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Former President Bush Welcomes Our Troops Home

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Bookmark and Share     I am often touched by the dramatic return home of our men and women who have been fighting in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sensitive to the sacrifices that they and their loved ones make and by the bravery of their willingness to risk life and limb to serve this nation’s cause. The fact that I have not made the sacrifice is something that will always make me inferior to these true patriots and heroes. So my appreciation for our soldiers is sincere and profound. Which is why when ever I am privy to the scenes of our hero’s returning home, I literally begin to shed a sentimental tear of gratitude, pride and joy.

Their homecomings are a raw nerve of emotions that seem to pour out as they unfold with scenes of smiling wives and girlfriends and Moms and sisters come running to embrace their loved ones. I am always floored by the beaming smiles and wide, anxious eyes of a soldier reaching out to touch the baby, their baby, who was born while they were off at war, and have never seen met in person.

All these scenes just pull at my heart strings but the video that I present to you below had added meaning for me. It demonstrated to me, one man’s level of true sincerity and his true appreciation for the men and women who have fought in this nation’s recent wars. That man is former President George W. Bush.

Since he has left office, most all that anyone has heard about him is their belief that he is responsible for all that is wrong in the world and that he will go down in history as the worst President in history. Other than that, we hear President Obama blame every failure of his own former President Bush. Those are the sentiments that the mainstream media conveys on a daily basis. Yet they fail to point out the true reasons for the economic downturn that world economy has taken and they refuse to acknowledge how once President Obama took office, he saw fit to carry out the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in accordance with the previous Administrations handling and timelines of those wars.

The hypocrisy and illegitimacy of all the negativism directed at Bush is enough to make a lesser man bitter. But not G. W. Bush. He sits by allowing the current Administration to lead as they fit and without any opposition or tongue lashings from him and instead of countering the Democrat regime in Washington, every time they attack and slander, he simply lets it go, resigned with confidence that history will judge him properly and prove him just.

George Bush has always been a sincere man. He has always said what he believes and done what he believed to be right, regardless of credit or blame. And apparently that has not changed.

Without any fanfare or press releases, without any massive entourages or television camera and without any need for credit or public approval, President Bush and his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, arrived at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport last week to welcome home soldiers returning from Iraq.

A group of local citizens organize welcome home events that insures the presence of Americans at the gates that returning soldiers pass through when they come home. These people shower these soldiers, with thanks and welcomes that demonstrate their appreciation and pride in them. It is in sharp contrast to the welcome home that many Viet Nam Vets received when they returned home from war. Many them walked in to protests, where they were called names and spat on. But to insure that history does not repeat itself and that our defenders of freedom are treated with respect, tens of thousands of America coordinate efforts that offer returning soldiers a warm welcome that holds them up as heroes, not as villains.

But on this particular day, when these Iraqi soldiers stepped off their plane, at the end of the line of dozens of ordinary citizens who showered them  with thanks and praise, was President and Mrs. Bush.

It must have been a big surprise andan  incredibly fulfilling moment to be thanked by a President, especially the one whom the they were there as all the events that events that led up to their missions transpired under. 

If you have a few moments, whatch this video for yourself.  You will surely find it to be simply inspring and heartwarming.

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The Day The Eagle Cried: A 9/11 Remembrance

Bookmark and Share    It has been eight years since we were brought to tears after witnessing, in America, the type of events that we thought only happened….“over there.”

It has been eight years since what we thought only happened “over there” happened over here.

9/11 RemembranceWhen that first plane hit the World Trade Center, many did not believe it happened. It took a moment to wrap our heads around a plane crashing into an iconic American structure with so many working Americans in it. We assumed it was a small plane but before we had a chance to understand and realize that it was a large passenger jet that crashed into the WTC and exploded into a ball of flames that sprinkled the city below with debris, another plane came screeching across the sky and crashing into the other of the two World Trade Center towers.

In the minutes that followed, there was literally too much to comprehend, especially now that it was clear that people were dying with the passage of each moment and thought.

As horrified New Yorkers looked up to the billowing plumes of smoke that endlessly streamed from not one, but two towering infernos, small shadows objects occasional came down from the flame filled windows of the shattered buildings and plummeted to the streets. Terrified bystanders could not at first make these objects out and the firemen running into the towers did not know what the occasional loud thuds they heard were. Then it became clear. They were people, people who had no escape from the smothering smoke and intense heat from the conflagration and melting steel within it. Their only escape was to free fall from the heavens for it was either fall or burn.

When it was realized that these were men and women crashing to the ground, the eyewitnesses looking up from below screamed in horror and turned their heads away with tear-filled eyes. The only thing more frightening to see than these bodies falling to their sudden, splattering deaths was the ground that you would have seen approaching you if you were one of those tortured few falling to your own death.

But this unfolding horror was not all that was going on. Inhuman forces of evil were still spreading their will in the skies over America and aiming at Washington, D.C.

As the men and women trapped in the World Trade Center continued to succumb to the blazing fires and suffocating toxic smoke or jump from the windows of hell and into the hands of God, another jet crashed into the Pentagon and soon after that another crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

Then finally, as if the curtains to this day of death was coming down, first one and then the other flaming shells of the Twin Towers crumbled and cascaded to the ground in a final display of heartache that sent every man, woman and child fleeing for their own lives as they tried to keep a step ahead of the fast moving ash cloud of burnt humans, pulverized concrete and assorted rubble encompassed lower Manhattan.

These were the events of September 11th, 2001.

Once the shock wore off, they were events that unified us in defiance as well as anger, love, appreciation for one another and what we have and a patriotic fervor. And as we began to mourn the loss of those confirmed dead and held out hope for those still unaccounted for, as a nation, we rose to face the challenge laid at out feet.

We also realized that what we once thought could only happen “over there” did and can happen over here.

Eight years later, I am not sure if some sort of survival mechanism has kicked in and forced many of us to block the horrors and grief of that day from our minds, but it seems as if many have forgotten the impact that 9/11 had on each of us. It seems as some of us still believe that though our resilient nation has done more than heal our wounds from that day, we have also covered up the scars left behind. If that is true, it too would be a tragedy.

The day, its events, its victims and its emotions can not ever be allowed to fade from memory.

On September 11th, 2001 we discovered the smell of fear and felt the fear of uncertainty. Both were so overwhelming that as we buried those who could be pieced together, we also committed ourselves to never let what happened ever happen again.

In the years to follow, an essential part of what will help us fulfill that commitment and prevent the next 9/11 from happening again has been lost. We are no more the united nation that dawned in America on September 12th, 2001. Eight years later Republicans distrust Democrats, Democrats distrust Republicans and the average American doesn’t trust either.

In the mean time, the enemies of freedom are united. They are waiting for the right opportunity to strike again at the worlds beacon of freedom.

On September 12th, 2001, we were probably safer than ever before in America. Not because of the higher security or fear that existed in the hours after our brothers sisters, mother, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives and friends were killed. We were safer because we stood together, albeit in shock and grief.

Today, eight years after the great American eagle shed a tear, it is clear that America is at its best when we are united as a people. When we have a single shared vision and commitment there is no nation greater than us and no enemy more powerful than us. Eight years after 9/11/2001, can we honor the men and women who were assassinated on 9/11 and can we commit ourselves to the type of strength and vigilance that will keep America strong?

The only way we really can do both is by uniting and remembering. By remembering the men and women whose lives were lost on this day eight years ago, their deaths will never be in vain so long as our memory of them compels us to do everything we can to prevent such events from happening again. As for unity, in it is strength and in strength is security.

So on this day, do not divide. Do not point fingers or deny the facts. Remember what happened on 9/11 and who it happened to and then remember the unity we shared in on 9/12.


That is the most productive way to spend the day.

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Welcome To The George W. Bush Presidential Center

antbushlibrary Bookmark and Share      President George W. Bush may be out of office but the benefits of his leadership will last forever, at least that is what the George W. Bush Presidential Center hopes.

Keeping in tradition, the Bush Presidency will have itself a modern version of a presidential library. The tradition of such facilities can be dated back to 1885 and the wife of President James A. Garfield, who added a Memorial Library wing to their family home in Mentor, OH, four years after his assassination. But the presidential library system was officially launched by Franklin Delano Roosevelt after he donated his personal papers and federal documents to the federal government and pledged a portion of his Hyde Park, New York  estate for the purpose of housing them.

The George W. Bush museum will be housed on the campus of Southern Methodist University, near Dallas in the heart of Texas.

Among other things, it will house the official archive of President Bush’s presidential and gubernatorial records. It will also include the papers of key policy makers and cabinet members from his two terms in office.

As explained on a web site for the development of the museum “it will tell the story of the Bush presidency within the context of the historic challenges of the first decade of the 21st century and how President and Mrs. Bush worked to advance the core governing principles of freedom, opportunity, responsibility and compassion.”

Of course liberals will laugh at that mission statement but those of us who are not falling on the left side of the political spectrum, understand exactly what they mean. We understand that freedom is not a government program and that President Bush, although he had his lackluster areas of governance, did know the importance of freedom and recognized the challenges to it.

We understand that the freedom has a cost and that we must pay a price to achieve it and keep it.

Many of us appreciate the fact George W. Bush made the hard and sometimes unpopular decisions that history will show we were the beneficiaries of.

Unlike the caretaker leadership of Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush advanced the cause of freedom and defended it at home and abroad. Unlike some, President Bush never backed away from the tough decisions and although many offer him nothing but blame, many more understand that in our less than perfect world, less than desired efforts must be undertaken.

The multi purpose center will not only house a museum and library it will be the home of a policy institute that “will capitalize on the personal involvement of President and Mrs. Bush, its location on the campus of an important national university and its unique relationship to a presidential library and museum to attract scholars, intellectuals and leaders with experience in government, politics and various professions. It will invite a select number of Senior and Visiting Fellows and former world leaders to research, write and teach on important policy issues of the day and to work with task forces charged with generating practical policy initiatives on specific subjects.”

The policy institute will focus on such things as the promotion of freedom throughout the world and it will encourage the promotion of freedom as well as social entrepreneurship

Areas of focus will include the promotion of freedom throughout the world, encouraging through faith- and community-based organizations, and “reforming fundamental institutions of government to keep our country safe and our economy competitive and strong. The work product of the task forces and Fellows will be published by the Institute and promoted through lectures and seminars, with important task force topics coordinated with temporary exhibits at the museum.”

The Bush Presidential Center’s design will incorporate space for archival material, exhibition space, classrooms, social functions and a cafe.

The George W. Bush Policy Institute will house up to 25 Senior and Visiting Fellows and will also include conference facilities, a media studio, and offices for the Institute and the George W. Bush Foundation.

Groundbreaking on the facility is anticipated for late 2010. The dedication and opening of the facility is scheduled for 2013.

Donations to help fund construction of the George W. Bush Presidential Center you can simply click here .

 The entire web site for the developing project can be viewed  by clicking here .

For those of us who believe in George W. Bush and appreciated his time in office now is our chance to help insure that the good work he has done and the direction he set us on is not ignored. Now is our chance to insure his rightful place in history as time sheds light on his efforts.

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G.W. Bush And Bill Clinton Somehow Ended Up In the Same Barber Shop

As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were both afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Clinton in his chair reached for the aftershave.

Clinton was quick to stop him saying, ” No thanks, my wife Hillary will smell that and think I’ve been in a whorehouse”.

The second barber turned to Bush and said, “how about you?”

Bush replied, “Go ahead, my wife Laura doesn’t know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.”

Submitted by Brian, Idaho Falls, Idaho


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