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Mayor of Newark, New Jersey Tackles Crime One Tweet At A Time

Bookmark and Share  I am not a big “twitter” follower.  I do tweet all of my POLITICS 24/7 blog posts and they are automatically linked to several other sites.  This saves me the time of having to repost them on multiple platforms and it also helps to give POLITICS 24/7 more exposure.  The way I see it, if you want to read my “tweets”, great!   But honestly, I don’t usually get on twitter and read everyone elses “tweets”.

But this morning, just after I posted my POLITICS 24/7 tweet, I noticed that about thirty seconds before me, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey posted a “tweet” of his own.  It stated that he had jut pulled someone over for littering.

Cory BookerCoryBooker:   Just pulled some1 over on elizabeth ave 4 littering. One of the most disrespectful acts u  can do in any community.

I don’t know about you, but I sure do wish I could pull over that a-hole driving in front of me who threw out their candy bar wrapper as it flew back and wrapped its way around my car antennae.  But us unelected civilians, we  can’t do that.  And I would also advise that none of you try to do that.  Especially in Newark, New Jersey.  But Mayor Booker, with his police escort and protection,  can and did.

But I wondered to myself, with all that is wrong in Newark, is something like someone throwing litter out of a car window, worth a Mayor’s time to pull them over, fine them and then “tweet” about it?

Cory Booker is a Democrat and he is seen as a rising star in New Jersey…..a possible candidate for U.S. Senate or Governor.  So I really do not want to compliment the guy.   Odds are, I will be helping  to defeat him, if and when he does run for Governor or the U.S. Senate.  However; I must admit that I think what Booker did, as trivial as it may seem, was a good thing and no waste of time.

You see,  back in the 1990’s, New York City, where I am originally from, was a city in financial and social turmoil.  It was also becoming the crime capital of the U.S..  Every other day there were headlines about another innocent little boy or girl, or a toddler, or one of  their parents, being killed by a stray bullet.   In 1990, New York City saw   a record annual number of more than 2, 245 murders.  Not long after that, when Rudy Giuliani became Mayor, New York began to see a steady and dramatic decrease in all categories of crime, from murder, rape and muggings, to burglaries, auto theft and vandalism.

The hiring of more police, the changing of police tactics and the adoption of broken window policing, all helped to turn things around.  With a zero tolerance policy, Mayor Giuliani mandated the focussed enforcement of  all laws regarding quality of life  issues.  This was part of the  “broken window policing” policy.  The broken window  theory is based on the school of thought that says  if the windows of a building are not repaired, the tendency is for there to be more vandalism in that building and for even more windows to be broken until  eventually, those vandals even break into the building and more serious trouble is born.

So Giuliani and his Police Commissioner set out to repair the little broken windows of crime, the smaller infractions that, if ignored, could turn into bigger infractions and even serious crimes.  

They cracked down on public drinking and intoxication,  subway fare evasion, people urinating in the streets, and the “squeegee men” who would surround your car at red lights slop fluid on the windshield and start  wiping your car window and then demand a buck or two for the unasked for service. 

Ridiculed at first, Giuliani’s crackdown on quality of life crimes worked.

But back in Newark, New Jersey, people there are living in a pre-1990’s New York City.  Stray bullets, rapes, muggings, armed robberies, are all so rampant that the wild west of yester year looks tame and polite by comparison.  For some, the task of trying to make a dent in the existing criminal free for all  in Newark,  might seem overwhelming and it probably is, but you have to start somewhere.

So maybe a Mayor getting out of his car to ticket someone littering their community, is a start.  Maybe the 10 minutes it took Mayor Booker to stop the driver, issue them the ticket and tweet about it, was not a waste of time.  Maybe, just maybe, it is a start to the creation of some sense of decency, civic pride and personal responsibility.  It may only be a very small start, but it is at least a start.

Of course, if tommorow it comes out that at the same time Mayor Booker was issuing his littering summons, just a little further up the block, someone was being killed, the Mayor will be attacked and chastised for his focus on the trivial, but that is just how fate sometimes works.  In the mean time, you have to give Cory Booker credit for trying.

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The Week’s Political Winners & Losers for 1/25-1/31, 2010

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers
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Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

 Chris Matthews PhotobucketPhotobucket 

After once admitting to having a tingle run up his leg over Barack Obama, the partisan television prognosticator who offers some of the most useless and rambling banter on American airwaves, made a statement that goes down on that Best of Chris Matthews CD or maybe that TV’s Top Ten Bloopers show. After President Obama delivered his fifty or so minute State of the Union address, Matthews gushed “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he’s gone a long way to become a leader of this country, and passed so much history, in just a year or two. I mean, it’s something we don’t even think about. I was watching, I said, wait a minute, he’s an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people.” Matthews can’t help but spew verbal ejaculations of liberal loving quotes that he is famous for, but it isn’t often that a liberal admits to their preoccupation with race and their racist thoughts. To suggest that Matthews forgot the President was black for one hour indicated that he thinks about President Obama’s color the other 23 hours of everyday. The remark was just another example of talking head stupidity and Chris Matthews proved once and for all that he doesn’t use his head but talks out of his arse. The fact that MSNBC continues to run with this guy made choosing between Matthews and MSNBC for a slot in this week’s loser column difficult. It was a close call, but I don’t think any one can truly contest the fact that Matthews is the biggest loser of the two. 

Arlen SpecterPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 

Arlen Specter spent the past week trying to explain why he was so patronizing to a Congresswoman that he was debating while on a radio talk show. After repeatedly telling the Congresswoman to essentially shut up and “act like a lady”, ol’ Arlen helped to demonstrate that he is even more out of touch than we thought. Liberal feminists ignored the remark, but strong, independent women didn’t. Many of them, including Michelle Bachmann await an apology. Not for calling her lady, but for the patronizing tone and context he used the term “act like a lady” in. The suggestion was that as a lady, Bachmann should sit there and listen to Arlen without objection to his accusations. I don’t know about Arlen but I don’t think sharia laws apply to contemporary American women and I would guess Arlen never told his wife to “act like a lady” because if he did, he’d be talking funny with the fat lap he would walking around with. But things are not going well for Arlen Specter. In addition to acting like Archie Bunker addressing Edith from his armchair, a poll came out and placed him 14 points behind Pat Toomey, his likely Republican opponent for the Senate seat he currently occupies. On top of that, it is becoming more and more clear that this was not the time to be switching parties and trying to latch on to a political label that is sinking faster than the Titanic. Arlen is definitely a loser. Especially this week. 

President ObamaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket 

Faced with the need to take the focus off of the fact that the American people believe he has not been focusing on the most pressing issues confronting us, President Obama used his first State of the Union to talk out of both sides of his mouth. After using his first year in office to become the most partisan President of out time, spend like a drunken sailor in a liquor store, and really do nothing more for the economy other than increase unemployment, he stood before the nation and chastised Republicans for not being bipartisan enough, and told us  how the federal government must tighten its belt end spend less and how we must create jobs. The President’s State of the Union offered a to do list of everything his administration and his policies did not do during his first year in office. But if that did ‘nt prove how hypocritical he and his Party is, President Obama spoke of a Christmas tree of tax cuts and even suggested that the he already cut taxes for Americans and that those “tax cuts gave Americans more spending power”. Well here’s a newsflash Mr. President, you campaigned against trickle down economics and you even said you wanted the government to “spread the wealth” through taxes. So which is it? Do you believe that tax cuts help Americans or do you believe that Americans are best off when the government redistributes their wealth? And as far as those tax cuts you claim to have initiated, they were so meager that they were hardly felt. And by the way, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire is as good as a tax increase. So rather than suggest that you are a tax cutter, you should fess up and admit that you and your party are tax hikers. Unless of course you really believe that tax cuts give Americans more buying power and that more buying power leads to more job. If you do, you will reinstate the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent…… Until the President’s rhetoric matches his deeds, until he really cuts taxes, creates jobs, grows the economy and insures that his Democrat leaders allow Republican leaders to sit at the table, than he is nothing but a loser dragging us all down. This week, all President Obama did was demonstrate how hypocritical he is. So he must be considered one of the week’s losers. 

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite  


POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

 New York City PhotobucketPhotobucket

President Obama and Eric Holder made us all losers when they proved their inability to properly prosecute the War on the Terror but when they made the decision to try five professed terrorists who were involved in 9//11, as civilians instead of enemy combatants in a military tribunal, the biggest loser was the location where their civilian trial was going to be held………..New York City. The trial would have cost NYC $1 billion, depressed local commerce, put New Yorkers on edge , paralyzed the City’s already congested streets with closures and other delays created by the humongous security needs that would have been required and it would have risked victimizing New Yorkers from a retaliatory strike sparked by the trial that would have taken place just a few hundred yards away from ground zero. After Mayor Bloomberg changed his mind and urged the President to change his own mind, the President called upon the Justice Deartment to find another location for the trial. So New York City came out on top this weeks, where it belongs and is a winner. But what of the municipality that the civilian trial ends up in? Will that town deserve being the target of threats, being harassed by inconveniences and plundered by expenses that a military tribunal would have avoided. Not really but New Yorker’s made sure that it won’t be them. So they are winners.

ManCrunch PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  

Few ever heard of this gay dating site, or probably ever wanted to hear about it, but after putting CBS on the spot and forcing them out of the closet to admit that they would not air their commercial during the Super Bowl because it did not meet the stations standards, word spread like wild fire and a viral marketing success was born. After ticking off the right by rejecting an anti-abortion ad, it was easy to call  attention to the network’s rejection of  another ad that this time, ticked off the left.  The ad  showed two men kissing after their hands touched while reaching into a bowl of chips.  This all happens as, the two are watching a football game and is done quite comically.  But when the people marketing ManCrunch let it be known that CBS considered it inappropriate to air, people quickly went to the  internet to see the commercial for themselves. And as they did, CBS quickly became the “Can’t Be Seen Network” and without spending a dime of the millions it costs for an ad to run during the Super Bowl, ManCrunch got more publicity than it ever could have imagined, and for free!   And so now you know what ManCrunch is,  which is why they are a big winner of the week. They took political correctness and exploited it to their advantage. It was the type of brilliant strategy that could be used in pulling off something as unimaginable as electing a Republican to the US Senate from Massachusetts.  

  Indiana Voters and Their State Legislature  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  

 Indiana has been seeing an incredible tug of war between the state and local municipal governments. As the national economy soured, the state government, under Republican Governor Mitch Daniels,  was forced to cut back on the amount of funds it gave to local governments. The state, tightened its belt, but local governments did not. So they turned to raising property taxes. Since 2008 the high trending property tax rates sparked an Indiana uprising of Tea Party protesters and even ousted the Mayor of Indianapolis. So now, taking the bull by the horn, state lawmakers have approved placing a state constitutional amendment on the ballot that would enable state residents to vote on a constitutional Property-Tax Cap. Even though voters understand that this will mean cuts in municipal services, one poll shows them in favor of the cap on property taxes by a margin of 64%. So this week both the voters of Indiana and their state legislature are winners. Not only do they talk about belt tightening and limited government, they are taking steps to insure it. Now, if national Democrats, as well as national Republicans can learn that leson, maybe we will all be better off. 

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A Perfect Political Storm Is Brewing In New York

Bookmark and Share    A perfect storm is a unique combination of circumstances that allow two or more weather fronts to meet and mix with a moisture rich air mass. The perfect timing and combination often produce storms of unprecedented power and devastation. Although the term is often reserved for meteorological references, it can also be applied to events unrelated to weather. For instance, the recent events that allowed a Republican to be elected to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts is a prime example of a metaphorical use of the phrase “perfect storm”. A unique set of circumstances that brought voter dissatisfaction, and a perceived liberal arrogance together with a good Republican candidate and a bad Democrat candidate, made for a perfect storm that emaciated the filibuster-proof majority that Democrats held over the nation.

That same type of perfect storm is brewing in the political atmosphere of New York State. It takes a vulnerable liberal incumbent, an aggressive former Tennessee Congressman and a former Republican Congresswoman and puts them together to create a scenario that, if all the timing is right, could make for a scenario that recreates in New York, the same type of political Nor’ Easter that we saw in Massachusetts.

After being picked to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacated senate seat by New York’s unpopular Governor David Paterson, Kirsten Gillibrand is seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Ironically her vulnerabilities are more exposed among fellow Democrats than  it is with the loyal Republican opposition.

Initially, Gillibrand is most vulnerable to fellow Democrats who want to be the next U.S. Senator from New York.

Gillibrand remains largely unknown as a Senator. So far she has failed to become the champion of any issue and being picked by an unpopular Governor is not helping her. That is why everyone who is anyone looked at challenging her for the Democrat nomination.

Congressman Steve Israel was looking at launching his candidacy. So were several other state figures. But at the behest of President Obama, they all bowed out. The White House does not want to lose what is currently  a safe seat because of a bloody primary battle. This was especially the case when it looked like the most popular Republican in the state, Rudy Giuliani might be the G.O.P. nominee against Gillibrand. But Giuliani declined to run, again. That essentially left the road to winning the general election clear for Gillibrand……..so long as she was not dragged through the mud in a primary.

The White House did a good job at discouraging competition. Most New York Democrats heeded the President’s  advice and dropped any challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand. All except for one……former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford.

Ford is actually using his disobedience with the White House to his advantage. After getting much attention regarding his possible challenge to Senator Gillibrand, President Obama went very public in trying to deter Ford from actually running. But as Ford embarks on his” listening tour” of the state, he is taking that very public presidential demand and telling people that he will be an independent leader who will not take orders from anyone, including his fellow Democrat, President Obama.

Ford has billed his listening tour as a tool to help him to decide on whether or not he will run. But while shaking hands at a diner in Tappan, New York, he introduced himself by saying “I’m Harold Ford and I’m running for the U.S. Senate”. This Freudian slip was repeated quite a few times and each time, after he let the cat out of the bag, he quickly corrected himself and stated, “I’m thinking about running for the U.S. Senate”.

So it looks like Ford is actually going for it. He is just going through the motions at the moment and using the suspense to get a great deal of free publicity and exposure.

I did not think Ford would actually go through with a primary challenge to Gillibrand. Despite her low name I.D. and less than stellar approval ratings, Gillibrand’s negative ratings are among the lowest of any Democrat in the state and in just one year’s time, she has built quite a large war chest. With over $7 million raised since last February, she has raised more than any other senators with the exceptoion  of Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid and her New York colleague, the state’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer.

Given her support from the President along with her potential for getting her numbers up and her hefty fundraising abilities, I did not think Harold Ford would go for it. Especially given the fact that he will be labeled as a carpetbagger.

But Ford is extraordinarily power hungry. That is why he is no longer a Congressman from Tennessee. He gave that seat up when he chose to try to move up the political ladder by running for the U.S. Senate in that state.        He lost.

The decision to run for that senate seat came shortly after Ford tried to became the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives.

He ran against Nancy Pelosi.         He lost that too.

So now, with his Tennessee political fortunes exhausted, he moved to New York where he became a consultant for Merrill Lynch. That Wall Street name will be something that won’t help him if he does run. But I believe Harold understands that he could overcome that negative by going with the anti-incumbency sentiments and existing anger with the establishment. President Obama’s public attempt to discourage Harold Ford from running simply adds to this strategy. That is why Ford just might be able to get a lot of traction by claiming that he will not take orders from anyone.

If President Obama’s approval ratings continue to drop, and fails to even inspire Democrats, as was the case in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia, Ford’s opposing the President’s wishes will be to his advantage.

It is a gamble, but Harold Ford, Jr. is banking on distancing himself from President Obama and while he makes a run  from the President and to the left of the political spectrum, he will hype up the fact that Kirsten Gillibrand is the President’s senator but he will be the people’s senator. The scenario is interesting and very plausible. But essential to it working will be Ford’s fundraising ability.

Winning the Democrat nomination for statewide office in New York is currently viewed as the real fight, because with Rudy out, there is little chance of a Republican winning. Unless of course the Democrat primary between Ford and Gillibrand leaves the winner bloody. If that happens, whether the nominee be Gillibrand or Ford, one Republican might be able to turn things around.

Former Governor George Pataki is considering a run. Against Gillibrand, he could possibly pull it off, but if his opponent were to be the independent minded Harold Ford,  Pataki’s chances are diminished greatly. But Pataki is not the potential game changer. That person is former Congresswoman Susan Molinari.

Susan is the daughter of long serving, popular, former Republican New York Congressman Guy Molinari. When Guy did not get a position in President George H. W. Bush’s administration, he retired from Congress. Back then President Bush told Guy that he could not afford losing him in the House. Leaving was Guy’s way of saying “screw you”. So off he went. Guy then went on to become Borough President of Staten Island, the most Republican of New York City’s five counties. Replacing Guy in Congress was his daughter, City Councilwoman Susan Molinari.

For the longest time, Susan was the only Republican in the New York City Council and as such was already fairly well known. But after serving in Congress she soon became a darling of the Party.

Moderate in her politics, Susan played up her pro-choice stance with liberals and women while simultaneously playing up her defense and fiscal policies with conservatives. Both had an appreciation of her. But in 1997 after marrying Buffalo, New York’s former Congressman, Bill Paxon, Susan decided not to run for a urth term in Congress.

Now she is thinking about coming out of retirement.

Her father has said that after no star candidate emerged to challenge Gillibrand, “All of a sudden I think, the best candidate in the entire country is my daughter”.

I know Susan, and I can tell you right now that she is not “the best candidate in the entire country”, but she could be one of the best positioned Republican candidates in New York to take a U.S. Senate seat away from Democrats.

If a bloody Gillibrand is the inevitable nominee, Susan will help to split the women’s vote, especially suburban soccer Moms. If Ford is the badly bruised winner of the primary, he will have severely depleted his campaign war chest and he will have also gone through a campaign that will surely have labeled him an outsider. Put up against native New Yorker, Susan Molinari, who can easily raise a substantial campaign fund, Tennessee Ford will find himself having a tough time beating her. Molinari will, again, get a substantial number of votes from women, she will hold down Democrat numbers coming out of New York City and she will be able to go toe to toe with Ford on who is more independent. In addition to all that, Harry will also have a tough time reconciling the more liberal  Harold Ford of New York’s 2010  senate race, with the more conservative Harold Ford who ran in 2006 for the U.S. Senate from Tennessee.  Many of his positions hav changed.  Gay marriage is just one example.  Among the more conservative Tennessee electorate, Harry was opposed to same sex marriage.  Now, among more liberal New Yorkers, he is for same sex marriage.  Which Ford would New Yorkers really be getting? 

Kirsten Gillibrand will have all this amunition too but here’s where another part of this perfect storm comes into play.

Governor Paterson is African-American.  He is going to be challenged for the gubernatorial  nomination by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, an Itsalian-American.  This situation is going to have an effect on a Gillibrand-Ford race. 

Paterson is currently expected to lose to Cuomo, but one thing is for sure. Race will play a role and  African-American New Yorker’s will be coming out for Governor Paterson.   

While at the polls,  a great many of them are likely to cast their senate primary vote for Harold Ford, Jr., who is also African-American.  So no matter how much Gillibrand may attack Ford for flip-flopping, Ford can count on attratcing many black voters away from Gillibrand.

 As a Republican, I for one do hope that Ford runs. By making a strong bid for the Democrat nomination, he will do much more good for the G.O.P. than he will for Democrats and if he wins that nomination, he will make it pretty easy for Susan Molinari to walk right up the middle and into the senate chambers of Washington, D.C..

Now all Republicans have to do is make sure that Susan Molinari becomes their nominee. If she does, New York might pull off a Massachusetts-like surprise that will add to the already substantial gains in Congress that Republicans are heading towards. But one without the other will not work. If Republicans don’t properly seed the storm clouds, their electoral drought will be long lasting.

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Moummar Quadaffi : Obama Should Be President Forever

Bookmark and Share   In what can be best described as a “who let the nuts out moment”, immediately following President Obama’s apologetic speech for America at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, madman 1GaddafiMoummar Qadaffi of Libya took to the podium.

The terrorist rambled on and on about reforming the U.N., moving  it to the East (Oh, Please do. Please!), giving the African Union (of which the fool chairs) a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, and giving equal treatment to countries like Iran and Libya.  In between long pauses of Qadaffi’s trying to collect his thoughts so that he could try to make sense of his own words, the Libyan leader looked as if he was losing track of his own words. But that wasn’t the case when he spoke a few off the cuff remarks about President Barack Obama.

It was here that perhaps the lunatic guerrilla leader uttered his most important words.

Qadaffi stated that the African people are very happy to see Obama become President of the United States. He said that it really was “change”. But he didn’t stop there.

The Moumar-luke decried to the international assembly before him how Obama should be President forever and that while the African people are happy with Obama who can assure them that Obama will be President four years from now.

The statement sends chills up my spine. When a crazed leader who has had a hand in terrorism and provides convicted terrorists with a heroes welcome back home, endorsing our President and hoping that he be President forever, I have to wonder whose side is our President on?

I long for the days when the enemies of freedom feared our Presidents. The days when they hated the United States having the kind of President who didn’t tolerate their evil deeds. Now, today, when people like Moummar Qadaffi praise our President to the point of yearning for his installation as America’s permanent ruler, I am scared. I have to question what President Obama stands for. If his leadership engenders the support of killers and dictators like Moummar Qadaffi I can only wonder who does he really offer “hope” to? Terrorists and totalitarians?

As this is written, Qadaffi Duck is still rambling on and enters into his second hour of disjointed dialogue. With so much time afforded to him, I am sure that there will be many verbal gems to write about but none are more important and telling than a terrorists stated wish for President Obama to be President forever.

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Bookmark and Share   POLITICS 24/7  is not in the habit of dealing with events outside of politics but as most of us know there are many things more important than politics.

Chesley Sullenberger III, crash landed US Airway flight into Hudson River in New York

Chesley Sullenberger III, crash landed US Airway flight into Hudson River in New York

This afternoon, one such event occurred in New York’s Hudson River.

Three minutes after taking off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport  in  Queens U.S. Airways Flight 1549  lost power probably due to a number of Canadian geese getting sucked into one or more of its engines. Within a split second the Captain of the plane tried to head for New Jersey but it was obvious to him that the aircraft could not make it.

The plane was losing power and altitude, The lives of 5 crew members and approximately 150 passengers hung in the balance as the plane hung over the densely populated New York city metropolitan area.

Almost immediately Captain Chesley Sullenberger decided to use the Hudson River as his landing strip.

The quick decision proved to be the best possible one.

Without risking the lives of any citizens below his craft, Captain Sullenberger tried to save the lives of the more than 150 people in his care and in what officials and experienced aviators can only describe as the type of picture perfect landing that one hopes for under the best of condition, Sullenberger glided the powerless aircraft down towards the Hudson’s icy waters and skimmed its surface until the plane came to a sudden stop, in one piece and floating.

The impact was still terrifically rough but it could have been much rougher had the angle of descent been slightly off.

Had the plane not hit the surface of the water properly, it could have easily been torn apart. Had it hit the river surface in any way less then perfect, its cargo hold doors and landing gear bays could have been comprised and allowed water to quickly rush into the plane and cause it to sink much quicker than it did, thereby subjecting passengers to subfreezing water and limiting their chances for rapid rescue.

Some might say that the Captain and the passengers were lucky, very lucky. As for me I believe that the passengers were lucky. Lucky to have Chesley Sullenberger as the Captain of their doomed flight.

What Captain Sullenberger did, did not involve luck. It took experience, commitment, judgment, confidence, talent, bravery, nerves of steel and presence of mind. A lesser person could have panicked. They could have frozen and allowed gravity to bring the plane down upon crowded neighborhoods as children made their way home from school.

Had Captain Sullenberger not been the man that he is, many more than the over 150 passengers on flight 1549 could have died. Hundreds more could have perished.

Of course the flight crew of flight 1549 were not alone in their heroism.

New York has dealt with calamity on a scale that few other cities have ever seen. As a result New york city is prepared for challenging, unexpected events and so the city’s emergency service workers ran into action before the plane hit the water. Alerted to the emergency when the plane first lost power, police, firemen, paramedics were in the ready and hospitals on both sides of the Hudson were put on alert. Ambulances rushed to the shores alongside of the planes resting place. Ferry boats darted toward the floating aircraft and as they floated along side the slowly sinking plane, passengers boarded the boats and were whisked to safety.

All of those involved are heroes but today our hats go off to captain Chesley Sullenberger.  Even before finally exiting the plane hinmself, whith the frigid water rising around him, Sullenberger went up and down the jet’s aisle to make sure that no one was still aboard.

Had it not been for him, the new year would not be getting out of its first 15 days without a tragic and dramatic loss of many lives.

New York’s Governor David Paterson called the event a “miracle on the Hudson”. I say the miracle is named Chesley Sullenberger and tonight there are many people thanking God for the miracle that Sullenberger performed.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite

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