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Incoming House Democrat Minority Contradicts Reality

Bookmark and Share    In a Tuesday afternoon presser the incoming leadership of the Democratic minority announced the new Vice Chairmen of the Democrat Policy Committee. On her last day as Speaker, Nancy Pelosi was joined by soon to be Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer and other ranking Democrats to elevate both Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida and Texas Rep Henry Cuellar to the position of Vice Chair.

During the show, Democrats promised to work with Republicans while simultaneously laying out the groundwork to obstruct them as each of those assembled called the Republicans and their legislative agenda “hypocritical” and full of “empty rhetoric”

For her part, Nancy Pelosi stated that the Democrat minority would “continue” to focus on the creation of jobs and to measure every initiative that comes before them on how it will effect jobs and our mounting national debt. But what she left out was the lack of focus on effective job creation and debt creation that she and her Party produced in the past two years of their reign over the House. She did however reiterate her dogged determination to block any repeal of the 2,400 page healthcare reform debacle that cost Democrats their majority in the House.

Members such as Democratic ranking budget committee member Chris Van Holland, Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and rabid New York liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, all echoed the same sentiments during the press conference but probably the best quote to come out of this performance in hypocrisy, came from incoming Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer of Maryland.  He stated that Democrats will make sure that Republicans keep their promises.

The statement summed up the quandary that Democrats will now find themselves in.

Among other things, Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare. Now, how effective can Democrats be if they promise to help Republicans keep their promise to repeal Obamacare, while at the same time promise to block any repeal of healthcare? It would seem that in addition to being  the real hypocrites, based upon their conflicting statements, House Democrats are  going to act in a way that will cancel themselves out  and become inconsequential to the legislative process over the next two years.

If anything, this press conference demonstrated that Democrats are as about willing to work with the Republican majority as they were when Republicans were in the minority, which is very little if at all.

After listening to the contradictions of Democrats, it is quite obvious that the loud message sent in the midterm election results of 2010, fell on deaf Democrat ears and it looks like the G.O.P. will have a great opportunity to prove which Party is truly willing to listen to the people.

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The Top Ten Political Events of 2010

Bookmark and Share     2010 saw its share of disasters and fighting. In Haiti a 7.0 earthquake killed 230,000, left 300,000 injured, and a million more homeless. In Afghanistan, America continued to fight for stability and in doing so, saw its highest casualty numbers of the war.

2010 also saw its share of corruption and scandal. Charlie Rangel was censured for his abuses, General Stanley McChrystal was relieved of duty after strongly criticizing Administration policies and officials in a Rolling Stones profile and former Senator and Democrat vice presidential candidate, John Edwards, finally admitted to being the father of an illegitimate child and by year‘s end would see the loyal wife he cheated on, die of cancer.

In politics, 2010 was certainly a year that produced plenty of suspense and surprise. It was a year that saw political power shift, military might flexed, history made, and environmental havoc wreaked. It was a year that challenged the popularity and abilities of President Obama, challenged the American people with economic austerity and the world with nuclear threat. The following 10 events are indicative of just how much so. They are happenings that have either been initiated by politics or had a profound effect on the politics that shaped, or will shape our world.

The order in which they are presented is based upon a combination of media attention, dramatic change, and a mix of both short and long term effects on our nation and the world. Two political eves which were runner ups to the list included Wikileaks and passage of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange proved that one man and a keyboard could make dozens of  many powerful world leaders cringe all at once?  And in doing so he has created some serious freedom of speech and information issues.  As for DADT, it was one of the most dramatic military policy changes in decades and whether you believe it to be a civil rights issues or a military decision, it was profound . 

Two other political  issues which fell short of the top 10 list included the nonevents which were the continued lack of a decision by the Obama Administration regarding how to try enemy combatants and if, how and when to close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay.On these two issues, President Obama has proven to speak before he thought and in trying to placate his disenchanted liberal base, has not found a suitable way for reversing his original positions, positions which the truth of reality have forced the President to stall admitting that he was wrong to initially want.

But as for those events which involved the situations handled and decisions made or carried out by political figures, legislative bodies or voters, here are the top 10.


10. – End To Combat Mission In Iraq

On August 31st , the long war in Iraq was “officially’ declared over. In getting to this point, President Obama continued the Bush policy and timeline which brought us to that point. To his credit, President Obama did invoke the name of former President George W. Bush and offered him praise by stating that no one could doubt his predecessors “support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security.”  In a prime time address to the nation, President Obama declared that “Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United States and Iraq, we have met our responsibility. Now, it’s time to turn the page.” But to say the least, the page remains dog-eared, as approximately 50,000 troops are left in Iraq for the foreseeable future to advise and assist Iraqi security forces.  

9. Shelling of South Korea

On November 23rd, North Korea fired a barrage of artillery shells at the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians and leaving dozens of families homeless. The unprovoked attack prompted South Korea to scramble F-16 fighter jets and return fire. It also forced Seoul to place its military on its highest non-wartime alert level. The attacks also proved, once again, how absolutely erratic and dangerous the North Korean regime is. In March, again unprovoked, North Korea fired on and sunk a South Korean ship. That event killed 46 sailors . It is said that the secretive and reclusive North Korean regime performs stunts like this and makes threats of even bolder military action, all in the name of posturing for negotiations. But at some point in time, violence can not be accepted in negotiations and if North Korea keeps pushing in this fashion, it will eventually force others to push back. Between these two incidents, its nuclear ambitions and its long range missile capabilities, Pyongyang proves to be a disturbing threat to peace and stability in the increasingly important region of Asia. With its burgeoning economies, the world can little afford war on the Korean peninsula. Nor could we afford the risk of drawing China and our Japanese ally into a war. If 2011 sees North Korea acting the same as it did in 2010, expect the current focus on the Middle East to shift further East.                            

 8. –Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

In 2010 it became more apparent than ever that Iran was close to becoming a nuclear power, a fact that could change the Middle East and life as we know it.  It became quite clear that Iran had the ability to enrich uranium and experts now believe that it could produce enough highly-enriched uranium for a bomb anywhere from within a few months to two years. As usual, talk seems to do little to prevent Iran from developing nuclear capabilities and after 18 years of hiding their nuclear enrichment program, UN Security Council resolutions ordering Iran to suspend development have failed to stop Iran from moving ahead. If some kind of arrangement is not soon made to keep Iran from gaining the ability to develop nuclear weapons, the situation could fall upon Israel, the small nation which Iran’s President has promised to push off the face of the earth. But if Israel were to act, how would the surrounding nations of Islam deal with its aftermath?

7. –  The Ground Zero Mosque

Whether or not anyone has the right to build a mosque in the immediate area surrounding ground zero of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was never the question. But whether or not it is appropriate, is the question. Should a religious house of worship for Islam, rise from the rubble of the attacks that extremists waged in the name of Islam? For the left,….. the politically correct, sensitive left, it should be easy to understand that the answer is “no“. However, regardless of political correctness it is true that our Constitution permits freedom of religion and there exists no legal right to prohibit the building of a Mosque in an area that is zoned for such construction. This situation dominated the news and politics for months as it consumed headlines and our attention.  And till this day, many are still trying to find a compromise that would allow for the construction of this mosque, but in a location other than ground zero.


6. – Unemployment

In November it rose and as it went up, the hopes of our sluggish economy picking up steam anytime soon went down. Despite promises by President Obama that his stimulus package would soon get unemployment down to a still too high 8.00%, it is rising and worst of all, it comes during the holiday season, when employment usually ticks up, and unemployment ticks down. But although November was particularly bad, unemployment ruled the headlines and the economy throughout the year and has placed millions into dire straits and highlights deeper troubles within the economy. Through it all the political Party in power not only failed to effectively combat unemployment, they at times seemed to go out of their way to convince the American people that they aren’t even capable of doing anything about it. Nancy Pelosi called government spending a jobs bill and Harry Reid once even said that it was a great day in America because only 160,000 Americans lost their jobs during a particular month. The long standing high unemployment rate will keep on weighing down President Obama and until he understands how to allow free enterprise to create jobs and what the real economic engine of America is, he will continue to simply tinker with the numbers and miss his target of his still too high 8% unemployment rate .  Although, when compared to 10%, it would be an improvement.

5. – The Arizona Immigration Law

The bill simply enofrced fedral laws at the state level, yet the Obama Administration and liberal illegal immgration advocates lost control and flipped out.  They called it unconstitutional and subsequently took Arizona to court over itsx new law.  For months this story fueled itself with large protetsts by by pro-illegal immigration groups and  SEIU union members,  and counter protests that energized an already energetic TEA Party movement.


4. – Gulf Oil Disaster

It was the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history and it was the first real crisis of the Obama Administration. How did they handle it? Miserably. The first reaction to the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico was slow and initially directed toward blaming it on George Bush. But as time went on, and it was shown that haphazard application of regulations assisted the disaster, it was also discovered that BP, the owners of the facility gave President Obama a million dollars in campaign donations and shortly before the Deepwater Horizon blew up, receive a safety award by the Obama Administration. But the more egg that was on the President’s face, the more oil lapped onto the Gulf shore states, particularly Louisiana, a state that is in many ways still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. For months the oil gushed from the under see pipes that once flowed to the top of the Deepwater Horizon. In all, between April 20th when the rig exploded and July 15th when the gusher was finally plugged, a continuous flow of a total of 4,300,000 barrels of oil was said to have poured into the Gulf. The episode had a profound effect on the economies of the Gulf states, closed down the fishing and shrimping industries and left Americans lacking the confidence in President Obama’s ability to effectively handle crisis. 

   3. – 2010 Midterm Elections

Two years ago, left wing commenators and pundits claimed the G.O.P was dead and going the way of the Whigs.  But in what proved to be a tidal wave election of historic proportions, Republicans won a remarkable 691 state legislative seats, shattering the old record which was held by Democrats in the post Watergate election of 1974, when they picked up 629 seats. Along the way, those numbers allowed the G.O.P. to increase thier stregnth by winning control of 18  various state legislative chambers and control of both state legislative chambers in 26 states. In addition to that, Republicans elected 7 new Governors bringing the total up to 29 G.O.P. Governors and allowing for complete control of state government with majorities in the the statehouses and the upper and lower houses of as many as 21 states, a sign that does not bode well for Democrats in the upcoming redistricting process.  In all, Republicans now have the largest majority for the Party since 1928.   Beyond state government, Republicans picked up a total of 63 House seats and 6 U.S. Senate seats. The historic number of House pickups was one of the largest number of seats gained in an election in over a generation and give the G.O.P. one of it largest majority margins ever. The 2010 election produced a truly profound political change. It not only gave Republicans control of the House and many statehouses and legislatures, it also gave them the ability to determine the political landscape for the next ten years as they take a very large upper hand in redistricting. In the years to come, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama will surely learn to regret having misread the American people quite as much as they did during 2010.

 2. – Election of Scott Brown

This event seems to have faded away in the hearts and minds of most but truth be told, the election of Republican Scott Brown to replace Ted Kennedy as one of Massachusetts two U.S. Senators, was quite profound and a sign of just how dissatisfied with the direction of the nation, voters had become. In fact it was the beginning of the 2010 midterm elections and a sign of what was to come . After channeling voter anger and capitalizing on disenchantment with the President’s agenda, underdog Scott Brown made Massachusetts political history after by pulling off an upset victory and becoming the first Republican elected to the senate from Massachusetts since Edward Brooks was first elected to the position in 1966. But more than that was the legacy of Ted Kennedy which Brown had to in many ways, run against. Ted Kennedy was the third longest U.S. Senator in history. He held the seat for more than 5 decades and during that time became known as the Liberal Lion. But in the wake of the anti-liberal sentiments sweeping the nation, even Ted Kennedy’s legacy could not help Scott Brown’s liberal Democrat opponent, State Attorney General Martha Coakley, to pull this election out. The selection of Scott Brown was a true sign of things to come and proof that the national political map was going to turn not Republican red or Democrat blue, but TEA Party ‘Brown”. Eight months later it did. 

1. – Passage of Obamacare

The passage of health reform probably had more impact on politics than it did on healthcare. At least once it’s repealed in whole or found unconstitutional by the courts.  It certainly had a profound effect on the balance of power in America. After more than a year of closed door, partisan negotiations, the health reform bill was passed in the face of unprecedented political opposition to it which increased every day that the debate continued. It was finally approved after unprecedented amounts of kickbacks and political payoffs were offered to legislators in exchange for their vote for the unpopular bill and even though liberals did not feel it went far enough, and that moderates and conservatives believed it went too far. Yet on  Sunday, March 21st, Obamacare passed despite the fact that it actually raised healthcare premiums and after the House even considered passing it without voting on the measure, and instead, just deeming it passed. The entire process regarding the healthcare bill, from its debate to its actual vote, demonstrated all the worst of a legislative process which Democrats were abusing. It demonstrated how unwilling Democrats were to listen to the people and most of all, it showed just how antithetical to the Constitution and the American free enterprise system that the federal government has become. So much so that their attempt to take control of 1/6 of the American economy fueled the birth of a Taxed Enough Already movement that would be the downfall of Democrats and a wake up call for Republicans. The unsavory passage of Obamacare was an example of left wing liberalism being so extreme that it forced many Americans to see that government was less divided by left and right than it was between right and wrong. The result was an electorate that forced Republicans and Democrats to look at the Constitution of the United States and refer to it before they passed laws that went beyond the rightful power of the federal government. And on November 2rd, the result was a resounding rejection of Obamacare, Democrats and the Obama agenda. All in all, passage of the healthcare reform bill was in many ways historic. It was one of the most significant and sweeping social programs since LBJ and even FDR. It was also one of the most incoherent, convoluted, unenforceable and unconstitutional pieces of legislation ever to be made into law, and it prompted a most historic transfers of power in the House of Representatives.

With all that, 2010 ends on the same note that it began. It ends with us having hope, hope that our political leaders will act responsibly. Hope that our economy will improve and that rogue nations and regimes will see the light. As 2010 ends, we hope that 2011 will be a year where the lessons of years past are remembered and that we as a people, move in the right direction rather than the wrong one.

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Obama Supporter Arrested For Threatening Republican Lawmaker….Oh No!

Norman LeBoon donated monery to President Obama's campaign and theatens to kill a Republican lawmaker

Bookmark and Share    So while the liberal-Democrat Party tries to paint Tea Party protestors as irrational terrorists and conservatives as extremists who disagree with them because they are brutal racists  and try to depict themselves as the victims of all those evil people, it would seem that it is time for them to come down off of the cross and step into reality.

33 year old loyal liberal, Norman Leboon of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seems to have been plotting his own irrational, terrorist acts of bigotry and irrational rage.

Amid all of the “rightwing” fear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow liberal minions try to claim they live in as a result of their “patriotic” passage of the government healthcare and economy takeover, it would seem that they are not the only ones that have reason to fear fellow Americans.

After a bullet was fired into the office of conservative Republican leader Eric Cantor, Norman LeBoon took it upon himself to post a YouTube video in which he states

“receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer’s abominations.”

With the bullet in the office found and the claim for responsibility sent out virally, it didn’t take the most elite F.B.I. agents to put this one together and arrest LeBoon.

But what is interesting, is that while Nancy Pelosi pretends to portray herself and her party as if they were as fearful of those who oppose their policies as Ann Franke hiding in a wall from Nazi’s, LeBoon happens to pledge his allegiance to the liberal cause. He is such a fan of liberals that he has donated $550.00 to the campaign of liberal leader, President Barack Obama.   Since then though, LeBoo has come to feel that President Obama is not liberal enough for him and so he posted a video targeting President too.

But by liberal-Democrat standards, LeBoon’s liberal support  is enough to claim that the radical liberal extremists have unleashed a Fatwa to kill Jews and Republicans. After all Congressman Cantor is both Jewish and Republican and both were factors behind Democrat LeBoon’s death threat and shooting. Furthermore; is it enough to also condemn the “entire” Muslim community? The video seen in this post shows LeBoon threatening YouTube employees for taking down some of his vicious video threats. In it LeBoon refers to his Islamic faith.  In another video Norman LeBoon declares himself to be a Shia Muslim. 

Is that really enough to condemn the entire Muslim community so that we can marginalize their rightful place in society?

Or could it be that LeBoon is a la loon and out of his gourd?

The historical record shows that the very preliminary but incriminating evidence in the LeBoon case is more than enough for Democrats to reach such conclusions with those that disagree with them. It is the type of stuff they use to demonize the opposition to them as dangerous, radical nuts. But such attempts to marginalize the opposing opinions of Republicans is about as rational as threatening to kill a Congressman because he is Jewish and a Republican who opposes a government takeover of healthcare, the economy and the freedom of the American people.

If one wants to play that game, by their own standards, the entire Democrat Party and its top man, our President, can be blamed for inspiring Norman LeBoon to do what he did. After all, it was President Obama who in a campaign swing to Norman LeBoon’s hometown of Philly said;

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

Surely such descriptive, violent language only helped to incite LeBoon to carry out his acts of violence?

Maybe President Obama should be officially charged with “inciting violence”?

Or should he not be?

Look, we all know that there are dangerous extremists out there. We also know that most of them sit on the left side of the aisle in Congress. However; this game that liberal-Democrats play when it comes to physical violence must stop. It is illogical, uncalled for, and an unhealthy addition to already highly polarized political discourse.

So it is time for the liberal-Democrat Party and their leaders to step down from the cross they are using to convey their martyrdom. After taking us through the process that they used to pass their government healthcare scheme, and after all the clandestine and underhanded deals and arrangements they made, they are not martyrs. They are suspects. Suspects in a heist that stole a chunk of liberty away from the American people.

Such a theft is bound to produce widespread anger.

Admittedly, one should not accept living with threats of violence. Yet for public officials, threats are nothing new. In 2009, there were over 1,000 threats made to officers of the IRS alone. But collectively, elected officials see far more than that number annually.

Again, this is not acceptable but clearly, this is also not a new phenomenon and it is not partisan.

That is why Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and President Obama need to ratchet down their rhetoric and stop playing the victim card, along with the race card, and sexual orientation card, and anti-immigration card.

The Norman LeBoon case makes it clear that insanity is not a characteristic limited to any one Party. It is something that runs randomly through our society and through all races, religions, orientations, ethnicities and Parties. And it is serious. All risks of violence must be dealt with responsibly. That is why responsible political leaders need to stop exploiting intolerable behavior for the sake of politically expedient strategies that are designed to portray those that disagree with them as irrational people with irrational opinions. Tactics like that which are meant to sideline the opposition, have no place among legitimate leaders.

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Today’s Demoncratic Party. Fascist Freaks or Liberal Lunatics?

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Parody of images from the actual Demoratic Natonal Committee web site http://www.democrats.org/

picture obtained from Obamite on U4Prez.com 

As Democrats complete their filibuster of the American people and pass a government healthcare takeover scheme, their shameless display of arrogance and fascist party control continues to rear its ugly head and promises to be forged ahead with as the rest of their extremist liberal agenda is laid out and rammed through behind closed doors and along strictly partisan lines.

In the mean time, the Democrat National Committee now uses their partisan passage of a government healthcare takeover as a fundraising tool that charges liberals $25.00 for a navy blue T-shirt that reads “Healthcare Reform” followed by letters “ed” in simulated handwritten text, below the famous circle Obama campaign emblem.

They have also sought to raise money through attempts to turn a handful of sporadic but still uncalled for and unacceptable acts of vandalism that were perpetrated against members of Congress following passage of the liberal government healthcare takeover.

Party leaders have sent out letters and hit the airwaves in attempts to paint themselves as victims of those who oppose the government takeover of healthcare.

Of course they do not mention the most dangerous act of all which was carried out against Republican leader Eric Cantor whose office had a bullet fired into it.

This all helps to show that the leftist statists are probably the most artful group of individuals there is when it comes to accusations, distractions, disruption, divisiveness and demonizing those who oppose them.

As President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel once put it, they never miss the opportunity to take advantage of a crisis. And there are no people better at inventing crisis-like atmospheres to take advantage of than today’s liberal-Democrat Party.

With the election of a President who is half African-American and half Caucasian, liberals regularly play the race card and claim that all opposition to their Obama led policies are based on racism. They produce wedge issue legislation designed at creating special rights for gays and when such special rights are opposed by Republicans, the liberal-Democrat Party claims all who do not support special rights….special rights, not equal rights but special rights, to gay people are homophobic.

Meanwhile it is the left that is waging class warfare and trying to pit the lower and middle classes against the upper class. They are pitting rich against poor, white against black, straight against gay and the those that govern against the governed.

All of these distinctions are dangerous and are what lead to the tense atmosphere and harsh environment of national politics but it is the last distinction which lies at the heart of the Democrat Party’s true sinister intentions——Control.

This is evident in the process just completed to pass healthcare reform. It was done in a way that, in the coming months, will see the process become more the issue than what the process achieved.

Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama, clandestine negotiations and deals pieced together one of the least transparent legislative operations we have ever seen. They then proceeded to make it the law of the land by promising to use technical procedures that would allow them to avoid debate and adopt measures that were only meant for use regarding the federal budget. At one point they even agreed to use an obscure procedure that would have allowed the House to not actually vote on the bill but “deem” it to be technically passed.

In the end the liberal-Democrat Party acted like fascists and turned our bicameral legislative branch of government and our system of checks and balances into a unicameral government that filibustered the American people and vetoed them to pass the most massive and transformative piece of legislation we have ever seen. For this law does not simply deal with healthcare, it has mandates that effect the states, private businesses, individual taxpayers, banks, education, entire industries, jobs, salaries, an extraordinary portion of the free market, puts the government in direct control of how healthcare is carried out, and more than one sixth of our economy.

The liberal-Democrat Party’s bill is a direct assault on freedom which restricts free will and threatens independent thinkers with fines and imprisonment if they do not buy in to the government healthcare monopoly.

Their almost 3,000 pages of mandates effects and transforms far more than healthcare and its impact goes beyond health insurance coverage. It will cost jobs, hold down salaries, increases taxes on individuals and the private sector, and raise the cost of all products and services.

And the liberal-Democrats believe this will help Americans.

They actually believe that healthcare is a right and that freedom is afforded to all by taking it away from some. But at the same time, they refuse to accept the fact that rights are not something that people are mandated to purchase from government and that freedom is not determined by the amount of government services afforded to people.

Freedom and the people come before government. It is the free people who created our government, not the other way around. Our government was born out of freedom and it was created to protect it, not legislate it away.

I agree with our Constitution. I agree that we have unalienable rights and that it is our creator which grants us these rights and our freedom. Today’s liberal-Democrat Party disagrees with the United Stats Constitution.

The way they passed healthcare reform and all that they passed in the healthcare takeover law demonstrates that, to them, freedom comes by way of government services and that they and they alone can spread freedom and wealth by taking it away from some and giving it to others through government services.

The problem is that our founding fathers and the Constitution they created, made it clear that the federal government was not a service industry, and it was never intended to be. They left that to the free market.

The founding fathers also made it clear that it is the states where the bulk of the power should lie and that the people are in control government and not, as Representative John Dingle recently articulated when he stated that it will take time for the reform bill to “control the people .

For these reasons and more I find today’s liberal-Democrat Party to be dangerous and a threat to our Constitution and our freedoms.

That sentiment is the result of extremism. Extremism inspires a sense of threat. It is a sentiment that the left has felt when the right has been accused of extremism. But there is a very big difference between liberal and conservative extremism.

Radical liberal policies, specifically those involving the economy and that which effects taxes, always seek to part more earnings from its earners. This diminishes the people’s power…….economic power, buying power, the power of financial security. All of this is diminished as liberal-Democrat policies take more money from the people in attempt to finance social engineering programs that seek to control people in the form of a nanny state that does everything from fund and purchase drugs to cure erectile dysfunction for convicted sex offenders to forcing citizens to buy into government programs.

Conversely, conservative fiscal and tax policies usually allows the earner to keep more of the earnings. This empowers people and it helps to prevent the growth of government and the ability for the government to invent new methods of social engineering and unsustainable, taxpayer funded government programs and services.

Today’s liberal-Democrat Party does not understand the Constitution, its intent, and what it means to be an American. They do not realize that by making the federal government a service industry and taking on the responsibilities and decisions that are suppose to be left to the people, government will soon collapse under the weight of all the responsibility that is was never meant to carry.

This healthcare bill establishes over a hundred thousand new tax payer funded, unsustainable federal jobs, and it will lead to a critical shortage of healthcare services and providers who do not want to enter the public sector that Democrats have now turned healthcare into. These people want to enter the private sector where wealth is created. Whereas; the public sector does not create wealth, it spends it.

None of this has any impact on today’s liberal-Democrat Party and its leaders. They are not concerned with the survival of the wealth creating free markets or even the freedom of the people. They are more concerned with establishing themselves as a permanent ruling political class that takes more and more control away from the people and expands the entitlement mentality in our society which increases the culture of dependency that is their source to reelection. The more people who believe that government is a deity that miraculously funds itself and provides free services, the better off today’s fascist liberals are.

If they can continue to make people believe in things that sound too good to be true, they will successfully continue to portray themselves as little leprechauns that will lead us to a pot of gold at the end of their happy little utopian rainbow.

Problem is, that at the end of their make believe rainbow is actually a pot full of debt and economic ruin. At the end of the Democrat’s rainbow you will not find their promised unicorns, lollipops and licorice lined roads. You will find a Pandora’s box of inflation, high prices, less earnings, more unemployment, bureaucratic health services and care and an America where the people do not control the government but where the government controls its people.

Is this really the “change” you wanted? 

From FDR to BHO, the liberal-Democrat Party has been nothing but an enemy to the Constitution and to states rights. They have not ever taught people how to catch fish to feed themselves. Instead, they have decided to do the fishing and throw the scraps to the people who, after several generations, have developed an entitlement mentality that has created the culture of dependency. That culture of dependency is now the key to power for Democrats. Their drive to make Americans reliant on government services and assistance has become their main source of votes and electoral victories.

Without realizing it, by falling into this liberal trap, many Americans have given away more and more of their rights and freedoms as their crack-like addiction to unsustainable government services gives the federal government more and more control over them.

It is a vicious cycle that has just become even more vicious with the reorganization of our government and transformation of the free market that is a result of liberal healthcare reform.

But hope springs eternal and contrary to any opinions otherwise, it is never too late for anything in America . We will someday soon again understand the values of personal responsibility, independence, the U.S. Constitution and of freedom.

When that time does come the phrase “repeal and replace” will lead us to restoration and revival………the restoration of our Constitutional influence over Congress and the revival of the American people, their personal respect, their entrepreneurial spirit and of our American economy.

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Passage of Government Healthcare Makes The Battle Lines Very Clear

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 On Sunday, Democrats successfully enacted the government healthcare takeover that promises to place the government in control of a sixth of the national economy, a great chunk of our personal economies and orders the compulsory purchase of government controlled health insurance and to pay for the federal government to determine how healthcare treatment is doled out.

Despite the lies of the left, this bill places all healthcare insurance plans, including private ones, under government control.

Despite their lies, this bills creates over 130,000 new federal employees, invents dozens of new boards, bureaus, agencies, panels and bureaucracies, gives the federal government real time access to your bank accounts, threatens to fine and imprison those who refuse to make the purchases that the government forces them to, forces all Americans to subsidize the health insurance of unions and community organizations such as ACORN, rations treatment and care, and dares to put a price on individual’s lives.

While healthcare reform is needed, I for one know that the reforms that a party line vote caused this nation to adopt as the law of the land, are not simply healthcare reforms, they are reforms to the bill of rights and to the free market as well as the free will of American citizens.

But furthermore; in order to actually pass the government takeover of the personal economies of the American people and the control of their healthcare services, Democrats went well beyond establishing the written commitments that their “reform” bill states. In order to reach the slim majority of votes that they needed to pass it, handshakes committed them to deals that range from an even larger takeover of the free market and our national and personal economies through the Cap and Trade measures that will amount to the greatest transfer of wealth ever known to man, to amnesty for illegal immigrants and the birth of a pro-illegal immigration policy that will encourage the trafficking of people, drugs and jobs and to a further erosion of individual rights, as Democrats sacrifice the will of the people for the control of and over them through government.

None of this has been lost on hundreds of millions of Americans.  That is why many of them have been fighting against the passage of government healthcare legislation.  People like my own mother, who like most people, have much of life’s problems to deal with on their own plates, have struggled to be a part of the democratic process and prevent our rights from being stripped away.  Having joined my mother and spending the last few days participating in the events that protested the passage of the government takeover of healthcare, I must admit that I feel more than beaten. My voice is a raspy whisper of what it once was, and my legs and feet throb from days of running a relay of messages to groups of protestors on one side of the Capitol to the other.

My body is weak from the constant shuttling from one House office building to another and one side of the Capitol to the other while marching in protest in between.

My skin is burnt from the bright Spring sun that consistently beet down upon the Capitol lawns that we gathered and marched on, and my lips are chapped, sandpaper like remnants of what they once were.

Yet the physical wear and tear is nothing compared to the mental wear and tear that this legislative roller coaster placed all of us. Despite a sense of the inevitability that I saw in the passage of the healthcare takeover bill, my heart was filled with the hope that the liberty which pulses through the veins of most Americans would pump some logic to the heads of liberal legislators who would realize that the bill they were being asked to support, was actually a federal power grab of much more power and control over the states and the people than the federal government was ever intended to have.

I held out hope that the house of cards built by the behind closed doors deal making that liberals enjoyed amongst themselves in order to get enough votes to pass their partisan bill, would have collapsed and forced the liberal regime of Obama, Pelosi and Reid to drop their designs against the people and start sitting down and working with the people.

But none of this was in our control.

We were all left to do all that we could in the closing hours of debate. I joined with others in confronting lawmakers and the chants of  “kill the bill” aimed at the glimmering white dome of the Capitol and the balconies lined with legislators cheering us on.

Although all of us protesting were not enduring hard labor we were thirsty, hungry, hot and tired, in the unkind environment of Washington D.C., which provides a catch 22 of discomforts. There is little convenient access to comfort or nourishment in the Capitol. Not even convenient access to water fountains is available. And the restrictive security which has one removing articles of clothing each time they walk through the metal detectors that allow them entry into any building and the prohibitions that do not allow you to enter many venues with any food or beverages, makes it inconvenient to carry such things with you in the Capitol. So for the most part, we simply did without any relief from the stresses of the day. Adrenaline was the only source for all of us protestors to draw any strength from.

That and the inherent can do spirit that comes with being an American, are what kept all of us going. As an American, the ability to overcome any obstacle is instinctual and during the days of debate leading up to the pivotal House vote on bureaucratic healthcare, that instinct kicked in.

After having had the opportunity to step up to the podium and offer my own words of encouragement to the crowd gathered outside of the Capitol, like them, I was determined to fight to the end. The cheering on of thousands who are on your side, helps to fuel that determination and when I stepped up before the large assembly of grassroots protestors and saw the sea of faces that were determined to deliver our message, I felt empowered. Empowered not by our government but by the people who determine the makeup of our government.

And such encouragement was greatly appreciated.

The process which Democrats applied to passage of government healthcare was an underhanded and manipulative one that was quite discouraging to see unfold and actually left us, the people, helpless. Democrats closed the process, and ignored opposing opinions. They shunned all those who were not part of their elite regime and for one of the first times in my life, legislated liberty away.

Such a process does not allow one to draw strength from their government. It merely plants the seeds of discontent that help grow into the peaceful overthrow of their government at the ballot box.

So when the vote was final and when it was clear that the people of America truly did lose control of their government, although it was expected, I could not help but try to absorb an emotional blow that left me feeling dejected and defeated.

All of us felt this sense of overwhelming defeat but all of us felt something else too. We sensed the resolve to continue the fight and force those who undermined democracy and freedom to feel the wrath of the American people who gave birth to the freedom that they legislated away with their government takeover.

For many of us, this was the straw that broke the back of the Democrat donkey and placed the Republican elephant at a crucial juncture in its history. For it is clear to many Americans that today’s Democrat Party is not a Party of the people orr representing the people. It is a Liberal Party that is not committed to the Constitution of the United States but instead committed to the unraveling of the Constitution and to the principles of socialism and even Marxism.

The anger which the Liberal Party stirred in leading us to these conclusions has led them to no longer be a viable political alternative. However; the anger and distrust in government that led to this conclusion also forces many of us to question the Republican Party before we put any faith in them either.

The American people are ready to strike back. A battle over government run healthcare has been won by those who wish to wage class warfare but there remains 8 months left till the war is over. Come November, some of the final shots will be fired at the ballot box and the beneficiaries may well be the G.O.P.. But our patience has been worn thin and if the Republican Party does not take strong action to undo the damage done by Democrats, and represent the Constitution and the liberty for which it stands, then they too will find themselves again lacking the favor of the American people and prompting the creation of third parties that will have the hope and strong support of many who wish to finally see control of our government put back in the hands of the people.

Republicans must rise to the occasion and show that they are willing to play and live by the rules, put policy and the people above politics, act with fiscal responsibility and strengthen the rights of the states and the people instead of diluting them.

If they can prove themselves to be up to that job, they will indeed be given the chance to do it, but under the current political atmosphere that Democrats have created, if Republicans fail, they will be doomed to pay the same high price that Democrats will pay in the next few months.

As for me, I may be emotionally drained from my efforts against passage of government healthcare but the time and energy I invested has not been for naught. It has merely set the stage for the effort to undo the injustices that Democrats have perpetrated against the people and lay the groundwork for their defeat.

That pledge comes not out of any sense of revenge. As it has been said in the past “revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst“. So I will forge ahead not seeking revenge. I will not promote undoing the damage done by Democrats by using the same tactics that they used to do their damage. I intend to see that the high road is taken and that in the end, the American democratic process works to successfully dole out the electoral justice that liberals deserve and liberty warrants.

This fight is not over. It has merely been fueled by the audacity and socialist intents of the left who we will meet in November and who I will see in hell.

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Why Did They Vote The Way They Did?

Bookmark and Share  As riveting as last night’s government healthcare takeover vote was, part of the mystique behind Health Care Reformit involved hundreds of individual stories that involved political horse trading, private deals, favors, bribes and even extortion-like coercion. To actually pass this very unpopular and contentious bill took more arm twisting and bone bending than you would find in a chiropractors office. The President and Speaker Pelosi asked many Democrats to, what they commonly call—- “walk the plank”. Many of them did. They need the financial backing of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and they need the support of the leadership to pass legislation that is key to their districts. But some Democrats were also told that if they reach at least 219 votes, they could go ahead and vote against HR3692.

Traditionally, party leaders will let some legislators in their own party “off the hook” on some of the most controversial votes. This only happens if party leaders knows the bill can pass without that members vote. Some of that happened in last night’s election results.

Of the 39 Democrats who did vote against HR.3962, most are in swing districts that will be hard for Democrats to win reelection in.

Twelve of these 39 are freshman. When it comes to keeping their seats in 2010, they are some of the most vulnerable of Democrats and they have some of the most angry voters opposed to the government takeover plan. Which is why they are also some of those who were let off the hook.

Many of them took the same position that Ohio’s freshman Democrat John Boccieri stated in a press release, “While I fully support quality, affordable health care coverage for everyone, I am disappointed the House bill sadly does not go far enough to reduce the costs of getting there”. That position will allow these Democrats to remain competitive in relatively fiscally conservative districts.

The only exceptions is Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich is safe no matter what he does in his liberal district. He likely opposed the bill because under the instructions of President Obama, House Education and Labor Committee Chair George Miller successfully shot down a his amendment that would have allowed states to choose to improve the healthcare system by creating state-level single-payer healthcare programs of their own.

Based upon the makeup and history of their districts, the other 38 nay votes were obviously concerned with voter backlash. Moderate Democrats in swing districts did not particularly like the message that last Tuesday’s election results delivered. For them it was a warning shot right across their bow.

That accounts for the who and why some Democrats opposed HR3692.  But what of the lone Republican who voted for it?

Even though Louisiana’s freshman Congressman, Joseph Cao, is a Republican from a typically red states in the red South, his particular district is heavily blue. The former long time occupant of that seat was William Jefferson, the Congressman who was forced to resign after hundreds of thousand of dollars were found in his freezer and he was convicted of illegal financial schemes. Cao simply came into office because he was not a  felon. That kind of approval does not exactly indicate a groundswell of support and a loyal following. It also means that Cao will have a hard time getting reelected if he finds himself running against a Democrat opponent without a criminal record. The district is clearly left of center, so voter backlash is also what forced Louisiana’s Joseph Cao to offer up the sole Republican “yea” vote for government micromanagement of our health care.

Congressman Cao’s vote was one of the last to be recorded and it was only cast after the Democrats exceeded the 218 votes needed for passage. It was probably one of the most astonishing profiles in cowardice we have seen in year’s. There was never even a  hint that  such a break was being contemplated, so his lone Republican vote for the HR 3962 came as a surprise to GOP leaders.

Cao’s last minute “yea” vote was just an attempt to give liberals in his district one less reason to vote against him. But you know what? It won’t work. Liberals will almost always choose a Democrat who is honest about their liberalism over a Republican pretending to be liberal.   At the same time, the minority of  Republicans who do live in Cao’s district will not necessarily vote for a Republican whose vote is no different than a Democrat’s vote.

Ultimately the 39 Democrats who opposed Pelosicare,  or were excused from having to support it, may end up in good standing come next November.  They will be able to stand up and say that they did not burden Amercans with a cumbersome government takeover that will micromanage our healthcare needs and choices while placing unelected and acountable czars, diectors, commissions, committees, bureaus, panels, advisors and political appointed hacks between us and our doctors.  All while raising costs, increasing taxes and sending jobs overseas at a time when we have double digit unemployment and need them now, more than ever.

It is, the economy, Stupid.   But since liberals don’t get it, those Democrats who were not among the 39 that were let off the hook, may have a helluva  tough reelection ahead of them.  They won’t be alone though.  After proving to be the most spinless Republican in the House, Louisiana’s freshman Representative  Joseph Cao is likely to  find himself on the losing end of a vote.  The one for him.

The following is a list of those who joined Kucinich and Boccieri in their opposition to the government health management takeover package were as follows:

John Adler, NJ-3, Freshman
Jason Altmire, PA-4
Brian Baird, WA-3
John Barrow, GA-12
Dan Boren, OK-2
Rick Boucher, VA-09
Allen Boyd, FL-02
Bobby Bright, AL-02 – Freshman
Ben Chandler, KY-06
Travis Childers, MS-01
Artur Davis, AL-07
Lincoln Davis, TX-04
Chet Edwards, TX-17
Bart Gordon, TN-6
Parker Griffith, AL-05 – Freshman
Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, SD
Tim Holden, PA-17
Larry Kissell, NC-8 – Freshman
Suzanne Kosmas, FL-24 –Freshman
Frank Kratovil, MD-1 – Freshman
Betsy Markey, CO-4 – Freshman
Jim Marshall, GA-8
Eric Massa, NY-8 – Freshman
Jim Matheson, UT-2
Mike McIntyre, NC-7
Michael McMahon, NY-13
Charlie Melancon, LA-3
Walt Minnick, ID-1 – Freshman
Scott Murphy, NY-20
Glenn Nye, VA-2, Freshman
Collin Peterson. MN-7
Mike Ross, AZ-4
Heath Shuler, NC-11
Ike Skelton, MO-4
John Tanner, TN-8
Gene Taylor,
Harry Teague, NM-02, Freshman

If any of these guys are in your state, you might want to call their office and thank them.  We are usually pretty quick to express or anger at legislators and our displeasure with them.  When one of them does something right, regardless of what their reason was, we should let them know, that their are many people who are paying attention and that their are some benefits when they do things right. 

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Reform Bill Passes The House But It’s A Version That Will Not Fly In The Senate

Bookmark and Share    While last night’s rare Saturday session of the House of Representatives and their subsequent Government Health Care and Insurance Takeovervote on the big government takeover of the American health care system was at times suspenseful, ultimately it won passage. The vote was quite close though. In the end 39 Democrats opposed the bill and in what was one of the most cowardly acts of the entire health care reform debate, one Republican, freshman Joseph Cao of Louisiana, waited till the last minute and only after the bill had one more vote than it needed for passage, did he cast his vote for it.

By five votes, the House of Representatives approved an over 1 trillion dollar government take over of health management and health insurance that, if it comes to fruition, will change just about every aspect of life in America. H.R.3962, the deceptively titled Affordable Health Care for America Act is one of the most transformative pieces of legislation ever passed and second only to the liberal Tax-and-Trade energy bill that Democrats in the House passed earlier this year.

Alone, each measure amounts to some of the greatest transfers of wealth in the history of mankind. Together they will be the greatest transfer of wealth and the most obnoxiously large consolidation of  federal power and control that any generation in America has ever known. Together, the Cap-and-Trade bill and the government health management measure will tax the health out of our economy and the life out of the middle class.

To be sure, the passage of HR. 3962 is a victory for President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  That is undeniable and it should not be downplayed. To have actually been able to whip enough votes together to pass this reform bill, while a majority of the American people oppose it, means that the President still has great influence over his conference and Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be masterful at her job. But the type of influence and mastery they exhibited here may not exactly be the type that America needs. First of all, it only extends to their conference. They were unable to persuade, scare, or extort Republicans to support them. That means that the President and Pelosi’s appeal and sphere of influence is limited to those who are already on their side. They fail to expand their appeal or base in Congress or, more importantly, among the voters. Although it seems like it was months ago, the elections held throughout America this past Tuesday proved that.

It is also important to recognize the type of  influence that Speaker Pelosi and President Obama wielded in the health care takeover vote. To pass the bill, an endless amount of deal making went into the process. And all of those deals were conducted under the table and behind closed doors. The horse trading that took place among a group of politicians, limited exclusively to Democrats, is what helped to account for the extraordinary size of the bill—–1,900 pages. It is also something that we will pay for dearly in the next few coming year’s. This bill was passed by the creations of favors that will allow Democrat committee chairman to reward “yea” votes on HR. 3692 by approving more pork in future spending bills than all the pig farms in the Midwest. Democrats will be approving some of the most harebrained legislation you’ve ever seen and they will do so because of three words—– “you owe me”.

House%20Floor%201The same goes for the President too.

For every arm Pelosi and the President twisted, two favors were offered. So many favors were offered in order to pass government managed health reform and insurance that much of the legislative agenda for this and next year, will be based entirely on the need to payback the favors promised to Democrats running for reelection next year. If you think the legislative agenda of Congress will be based on the needs of the people, think again. Our needs will be secondary and even tertiary when it comes to the needs of Democrats facing tough reelection bids and saying to Nancy,——- “you owe me this”.

Add to that the likelihood that both Pelosi and the President may have blown their entire wad of influence on this one vote though. They may have exhausted any chance of passing any other controversial bills in the next legislative session because they may have had to call in too many favors on this one vote. That may be the only silver lining here. The liberal leadership had to pull so many strings, that they may not have the ability to try to ram through anymore of their radically, transformative agenda for quite some time to come.

What’s more is that all the favors, arm twisting, finger bending, deceit and depletion of legislative resources could be for naught. No matter what happens, the favors and deals for those placed their support for Pelosicare on the record and now face some stiff reelection bids, will still have be paid back. And the truth is, that what passed in the House is not likely to pass in Senate.

Typically, the House is much more radical, more extreme than the United States Senate. The House of Representatives is based upon extremists elected from gerrymandered districts within the population that are largely created by drawn based upon ideological preferences. Most districts are either predominantly liberal or predominantly conservative. This means that a member of the House can more afford to take an extreme position. Their districts are largely drawn based upon people with extreme positions leaning one way or the other. There are exceptions of course. There exist a few handfuls of “swing” districts which are moderate. But such seats are in the minority.

The Senate however has no members elected from districts that are carved out to match specifically match their political and ideological personality. These people are elected from entire states. So Senators try to placate everyone. That is not conducive to taking extreme positions. Between that and rules that govern the Senate which are quite different than those governing the House and you have a legislative that, unlike the House of Representatives, tends to water down legislation and moderate the final results. The Senate is also a bit more shrewd than the House. They often take a wait and see approach.

Remember that historic Cap-and-Trade energy bill that the lower chamber of Congress passed many moons ago? The Senate has yet to act on it? In the case of health care reform, the Senate which reached established a bill of their own has waited to see exactly what the House version was before they move ahead with their own. They will now carefully review what is in the House bill and monitor the public reaction to it. But Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn’t have a great deal of time to put his finger in the wind. He is going to have to call for a vote on a final government health care over right away. The more time that the public has to understand what is actually in the bill recently passed in the House, the more support and will and the more intense the objections will become.

The one thing you can rest assured on is that Pelosicare, as it was passed in its current form, will not be what the Senate approves. If a bill calling for the government takeover of health care is to be passed by the Senate, it will be watered down significantly. The public option is a major hurdle.  A final senate bill could include an opt out clause or maybe the “trigger” that liberal Republican Olympia Snowe likes. If compromise on that one issue can’t be reached, the so called public option, which is anything but an option, could be scrapped altogether.  In any event, passage of any health management and insurance reform bill that the President wants is far from done. If any version of reform is to actually make it to the President’s desk, it will modified to one degree or another in the Senate. If it isn’t, the big government takeover of health management and insurance won’t even have 50 votes, which is 10 less than they actually need to pass it. The message sent in the wake of this past Tuesday’s elections assures us that many Senator’s do not want to be saddled with the existing bill as they come up for reelection and are at the mercy of their statewide constituencies.

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Million Med March Demonstrates That Not All Doctors Want Government Run Healthcare

Bookmark and Share    The left likes to use phrases such as “the majority of Americans want healthcare reform”. They try suggest that because of that they are right and everyone else is wrong. But that distortion exceeds the bounds of sincerity. The phrase is true but what the left neglects to mention is the remainder of that phrase. A majority of Americans do want healthcare reforms, but they don’t want the reforms that liberals are trying to ram down our throats.
Click on the image above to visit MillionMedMarch.com

Click on the image above to visit MillionMedMarch.com

Another phrase they like to use is that medical professionals want healthcare reform. But there again, Democrats are showing their propaganda skills.

Many doctors do not particularly want government run health management and care. Many insist that government health management and care programs like Medicare pay only cents on the dollar to doctors for the services that they provide. They also contend to the fact that it often takes up to five years to receive those cents from the government run program.

Beyond that and the legitimate profit concern, many doctors who have read the healthcare bill, are disturbed by what they call government intervention that gets in the way of the normal doctor-patient relationship. So much so that they believe government run health management and care could be more of detriment than a help.

So the lies of the left last only so long and go only so far in the healthcare debate. For doctors who are tired of Democrats exploiting them and lying about them, they have gotten pretty fed up by all of it. That’s why on October 1st, doctors from across America will be marching on Washington, DC.

They have organized what is called Million Med March. It is A physician grassroots movement of physicians trying to, as they put it, re-establish honor, dignity and worth to the medical profession. That its sole mission is to protect the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

The march will begin at John Marshall Park and end at the Upper Senate Park where a rally will conducted. Once it isObamacare over, all of these doctors will breakup and to meet with their state representatives.

The time has come for Democrats to face facts. Most people do not want government run healthcare and they do not want to be forced into government run programs. Liberals have to accept the fact that their lies can only get them so far and their lies on health management and care reform have run their course. The doctors of the Million Med March are simply more evidence of that fact.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid need to come to the realization that HR 3200 will either have to be thrown out and begin work on a bipartisan plan with Republicans at the table, break the bill down and try to pass individual aspects of it, or ignore the majority of Americans who oppose their plan and pass the bill by themselves, along strictly partisan lines. If they choose to do it alone, the blame will be theirs alone and the retribution will be the throwing out on their collective arses come November of 2010.

The American people realize that and so do the doctors of the Million Med March.

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Taxes. They Are Sure To Go Up Under The Taxman

Bookmark and Share   On the way to D.C. for the national Tea Party protest, those on my bus took advantage of its taxman1DVD player and the overhead television screens.

At first the words of Mark Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny were played. The use of his best selling book on audio came in quite handy and as we listened to the last chapter, those of us on the bus were inspired by the meaning of his words and could not help directly relating  the mission we were in the midst of,  to the one proposed by Mark Levin when he urges conservatives to become activists and steal back the mantle of leadership for the sake of stemming the tyranny of bureaucracy in place of spreading independence and liberty.

Not long after that chapter of that audio book came to its conclusion, a video came on.

No we were not plugged into MTV or VH1 or some other lamestream media outlet. It was a DVD provided by one of my fellow passengers. A gentleman whose expresses his sense of conviction by producing videos dealing with the very purpose of our journey to the Tea Party.

I would like to share one of those videos with you. It is done quite well with excellent production value and a level of superior creative quality that provide a jovial look at a serious matter …….Taxes.

Take a moment to check it out. You wont regret the three minutes spent on it but certainly will regret not taking the opportunity to see this little gem.

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