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Scandal Plagued New York Times Said To Have Expose of Scandal On Governor Paterson

Bookmark and Share    The New York Times is said to be coming out with an exclusive expose on New York Governor David Paterson. According to sources , the details are so troubling that Governor Paterson will be dropping out of the race for Governor, if not also stepping aside as Governor.

Governor Paterson has denied that he is doing either. He also claims that that wild rumors swirling around any bombshell revelations that the New York Times may have or is rumored to have on him are scurrilous and untrue.

What those revelations in this New York Times, so-called expose are, is unknown but the blogosphere has been abuzz with suggestions ranging from heavy drug abuse while serving as Governor, involvement in a prostitution ring, or funneling state money to himself, to bribing Eliot Spitzer to take him on his Lt. Governor or taking a bribe to appoint Richard Ravitch Lt. Governor.

The only thing that is known for sure is that three Times reporters are collaborating on a news story that most likely deals with Governor Paterson’s character, or lack their of.

If while describing Paterson’s character, some sordid details arise, is not clear. For all we know Kirsten Gillibrand, the obscure Congresswoman he appointed to to the US Senate, has produced a blue dress of her own that contains the personal DNA samples of Paterson.  Which would help explain why Kirtsen Gillibrand is now Senator Gillibrand. Or it could be something as  innocuous as Paterson having not returned a neighborhood friends baseball cards back when he was a little boy in Manhattan.

I will say this though. If there is something explosive here, I would look to see if President Obama and his Chief of Staff, Rham Emanuel, have their fingerprints on the origins of the story. The President has made it clear that he and the Party do not want David Paterson running for Governor. They see his earth shattering unpopularity as a very high risk for Democrats in New York during the crucial midterm elections.  Instead, they want the son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to be at the top of the ticket in November, not Paterson.

But Paterson has not bowed down to President Obama’s wishes, and such an act of disrespect for the Democrat messiah is bound to have repercussions. Especially if the President’s right hand man, “Rhambo” Emanuel is involved.

Emanuel is ruthless. He has mailed dead fish to legislators who have opposed the side he is on and even been the key figure in stories told about a dinner during the Clinton campaign where Emanuel sat at the table and began repeatedly stabbing a knife into the table as he stated the names of people who were not on the side of the Clinton campaign and adding the word, “dead”, once their name was said.  ‘So -and-so, DEAD!’….. Thump. “So-and-so, DEAD,’ thump………

So digging up dirt on David Paterson and leaking it to the New York Times is not out of the realm of possibility for the President’s Chief of Staff and head “get-it-done” guy.

But all of the speculation about  the Times story is based upon innuendos and guesswork . Which when you think about it is all that the New York Times is really based on.  I mean, ever since Jayson Blair and Harold Raines, the New York Slimes has had the credibility of The National Enquirer, which by the way was the first periodical to brake the story about the John Edwards affair.

So who really knows what will be said about Paterson in the New York Slimes?  No one believes that rag anymore and no one likes David Paterson either.

Next scandal….I mean next story.

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Congressman John Murtha, Dead at 77, After 18 Terms In Congress

Bookmark and Share At age 77, long serving Congressman John Murtha has died.

John Murtha was a Marine and he was the first Vietnam veteran elected to Congress where he served with as much vim and vigor as any individual fighting on the battlefield of any war.

In 1974, after the incumbent Congressman, John Saylor, died in office, Murtha won a special election to fill the vacancy and held that seat until his own death in office.

As a rabid liberal that loved to poke and prod conservatives, Murtha  saw himself as a true defender of middle class Americans and veterans and was always a reliable liberal vote on all issues from taxes, abortion and defense spending to education, welfare and hate crimes legislation.

During his 36 years or 18 terms of representation of the people from Pennsylvania’s 12th district, Murtha saw his share of controversy. One of the most devastating was his entanglements in the Abscam scandal that had undercover investigators catching political figures taking bribes for favors. After Murtha was caught telling the undercover agents how they could legally invest their money, Murtha was captured on tape saying;

“I’m not interested… at this point. [If] we do business for a while, maybe I’ll be interested, maybe I won’t”.

In the end, after Murtha cooperated with the FBI and testified against two Congressman who were caught taking the cash from operatives, he was never prosecuted but a crowd of doubt hung over him forever more.

In another whoops moment, during the 2008 Presidential race, Murtha was caught calling the voters of his district rednecks and racists because he felt many would not be voting for Barack Obama for President because of his color.

Meanwhile, in the life goes category, the race to replace John Murtha will begin before Murtha is buried. Democrats will soon be scuffling among themselves to find a surefire successor, someone whom they hope will also hold the seat until their dead bodies have to be removed from it.

As for Republicans, such antics are not likely.

The gentleman who ran against Murtha in 2008, Lt. Col. William Russell, (ret.),  released the following statement and posted it on his website:

“On behalf of Kasia and our entire family, I want to express our deepest sympathy on the passing of Congressman John Murtha. Today’s news will be met with profound sadness by the hundreds of thousands of constituents he served in Johnstown and throughout the 12th Congressional District.

To Joyce, their children and grandchildren, we extend our heartfelt respect as you honor Mr. Murtha’s memory and reflect on his legacy in the upcoming days and months.”

A retired career Army man, Russell ran one of the strongest challenges to Murtha and is likely to end up being Congressman Murtha’s successor, especially in the current environment that liberals are facing. Murtha’s district is heavily Democrat, but if Russell’s 2008 election returns are a sign of anything, it will be that he has the ability to appeal to rational Democrats as well as common sense Republicans.

By law, seats vacated during a term are filled through special elections, unless the vacancy occurs closer to the next general election date than a pre-established deadline. Seeing as how the next general election is but eight months away, there is not likely to be a special election.

If by chance there is a special election called for, I would hazard to guess that Russell would be the odds on favorite to win. Between that and the Democrats recent success with “special elections”, don’t look for this seat to be filled until after the November general elections.

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Palin Packed A Punch In Her Keynote Address To Tea Party Patriots

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Down in Nashville, thousands packed a sprawling Gaylord Opryland Hotel to hear Sarah Palin deliver the keynote address to Tea Party Patriots during their first national convention.

Palin spoke to a crowd very friendly to her but she did so amidst a storm of controversy that swirled around  acceptance of a speaking fee that totaled $100,000.

For many, not only was the fee exorbitant, it was seen as an insincere gesture. If Governor Palin is truly so supportive of the independent, limited government Tea party crowd that believes in restoring our Constitution and rebuilding our national economy with entrepreneurial spirit and free enterprise, than why did she demand such a high profit margin from those who are part of a such a movement?

The question was taken serious and the Governor made it known that she will be reinvesting that money back into the cause, not her personal bank account.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against Sarah Palin charging a speaking for and making a profit. This is America, but I do have a problem with political figures being greedy and $100,000 from a grassroots, essentially voluntary movement , is a bit greedy. But the Governor found a quick way to at least calm the storm by saying that she is not taking the money for herself. Still, it was the wrong move.

And this comes from someone who was touting the merits of Sarah Palin’s selections as Vice President before most Americans ever heard of her. I was among those like Adam Bricker, the creator of the original Draft Palin website and blog that helped coordinate the support that we wanted to show for Sarah.  So I am one of her biggest supporters and most ardent defenders. I believe she is not a part of the political class, not a member of the old boys club, and as far removed from  Washington, D.C.,  insider politics as Alaska is from the White House. All of which I find important for a nation that wants change and desires to walk away from the status quo.    Sarah Palin is anything but the status quo. She is an outsider with an independent streak that will not allow party loyalty to supersede common sense or national priorities. She is a fiscal conservative, a defender of religious freedom and expression, and get’ er done type of leader. The type of leader America needs. So to say the least, I support Sarah.

I even supported her surprise decision to step down from her last year as Governor of Alaska.

I saw it is a courageous, and bold step, as well as a sacrifice.

Sarah Palin had become such a lightening rod for of attacks from the left, that her time, her limited personal finances and the business of the state of Alaska were all being absorbed and wasted on frivolous lawsuits and false allegations that simply did exactly what Sarah Palin said it did in her resignation announcement……it distracted too much from the business of the state. By stepping down, Sarah Palin knew that her bright Lieutenant Governor, Sean Parnell, could step up and continue the good work that she started, unhindered by the distractions of the liberal elitists who care more about tearing their opponents down then building our nation up.

Yet as much as I sincerely believe in Sarah Palin and her decisions, I could not defend $100,000 profit from those who you claim to be helping. But she says that she is putting it back into the cause now, so I will believe her.

I also believe in the words that she spoke in her keynote address.

The speech was clear and sharp. Palin herself seemed to lose her place at several points, but her ability to improvise and quickly get back on track made those moments almost unnoticeable. In general, the Governor hit on all the hot button issues. Overspending, lack of transparency, lack of accountability, false job creation blamimng all he world’s problems on President Bush, etc, etc,. Perhaps her strongest point came when she spoke of the national security failings of the current Administration. On that issue she ran through a long list of misdeeds such as pulling our missile defense shield out of Europe, the mishandling of the underwear bomber case, and the President’s inability to prosecute the War On Terror effectively. One of her biggest round of applause came after she looked at a war veteran in the audience and said that the President wants to give foreign terrorist the rights that you fought for us to have and allow him them the “right to remain silent” and then  “lawyer up” before we can get any important information out of them.

One of the most important things I believe Sarah Palin told the Tea Party audience is not to be discouraged and understand that no candidate is perfect . This is true and for those Tea party protestors who are finally taking their civic responsibility seriously and getting involved for the first time, if they do not realize that no candidate is 100% with them on every issue, than they will perpetually disappoint and frustrate themselves.

In general, Sarah Palin’s speech did not knock me over, but it was powerful and appropriate and I believe, sincere. However I do wish she was a bit more upfront with the Tea Party audience. They needed to be told that for them to be an enduring movement that effects an enduring change for the better in America, than they better focus their attention on changing things from the inside out. Sarah Palin should have told them that they must takeover the existing political parties and shape them into the organization that truly represents them on the issues and nominate candidates with the same sense of convictions as them.

That would have been the most important things Governor Palin could have told her audience.  The people in attendance to hear hermay have now become activists, but it i important that thei activism is not wasted on ditractions that will simply discourage them and succumb to the same fate as all other third party movements in  America.

I will say this though, one of my favorite lines in the speech came when Sarah Palin asked, “How’s that hopey-changey thing going for ya“?

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Ronald Reagan’s Birthday; Will We Ever Again Have The Right Person At The Right Time?

Bookmark and Share    Today is the 99th birthday of President Ronald Reagan.

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan took a nation that was held hostage by Islamic extremists, an economy racked with double digit inflation and double digit unemployment, and brought it back from the brink of collapse. With misery indexes, inflation, stagflation, a shrinking economy, a tattered military and the “days of malaise” brought about by a liberal President and liberal controlled Congress, Ronald Reagan took the reigns of power and in a few short years, turned it all around.

The Reagan presidency lifted our will and spirit, he brought about a rebirth in the entrepreneurial spirit, grew the economy, rebuilt our military, stood up to our enemies, and looked the Russians in the eye and made them blink. His stewardship of our nation spurred on the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lifting of the communist cloud that hung over Eastern Europe and won the Cold War.

At home he stood up against overregulation and unions that held us hostage to their demands. He made us confident and made being an American something to boast about again.

Today as we try to spend our way out of a depressed economy, create unsustainable employment opportunities, grow the size of government by inventing new positions for unaccountable and unelected Czars and try to have the federal government control every aspect of our lives, we are experiencing a return to the days of malaise.

As I have indicated in the past, the presidency of Barack Obama is the second coming of the Carter Administration…..or in this case, the second term of President Jimmy Carter.

While Jimmy Obama or Barack Carter does all that Ronald Reagan had to once save us from, today, on Reagan’s 99th birthday, we can’t help but ask ourselves who will save us from repeating history and from reinventing the misery index? Who will stop the hemorrhaging of trillions of dollars into unsustainable government programs and government jobs? Today we ask ourselves, who will be the next right person to come along at the right time and restore our nation to that shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan so gloriously spoke about?

Though not perfect, Ronald Reagan was that person in the 80’s, but who will it be in the second decade of the 21st century.?

Ronald Reagan was one of a kind and so one should not try to remodel themselves or morph themselves into Ronald Reagan. He was right for his time. But we are in new times. We confront new challenges and to deal with them we must have contemporary leaders who face our contemporary problems. So although we should not try to seek out a second Reagan, the next generation of American leaders will still benefit greatly by heeding some of the lessons that Reagan taught us and applying them to today‘s problems .

He made us understand that we can never back down from challenges and that we can’t just go along to get a long. He made hundreds of millions realize that you can’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor and he taught us that our nation’s strength lies not in its government but in its people.

If the next generation of American leaders holds true to those lessons, one of them will emerge as the right person at the right time to lead us and bring us back from the Barack Carter brink that we are teetering on.

Thank you President Reagan and Happy Birthday.

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New Jersey Offers A Perfect Snapshot of the National Midterm Elections

Bookmark and Share    When it comes to New Jersey, the existing congressional district lines seem to make the results of the upcoming midterm elections fairly static in the state. Of the 13 congressional seats that New Jersey sends to Washington, D.C., five are held by Republican and eight are held by Democrats. That 5 to 8 ratio is actually exceptionally well balanced  when compared to other states in the region like Connecticut, New York, Maryland, or Massachusetts. For the most part, despite the anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat sentiment that exists, most of New Jersey’s representatives are on ground that is relatively more solid than some of their other counterparts nationwide.

But New Jersey Democrats are not feeling very comfortable. In fact many are worried. Some more than others.

Some Republicans may also find themselves having a harder time than usual. Leonard Lance, Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo may face primary challengers after they went and voted for the extreme liberal tax scheme known as Cap-and-Trade. Having declined my own opportunity to challenge my Congressman, Chris Smith, I do know that a challenge to his nomination is being quite seriously contemplated. The same may apply to LoBiondo and Lance. As three of the only eight Republicans in Congress to support Cap-and-Trade, many Republicans feel that we need nominees that better reflect our belief in limited government, less spending and state rights. Voting for Cap-and-Trade was as removed from those principles as one could get.

However, it is not likely that those challenges will be successful.

Smith, LoBiondo and even Lance, a congressional freshman, have a strong following and oodles of dough that will allow them to buy their nomination come the June 8th primary. And that is all they really need, because in their districts, the Republican nomination is normally tantamount to victory in the general election.

The same goes for most of the Democrats in the Garden’s State’s congressional delegation. But none of them are totally confident under this anti-incumbent environment that seems to be hurting Democrats much more than Republicans. Three Democrats are especially concerned………Frank Pallone, John Adler, and Rush Holt.

Pallone’s district is heavily Democratic and he has more campaign cash on hand than any other Congressman…………..$4 million. Pallone is strong in his Central New Jersey district, but as we have seen, the strength that Democrats have normally been able to count on is not there these days. Pallone’s district also produced unusually large pluralities for a Republican when they overwhelmingly supported Chris Christie for Governor over Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine. So he could be in trouble, especially if a decent and aggressive Republican candidate who can tap into the money needed to compete with Pallone materializes. And that candidate might have arrived.

Congressman Pallone has never faced a challenger who could be defined as a serious threat. But that could be different this time.

The millionaire publisher of New Jersey’s  Two River Times newspapaer, Diane Gooch,  is said to be willing to run and invest 2 million of her own money into her race and raise the rest through donations. If that’s true, Pallone could be, at the very least, in  the race of his life. And no one deserves a good challenge more than him.

Pallone is one of the most vocal liberal legislators in the state. He supports anything and everything liberal and when it comes to economic policy, Frank Pallone does nothing but vote for pork and any measure that will spend taxpayer money. Frank Pallone is of the school of hought that believes when we are going through good economic times, it is the federal government’s moral obligation to spend. But on the flipside,when we are going through tough economic times, Frank Pallone is of the school of thought that believes we have to spend our way out of those bad times. In other words, Pallone’s answer to everything is spend, spend and spend more……..accept for when it concerns securing our nation’s borders or our military capabilities. That is where he supports spending cuts.

It is with this fire for spending that Pallone hopes to someday soon run for statewide office, more specifically the US Senate. So it would be nice to see him be taken out now, while he is in the lower house. If Diane Gooch does decide to run, she may be the one to do it.

My suggestion is, if she is serious about winning the office, Gooch should make it a two cycle campaign. 

Diane Gooch is unknown and this first time out will really just allow her to get some of the name recognition that Pallone already has. So if Diane Gooch runs hard, gets known and makes this a real close race, she will have made a name for herself and in two years, when Republicans have a strong presidential nominee at the top of the ticket, she can run again and in that race, she will probably put Pallone out of our misery.

Even more fertile territory for Republicans is another district that runs from portions of South Central Jersey and into sections of South Jersey. That seat is held by John Adler, a freshman elected in the Obama landslide of ‘08. The district is a Republican one. Prior to Adler, it was held by Republicans for over a decade, but the incumbent GOP congressman retired and in this open seat, the Republican nominee fumbled while Adler ran a relatively smooth campaign. The combination of the two, combined with the Obama wave, swept Adler in. But the tide has tuned and John Adler is facing a short lived Congressional career.

To make matters worse for Adler, his likely opponent will be a former Philadelphia Eagles football player, Jon Runyon. For a South JerseyJohn Adler district that is heavily influenced by Philadelphia, there are few things better than the ability to appeal to the legions of loyal Eagles fans who will gladly vote for you over the Congressman whose name most of them do not know. For all these reasons, it is safe to say that John Adler is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation and probably one of the many that will go down in November.

The other of the most competitive races pit’s a popular conservative Central New Jersey Mayor against a six term incumbent Democrat whose greatest claim to fame is that he lays low. Holt is the champion of nothing other than supporting innocuous, feel good legislation and quietly casting his lot with liberals on every hot button issue. From the government takeover of healthcare to Cap-and-Trade, Rush Holt is there. But while Rush Holt has Nancy Pelosi’s back, voters in his district are wondering who has their back?

Answering that question is Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre.

Halfacre is a conservative leader who brings to the table much more than any past challengers of  Holt.

Articulate, believable, experienced, energetic and accomplished, Mike Halfacre, is the type of leader that people want to see representing them in Washington. Republicans see Halfacre as principled but pragmatic, reliable and respectable. Tea Party enthusiasts find Mayor Halfacre’s record exemplary and promising. They see a leader who has streamlined government and reduce debt all while lowering taxes. His Administration reduced Fair Haven’s debt burden by selling off unused property, saved the Borough $100,000 by consolidating the office of Borough Engineer with Department of Public Works.

Those and other belt tightening measures allowed Mike Halfacre to reduce property taxes in Fair Haven for the first time in decades and still abide by the wishes of voters who saw the need for a Recreation Director. Mayor Halfacre was then able to increase Borough programs for children and seniors while paying the salary of the full-time Recreation Director through fees paid on new programs. Not by taxpayers.

In other words, Tea Part protestors have no reason to protest Mike Halfacre. He is the type of leader that believes that government must get out of the way and not be a burden to the people, but rather an asset.

All of this is in stark contrast to Rush Holt who has never seen a government program unworthy of funding and never seen an issue or problem that didn’t need a new government program to fund.

Altogether, the three races highlighted here are typical for the 80 to 90 congressional seats that, nationally, the Republican Party will be assisting to wage the most aggressive campaigns in. They are seats occupied by Democrats who, with the right push, can be taken down quicker than a grass hut in a hurricane. And in New Jersey candidates like Mayor Mike Halfacre are the “right push” we need.

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Dan Coats Puts Indiana Into Undecided Column & the Senate Map Gets Browner

Bookmark and Share   Following up on our recent assessment of the Senate races taking place in the 2010 midterm elections, today POLITICS 24/7 moves Indiana into the possible Republican pickup column.

Despite his attempts to sound conservative, Evan Bayh has a lot to answer for and although he is usually on solid ground, Bayh was standing on a bed of shifting sand in this anti-Democrat, anti-incumbent environment.  However; Bayh is well established and has a history of convincing people that he is much more conservative than his voting record shows. So we saw his reelection as tougher than usual but safe.

But not anymore.

Senator Dan Coats has entered the race, and now that he has, with his favorable and reputable record make him a real threat to Evan Bayh as Americans sour on Bayh’s liberal party affiliation and support for some major liberal initiatives.

So In addition to New York, Washington, and Wisconsin being possible pickups for the G.O.P., POLITIICS 24/7 now adds Indiana to the list.

These increasingly competitive seats are just icing on the cake that so far has Republicans beating Democrats in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. That’s eight seats. If Republicans can pick up one of the four possible pick up seats, that would give the G.O.P. fifty seats to the Democrats seats. That would allow Vice President Joe Biden to cast the deciding vote. If they can win two of the four pickup seats that would give Republicans 51 seats and majority control, making Joew Biden as inconsequential as he really is.

For a full analysis of the 2010 senate election map and the other races, see; 2010 Senate Races Are Turning The Map “Brown”

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President Obama’s Aunt Appears In Immigration Court

Bookmark and Share    57 year old Zeituni Onyango has an appearance before a federal immigration judge in Boston. She won’t be alone, not in a country that refuses to properly secure its borders and enforce its immigration laws. But despite all the company that Onyango will enjoy, she will be quite unique.

She is the aunt of the President of the United States.

Five years ago Aunt Zeituni ignored deportation orders back to her native Kenya. In the past she cited violence in Kenya as her need for asylum in the United States. If that will be the same reason stated now is not known.

The situation is an uncomfortable one for her nephew, the President.

President Obama, could have some influence in the case, “some” (wink, wink) but if he did interject himself into the case, he would most likely be accused of having undue influence. But if he doesn’t do anything…..anything that wasn’t illegal, what kind of nephew would he be?

Well, no one knows who is paying for he legal representation, so maybe the President is helping his Aunt financially. He does have a little dough you know. He has a lot more than his brother, George.

George Hussein Onyango Obama lives in Kenya on one dollar a month.

Despite his wealthy and powerful brother who sits in the Oval Office and sleeps in the White House, George remains unaffected. He still struggles on a dollar a month. Neither he or Aunt Zeituni even got an invitation to Barack Obama’s inaugural.

Just knowing that Barack has an aunt in  America that he leaves hanging and aKenyan brother that he leaves to live in a life of poverty speaks for itself. In fact it speaks volumes.

Barack Obama loves poverty. It is how he made a name for himself as a “community organizer” who went on to represent one of Chicago’s poorest senate districts in the Illinois State Legislature. His representation of these people provide for the stuff that American dreams are born out of. The championing of the underprivileged. And no one makes it a better story than Barack Obama. But does his story ever conclude with an ounce of his having actually achieved a victory or at least an improvement for the underdog?

While representing the people living in the slums of his district, Barack’s tenure in the state senate did little to change conditions in those slums. In fact most of his activity pertaining to those slums swirls around a friend and contributor to his campaign, Tony Rezko, the now arrested Chicago slum lord.

Just as Barack makes mention of his brother George in his book, Barrack refers to his days as a community organizer for the people of his Chicago district. He often refers to the citizens of the slums that he represents as the “less fortunate” and goes into a glorious speech about all that he will do for them as President.

Yet what has he done for them? He organized them, for what we still do not know. He represented them in the state senate and yet the slums he served are still slums. There is not an ounce of improvement that his representation and so-called leadership has brought to these people. But he mentions them often.

Much like George Hussein Onyango Obama, these people he once represented are no better off for knowing him or for his touted leadership of them. Much like George, the poverty stricken people Obama has known and made a career off of, are just fodder for his grandiose speeches of hope and the facing of challenges.

And so today, Aunt Zeituni, an illegal immigrant, sits in deportation court awaiting to hear her fate and her nephew, the President finds himself in a difficult position. If he intervenes in the case, whether he does so in a proper way or not, he will be accused of tampering with the case. If he doesn’t do anything, he will be seen at the very least, as a bad nephew.

In the end, maybe that lack of any valid birth certificate of his own will be the deciding factor in whether or not President Obama get’s involved.

As for Aunt Zeituni, the judge overseeing her “closed door” hearing could rule on her fate right from the bench or make a determination at a later date.

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What If Karl Rove Called Something “F#@&%*&# Retarded”?

 Bookmark and Share    Liberals are annoyed again at Sarah Palin. Once again, she is sticking up for handicapped people. She just can’t “act like a lady” and let them be maligned, can she?

Along with Sarah, several advocacy groups are jumping on a remark made by President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rham Emanuel. The remark was said in a meeting of White House and DNC Strategist regarding the suggestion that Demoicrats run ads against Blue Dog, conservative Democrats who did not jump aboard the government healthcare takeover scheme.

To it, Rhambo, as he is often called for his aggressive and sometimes ruthless political decisions, said the idea was F&*$!@% retarded.

The truth is, the idea is f’ing retarded. But the negative context the word retarded was use in has many advocates of the mentally handicapped up in arms. Personally I think they are being too sensitive. But I will say this, I do hope they hold Rham Emanuel accountable because what if George had called an idea F&%$*@! retarded. The left would have been calling for his impeachment or at least his lynching.

The remark was said in private and it was not meant to denigrate mentally handicapped people. It was also not meant to go public. So even though it may have been privately insensitive, I do not think the episode warrants congressional hearings. But I do think the application of the liberal double standard has to stop. For that reason, Rham Emanuel and the Administration should be pressed just as hard for that which they would deem as politically incorrect and insensitive remarks, as they would had it been Karl Rove who said such a thing.

In the meantime, the really sad part of this is the fact that so many fronts are bothered by the President’s Chief of Staff using the word “retarded” but we have heard nothing about his use of the word f#@$%.

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Keith Olbermann Counting Down To His Last Show!!!!!!!

Bookmark and Share    According to a report by National Public Radio, Olberman’s last place rated 8:00 p.m. show among the three major cable news networks is slated to be cancelled.

Olbermann denies this but he also claims that his show is the number one rated show in that time slot. Olbermann’s detachment from reality is nothing new and I would be too embarrassed to admit that Nancy Grace and CNN were beating me too, but Countdown with Keith Olbermann is an undeniable failure that MSNBC can’t afford to waste their time on.

That is good, especially since most American’s have long ago realized that Keith Olbermann and MessBC are not worth their  time……hence the low ratings.

Sadly Olbermann’s career won’t be over after his show is put out of our misery. A four year contract that the network has with him, forces them to utilize Olbermann in one way or another…………….got any openings in the janitorial slots set aside for cleaning the executive bathrooms?

All I can say is, its about time.  Olbermann’s show has been counting down to no ratings for far longer than anyone expected.  But you know what is really sad.  This makes Rachel Madcow the senior goofball on MessBC.  I wonder how long she has left?

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Politcal Bloodbath Shapes Up In Illinois – Kirk & Giannoulias Win Their Primaries

Bookmark and Share   And they’re off!
The race for President Obama’s old Senate seat in Illinois has its official slate of candidates after last night‘s primary election. You remember the seat we‘re talking about. It’s the one that went up for auction by Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich when Barry got elected President.

After the scandal plagued process to fill the vacancy created by then Senator Obama’s victory, under a shroud of doubt, Roland Burris was appointed by Blago and he has been keeping the seat warm ever since. Well now the race to replace Burris is set. On the Democrat side Alexi Giannoulias took the nomination for himself after defeating four others and beating his closest rival by 6%.

On the Republican side, Congressman Mark Kirk fought off five contenders and won the GOP nomination in a landslide that had him swamp his closest opponent by a whopping 37%.

Democrat Primary Results

  1.   Giannoulias   345,265    39%
  2.     Hoffman             298,845    33%
  3.     Jackson              174,433    19%
  4.     Marshall              50,725      5%
  5.     Meister                16,000       1%

Republican Primary Results

  1. Kirk              416,853         56%
  2. Hughes           141,751          19%
  3. Lowery            65,771            8%
  4. Thomas            53,673            7%
  5. Martin               37,201            5%
  6. Arrington        20,888             2%

Sounds to me like Republicans are more sure of their nominee than Democrats are with their candidate. And with good reason.

Giannoulias is the State Treasurer of Illinois. It is a job he got after he defeated State Senator Christine Rodagno in 2006 for the open seat. Part of his successful aura was based on his supposed knowledge of finances. Giannoulias’ daddy owns banks and he had his son help manage a few of them.

The ironic part of all this is, since Democrats have tried to shift attention away from their failed government takeover of healthcare, they have made banks the enemy. The President has made speech after speech about how banks are bad and how we must punish them. So now the father-made boy banker ends up being the Democrat’s nominee for Senate. I guess only those banks that don’t fund Democrats and their cronies are bad.

Which brings us to this commercial.

Without skipping a beat, the NRSC, jumped on the odd selection of Giannoulias as their standard bearer, especially given his ties to and support for some of Chicago’s shadiest characters.

The ad gives scandal plagued Illinois voters a reason to think twice about pulling the lever for another politician who is knee deep in questionable ethics and ties to corruption.

As for Republicans, Mark Kirk is really not someone who inspires conservatives. After being one of only 8 Republicans to vote for the liberal Cap-and-Trade, environmental tax scheme, Kirk passes no litmus tests. But hey, aren’t litmus tests suppose to be politically incorrect? So I guess you can say that Kirk is the politically correct candidate.

As for Giannoulias, in his victory speech he told Mark Kirk “come November, your days as a Washington insider are over”. That’s pretty funny coming from a man who has made his money from his daddy’s business and pals around with Washington insider’s like President Obama while financing Chicago political insiders like convicted slumlord Tony Rezko. Leave it to a liberal to show their hypocritical stripes.

Giannoulias is as much an insider as long serving Washington insider, Vice President Joe Biden.

Back in 2006, Crain’s Chicago Business’ reported:

Just why did Sen. Obama last week endorse for Illinois treasurer an unknown 29-year-old whose financial experience is limited to working at a family-owned Chicago bank, and who, as recently as five years ago, was shooting professional hoops as point guard with team Panionios of Athens, Greece?” (Greg Hinz, Op-Ed, “Halo Tarnish,” Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/12/05)

Beyond that, the record shows the following insider history;  

  • The Giannoulias family introduced Barack Obama to powerful contributors and raised About $100,000 for his senate race. (Greg Hinz, Op-Ed, “Halo Tarnish,” Crain’s Chicago Business, 12/12/05)
  • President Obama kept his senate campaign funds at Broadway Bank, one of the banks owned by Gianoulas (John T. Slania, “On Broadway: City’s Most Profitable Bank,” Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/25/04)
  • Giannoulias hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign back in 2007. (Lynn Sweet, “State Giannoulias Hosts Obama Funder In Chicago,” Chicago Sun-Times’ “Lynn Sweet” Blog, blogs.suntimes.com, 9/5/07)
  • Since 2003, as a bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign, Giannoulias contributed at least $7,000 to the President’s Senate campaign. (CQ Money Line Website, moneyline.cq.com, Accessed 6/21/08)

President Obama himself stated;

“I’ve got a very personal relationship with Alexi … He was critical for me in terms of reaching out to the Greek community, other ethnic communities in the city. He was there from the start, when people didn’t give me a shot.” (Rick Pearson, “Parties Get Set For Busy Primary,” Chicago Tribune, 12/5/05)

In addition to that, his banks have aided and abetted the criminal activity of many supporters of liberal insiders. The Chicago slumlords of Obama backer Tony Rezko were, in part financed, by Giannoulias banks.

And to top it all off, like any good Chicago political insider, scandal just latches on to Giannoulias. 

  • In 2006, he was sharply criticized for loaning money to crime bosses. (Rick Pearson and David Jackson, “Obama Leans On Treasurer Nominee,” Chicago Tribune, 4/13/06)
  • He accepted a $5,000 campaign contribution from a casino owner in Florida, after his uncle was killed in an execution-style shooting and was foundd to have connections to Jack Abramoff. (Erin Calandriello, “Campaign Donation Has Links To Scandal,” Chicago Daily Herald, 2/10/06)

So Democrats have a real gem on their hands. As a person, Giannoulias has ridden his father’s coattails into fame and fortune. As a politician he has become an underhanded insider who trades in political favors with some of the most disreputable and corrupt people you can find. And when he deals with the issues, he is exactly as his campaign described him…..a devout progressive………. a label which President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats et al, have turned into an anchor that, in this anti-liberal election cycle, will be worn around Alexi Giannoulias’ neck.

In fact, the record shows that Alexi Giannoulias fits right in with establishment liberals. He supports the healthcare tax scheme that would have government takeover healthcare in America. He supports the culture of dependency and opposes a proper execution of the War On Terror.

As a state treasurer, Giannoulias initiated several new spending programs and in 2008 Giannoulis invested state money in a Core Plus college savings program that experienced great losses. At the same time, despite the need for federal and state belt tightening, Giannoulias decided to have the state treasurers office purchase a hybrid vehicle that is suppose to allow state workers travel the state to sign up families for a college savings program called Bright Start. So much for fiscal responsibility.

So let the races begin! And let Democrats, and self described progressive everywhere, discover that all the king’s horses and all the kings men will not be able to put their liberal monopoly back together again.

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