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Levi Johnston To Dish Dirt On Palin and Family In Vanity Fair

Bookmark and Share  Vanity Fair is about to feature Levi Johnston in an edition that supposedly goes after Sarah Palin.
From what I have heard and seen about Levi Johnston, he is not exactly the most edumacated fellow and rarely states LeviU4anything that is quotable. Few if any sentences that the high school dropout strings together lack any swearing or words that need to be bleeped.

But despite these facts Vanity Fair intends to maintain a sense of journalistic integrity by doing an in depth exposé  on Sarah Palin and her family. In it according to the reliable source that is Levi Johnston, he claims the Palin’s don’t cook or get their children ready for school and that Bristol often helps her youngest sister with her homework.

Johnston states that Palin does not know how to shoot a gun, that he has never seen Sarah Palin hold a fish pole and that the kids often have to run errands for Sarah and Todd. He goes further and states that the two fight a lot.


How about that? A married couple fighting.  And  how horrible and unusual a thing it is for two working parents to send their kids to the store for them. Good lawd….what is the world coming to?

Truth be told, what Vanity Fair is doing is not journalism and there is no integrity in it.

A look at the following clip and one can see how contrived these interviews with the father of Sarah Palin’s grandson are. It is also easy to understand how the anti-Palin media scripts their stories and how Levi “I-Ain’t Going Nowhere” Johnston will say anything to make a buck.

The truth is that rags like Vanity Fair (and believe me, they have apparently become a rag) pay good money to any loser that can sully the name of any politician, especially any conservative politician who happens to also be a woman. Couple that with the fact that Johnston is a dead ender and sees the opportunity to exploit his past relationship with a woman who is a target of the liberal media and you have a match made in heaven. You have Levi Johnston, a dirt bag, and Vanity Fair, a vacuum that sucks up all the dirt and than litters the world with it.

Johnston is making good money for fathering a child. He has even hired an “advisor” and the two are practically on tour.

Much of what I am stating here is made quite evident by the clip at the end of this post and present to you. In it you will hear about Levi’s willingness to pose for Playgirl as he plots his anti-Palin mission.

You will also see just how scripted it all is. You will see the funny Palin stick masks that I am sure Levi Johnston didn’t bring back from Wasilla but were provided by Vanity Fair for their story.

All in all one can’t necessarily blame Johnston for trying to make a buck after flunking in school and siring an illegitimate child. He really does not have much going for him, so it is easy to see why he would jump at the chance to get paid good money to tell a story that some high priced writer will enhance to sell magazines, all while being flown to big cities, treated to fancy meals and luxurious hotels and expensive clothes. The kid is young and dumb so what can you expect. If he ever develops a sense of integrity, it will come with age.

But as for Vanity Fair and the liberal scum who are grown up and still lack integrity, I say screw you!

You are the real lowlifes in this story. You are the bias bastards that will go to any lengths to try to tarnish someone with an opinion different from your own. You are the ones who choose to exploit and bribe an intellectually challenged, poor kid from Alaska so that you could create negative tall tales about someone you don’t like.

If you were fair with your sleazy tactics, you would seek out President Obama’s mother-in-law, who lives with the first family in the White House, then get her drunk and ask her for the dish and dirt on what really happens in the White house residence.

But nooooo. You journalists have your integrity. You won’t use your sleazy, underhanded, unethical skills to exploit a fellow liberal. That you reserve for those who have no desire to read your sleazy tabloids and periodicals.

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