passed,  rather than actually having a recorded vote. Voters saw Democrats pass legislation along partisan lines without even reading the bills they voted on.

The last year and a half has been ugly indeed. Marred with blunders, indecision, and scandals and through it all, Democrats stood quietly by and accepted it. They followed their leader and held the Party line. Unfortunately for them though, that line is attached to sinking fortunes.

As the midterm elections approach, Democrats are about to implode and our President is about to encounter one of the most embarrassing elections since Walter Mondale walked away with a win in only one state against Ronald Reagan in 1984.

This is because, as I said, Democrats have tied their fortunes to the President and now they find that it is too late to cut the cord and distance themselves from him. And the reasons for the die being cast by President Obama are simple.

He has failed to inspire us. His speeches are dull and preaching what seems to be a professorial elitism of a distant philosophy that is detached from reality. He has lost our faith and trust as exemplified in recent polls conducted by your more pro-Obama media outlets and by the dramatic number of people who feel our government is headed in the wrong direction. His handling of the Gulf oil disaster has shown him to be indecisive and his constant blaming of all that he fails to succeed at on George Bush has people believing that President Obama is unwilling to take responsibility for his own presidency. This has all helped create a lack of confidence in the leadership being provided by him and his Party.

On foreign affairs and national security, President Obama has done nothing but apologize for America and back down to our adversaries as demonstrated in the case with a missile defense system in Poland that was meant to  insure our allies security in the face of possible Russian aggression, and a lack of an aggressive stand against the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea. Then there was the stand in support of Hugo Chavez’s ousted Marxists friend in Honduras, who was constitutionally removed from office, and the returning of the bust of the highly respected hero, Winston Churchill, to the British.  All of these recorded instances help to create the impression that America’s foreign policy is upside down and bass ackwards. The Obama foreign affairs policy of appeasement and strategic blunders has actually weakened America’s standing in the world and has been uninspiring at home and abroad.

All of this has had nothing but a demoralizing effect on America and our allies. Over 18 months into the Obama presidency and Americans not only know that they are no better now than they were before he took office.  Instead  they understand that with a bigger government, a quadrupled debt, a stagnant economy and enemies emboldened by our timidity, we are in fact much worse off than we were 18 months ago.

Americans can be patient people. They are willing to give our leaders a chance, but we begin to lose our patience when we see that we are taking three or four steps back for every one step forward that we might be taking. And that is exactly where we are at now, with little more than ten weeks to go before the midterm elections.

And it should be noted that with only that much time to go before November, time is not on the side of the Democrats.

The typical bulk of all campaigning takes place between Labor Day and Election Day. In this election cycle, Labor Day comes late, September 6th. And Election day falls on November 2nd, the first rather than the second week of November . That makes for the shortest possible general election cycle their could be . That in turn means that even if Democrats can begin to turn their fortunes around, they will have little time to catch up to, and then surpass Republicans, who have the wind behind their backs.

This seemingly insignificant amount of time that the traditional campaign season will lack, can make all the difference in an election. As University of Virginia Professor and political pundit par excellence notes, in 1968, if Hubert Humphrey had just one more week in that condensed election cycle, it is more than likely that he would have caught up to and passed Richard Nixon.

So all things considered, the future is not looking good for liberalism and its Democratic home in America. But considering all the reasons why, it is quite understandable.

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Job-Gate; Sestak-Obama Scandal Needs An Independent Prosecutor

Bookmark and Share It is not in the best interest of a man who is running for the United States Senate to directly attack the Administration of the man in charge of his political Party and the nation. Yet Joe Sestak continues to charge that the Obama Administration offered him a job in the Administration if Sestak took himself out of the Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate against former Republican Arlen Specter.

This charge surfaced what seems like many moons ago, but it has never been addressed by the Whitehouse beyond its inept Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, stating that he essentially has nothing to say about the issue.

But that is not exactly conclusive and it does not put the issue to rest.

If someone did actually offer Joe Sestak a federal job in return for his not challenging Specter, they were in fact using bribery to influence a federal election. That is a federal crime and in total violation of Title 18, U.S.C. Section 595, which says:

“Whoever, being a person employed in any administrative position by the United States … uses his official authority for the purposes of interfering with, or affecting the nomination of, or the election of any candidate for office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representative…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

In this particular case, either Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Joey Sestak is making false charges or the Obama Administration is lying.  One way or the other, the law is being broken.

So far we have seen much reason to be suspect of the Administration.

As seen below, the Whitehouse’s spokesman has intentionally avoided allowing any detailed answer to go on the record, a technique often employed by those who wish not to face perjury charges.

And President Obama has done little to answer for himself. In fact, he has refused to charge Joe Sestak with lying and turned down any pursuit of justice for leveling a false charge at the Administration. If Sestak is lying, why is the President so willing to just let him continue to tarnish  his integrity and that of the Whitehouse?

At the same time, how would it benefit Joe Sestak to accuse the President’s Administration of breaking the law? And why would he repeat this charge now that he won the Democratic nomination? Will such acts benefit the Sestak senate campaign with more money from the D.N.C. and Democratic National Senatorial Committee? Will it be incentive for any of President Obama’s wealthy donors to donate money to Sestak after he charged the man whom they support with a crime?

That certainly is not it.

But it still could be a strategic maneuver on Sestak’s part.

Given the anti-establishment environment that exists this year, and given the continued loss of President Obama’s popularity, Sestak could be making this charge to distance himself from the President.

While essentially having the same position on most all issues, there is very little difference between the President and Sestak. That will allow Sestak’s Republican opponent to paint him as an Obama clone. Not a good thing if President Obama is not sitting well with voters.

But one thing that can help Sestak in such an environment is his ability to look independent of the President, even though they agree on the issues. Sestak’s accustaion of the Administration gives him the opportunity to look non-partisan and gutsy for his courageous act of defiance against the President’s Administration which tried to prevent him from doing what he knew was right…..challenge former Republican Arlen Specter in the race to represent the democrat Party and the good people of Pennsylvania.

There is no other plausibly logical reason for Sestak to continue making this bribery charge of the Whitehouse. Having already won the nomination, Whitehouse support of his candidacy could be crucial to winning in November. Unless of course, come November, any connection to the President will be toxic. If that is the case, Sestak’s Job-Gate scandal is the perfect plan to create that much needed distance from the President and maker him quite attractive to the all important Independent voters who will determine Sestak’s fate in a tough race against Republican Pat Toomey.

Whether Sestak’s charge is a campaign strategy or the truth, a crime has been committed here, either by Joe Sestak himself, or someone in the Obama Administration, or maybe from the national Democrat Party organization.

The lack of any desire by the Whitehouse to hold Jie Sestak accountable for his charges if he is lying, is suspicious. It could reflect knowledge that the accusation is true or maybe they have signed off on what they think is a brilliant way to insure Sestak’s victory in November?

Either way, this is a scandal. Call it Job-gate or whatever you want but it is not kosher. And what is even less kosher is the lack of anyone’s interest in determining who is lying and who is breaking the law.

Some Democrats who are still facing primary challenges of their own, have begun to raise concerns and are trying to also make themselves look like they are independent, anti-establishment candidates by standing up to the President. New York’s Anthony Weiner is the most recent one. He is calling upon the Whitehouse to release more information about the bribe. But if there really was no bribe, there is no information to release. So Weiner’s weenie request really falls flat but provides him with the ability to claim he is holding the powers that be, accountable.

What really needs to be done here is what Democrats saw appropriate in cases involving the Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and Bush’s Whitehouses……a special independent prosecutor to investigate this tangled web of deceit.

Someone is guilty here. Either someone tried to influence a federal election by offering Sestak a bribe in defiance of the law, or Sestak is defrauding the public and making false accusations against federal officials.

I won’t say which is which. I don’t know which is which. But I can say someone broke the law and more laws are being broken each day that Job-Gate continues to be covered up. I can also say that I do not trust this Administration to conduct an honest investigation of itself or its President and I do not trust the clandestine and extremely partisan liberal led Congress to investigate their own.

So it is time for an independent prosecutor to step in, investigate and clear the air of the cloud of suspicion which hangs over the future of either Joe Sestak’s senate ambitions or the Obama Administration’s self-touted transparency and integrity.

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Healthcare Summit Charade Will Prove To Be The President’s Last Stand

Bookmark and Share   After President Obama accepted the fact that his agenda was going nowhere, he used his State of the Union address to try and turn things around. He spoke of bipartisanship …….a practice he rejected for the first year of his term.

He used healthcare as a central focus for demonstrating his new found desire for bipartisanship. He even suggested that Democrats and Republicans work together on it. This was a novel idea, for up till that point, Republicans have been locked out of the closed door meetings that took place among Democrats in an attempt to muster enough votes among themselves to pass their combined 5,000 pages of healthcare reforms.

Meanwhile, contrary to Democrat denials, Republicans presented their own proposals for consideration. These proposals are on the record. But due to Democrat’s desire to only reach consensus among members of their own majority and through their own ideas, none of these Republican proposals were considered.

And still despite, having once had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and despite their overwhelming majority in the House, Democrats could not even successfully deliver on their very own ideas.

So now, after annoying the American people with both a bill that was too far reaching, too invasive and in some regards too punishing, and after having further annoyed the public with the way in which they tried to pass such unwanted legislation, President Obama pretended to seek bipartisanship cooperation.

Which brings us to this past Thursday’s Healthcare Summit…….the “bipartisan” Healthcare Summit.

The event could have been used to really start a “roll up our sleeves”, get down to work, serious process that involved both sides of the political spectrum……..both sides of the aisle that were elected to represent all segments of the American electorate.

It could have.

But all hope of such a dream coming to fruition was dashed when, just days before the bipartisanship summit, President Obama threw down, for the first time, his own proposed government healthcare takeover bill.

He is the President of the United States. As such, to present a proposal of his own is not inappropriate. In fact I am on record as admonishing President Obama from not having presented his own proposed starting point legislation from the very beginning. He needn’t have written the entire bill, as did Hillary Clinton in 1993. But as a leader, a proposed starting point that outlined his vision would have not only been acceptable, it would have appropriately been the right thing to do.

But such was never the case. Not until a few days prior to the so-called bipartisan healthcare summit.

Of the President’s proposed bill, it could have been said better late than never. It could have. But as it turned out it was not.

President Obama simply took the two strictly partisan bills that his Party assembled in the House and in the Senate and combined them into one bill. Not only was this a lack of leadership on the President’s part, it was genuine evidence of President Obama’s total lack of sincerity as it pertains to his claimed newfound appreciation of bipartisanship. That demonstrated lack of sincerity and his breaking of his promise to start over on the healthcare debate, immediately undermined any promise that may have once existed in Thursday’s healthcare summit.

President Obama could have been a leader and set the tone for bipartisanship by incorporating some of the Republican proposals into his own. He could have changed some of the most egregious proposals contained in the Senate and House versions of the strictly partisan Democrat bills.

But he did not.

Instead of setting an example and leading with a healthcare proposal that formulated some initiatives by incorporating ideas from both sides of the aisle, he simply said, here it is!. Here is the same partisan bill that we could not pass before but will now, because now I want bipartisanship.

From that point on, that act of total hypocrisy made the anticipated healthcare summit a failure before it started.

It became clear from that point on, that the President and his Democrat leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, were simply going through the motions, providing a creative talking point to turn into propaganda and try to claim that they tried to work with Republicans

Such was not the case, and in the end, the bipartisan healthcare summit was the failure that President Obama doomed it to be when he threw down the same partisan proposal that dragged us into the mud that we are mired in today.

The summit did produce a number of good sound bites. From New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s description of a woman wearing her dead sister’s dentures, to President Obama telling Senator John McCain “the campaign was over”, many memorable gems were mined out of the hours of discussion. But none of it mattered. No one walked away from the summit table invigorated by a new working environment or new platform to work from. Instead, the most that could be said to have come out of the summit was that both parties agreed to continue disagreeing over the same bill that most Americans have said they do not want.

In the end all the President achieved with his summit charade was to reinforce the image of a very staged, arrogant, leader whose attempts at community organizing from the White House are doing little to organize an effective agenda or a bipartisan atmosphere for the nation..

Bipartisanship to President Obama is voting not present. To him bipartisanship is both sides of the aisle assembling together to listen to him spew rhetorical prose and all walk away enamored by his words and convinced that his way  is the only way.

President Obama has done nothing to promote bipartisanship accept discuss it as though it were some kind of foreign concept that he brought to America. But his words do no service to the concept when his deeds are as a partisan as a Boston Red Sox fan cheering on his time as they play the Yankees at Fenway.

In stark contrast to this President’s commitment to bipartisanship, just a few days into his first term in office, President George W. Bush began trying to bridge the vast ideological and partisan political gap that is everpresent. One of his first guests to the White House residence for dinner and a movie was Senator Ted Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate. Yet one of the only incumbent Republicans to be invited to break bed with President Obama was Congressman Joseph Cao of Louisiana. Nearly a full year into the Obama presidency, after being the only Republican in the House to vote for that chambers government healthcare scheme, President Obama invited Cao to be the only Republican office holder at his White House Super Bowl party.

Clearly President Obama’s version of bipartisanship is quite different than most other peoples version. Their version might make progress on healthcare reform. President Obama’s feigned attempts to reach across the aisle simply makes healthcare a victim of his version of bipartisanship.  And in the long run, for all the hype and  promotion that President Obama applied to this epic charade,  the end result will ultimately be an increasilgly more  negative public opinion towards a man who still believes that his words are a magic elixir that soothes all our objections away.   Meanwhile, in reality, this saga will ultimnately  backfire on the President and all the hype which proved to be for nothing, will deal  the President a loss of even more credibility than most of his entire first year in office has cost him..

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The Week’s Political Winners & Losers for 1/25-1/31, 2010

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers
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Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

 Chris Matthews PhotobucketPhotobucket 

After once admitting to having a tingle run up his leg over Barack Obama, the partisan television prognosticator who offers some of the most useless and rambling banter on American airwaves, made a statement that goes down on that Best of Chris Matthews CD or maybe that TV’s Top Ten Bloopers show. After President Obama delivered his fifty or so minute State of the Union address, Matthews gushed “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he’s gone a long way to become a leader of this country, and passed so much history, in just a year or two. I mean, it’s something we don’t even think about. I was watching, I said, wait a minute, he’s an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people.” Matthews can’t help but spew verbal ejaculations of liberal loving quotes that he is famous for, but it isn’t often that a liberal admits to their preoccupation with race and their racist thoughts. To suggest that Matthews forgot the President was black for one hour indicated that he thinks about President Obama’s color the other 23 hours of everyday. The remark was just another example of talking head stupidity and Chris Matthews proved once and for all that he doesn’t use his head but talks out of his arse. The fact that MSNBC continues to run with this guy made choosing between Matthews and MSNBC for a slot in this week’s loser column difficult. It was a close call, but I don’t think any one can truly contest the fact that Matthews is the biggest loser of the two. 

Arlen SpecterPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 

Arlen Specter spent the past week trying to explain why he was so patronizing to a Congresswoman that he was debating while on a radio talk show. After repeatedly telling the Congresswoman to essentially shut up and “act like a lady”, ol’ Arlen helped to demonstrate that he is even more out of touch than we thought. Liberal feminists ignored the remark, but strong, independent women didn’t. Many of them, including Michelle Bachmann await an apology. Not for calling her lady, but for the patronizing tone and context he used the term “act like a lady” in. The suggestion was that as a lady, Bachmann should sit there and listen to Arlen without objection to his accusations. I don’t know about Arlen but I don’t think sharia laws apply to contemporary American women and I would guess Arlen never told his wife to “act like a lady” because if he did, he’d be talking funny with the fat lap he would walking around with. But things are not going well for Arlen Specter. In addition to acting like Archie Bunker addressing Edith from his armchair, a poll came out and placed him 14 points behind Pat Toomey, his likely Republican opponent for the Senate seat he currently occupies. On top of that, it is becoming more and more clear that this was not the time to be switching parties and trying to latch on to a political label that is sinking faster than the Titanic. Arlen is definitely a loser. Especially this week. 

President ObamaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 

Faced with the need to take the focus off of the fact that the American people believe he has not been focusing on the most pressing issues confronting us, President Obama used his first State of the Union to talk out of both sides of his mouth. After using his first year in office to become the most partisan President of out time, spend like a drunken sailor in a liquor store, and really do nothing more for the economy other than increase unemployment, he stood before the nation and chastised Republicans for not being bipartisan enough, and told us  how the federal government must tighten its belt end spend less and how we must create jobs. The President’s State of the Union offered a to do list of everything his administration and his policies did not do during his first year in office. But if that did ‘nt prove how hypocritical he and his Party is, President Obama spoke of a Christmas tree of tax cuts and even suggested that the he already cut taxes for Americans and that those “tax cuts gave Americans more spending power”. Well here’s a newsflash Mr. President, you campaigned against trickle down economics and you even said you wanted the government to “spread the wealth” through taxes. So which is it? Do you believe that tax cuts help Americans or do you believe that Americans are best off when the government redistributes their wealth? And as far as those tax cuts you claim to have initiated, they were so meager that they were hardly felt. And by the way, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire is as good as a tax increase. So rather than suggest that you are a tax cutter, you should fess up and admit that you and your party are tax hikers. Unless of course you really believe that tax cuts give Americans more buying power and that more buying power leads to more job. If you do, you will reinstate the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent…… Until the President’s rhetoric matches his deeds, until he really cuts taxes, creates jobs, grows the economy and insures that his Democrat leaders allow Republican leaders to sit at the table, than he is nothing but a loser dragging us all down. This week, all President Obama did was demonstrate how hypocritical he is. So he must be considered one of the week’s losers. 

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite  


POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

 New York City PhotobucketPhotobucket

President Obama and Eric Holder made us all losers when they proved their inability to properly prosecute the War on the Terror but when they made the decision to try five professed terrorists who were involved in 9//11, as civilians instead of enemy combatants in a military tribunal, the biggest loser was the location where their civilian trial was going to be held………..New York City. The trial would have cost NYC $1 billion, depressed local commerce, put New Yorkers on edge , paralyzed the City’s already congested streets with closures and other delays created by the humongous security needs that would have been required and it would have risked victimizing New Yorkers from a retaliatory strike sparked by the trial that would have taken place just a few hundred yards away from ground zero. After Mayor Bloomberg changed his mind and urged the President to change his own mind, the President called upon the Justice Deartment to find another location for the trial. So New York City came out on top this weeks, where it belongs and is a winner. But what of the municipality that the civilian trial ends up in? Will that town deserve being the target of threats, being harassed by inconveniences and plundered by expenses that a military tribunal would have avoided. Not really but New Yorker’s made sure that it won’t be them. So they are winners.

ManCrunch PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  

Few ever heard of this gay dating site, or probably ever wanted to hear about it, but after putting CBS on the spot and forcing them out of the closet to admit that they would not air their commercial during the Super Bowl because it did not meet the stations standards, word spread like wild fire and a viral marketing success was born. After ticking off the right by rejecting an anti-abortion ad, it was easy to call  attention to the network’s rejection of  another ad that this time, ticked off the left.  The ad  showed two men kissing after their hands touched while reaching into a bowl of chips.  This all happens as, the two are watching a football game and is done quite comically.  But when the people marketing ManCrunch let it be known that CBS considered it inappropriate to air, people quickly went to the  internet to see the commercial for themselves. And as they did, CBS quickly became the “Can’t Be Seen Network” and without spending a dime of the millions it costs for an ad to run during the Super Bowl, ManCrunch got more publicity than it ever could have imagined, and for free!   And so now you know what ManCrunch is,  which is why they are a big winner of the week. They took political correctness and exploited it to their advantage. It was the type of brilliant strategy that could be used in pulling off something as unimaginable as electing a Republican to the US Senate from Massachusetts.  

  Indiana Voters and Their State Legislature  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  

 Indiana has been seeing an incredible tug of war between the state and local municipal governments. As the national economy soured, the state government, under Republican Governor Mitch Daniels,  was forced to cut back on the amount of funds it gave to local governments. The state, tightened its belt, but local governments did not. So they turned to raising property taxes. Since 2008 the high trending property tax rates sparked an Indiana uprising of Tea Party protesters and even ousted the Mayor of Indianapolis. So now, taking the bull by the horn, state lawmakers have approved placing a state constitutional amendment on the ballot that would enable state residents to vote on a constitutional Property-Tax Cap. Even though voters understand that this will mean cuts in municipal services, one poll shows them in favor of the cap on property taxes by a margin of 64%. So this week both the voters of Indiana and their state legislature are winners. Not only do they talk about belt tightening and limited government, they are taking steps to insure it. Now, if national Democrats, as well as national Republicans can learn that leson, maybe we will all be better off. 

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