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Hey Maxine Waters….Hell is empty and all the devils are here!

Bookmark and Share   So earlier today, I called the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. A very polite woman answered the phone and I said;

“Hi my name is Anthony Del Pellegrino and I just wanted to tell Congresswoman Waters that she can go straight to hell and as she said, I intend to help her get there.”

The Waters aide then said to me Alright, thank you” to which I replied “No, thank you”.

I would have much rather spared the woman who took the call, the unpleasantness of a such a call, but since I am unable to speak to Maxine Waters directly, that was the best I could do.

I am not exactly sure how one goes about helping one “to get to hell”, but apparently Rep. Waters does. After all she is the responsible legislator who vowed to help the TEA Party to go to hell. So I guess she will understand my message to her better than anyone else.

In my opinion, hell for Maxine Waters would be treating her with the same respect that she respects those who disagree with her. Hell for Maxine Waters would be holding her accountable for her actions and her words. Hell for Maxine Waters would be forcing her to live under the restraints of the policies of dependency that her legislative record and ideological conviction institutes on others. For Maxine Waters, hell would be having to live in the same atmosphere of hatred, ugly discourse, dramatic distortions, and sheer intolerance that she is responsible for bringing to the national debate.

If Mrs. Waters wants to participate in that much touted “compromise” that Democrats pleaded for during the debt ceiling debate, she is doing little to let  those who represent the cause of the Americans who she is damning to hell, that she intends to promote compromise. In fact her language and her official position force those who disagree with her to dig in even harder.

Hopefully the leader of our nation and the leader of Mrs Water’s Party, President Barack Obama, will denounce Mrs. Waters and her remarks. But somehow I doubt the President will denounce the hatred his Party spews. For some reason I doubt the President will hold those who share his ideological beliefs to the same standard he holds those who disagree with him.

Maxine Waters is a loser. She has proven that time and time and again. Let us hope that our President does not act like a loser too and ignore the hate filled remarks of his liberal colleague.

In the meantime, it is incumbent on all those who do stand against the type of politics Mrs. Waters represents and join me in calling her office to let her know that she too “can go straight to hell”, and as she said, you “intend to help her get there.”

Call or write Mrs. Waters at either her L.A. district office or her Washington, D.C. office:

Los Angeles
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
10124 S. Broadway, Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Phone: (323) 757-8900
Fax: (323) 757-9506

Washington, DC
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
2344 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2201
Fax: (202) 225-7854

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