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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. This Week’s Winners & Losers 11/16/09-11/22/09

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers 

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Week of 11/16/09  through 11/22/09


Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

Recovery.gov & Vice President Biden  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

In his State of the Union address, President Obama claimed that a spending package as big as his historic stimulus package, we had to make sure we spend it right. He added “Here in Washington, we’ve all seen how quickly good intentions can turn into broken promises and wasteful spending,”. He then proceeded to give the job of insuring that it was spent right and that every dime was accounted for to Vice Presdinet Bonehead….I mean Biden.  The President said “I’ve asked Vice President Biden to lead a tough, unprecedented oversight effort — because nobody messes with Joe.”  Really? If that’s true——-WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THAN?

10 or so months since the deficit busting measure was enacted, with its main purpose being “job creation”, here we are and with the highest unemployment in over a quarter of a century and more people out work since he took office than were out of work before he took office,  3.8 million more in fact  The President insists his great stimulus package is greasing the engine that creates jobs.


It would seem that it is greasing more palms than job creating cogs and thanks to Recovery.gov and Vice President Biden we have no idea of what has really been spent, who has really gotten the money and what jobs, if any have really been created. Joe’s great oversight had Recovery.org recording that a whole host of jobs were being created in one state’s fifteenth Congressional District. Problem is the state in question only has 8 Congressional Districts. In Oklahoma, a  joint effort that received six military contracts counted the same 10 jobs six times. According to Recovery.org and the Vice President, a shoe-store owner claimed he created nine jobs on an $889.60 contract. In fact, he supplied nine pairs of shoes to the Army Corps of Engineers. In Washington state, The Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency reported 205  jobs created or saved with $397,761. The money was actually used for pay raises.

There were literally hundreds of false reports such as this discovered so far——-so far!.

What this essentially means is that President Obama was full of crap when he promised the most transparent and ethical Administration ever. It means that the American people are being lied to and that the job figures coming out of the Whitehouse are wrong and not to be taken seriously. It also means that although nobody may “mess with Joe”, Joe is actually more messed up than any of us thought when we told, then Senator Obama,  that Joe Biden was a dimwitted dunce with a mouth so big he could fit both his and the President’s set of feet in it.

Recovery.Org and the man in charge of accounting for the so called stimulus money, are the biggest losers of the week. Unfortunately and more importantly, all of us are also losers because right now billions of our tax dollars are being wasted on we don’t what.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I call him Pimp Daddy Reid and this week he is the biggest loser because he literally broke the bank on trying to get his healthcare bill over a procedural hurdle. He didn’t get the bill passed, he simply help avoid a filibuster thereby giving his government takeover of health care the chance to see another day of light.  But just to pass this simple procedural hurdle, he pimped out at least a fourth of his fellow Democrat Senators. None more than Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, the Magnolia Madame. This political prostitute held out for $100 million dollars that was artfully written into the healthcare reform bill and designated to go to her state for Medicaid subsidies.

Now she can go back to Louisianans and tell them that she got them a hundred million bucks. But what she wont tell them is that she may have cost them about 650 million with a bill, that if passed, will tax the life out of the health of her state’s people.

In the meantime, Reid conducted the entire bill drafting and deal making process behind closed doors. He never once tried to work with Republicans or let them work with him and is clearly going for the nuclear option on passage of the bill. And while all this scheming is going on, lord knows how much all his deal making is costing us. He promised $100 million to Landrieu, to sit back, shut and do what he says but how much will he be paying to the other liberal whores out that there that face a tough reelection bid in 2010? How much will Max Baucus get? What will Lieberman be offered?

This week, even though Pimp Daddy Reid won a strictly party line that prevented a filibuster, he is a loser. He promised so much pork barrel spending just to make sure that his conference agreed to debate the bill that healthcare reform is already proving to be too costly. Lord knows how much more of our money he will pimp out other Democrats for to actually get them to pass the bill.

President Obama PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

President Obama promised to have a health care reform bill that Americans could be confident in. He promised that the entire process creating the bill would be carried on C-Span and he promised America that his entire presidency would be the most ethical and transparent ever.

Well guess what Mr. President?  As Joe Wilson would say————YOU LIED!!!!!

The entire health care reform process was conducted behind closed doors and among Democrats only. The President’s party is preparing to go nuclear on the issue and his legislative leaders have turned the House into a brothel, chock filled with  political prostitutes.

And at the same time, President Obama has failed to even once step in and offer leadership on the issue…… Real leadership.   He has offered lip service and rhetoric but nothing more. He has not once been man enough to have his chief of staff, Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel, sit down and draft any aspect of this bill with the President and tell Congress, “this is something we should work with”.  In 1993, when Hillary care flopped, part of the problem was the her husband B.J. Clinton had his wife write the entire bill. Congress had nothing to do with it. In the end, they still had nothing to do with it. They simply rejected it. Now in President Obama’s case, he hasn’t written a thing. Instead he just threw this piece of raw meat on the floor of Congress and allowed for a free for all that has so far written almost 5,000 pages of healthcare legislation that pays for everything from Mary Landrieu’s reelection effort to loans to veterinarians….that’s veterinarians, not veterans.

Essentially what we have here is a mess that only promises to get messier, especially if this mess becomes law.

President Obama is truly a loser this week and I believe that this week will produce a significant dip in his poll numbers because I also believe that many other people are seeing what Politics 24/7 is seeing.

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POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

Pat Toomey  PhotobucketPhotobucket

The Pennsylvania conservative who still believes that the Republican Party could again someday stand for the principles that once made it great, is a winner this week. He did nothing special to earn the win, but he didn’t do anything to detract from it. In the meantime, whoever is going to oppose him has really deepened themselves into a primary that will be bloody and costly.

Liberal Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak has kicked up his campaign for the Democrat nomination while Liberal Republican turned Liberal Democrat, incumbent,  Arlen “How Many Years Have I Been Here” Specter, also dug his heels in. Specter became a Democrat because he could not beatToomey in a promised Republican primary and now it is not certain if he can win a Democrat primary. And if he doesn’t win, Joe Sestak will have exhausted a lot of his own  financial resources to remain standing for the general election.

A few weeks ago Toomey was considered the underdog in the general election, but now, as his opponents start slicing eachother up, Pat Toomey is now even in polls that have Toomey in hypothetical match ups with either Sestak or Specter. Between that and the growing dissatisfaction that voters, nationwide, have with incumbents right now, the environment is continuously becoming more and more favorable for a Toomey victory in 2010. So this week, he’s a winner

Scott Fenstermaker PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Fenstermaker is the defense attorney for one of the 9/11 Five enemy combatants currently in the Guantanamo Bay prison. On Sunday, Fenstermaker came out and warned officials that they really need to reconsider having these murderers tried in a civilian court rather than in the military tribunal that they are suppose to be tried in.

After visiting with his client in Guantanamo, Fenstermaker warned that a long trial is going to create some severe national security risks due to both the testimony that will have to come out and the retaliatory acts of terror that the public trial will inspire. He also confirmed that all five will be pleading not guilty and they will use the platform given to them, to spread their anti-American messages and articulate their opinion of American foreign policy.

This is coming from the man defending one of these five terrorists. Now if the defense attorney can see this, how come the Attorney General of the United states can’t see it? The fact that Scott Fenstermakercame forward to provide this insider opinion of the dangerous situation, makes him a winner.

Ed Mangano PhotobucketPhotobucket

Who the heck is Ed Mangano? Well he just may be the next County Executive of New York’s Nassau County on Long Island. Even though Nassau County has been a fairly strong Republican county, Managano was given little chance of defeating popular incumbent Tom Souzzi. Democrats have seen their voter registrations increase and they not only took the back the county executive office but they had also taken control of the county legislature. So it was looking like Nassau County was trending towards a blue future.

However; in the November 3rd election, Republicans regained control of the county legislature and Tom Souzzi, well he was denied the opportunity to make a victory speech. Onnelection night Tommy Boy found himself with a lead that was too close to call.

Now weeks later, with 8,000 paper ballots needed to be counted, Ed Managano is leading Tom Souzzi by more than 350 votes. This is a pretty harsh blow to a man who after once winning a relatively good Republican in New York saw himself as a candidate with so much wide appeal, that he immediately decided to run for Governor. He challenged, then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, for the Democrat nomination. Souzzi ended up with less than 29% of the vote. As it turned out, with the scandalous conduct of Spitzer that forced him out of the Governor’s office, Suozzi might have been the better choice. New Yorker’s would have had the Governor they elected and Suozzi would still have a job.

The importance of Managano’s race is not based so much on him.   It is based more on the fact that Nassau  is a crucial downstate County in statewide elections.  Without a good Republican operation and groundswell of Republican support in Nassau County that can compensate for the heavy Democrat vote that comes out of neighboring New York City, the chances for any Republican to win any statewide election are slim.   So Mangano’s come from behind signifies some important  momentum in 2010.

As it stands now, Suozzi may be out of his job and the underdog, Ed Mangano, seems to be on his way to an unanticipated election victory. There are still many ballots to be counted and Mangano could lose his lead but even if that does happen and Suozzi gets sworn in again, the fact that Mangano has gotten this far makes him a winner and a shoe in next time around. But it looks like he will not have to wait. I think he will ultimately widen his lead and be declared the winner this time around.

So long Tommy.

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ATTN: DEMOCRATS; “Put Your Weapons Down, And Your Hands Up!”

Bookmark and Share    It’s said that  history has a way of repeating itself.   After seeing the results of the 2009 elections, Republican 2008 Election Victoriesit  looks like it is doing so right now.  Before the wheels started falling off the Republican bandwagon in 2006, Republicans suffered big defeats in both Virginia, and New Jersey, in 2005. Those losses were a sign of things to come and they preceded the GOP’s loss of seats in the US Senate and their loss of the majority and their control of the House of Representatives.

  In 2009, it is the Democrats who, whether they realize it or not, are seeing the wheels of their bandwagon, begin to fall off.  

Republican racked up victories all over the nation. In the East, they did particularly well. They won more seats in the in Virginia’s House of Delegates and also saw statewide victories for the Republican Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General candidates. To make that victory sweeter, Republican Governor-Elect Bob McConnell’s almost 18% lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds, helped Republicans pick up 4, and possibly 5, more seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.  

Corzine ConcedesHeading North, the Democrat stronghold of The Garden State saw New Jersey voters give Democrat Governor, Jon Corzine the state‘s one finger salute and offer him a hearty toodaloo.

Having ruled over a four year term that saw nothing but sweetheart deals for unions, new and higher taxes, higher tolls, higher costs of living, more state mandates and fewer and fewer jobs Corzine, even “The Messiah, himself, could not resuscitate the that dead donkey. Although in the darkest of blue New Jersey, where politics is a crime and every other voter has a patronage position, the Democrats did put up a good fight and made it a much closer race than in Virginia. 

In his victory speech, Corzine’s Republican rival, Chris Christie eluded to the havoc that Corzine wreaked on New Jersey by recounting the story he was told by a man that he met in Tinton Falls, NJ, earlier in the day. Christie explained that the man came up to him with teary eyes, grabbed his hand and told Christie that he is a small business owner with a wife and children. The man then asked that Christie do all that he can to win, because as the man said “if you don‘t win, I wont be able to afford to live here anymore. He continued, please win this election because I want my family to still be living in New Jersey four years from now. 

Christie Wins New JerseyChristie wasn’t exactly the best candidate and he was actually uninspiring. I was, and am, his biggest critic. I am distrustful of Christie. I believe he may shy away from the conservative principles that make Republicans Republicans. His campaign lacked any cohesive, believable message and was devoid of any detail. Yet none of that stopped people from voting for him. 42% of all those who did push the button for Christie told pollsters that their vote was more a gesture against Jon Corzine than an indication of support for Christie. Yet that did not stop voters from opposing President Obama’s chosen candidate. Even he, who won New Jersey by 15% in 2008, couldn’t help Corzine who he campaigned an unusually inordinaoate amount of time for. President Obama traveled to New Jersey three times and constantly referred to Corzine as the man who was his “best friend” when they were “in the senate together”. Well while the President considered him best friend, many——–a large majority——-of voters considered him public enemy number one. 

Corzine wasn’t alone though. Democrat incumbents, allover, were thrown out of office. North of New Jersey, New Yorkers in Westchester County surprisingly and resoundingly threw long time Democrat County Executive Andy Spano out of office. Unbeknownst to many before the election, this race ended up not even being very competitive. Republican Rob Astorino blew Spano out of the County with 58% of the vote to Spano’s 42%. The race was described by many as an “stunning upset victory” for Republicans and Rob Astorino. 

Out on New York’s Long Island, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi finds himself sweating out a race that is too close to call. With all the precincts in, Democrat Suozzi is ahead of Republican challenger Edward Mangano by 237 votes. Currently the results stand at; Conservative Party candidate Steve Hansen with 4% and 9,552 votes, Tom Suozzi with 48%, and Republican Ed Managano also at 48% but with 117,874 votes to Suozzi’s 118,111 votes. 

This was not suppose to be. 

What accounted for this sudden reversal of fortunes? 

After President Obama was swept into office on “hope” and “change”, what is making voters hope for change yet again? 

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. Voters want a change from the damaging effects of a radical leftwing agenda. Yeah, that’s right!…..Radical leftwing. 

You know how liberals love to scream about how Republicans are losing support and are going to go extinct because they are being taken over by the religious radicals and radical right? Well that has been supposedly happening since the 60’s. Yet yesterday, many Republicans approached the 60% mark in their defeat of Democrats. What liberals crying about extremism don’t understand is that they, as usual, are hypocrites. They are the extremists who have a radical agenda that they try to ram it down the throats of every man, woman and child. 

In less than one year, the liberal regime in Washington, DC has taken over private industry, ran with a tax on the air that we breathe, tripled our deficit and moved to centralize all power in America within the federal government. But perhaps most telling of all is an example of history repeating itself in the area of healthcare. 

Early in 1994, Hillary and B.J. Clinton tried to revolutionize healthcare. The President’s wife wrote a healthcare that was less than half the size of the current revolutionary government run health management and insurance bill. Later that year, Democrats lost control of Governor’s mansions, state legislators, the House of Representatives and the United States of Senate. 

Do you see a connection? 

Under President Obama, the nation has seen our government lurch so far to the left that the electorate has whiplash. As a society, we do not generally like pain and we tend to react negatively to those who cause us pain. Hence, the punch in the eye that voters gave Democrats yesterday. 

Democrats need to take some of their own voice and not be the hypocrites that they always tend to be. If they hope to avoid any further hemorrhaging of their loss of power, they need put a tourniquet on. They need to put the breaks on their 90 mile per hour trace down the road on the left. Pearl Buck once said “One faces the future with one’s past”. Clearly, Democrats are not acknowledging their past. They aren’t even acknowledging the recent. They even deny yesterday. 

A Democrat contacted me yesterday and said sarcastically said “New York 23.…..hmmmmm…..sweet”. 

Well WTF? Are liberals living in such blatant denial that they are trying to tell us that the loss of a third party candidate in one congressional district means more concerning Republicans than the loss of multiple governors, county executive, legislative seats, district attorneys and local councils do to Democrats? Are they serious!? 

Actually they are. 

According to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, yesterday’s elections had no reflection on the President. Huh!…no reflection on the President? President Obama tied himself at the hip to Jon Corzine. Jon Corzine turned the election into a total referendum on the President and his agenda. Soon to be former Governor Corzine ran around saying that the problems of New Jersey are a result of trickle down economics and George Bush Republican policies. George Bush has not been in office for almost a year now and Democrats are still running against him. And by the way, What supply side economic practices has New Jersey been busy implementing? Republicans have not been in charge of New Jersey for over a dozen years. 

Wake up! After a dozen years, of giverning New Jersey, you own the havoc you created!!!! 

Yesterday certainly was a slap in the face, not so much to the President, as it was to his policies and that if his comrades, Speaker N. P. Pelosi and Majority Leader H. M. Reid. 

Cap-and-Trade, The G.M. takeover, massive spending of epic proportions, government run insurance and health management—–all of this, is extreme. Quite extreme. And when you throw in such factors as the liberal leaderships flagrant disregard for ethics, especially as it pertains to people like Chairman of the Ways and Committee, Charlie Rangel and add a pay raise for Congress, a questionable foreign policy that has seen the President apologize for America on foreign soil and an economy that seemingly losses more and more jobs and inevitably forces taxes to rise, what you have is an electorate that, yesterday,  said to Democrats——— “Put your weapons down, step back and place your hands up”. 

Will liberals listen? Apparently not. Today they are saying that the election results which swept Republicans into office, in some of the most unlikeliest of places, had nothing to do with the President and democrat policies. 

These people really are stupid and they won’t learn until it is too late. 

A closer look at what was behind the 2009 election results reveals many things that I have stressed previously. Previously I wrote on how “Senior Citizens Are Leading The Way To Change You Can Believe In”. Yesterday, the 55 and more percent plurality of senior citizens who went Republican had a crucial effect in places like New Jersey and Virginia and New York. So Democrats can write off Florida come 2010. On September 1st, I wrote “President Obama’s Ratings Are Evidence That Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control”.   Back then I wrote; 

“Among Democrats, support for the President has dropped as much as 13% in just one month.. Those who call themselves liberals had nearly unanimous support for President Obama with 95% of all liberals on his side in July. Now, as we get in to the swing of September, even self proclaimed and proud liberals are distancing themselves from the President as 9% of them turn their backs on him, in just one month’s time.” 

“As for African-Americans, their support of the President was at a shrinking 83% in July but now stands at 74% as September begins. Another 9% drop in support in as little as one month.” 

“As for one group whose unusually high voter turnout last November helped to cinch the election for Barack Obama, those between 18 and 29 years of age are fleeing from their initial pro-Obama views. A whopping 18% of those in the 18 to 29 age bracket have jumped ship in just this last month. In July their support for the President stood at 59%. As August passes it now stands at 41%”. 

These are not the words of a genius. Any casual observer can see the trend. Yesterday’s election simply confirmed it. It sure confirmed it for those of us willing to accept the facts. Yet today, the White House still claims that the results of yesterday’s elections have no reflection on the President. “Well mirror, mirror on the wall. Whose the silliest of us all”? 

I’m sure that not every Democrat is playing quite as stupid as Pres. B.H. Obama, Leader N.P. Pelosi and Majority Leader H. M. Reid. Some of them may see the writing on the wall and think twice before they pass the incredible government takeover of health care and insurance. Some Democrats may realize that every single page of the almost 2,000 page socialist health care manifesto contains measure that will be explosive and derail the aspirations of many incumbent Democrats in 2010. 

After all, another conclusion reached in yesterday’s election was that the people do not like incumbents and as the majority party in control, most incumbents are Democrats. 



A Brief Clip of Governor-Elect Chris Christie’s Victory Speech


And here was the tearful concession speech of the Dishonorable Jon S. Corzine. 

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but feel a Chris Mathews “tingle up my leg” knowing that this embarrassment to humanity get slapped down. Seeing Corzine go is more than just a relief. It provides a sense of optimism and a glimmer of hope for the state and people of New Jersey. Jon Corzine has been a lying scam artist. Who has done nothing but take every problem in New Jersey and turn them into crises. Good riddance Jonboy! And I do not wish you well. I wish you a future as bleak as the one you left behind for the more than 8 million people of New Jersey whose lives have been burdened by your reckless liberal policies and useless liberal leadership.

Don’t go speeding down the New Jersey Turnpike on your way out of Trenton, you fool!


Stars01.gif picture by kempite 

Election Results of Note 

New Jersey Governor – 99% reporting

Chris Christie (R) – 49%, 1,144,422   –  Jon Corzine (D) – 44%, 1,040,904  –  Chris Daggett (I) – 6%, 134,224 

Virginia Governor – 99.76% reporting  

Robert F. “Bob” McDonnell (R) – 58.65%, 1,158,183  – R. Creigh Deeds (D) – 41.23%, 814,167 

Virginia Lieutenant Governor – 99.76% reporting

William T. “Bill” Bolling (R) – 56.41%, 1,101,428      –      Jody M. Wagner (D) – 43.51%, 849,594 

Virginia Attorney General – 99.76% reporting  

Ken T. Cuccinelli II (R) – 57.52%, 1,117,494       –       Stephen C. Shannon (D) – 42.38%, 823,42 

Westchester County Executive – 97% reporting

Rob Astorino (R) – 57%, 88,915        –       Andy Spano (D) – 43%, 66,836 

Nassau County Executive  – 100% reporting  

Tom Suozzi (D) 48%, 118,111 votes – Edward Mangano (R)–48%, 117,874 votes –  Steven Hansen (C) – 4%, 9,552 votes

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