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Bookmark and Share     As indicated by the name of this blog, politics is the name of the game. It is what we discuss here. It is nothing but POLITICS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But every now and then the reality of politics can become a bit frustrating. At such times, where does a political fanatic turn for relief?

Well ladies and gentlemen a respite from real politics can be found in fantasy politics at u4prez.com.

Now I have to tell you that active participation on u4prez does not come without frustrations of its own.

In fact sometimes it can be even more frustrating than real politics.

The premise of the site is to afford you the opportunity to run your virtual reality campaign for President of the United States and in many ways it is similar to the real thing.

To begin you simply sign up by registering in a simple process that has you pick a user I.D. and password.

I selected my user I.D by using the name of my political mentor, Jack Kemp. So I am, Kempite.

The site is free and after you have selected your own creative online user ID, you can take your time in selecting an image to use as your avatar and in crafting your political platform. Here you can create your favorite sound bite and list your favorite and least favorite Presidents as well as declare your party affiliation. My platform can be viewed, here.

The rest of your platform can be used to articulate your positions on the issues. This platform becomes your homepage of sorts and it gives people an idea as to where you stand and where you are coming from.

Once you have established your online political persona, you have to jump right in to debate. You will find debates taking place everywhere on the site. It is up to you to interject yourself into the topics and discussions that you wish to have a say in.

There are other ways to start debate on the site though such as a special section for press releases which automatically go out to your supporters.

Another forum for debate can be started by creating a caucus.

Through caucuses you can maintain an ongoing discussion on any particular issue or cause that you wish.

You can also find some more general debate by viewing the comments on individual profiles and now debate has been expanded with the introduction of a user blog section.

Here you can post a blog story and readers take it from there as they leave commentary that shreds apart the points that you try to make clear.

The more commentary and dialogue that you participate in, the higher your rating goes and the higher your rating goes, the more often you are placed in a primary against a fellow u4prez member of your party. Of course the rating is also affected by others who vote for you.

antu4logoCandidates can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 every twenty four hours. The more people like you and agree with you, the more they will extend a high rating to you. In fact owners of the site encourage members to rate one another and they encourage reviewing the platforms of fellow candidates and leaving your own commentary about them.

The logistics sound simple enough. It is not much different than running for real elected office. Get out there and try to get people to support your point of view. But the simple logistics often get complicated because of human nature and the inherent American instinct for accountability.

On u4prez, you will held accountable for everything you say and everything you say will challenged.

After awhile, the site can get personal. The level of faith that individuals involved in u4prez bring to the table is striking and they take their political beliefs to heart. For some, a challenge to their thinking is a direct blow to their hearts and they lash out.

Others view the political discourse as a challenge.

For my part, u4prez has been a terrific launching pad for ideas. As an early participant, I created the first caucus on the site and eventually I created one of the most intense and longest u4prez debates on u4prez. It involved illegal immigration and a proposal that I called Open Arms-Secure Borders.

For months the left and right of u4prez discussed every aspect of the immigration issue from amnesty to deportation to the construction of a border barrier to an open border policy. You name it, it was brought up and debated.

Probably the greatest challenge on u4prez is the same that faces any real candidate for President. How do you vehemently disagree with someone, yet still earn enough support to get elected.

That challenge has led to a great deal of creativity on u4prez and it has also led to some intense battles between candidates.

In the end, u4prez.com provides political fanatics with an forum that allows them to be heard and much like real politics, some people don’t want hear it. But just like politics, you have to find a way to make your opinion appealing and a way to overcome the apprehensions of am apprehensive electorate.

Although u4prez may not be the real thing, it does provide a real sense of just how difficult it is to reach a trustworthy consensus in America today.

Occasionally u4prez runs contests. In the past I have won their video contests where u4prez partnered up with you tube and asked candidates to produce a video ad for their campaign.

For that last contest, I produced the piece below. It highlighted the legislative initiatives that I crusaded for on u4prez.

Currently u4prez is running another contest. It is, a blog contest that offers the winning blogs cash prizes ranging from one thousand dollars for first place to 100 dollars for third place.

All in all, u4prez is a fun and creative experience in American democracy that promotes a constructive flow of ideas and sparks a rousing debate that gets the creative juices flowing while teaching you that sincere participation in politics is not as easy as it looks.

Try it out for yourself. Tell ‘em POLITICS 24/7 sent you and after registering, join my campaign, Kempite , and lets put forth the virtual reality agenda that we hope to advance in the real world.

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Size Matters
Barack Obama demonstrates the size of the briefcase Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will need to accommodate the cash from auctioning off the President-elect’s Senate seat.

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I have to apologize here from the get go. The other night my partner Nick, and I went out to a local diner for a quick bite to eat. We were seated at a booth in between a group of four behind me and a group of three senior citizens behind Nick. While perusing the menu my ears caught the phrase “I don’t like Obama”. It came from one of the ladies in the group sitting behind Nick .

Being preoccupied by politics, certain buzz words like election, President, McCain, or Obama, catch my attention even when I am not paying attention.

So this older woman’s utterance of the word “Obama” lit up my on my radar screen. Even though it may have been impolite to pay attention to a conversation not involving me, I couldn’t help myself.

So I apologize for any impolite eavesdropping, that I may be guilty of. It wasn’t my intent but I’m a political junkie, and as such, this election season is for me what Christmas is to a wide eyed, little boy.  It’s like the Super Bowl to football fans and I am just in tune to any references to politics. Besides, to put it nicely, this woman was not using her inside voice. So curiosity got the best of me and I paid attention to the political opinion that was unfolding.

The woman went on to say “I don’t like Obama but he’s got my vote”. The woman explained further “those Republicans are only for the rich and big business”

At this point the waitress came over to take the orders of Nick and I. Being distracted, I let my partner order first and I than quickly determined what I wanted. With my attention taken off of the conversation that I was not a part of, Nick and I started our own banter.

When the waitress returned with our drink orders, both Nick and myself happened to hear that same woman I overheard earlier say “and that “McCann”, “he just wants to give tax breaks to big companies”. At this point I had just begun to take a sip of my Pepsi with lemon and no ice when she continued “and who are those big businesses to make as much money as they do. They shouldn’t be allowed to make that much money in the first place”.

Upon hearing that , I gagged on my soda. Having caught that remark from right behind him, Nick knew what the cause of my discomfort was.

We were about to eat and after having heard what I just heard, I could not allow myself to pay any further attention and still be able to stomach the meal I was about to eat.

Nick knew my blood pressure was rising and quickly tried to establish our own conversation and provide a diversion from that which had me fuming. Our food came and we discussed the details of the event we were heading out to DJ.

Through it all, I could not help but allow the words of that woman to echo in my head. I couldn’t stop wondering if she actually knew what she said. Did she really believe, that in America, people should only be allowed to make a certain amount of money? Did she actually believe Democrat talking points and accept them as the truth?

I thought to myself, how little this woman really knew and how misinformed she was. Yet, despite her lack of understanding , awareness and information, she threw her words out with total conclusiveness and decisiveness. This is a woman who referred to John McCain as “John McCann”. She didn’t even know his name yet she acted like a brilliant sage who proclaimed Republicans are only for the rich and that businesses should only be allowed to make a certain amount of money.

What this woman neglected to realize was that Republicans and “John McCann” do not believe in penalizing success. They do not support limiting opportunity or making our government some type of communist politburo that does everything from control your wages to determining what, how and where your children are educated. She didn’t understand that Republicans were not for the rich or sponsors of class warfare but that they didn’t believe in penalizing success or taxation that goes so far that it taxes the dead and buried. This bitter, jealous woman could not wrap her head around the fact that “John McCann” is not trying to keep her down but that he is trying to prevent government from holding her back.

All these thoughts raced through my mind as Nick and I ate and as I tried to focus on our own discussion.

We chatted away and finished up our meal but in the back of my head I could not stop thinking about how gullible this woman was. She actually believed in the liberal bumper sticker slogans and campaign catch phrases that promoted liberal socialist policies in brightly colored wrapping paper and big ribbons and bows. She admitted that she didn’t even like Barack Obama. Yet because he was a Democrat and since they were against the rich, she was for them.

Beyond angering me, it worried me. I worried about how many more people in America held her thinking and how many despised the free market that comes with our democracy? How many Americans were actually supporting socialism and wanted to adopt it as our way of life?

With our meal finished, I got up before Nick to find our waitress. I put on my McCain-Palin jacket, prominently, found the waitress and asked her for not only my check but for the check of the people at the table behind Nick. I told her that I wanted to pay for it. The waitress was taken back for a moment and said “Oh, Ok, here ya go”. After paying and getting my change, I asked if she could give me a blank dinner check to write a message on and that she could give to the customers I paid for. She handed one to me and I wrote:


“Dear Fellow Americans;
I paid your check.
I did so because this is still America and in it I can still make as much as my ambition, skill, and willingness to make allows. In it I am also still allowed to keep enough of it so that I can spend as much of it as I want and on what I want. If Barack Obama is elected he will determine all that for me. So enjoy my generosity while you can because if you get your way, we will all be losing our own ways.

P.S.: John McCain is the man trying to preserve democracy. Tom McCann is the company you buy your shoes from.”

Upon leaving the diner with Nick, and after paying for more meals than I expected, just to make a point, I realized that just like the government should do, I too should mind my own business.

After reading POLITICS 24/7‘s post on Keith Olbermann, conservative talk show host Tim Conway, Jr., has booked it’s author, Anthony Del Pellegrino on it’s show Thursday, October 23rd at 9:15 pm (pst).

For east coasters thats 12:15 am, which technically makes it Friday, October 24th for us.

But regardless, east coast, west coast and everyone in between, I hope you call in with your two cents. 

In fact, if you are a conservative put a bucks worth in.

I hope to hear from you. 




Nights in Southern California are always brighter with Tim Conway Jr. weeknights from 8PM – 11PM.

Conway is in his 11th year at 97.1, treating Los Angeles to a wide variety of topics ranging from ‘LIVE’ Police Chases to the ‘World of Entertainment.’ With Tim’s amazing sense of humor (that he obviously acquired from his mother’s side), listeners know that they’ll always learn something and smile at the same time!

Tim Conway Jr. was born and raised in Southern California; living in the San Fernando Valley. He attended Portola Junior High in Tarzana and finished his education in Van Nuys graduating in 1981 from Birmingham High. His down-to-earth humor brings a sense of refreshing levity to all of us surrounded by lunatics in Southern California.

The Tim Conway Jr. Show is designed ot help Southern California wind down after a hellish day avoiding bullets on the local freeways. Conway hosts the longest running radio game show ever Thursday night at 8PM, “What the Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say?” Conway also features the David Letterman “Top 10 List,” an exclusive audio recap of one of TV’s hottest benchmarks.

The Tim Conway Jr. Show…the new and improved comedy talk show in town and the only place ot find out what’s going on in this crazy city of ours! Weeknights from 8PM to 11PM…only on 97.1 the FM Talk Station

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  A Quickie 

One day George W. Bush and Dick Cheney walk into a diner. A waitress walks up to them and asks if she can take their order. Bush leans close to her and says, “Honey, can I have a quickie?”

The waitress is appalled and yells at the President about women’s rights and storms away.

Cheney then says to Bush, “George, its pronounced ‘quiche’.”



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