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See Marco Rubio’s Speech at the Reagan Library Live

See Marco Rubio’s live streaming webcast from the Reagan Library.

The topic of  of discussion is the role that should pay in our lives.

Clickthe image below to see it live :

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As Goes Texas, So Goes the Nation?

Bookmark and Share    The census numbers for heavily Republican Texas have come in and while the state’s anticipated population growth was going to pick up as many as 4 new Congressional districts, Republicans can’t necessarily count on these seats being Republican districts. For the first time in contemporary history Texas now has a majority of minorities in its population. Conventional thinking is that this will soon turn a heavily red state blue or at least turn it into a swing state and give Democrats a lead in 3 of the 4 most populous states in the nation.

But a look at a few statistics gives Republicans cause for hope.

Texas Republicans seem to be better at appealing to Hispanic voters, the fastest growing minority population, than do most other State Republican Parties. G.W. Bush received nearly 40% of the Hispanic Vote when he ran for Governor and incumbent Governor Rick Perry garnered 38% of the same vote in his last election. These numbers are huge when compared to the typical national average for Republicans. But more than that, in 2010, incumbent Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold was able to maintain his seat in a majority Hispanic district and two of the newest Republican freshmen in Congress who come from Texas are Hispanic …….Bill Flores and Quico Canseco. Additional good news is that many Hispanic Democrats who are elected to the Texas state legislature are conservative and some have defected to the G.O.P.

In the meantime, while Texas’s new majority-minority population status and overall increased population creates 4 new Congressional Districts and electoral votes for the state, all the above factors upend the conventional thinking that they will be quickly occupied by Democrats. Indeed it is likely that 2 new majority-minority districts will be created, but it is not a foregone conclusion that they will elect Democrats.

The culture of Texas and make up of its population has a great part in this. Texas is indeed the Lone State and that spirit of independence runs through the Texas culture probably more so than most other states. But Hispanics in Texas tend to spread out through the state and live in more rural and suburban neighborhoods than do their counterparts in places like New York and California where they tend to be concentrated in urban centers. The rural versus urban culture plays heavily in to voting patterns. People who live in more rural settings where services are far and far and few between, tend to vote more conservatively than do those in the big city/big government regions of the nation.

But that factor is not the sole reason for Republicans being much more competitive among Hispanics in Texas than most other states. The Texas G.O.P. does not ignore Hispanic voters. It focuses on them. It even recruits Hispanic leaders to run for office on the local levels, sort of like a baseball farm team for higher offices.

So while the fact that Texas has now become a minority-majority population should initially scare the bejeezus out of Republicans by signaling the possibility of becoming the next California and New York-like Democrat stronghold, such is not the case. The only real case here is for the G.O.P to apply the Texas approach to Hispanic voters on a national level. The concept is not impossible. After all, look at Texas’ heavily Democratic neighbor New Mexico. It just elected a Republican Governor, a Hispanic Republican, woman, governor, the strong and feisty Susana Martinez.

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Freshmen Republicans to Watch in the 112th Congress

Bookmark and Share    The freshman class of Republicans in the 112th Congress is one that could and should hold a lot of sway. Not only is it one of the largest classes, it was also elected on one of the clearest messages that voters ever sent. That message is to stop business as usual and to cut spending and the size and scope of government. This freshman class was elected to change Washington, D.C., not be changed by Washington, D.C., and for many voters this is the Republican Party’s last chance to get things right. And so, given the sentiments that swept these new lawmakers in to office, they must establish themselves by bucking both Party politics and the political establishment. They must demonstrate that they understand fiscal responsibility, limited government, states rights and a willingness to not tow the Party line when its leaders wander off path.

This will at times be hard to do. The old boy’s political network will tempt them to go along to get along and the desire for power can consume them if they forget what they were sent to Washington for. But considering the extremely strong message that sent these men and women to D.C. they will all be wise to not cave in to the traditional trappings of insider politics and Washington.

Given the caliber of many of the new faces on the Hill, there is a vary good chance that they will in fact have a dramatic, positive, impact on the 112th Congress and the legislation it produces. But of this class, I suspect that some will stand out more than others. The following are the names that are most likely to do so.

        GOPElephantRight.jpg GOP Elephant Right image by kempite Stars01.gif picture by kempiteGOPElephantLeft.jpg GOP Elephant Left image by kempite

  Justin Amash, MI-3:

This 30 year old Michigander has made a name for himself in the Michigan House of Representatives as a leading advocate for government restraint and his consistent commitment to limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. As a state representative, Amash set new standards for transparency and accountability. And was one of the first state legislators to list his office expenses, staff salaries, and legislative benefits online. He has also earned a wide following among Michigan voters for posting all of his votes, with explanations and an opportunity for interactive discussion, on his official face book page. Amash understands that we live under the rule of law and not under the rule of men and he has a command of the issues effecting our economy and liberty.

Lou Barletta, PA-11:

Lou Barletta comes to office after serving as Mayor of Hazleton, PA. There he demonstrated his expertise on economic matters and budgets but he became most known for his fight against illegal immigration. Hazleton had become ravaged by an illegal immigrant population that helped the small town’s crime rate skyrocket. Barletta went into action. In 2006, he created an ordinance that made it illegal for employers to knowingly hire illegal aliens and for landlords to knowingly rent to illegal aliens. The measure passed the Hazleton City Council but was subsequently challenged in the courts. The case still drags on to this day but in the meantime, the number of both violent and non-violent crimes in the City of Hazleton continue to decrease. Barletta is a hard nosed but cordial gentleman who is sure to take the same kind of grit and determination that he had as Mayor of Hazleton, to Washington as a Congressman.

Cory Gardner, CO-4:

Gardner is a quick witted, high energy legislator. The Denver Post calls Gardner “the GOP Idea Man,” and he has been recognized as one of the Top 40 young Republican lawmakers in the country by Rising Tide, a publication of the Republican National Committee. As a member of the Colorado State House of Representatives, Gardner was a leader on issues such as economic development, healthcare, and education. In 2007, he created the Colorado Clean Energy Authority, which has helped to bring millions of dollars in development to Colorado. With a focus on limited government, Cory Gardner believes strongly that reducing taxes is the best way to grow the economy and provide jobs. As a former leading conservative voice in the Colorado state legislature, he promises to be one in the 112th session of Congress too.

Adam Kinzinger, Il-11:

32 year old Adam Kinzinger is a Captain in the Air Force who has served in the Special Ops, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and the Air National Guard. Before his military career, at the age of 20, he challenged a twelve-year Democrat incumbent for the McLean County Board and in a campaign that focused on bringing local government back to the people, he became one of the youngest county board members in McLean County history. Today, Kinzinger has proved that he understands the value of American freedom and is committed to protecting and serving the nation both in uniform and elected office. He has the skills and drive to rise above the political noise, bring government back to the people and to create a lasting positive impact on Congress.

Allen West, Florida-22:

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) is a Bronze Star winner who has also been awarded three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. With twenty years of distinguished military service, West now aims his fight on Congress where he intends to curb out of control Government spending, work for across the board tax cuts, and combat our economic woes by getting back to basics and transitioning to a flat tax system for both individuals and businesses. West is an aggressive and articulate voice for conservatism and has a deep rooted concern for the proper education of America children. Allen West knows that their opportunities can be endless with the right education and that our nation’s future depends on their ability to take advantage of those opportunities. Allen West is sure to be a thorn in the side of liberals and you can be sure that he will not sugarcoat his opposition to the left side of the aisle.


Those are five freshmen members of the House whom you can expect to stir things up. They will be joined by several veteran G.O.P. House members who are also worth watching; incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, New Jersey’s Scott Garrett, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Mike Pence of Indiana and Virginia’s Eric Cantor. These five individuals are probably the best chance Republicans have when it comes to keeping to the much touted, conservative pledge to America that Republicans took during the campaign of 2010. But now these five have five exceptional new voices on their side.

In the Senate, things are quite different than in the House. The rules of the Senate allow for one member of that chamber to make more of an immediate difference than House members can. Here, although Republicans remain in the minority, their increased numbers will be made quite formidable as strong conservative voices like Jim DeMint and John Thune join with the following five freshmen senators.

GOPElephantRight.jpg GOP Elephant Right image by kempite Stars01.gif picture by kempiteGOPElephantLeft.jpg GOP Elephant Left image by kempite


Marco Rubio-FL:

 Marco is a standout among any group of people. He is a personable, bright, innovative, energetic, passionate and articulate young conservative who went through one of the toughest and longest campaigns of 2010. For much of the race he was the underdog and not the establishment choice. But patience and perseverance allowed him to prevail as he convincingly persuaded fellow Floridians to the commonsense, conservative cause. A son of Cuban exiles, Marco is an important voice in the Republican Party for Hispanic voters and his ability to attract voters of all persuasions is going to continue to make him an important player in national politics, especially national Republican politics.

Pat Toomey-PA:

This former leader of the Club for Growth is probably going to be one of the most ardent deficit hawks the senate has ever seen. He will be a perfect partner with South Carolina’s Jim DeMint in the cause of fiscal responsibility and limited government. Toomey will most definitely be a strict constitutionalist who will have no problem standing up to his fellow Republicans and most definitely not any Democrat, including President Obama.


Ron Johnson-WI:

Johnson was one of those TEA Party backed candidates who came out of nowhere to slay a liberal giant—Russ Feingold. His campaign was not the best but voter sentiment in Wisconsin was so soured by the direction that the country was going in that they wanted a definite change. Politically unencumbered, fresh faced, conservative, businessman Ron Johnson proved to be the man that Wisconsin voters saw fit to deliver that change. Expect Johnson to take some time getting his feet wet in Washington, but very soon he will be demonstrating a hard-line on budgetary matters and a very valuable independent streak.

Rand Paul-KY:

Rand Paul is another candidate whose race was particularly hard fought. He was also not originally the establishment choice but strong conservative support and energetic TEA Party backing pushed Rand Paul over the top in the end. Rand has many of the more appealing libertarian tendencies of his well known father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul but is a bit more pragmatic. Rand believes in a strong national defense and understand that the defense of the nation is the federal government’s number 1 priority. He insists that funding of the United Nations becomes voluntary, thereby demonstrating a true and accurate level of commitment of individual member states to the U.N.’s success. He also believes that the United States should withdraw from and stop funding those U.N. programs that undermine legitimate American interests. On the economy, Paul is a true free marketer who views the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as having “outlived their usefulness” and harmful to global economic development. Rand Paul is a staunch proponent of spending cuts, balancing the budget, and lowering taxes. Expect Rand to be a very loud voice and major critic of both Parties and the process they often abuse.

Rob Portman-OH:

Like Marco Rubio, Rob Portman is made of presidential timber. He is an experienced legislator and previously served in two separate presidential cabinet offices—–U.S. Trade Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget. During his tenure at OMB, the deficit was cut in half. Portman is experienced, accomplished, and when it comes to the federal budget, he is a persistent hawk who has proposed balanced budgets, the creation of new federal spending transparency laws, and fought hard against irresponsible earmarks. In the senate, expect Rob Portman to be a go-to guy on fiscal matters and a leader in the budget process that is growing in importance as well as debt.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Only time will truly tell how well these 10 incoming legislators will really do but if they show the same kind of stamina, values and sincerity that they have in the past, they will go a long way in bringing the type of real change that Congress and the nation needs.

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Anti-Establishment Republicans Fire Incumbent Bob Bennett in Utah

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The anti-establishment wing of the Republican Party won its second early victory in the 2010 election cycle on Saturday, when incumbent Utah senator, Bob Bennett lost the G.O.P. nomination to two Republican outsiders.

In Utah, statewide Republican nominations are awarded by a vote of the State Central Committee that is comprised of the state’s 58 county chairs and vice chairs as well as 106 at-large county committee persons who are elected at organizing conventions that are held during the course of every odd year.

These people are the activist leaders, residents of the state who have come from the grassroots of the G.O.P. and gained a seat at the table that allows them to determine who gets their Republican nomination.

This year those people stood up to the establishment and in an example of the anti-incumbency tidal wave that is on the horizon, ousted incumbent senator Bob Bennett.

The incident is a significant one and it is the second example of the political revolution that is taking place in America.
Prior to Bennett’s loss of the Republican nomination, Florida Governor Charlie Crist was on his way to winning the Republican nomination for that state’s upcoming U.S. Senate election.  Crist was originally the choice of establishment Republicans everywhere from Washington, D.C., where the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee was offering his support to Crist, to the leadership of the G.O.P. throughout Florida.  But when Marco Rubio, the former speaker of the Florida House jumped into the race, he went under the radar of the establishment and appealed to the grassroots of the Party.

Pretty soon the growing groundswell of support that Rubio inspired, forced the establishment to take a step back from the race and eventually it forced Governor Crist out of the contest after he withdrew from the primary and declared his sudden appreciation for independence.

This most recent defeat of an establishment, incumbent Republican for the Party’s nomination, is a sign that the people who support the Republican principles that are suppose to  be the backbone of the Party, are finally taking control back from the establishment politicians.

A three term incumbent, Bennett lost his bid for the nomination to a fourth term in the senate on the second round of balloting. Having come in third, the top two candidates, two Tea Party backed candidates,  Tim Bridgewater, and Mike Lee, advanced to a third round of balloting.   But neither received a sufficient number of votes to the secure the nomination at the convention.  So now Bridgewater and Lee will face off in a statewide primary election that will be held on June 22nd.

Having far less name ID than Bob Bennett, a primary race between Bridgewater and Lee will only help to strengthen the ticket in November.  It will increase their exposure and support , something which the Democrat nominee for the seat, Sam Granato, also has very little of.  That fact helps to shape the odds in favor of Bennett’s seat remaining in the Republican column.

There is no state in America that is more strongly Republican than Utah.

One good example of this is a look at the history of its presidential election results.

A strong Republican candidate can win the state with a plurality in the mid to upper 70 percent range.  During a bad year for Republicans, with  a weak nominee at the top of the ticket,  Utah will still produce a plurality for Republicans.  One that is anywhere from the mid to lower 60 percent range.  In 2008, John McCain won Utah by 63%.   That’s a landslide but in Utah that is also a poor showing for a Republican.

So suffice it to say,  although on the statewide level, electing a Democrat is not impossible, most of the time, it is unlikely and most of the time winning the Republican nomination for any statewide office in Utah is usually tantamount to winning the general election.

This  year though, that nomination is going to an anti-establishment, conservative Republican.  And so the revolution keeps marching on.

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Governor Crist: If I Can’t Run As A Republican, I’ll Run Against ‘Em

Bookmark and Share    Charlie Crist, the one term Republican Governor of Florida who is in the race of his life for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination is prepared to announce on Thursday that he will be running for U.S. Senate as an Independent.

The decision will mark the admission of the fact that he has lost favor among the Republicans whose nomination for the job of Senator he is seeking.

As the establishment Republican in the race, after having physically and politically embraced President Obama and President Obama’s economic policies, Crist has seen a precipitous drop in his polling numbers against his sole opponent for the Republican nomination, former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Once considered a shoo in for not only the nomination but the senate seat itself, Governor Crist currently finds himself as much as 25% behind Rubio, a conservative and representative of the next generation of Republican leaders who is largely viewed as the anti-establishment candidate and the choice of those who are tired of politics as usual.

Rubio’s remarkable come from behind story has been inspirational to those who wish to send a solid voice to D.C., a voice that will respect common sense and the Constitution and stand up against the illogic and gimmicks of Washington politics.

The established trend in the Florida Republican primary shows that all the momentum is behind Rubio and as Crist’s numbers plummet with each and every day, the Governor has been increasingly nagged by questions of more when than if, he losses the Republican senate nomination, will he run as Independent?

The question has been an important one to people who want to bring real change to the “change” that President Barack Obama brought to the nation in 2009. The inevitable Democrat nominee, liberal Congressman Kendrick Meeks has nothing but a small liberal base of support. His name ID throughout the state is far lower than either Crist’s or now Rubio’s, and in Congress, Meeks has established a record for himself that is undistinguishable in any area other than being a strong proponent of the most extreme policy initiatives of President Obama. In a one on one race, those facts would leave Meeks with a small base of votes that would be swamped by Florida’s large moderate and blue dog Democrats, Independents and Republican votes.

However, if after having been rejected by Republicans, Governor Crist remained on the ballot in November and ran in a three way race, he could split a substantial amount of moderate and blue dog Democrats as well as Independents, a situation which would make it possible for Meek’s small but loyal pool of supporters to have a chance of eking out a slim majority and send another liberal voice to Washington, D.C. to support the radical agenda of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

On previous occasions, when asked about a possible Independent candidacy, Charlie Crist denied any intention of doing so or planning to do so, stipulating that he was going to be the Republican nominee.

Now that it has become clear that the Governor will not be the Republican nominee, he has decided to change his mind on the issue.

So much for being a man of his convictions.

In the past Crist has said he would support the nominee. He claimed to be dedicated to the Republican principles that are at the heart of the Party. Yet apparently Crist only feels that way if the Republican Party revolves around him.

I dare suggest that if Charlie Crist can not support Marco Rubio as the Republican candidate than what Crist is actually doing is casting even more doubt than there already is regarding just how dedicated to the principles of the Republican Party he is.

Marco Rubio is a fiscal conservative, a defender of the Constitution and a small government innovator who has put together one of the greatest compilations of citizen based solutions to the problems that Florida and our nation faces. When he was Florida’s Speaker of the House, he went on a statewide “Idearasier” that allowed Rubio to put all the ideas of state residents all together in a book called “100 Innovative Ideas For Florida’s Future”. To date, at least 57 of those 100 ideas have become legislation. They were people based solutions, not political based schemes and Marco Rubio was responsible for bringing them to fruition.

Rubio is a true, fair and open minded conservative, who reflects the type of approach to government that Floridians support. With the exception of Charlie Crist, who is now about to admit that he is a Republican who believes in the conservative foundation of our Party but only if he is the man who represents those principles.

Many Republicans believe in the phrase “In God We Trust” but for the Governor, it is only in Crist that he trusts. Unfortunately most Florida Republicans don’t agree with him on that. When it comes to who they feel is more in touch with the leadership we need, they trust Rubio over Crist.

As such, if Charlie Crist is really opposed to the Obama agenda and if he really supported conservative Republican policies than he would not take the risk of derailing the chances for a solid Republican to fight the Obama Administration on such things as spending and national defense or Cap-and-Trade and the battle to repeal the government healthcare takeover scheme.

If Charlie Crist believed in the policies of the Republican Party he is a member of, he would accept the decision and do like he originally said, “support Florida’s Republican nominee for Senate” He would not be making it more possible to send the opposition to Washington, and that is exactly what his third Party candidacy could help to do.

There must come a time when every man must believe in something greater than self. Now is the time for Governor Crist to do that. He needs to put aside his personal sense of competition, victory and glory and commit himself to being a dedicated soldier in the fight even if he is not made  a General in the war.

Otherwise he is nothing more than opportunistic, egomaniac, more concerned with having the stage than what he does on that stage.

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Republican Tells Pelosi To “Give Me That Damn Gavel”

Bookmark and Share    I have to say that I find Florida is really beginning to impress me insofar as the type and quality of patriots and genuine conservative Republicans that they are putting out on the campaign trail.

For quite sometime now, I have been a supporter and diehard fan of Marco Rubio, the young former speaker of the Florida state legislature and conservative underdog who is running for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination against popular incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Crist. Rubio represent the next generation of real Republicans and if given the chance will soon emerge as a leader of not just a political Party but the nation. So far his campaign has been a “Rocky-like” story that has Rubio doing to Crist what Rocky did to Apollo Creed, but in this case Rubio is likely to be the winner by a knock out.

With a way to go yet, Rubio has so far shocked the political establishment and is currently ahead of Governor Crist by as much as more than 25% in some polls.

But beyond Marco Rubio, Florida has several other outstanding candidates running for various offices such as Bill McCollum who is seeking to become the next Governor of the Sunshine State. But one of the most stellar candidates to come out of Florida is a candidate for the House of Representatives from the 22nd congressional district.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired), is the Republican who will be opposing liberal Democrat Ron Klein and he is dying for the opportunity in January of 2011, to look Nancy Pelosi in the eye and say…“give me that damn gavel!”

Allen West describes his plight as one that is fighting the “dishonest tyranny” of an Administration that will lie while saying that all they are doing is for the betterment of the people when all they are really doing is “making us slaves.”

And while Allen West opposes this Administration and their radical liberal agenda, his opponent, incumbent Ron Klein, can be described as nothing other than a undistinguished, knee-jerk, big government, tax and spend liberal who has never opposed an idea or piece of legislation that his master Nancy Pelosi has thrown down for him to approve. Klein is truly nothing special and his only hold on to his congressional seat is based upon the gerrymandering that created his district along the lines of predominantly Democrat registered populations. But under the existing political environment, the most positive characterization that one can claim of Klein’s chances of getting reelected to his once safe seat, is to place his election contest in the “leans Democrat” column.

Part of the reason for the unusually competitive race facing Congressman Klein, is his opponent, Lt. Col. Allen West.

In his military career, West served in several combat zones, including in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was battalion commander for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and in Afghanistan, where he trained Afghan officers to take on the responsibility of securing their own country.

His service, talent and dedication earned a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award, he received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm, was the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year in 1993, and was a Distinguished Honor Graduate III Corps Assault School. He proudly wears the Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and German proficiency badge (Bronze award).

But beyond his military career, West has the experience of a lifetime of conservative values that have propelled him and his family to independence and success and now he intends to bring that experience to Congress.

On the issues, West is a fiscal conservative with his own ideas on how to properly reform healthcare and reduce federal spending and the size of government, reform our tax structure and adopt a flat tax , stimulate the economy and create jobs through the private sector, initiate strong anti-illegal immigration enforcement and policies and seek to have the U.S. Border Patrol placed under the Department of Defense so that proper training, equipping, and better personnel resourcing can be provided and allow for a lateral transfer of members of the military, with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, into the USBP for their expertise. West emphasizes that last proposal by making it clear that he does not trust our homeland security under Janet Napolitano.

In addition to being a strong and innovative leader for and of the people, Allen West knows how to present his case and seems to thrive on the prospect of any challenge, on any issue, that his opponent might want to address.

Currently, liberal fears of losing Klein’s seat have the hidden prejudices of the left rearing its ugly head. West is African-American and as he points out in the video clip provided with this post, they have been calling him everything from a traitor and an Oreo to an Uncle Tom. Such disrespect and hate is certainly not something that a hero and patriot like Lt. Col. West should have to endure. But the conduct of the left is simply a sign of the fear which is forcing them to show their true selves and it is not pretty.

But West is undeterred.

Knowledgeable, convincing, passionate, articulate and quite commanding, Allen West is a dynamo on the campaign trail. If he can raise the money to compete with the financial resources that the liberal lobby of special interests and big unions finances Klein with, West could just pull off one of those surprise wins that helps get Republicans closer to taking control of the House back from Democrats. But what’s more is, West won’t just be another Republican vote. He is the type of leader who will not be seduced by Party powerbrokers or impressed with leadership titles. His entire adult life has been spent defying the forces that oppose him and after having stood up to entire brigades of enemy military combatants, I doubt there is question in that someone like Republican minority leader John Boehner will easily intimidate Lt. Col. West.

Like Marco Rubio in his race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, West’s race for the Florida’s 22nd Congressional District seat is an uphill battle but West has been climbing and conquering hills his whole life. So this race may be tough but with Allen West as his opponent, this time around, it won’t be any easier for Klein either.

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The 2010 Republican of the Year

Bookmark and Share    Believe it or not, there are some Republicans who need not lose an election to learn a lesson. There are some members of the G.O.P. who understand that true Republicans do not legislate like liberals or finance the federal government with Bernie Madoff-like budgeting schemes.

To be honest, while there are practically no such Democrats these days, there are but a handful of such Republicans who hold elected office. But many incumbents continue to play a blame game of pointing fingers at Democrats who are in the majority and doing many of the same things that Republicans did when they were in the majority. That said, there do exist some incumbents who are true to the Republican ideology and practice what they preach. There are people such as Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, a conservative who is trying to get government under control with legislation he calls The Enumerated Powers Act. It would force legislators to reference the specific clause or clauses of the U.S. Constitution that grant them the power to enact any laws or take any other congressional actions.

There are other outstanding House members like Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Paul ryan of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana and Scott Garrett of New Jersey.

In the US Senate you have leaders like South Dakota’s John Thune, Tennessee’s Bob Corker and Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

When it comes to Governors, standouts include Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindahl and Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty. All of them continue to streamline government and budgets, while still operating an efficient and effective state government.

Yet regardless of how great some incumbent Republicans may be or even how well some behind the scene Republicans have advanced the cause, none of them have yet been able to again convincingly persuade, to their side, the vast number of Americans that are needed to change the balance of power, nor have they convinced a majority of Americans to once again have faith in the Republican Party as an entity that truly represents the principles which once made our party great. None of them have been able to round up and organize the incredible mass of Americans who can muster the strength to stop the bandwagon of spending and socialist programming that the current liberal regime of Pelosi, Reid and President Obama have spearheaded. On that measure all have failed.

But if we look beyond incumbent office holders, the promise of those with the skills to turn things around does exist among a number of very promising candidates that we will see emerge in the coming year and beyond.

It is here where we find the Republican of the Year.

Former Governor Sarah Palin, to the chagrin of many leftists, still captures the essential spirit of the conservative-libertarian heart of the GOP. Despite having sacrificed the last year and a half of her term as Governor in order for her successor to carry on the good work she started, unhindered by lawsuits and malicious malcontents, Palin still has potential and she inspires as many, if not more, than she turns off.

Sarah Palin embodies the anti-establishmentarian, fiscal and social conservative values that are the traditional core of the party. However, while the promise and potential are there, this year, Sarah has not promoted policies or the cause as much as she has her successful book, Going Rogue.

So she is not Republican of the Year.

Another person with potential comes from Ohio.

During his eight terms in Congress, John Kasich proved himself to be an exemplary Republican force. He has been on the forefront of reform and conservatism. He has always been above reproach and he has lived by the rules and refused to go along to get a long. He retired from Congress in 2001 but now, 9 years later, John Kasich is seeking to become Governor of Ohio.

His candidacy will be inspirational. It is one based on core conservative beliefs, especially our fiscally conservative roots. He also values life.

Kasich will not spew mere platitudes. Instead he will put forth detailed policies that will define the course he will put Ohio on. Both Kasich’s campaign, and after winning, his tenure as Governor, will ultimately set a new high standard as his leadership becomes a model for others to follow. He will also be an eventual contender for President.

But that is yet to be and unlike the Nobel Prize, the title of Republican of the Year is not based on potential but rather on achievement and the point to which they have presently come.

Based upon that criteria, and with all else considered, the 2010 title of Republican of the Year goes to Marco Rubio.

Who is Marco Rubio?

Well if you have not already heard of him, in due time, you will.

Marco Rubio is a 38 year old Floridian from West Miami who was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000 and eventually became the state’s youngest Speaker of the House, before term limits retired him from office.

Born of Cuban immigrant parents, Marco was brought up on values rooted in honesty and hard work. He grew up understanding that the potential of America lay not in government control but in personal and entrepreneurial freedom.

As a state legislator Marco gained prominence on several political fronts.

He was the state’s leading champion of lower tax rates and helped craft a state government that was leaner and more efficient when he left office than when he first came to office. Another Rubio achievement was his landmark property rights legislation which became a national model that helped to curtail the horrors of eminent domain abuses.

Rubio’s work was not limited to the Florida Statehouse or his Miami legislative district. During his last year in office, Marco traveled all of Florida in what he called an “Idearaisesr.” These events helped him compile some of the best suggestions for the improvement of life in Florida.

Rubio put those ideas all together in a book called “100 Innovative Ideas For Florida’s Future”.

To date, 57 of those 100 ideas have become legislation.

His impeccable record is enough to make Marco Rubio standout but that is not all that accounts for his being named Republican of the Year.

Two of the main reasons for his getting that title are based upon his ability to inspire those around him, articulate the conservative cause in a way that wins people over, and his willingness to buck the establishment.

With a Reaganesque quality that can give Barack Obama a run for his money, Rubio’s oratory and people skills are incredibly powerful. He conveys a Jack Kemp-like message of personal and economic empowerment along with a heartfelt spin that appeals to not just your better senses, but your emotionally being as well. This is something that the current generation of Republican politicos lack. The GOP has no clear and powerful voice to deliver our message and Marco Rubio provides both the right voice and the right message.

The other reason Rubio is Republican of the Year is because of his demonstrated ability to buck the establishment.

At 38, Marco could easily sit on his laurels and wait for the Republican establishment to tap him for the next elected office they want him to pursue while in their pockets. But rather than wait in line for the establishment to tap him, Rubio is stepping up to bat and fighting for for the ight to lead us effectively.

Florida’s incumbent Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, is a popular figure. He is a favorite of the establishment and he is running for the US States Senate. With a well stocked war chest, Crist’s lucrative campaign fund along with his high name ID and the support of the national Republican leadership, is considered a favorite for not only the Republican nomination for Senate but for the actual Senate seat in question. Yet against all odds, Marco Rubio is challenging Crist.

Rubio is not impressed by the popular Florida Governor. He has seen the once conservative oriented leader turn into a waffling moderate politicians who sold out the Sunshine State by endorsing things such as the debt increasing federal stimulus packages that has promised more than it delivered.

In general, Charlie Crist has proven himself to be a sell out who values political expediency over sound policy and although he still offers leadership that is a step up from that delivered by those rooted in solidly liberal foundations, Rubio knows that Crist is not up to the standards that conservatives should expect.

That is why he has become the GOP’s David in a campaign against the Republican Goliath. Rubio knows his campaign for the US Senate nomination is an uphill battle. He also knows that his challenge to the frontrunner is not winning him any favor from the GOP establishment. But none of this stops Rubio from getting his message out.

In just a few short months, Marco Rubio has gone over the establishment’s head, straight to the voters, and his campaign has taken him from an underdog with poll numbers that once saw him going down to Charlie Crist by as much as 25 or more percent, to where today the race is a dead heat at 43% each. Even more telling is the fact that while Crist’s support has dropped below 50% and his favorability has seen a double digit drop to 19% since August, Marco Rubio’s is now viewed very favorably by 34% of likely primary voters. That is up from 18% in August and a total reversal in direction from Crist.

Underdog Marco Rubio is being outspent and out endorsed by the establishment but with a true adherence to conservative Republicanism, he is tapping into something more powerful than the old boy’s network. He has awakened the grassroots. The grassroots of the Republican Party and the general electorate as well.

While Crist is capturing the pockets of the establishment, Rubio is capturing the hearts and minds of voters. And he is not doing so with money. He is doing so with his message and proven record.

For all these reasons, Marco Rubio is Republican of the Year.

He represents all that our party should, possesses all the qualities and thinking that we are lacking, and he is one of the few Republicans around today who offers the Party the promise of a future based on the principles that are at the heart of our being.

Marco Rubio has taken the true Republican message to the disaffected majority of voters who feel abandoned and who have lost faith.  He has also taken it to fellow Republicans who feel disaffected by their Party and, slowly but surely, he is winning all of them them over. Rubio is reinvigorating many and inspiring many more. He is proving to be the type of Republican that conservatives and disaffected voters have been yearning for.   

in the 1980’s America was blessed with the right man for the right time, when Ronald Reagan became President and steer us toward prosperity and security.  In 2010 another uniquely qualified man is approaching the halls of leadership at the right time, just when we need him. 

Marco Rubi is that man.  He is the future of the GOP and for that reason, Marco Rubio is Republican of the Year.

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If Republicans Want To Win Big In 2010, They Must Scozzafavarize RINO’s

Bookmark and Share    Regardless of whether third party candidate, conservative Doug Hoffman, wins the special election in New York’s 23rd Scozzafavarize RINO's.  Reject psuedo-republicanismCongressional District on Tuesday or not, the fact that a district wide and nation wide backlash forced liberal Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava out of the race, was already a dramatic victory of sorts. It marked one of the first times that many high profile Republicans publicly as well as rank and file Republicans, did  away with their loyalty to the party label and placed a priorty on the party’s ethical and ideological standards.  It was a victory against RINO Republicanism that sent a message to establishment Republicans. The message it delivered is one that  lets the old guard know that they better stay true to the principles of our party, the principles which made this country strong and can keep it prosperous.

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava was not made the Republican nominee for Congress in the 23rd by Republican voters. If they selected the nominee, it would not have nominated a liberal.  Scozzafava only became the nominee after the 11 Republican County Chairmen, who have portions of their counties fall into the 23rd CD, got together and decided on making Scozzafava the candidate. This was a special election, so special rules allowed Party bosses to award the nomination to whomever they saw fit. You would think that 11 Republican Party bosses would select a candidate strong on conservative Republican values. You would think that.  But such is not the case with the establishment of the Party. The Republican establishment focuses on political expediency and they believe the politically expedient thing to do is act like Democrats so that we can win Democrats voters over. The problem with that thinking is that if Democrats have a choice, why would they select a Democrat who runs as a Republican when they can elect a Democrat who acts like…., well…., like a Democrat.

That thinking is why Dede Scozzafava was forced to shut down her campaign for Congress on Saturday.

Republicans saw that Scozzafava was a liberal. Between her positions on abortion, Card Check, ACORN, taxes, spending, the stimulus packages and a host of other issues, Dede Scozzafava was clearly more in tune with the left than the right. So in a district that is heavily Republican, and has been ever since the Civil War, Scozzafava saw her support cut by more than half when a conservative Doug Hoffman became a viable alternative to the choice of Scozzafava .

The appalling liberalism that establishment Republicans tried to hide under the Republican label was so obvious and offensive that it drew national attention. It caused former Vice Presidential candidates and governors and even several incumbent governors, to throw their two cents in and demand that Republican nominees reflect the principles of the Republican Party.

In the end, there was so much attention given to the bad decision that the Republican establishment made by choosing Scozzafava that it became ground zero in the battle for the future of the GOP.

It was a battle won by the Republican wing of the Republican Party. It was a battle won by conservatives over liberals, the anti-establishment over the establishment.

But was it decisive? Was it a turning point?

That remains to be seen. After all, till this day, historians and experts on the Civil War still debate if there was a single decisive turning point in the Civil War. And if there was, there is still debate over which point it was that turned the vicksburgtide in the Union’s favor.

Many contend that the combined effects of the Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg were the turning point in the Civil War. Others contend that it was Grant’s appointment as Union General-In-Chief in 1864, while some say it was the Union’s third victory in Chattanooga that set in motion the fall of the Confederacy. Than there are those who say the war turned around when the Union captured Atlanta while many claim Lincoln’s winning reelection was what really did the trick.

I contend that it was all of these events and factors, combined with a few others. Together, they allowed things to turn around and maintained the forward momentum that led to the final conclusion of hostilities and the reunification of the states. Had anyone of the events heretofore mentioned turned out differently, the ensuing chain of events could have achieved very different results than they did.

Thus is why I will not say that the collapse of the Scozzafava campaign is a turning point in the Republican Party. It was most definitely a shot heard throughout the Party. It makes many incumbent Republicans a little fearful. At the very least, it has gotten the attention of them and the rest of the establishment Republican powerbrokers and Party bosses who are concerned more with politics than policy.

As they all await the results of Tuesday’s elections, they are hoping that resounding Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey set the stage for a Republican resurgence in 2010. As such, having already crushed the chances of one their hand picked candidate, even before any votes were counted, the anti-establishment has shown the establishment that if they choose to have a fighting chance in 2010, they need to run Republicans loyal to the principles of the party. The events in the 23rd district prove that if the GOP tries to run candidates who resemble Democrats, the Republican Party will be entering next November’s field of battle with far less fighting power than they could have. If they are going to continue running republican-lite nominees, the Republican base will not show up to fight with the establishment. They will fight against the establishment.

It is for those reasons that I will not declare the defeat of Scozzafava to be a turning point. It could be, but only if the establishment learned their lesson and catches up to the anti-establishment Republicans who are ahead of the curve and the wave of the future of the GOP. The events in the 23rd district could prove to be a turning point if the Republican wing of the Republican Party prepares to replace the old guard with the new guard and are willing to offer primary challenges to those Republicans who have betrayed the principles of our Party.

Crap-and-Tax RepublicansIn a state like New Jersey, that would mean that it is necessary to confront people like Representatives Leonard Lance, Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo, the Jersey Three who voted with Democrats to pass the Cap-and-Trade measure that would tax the air that we breathe and amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. By supporting a measure like Cap-and-Trade, Republican like Lance, LoBiondo and Smith have proven themselves to be unworthy of our trust and unworthy of our nomination. They have proven that they can not be counted to stand up against big government, big spending and the abuse of state’s and individual’s rights.

These are the type of establishment Republicans that must be purged as the GOP moves forward. They are the type of quasi-Republicans that the anti-establishment must make sure are challenged and defeated in a primary battle for the Republican nomination in their Congressional Districts come next year. I am one of those willing to challenge my Congressman, Chris Smith, a 14 term incumbent who rode his way into office on the coattails of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Now, 29 years later, and Smith is an entrenched establishment Republican who sides with Nancy Pelosi.

If the GOP intends to reinvent itself, it can not do so with Republicans like Chris Smith or Leonard Lance and Frank LoBiondo. Such inside-the-beltway, establishment stalwarts of old must be replaced by Republicans willing to lead us rather than be led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The Republican establishment will not change themselves. We have to change them. Just as the anti-establishment did by successfully shutting down the campaign of the establishment’s hand picked nominee for Congress in New York. Unless Republicans in districts represented by RINO’s are willing to find their own Doug Hoffman’s and turn their opponents into Scozzafava’s, the Republican Party will never change and it will never become the force for change that it could and should be.

Marco Rubio for Florida and the Nation

Marco Rubio: The GOP-Y2K10 Leader

The collapse of the campaign of a Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s North Country was indeed a victory but whether or not it is a turning point, has yet to be seen. It has the potential to be one, but only if the anti-establishment pushes ahead hard. Real hard. They must do all that is possible to spur the victory of Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist in Florida’s race for the U.S. Senate. They must find viable alternatives to the likes of Olympia Snowe of Maine and replace pseudo sometime Republicans like California’s Mary Bono, New Jersey’s Chris Smith, Delaware’s Mike Castle and Illinois’ Mark Kirk. They must all be Scozzafavarized. Then and only then will October 31st, 2009 be considered as a turning point in the resurgence of republicanism in America.

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Florida’s Mel Martinez Resigns. Will Connie Mack Replace Him?

Bookmark and Share   At 3:00 pm Florida Senator Mel Martinez made it official and announced that he will resign from the U.S. Senate before his term is up in 2011.
FLaMartThere has been no clear reason given for this other than his stated desire to enter the private sector and live a private life. Speculation is that an ailing sister and time with family are part of the cause for his resignation. Other reasons include the fact that Senator Martinez has been looking for other opportunities in the private sector for a couple of years now.

According to sources the Florida senator made it clear that he was seeking new horizons and that if something came up, he would grab it, regardless of any timing that interfered with his six year commitment to the most excusive club in the world.

The situation creates an interesting scenario. Martinez had already announced that he was not going to run for reelection. So a race for his senate had begun some months ago now. The state’s Governor, Charlie Crist is currently seeking to be Martinez’s successor. He is running in a primary against a true conservative young gun who was the Speaker of the Florida state house and former conservative Congressman Bill McCollum.

With Martinez’s sudden resignation, the Governor must now appoint a replacement to fill his unexpired term. He could appoint himself, which he will not do or he could resign as Governor and have the Lieutenant Governor appoint him to replace Martinez until the election. Neither would be seen as acceptable power grabs or fair practice.

So Crist will most likely fill the vacancy with someone who does not desire to hold on to the senate seat and become another challenger to Crist in what is already a three man primary race.

Who Crist does pick will be important not just to the people of Florida and the business of the U.S. Senate but to his own chances of winning the nomination for that seat himself.

If it is a poor choice Crist will be hurting his own prospects among Floridians in his primary bid.

So who is he to choose? It can’t be someone who is good and will want to stay in the position. It can’t be seen as a lightweight just there to keep the seat warm for Crist.

I believe that Charlie Crist will appoint Connie Mack, Sr.

Connie Mack was Florida’s Senator before. He was also one of the state’s most popular elected officials. Conservative, pragmatic, well spoken and trusted, Mack could be very influential and he would be a solid figure to represent Florida again.

He was one of the best people in the senate when he served in it and he is probably the best person for the job right now.

The only problem is that Connie Mack, Sr. is so good, Crist might be intimidated by him because Charlie Crist is no Connie Mack and would have a hard time holding a candle to him.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this whole situation is Martinez.

After entering the stage as a promising conservative voice, Martinez spent time serving as a Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee. He didn’t really make much of a difference and resigned early from that post.

While doing his job in the senate he proved not to be the sharpest tool in the shed and far from the type of conservative voice the party needed.

With no great accomplishments Mel Martinez was really an insignificant member of the nation’s most exclusive club and I can’t help but feel that since Republicans lost the majority in the Senate, he did not like serving in the minority. A lot more power and perks come with being in the majority and I think Martinez was not happy without them. So after losing majority control, Martinez spent the last three years or so moping around and sulking.

Well you know what? Good riddance, you bum!

You never should have run in the first place and seeing you leave the U.S. Senate is no loss to the people of Florida, the G.O.P. or the nation.

On another similiar note, republicans may soon be losing another Senator.

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will be resigning to dedicate all her time to defeating incumbent Rick Perry in a primary for Governor.

Governor Perry will then have to appoint someone to fill that vacancy. Some of the names mentioned as likely replacements are Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst,Railroad Commissioners Michael Williams and Elizabeth Ames Jones, Attorney General Greg Abbott, State Sen. Florence Shapiro and former Secretary of State Roger Williams.


Governor Crist ruled out appointing himself to the senate seat but has stated that this vacancy occurs during the congressional recess and gives the people of Florida the time to find the most honest and qualified person to serve the remainder of martinez’s term.

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The Political Landscape Is About To Change

Bookmark and Share    In 2010 a political earthquake will take place.


It will not be akin to the magnitude of an 8.0 on the Richter scale but the political landscape will shift and it will not be to the left. This transference will probably be to an extent that will set the stage for a soon to come political U-turn away from the direction our nation is now going in.

Midterms elections almost always produce a backlash against the party in national control and as such in 2010, Democrats stand on ground zero, right at the epicenter of a political tremor that is about to make the land slide out from under their feet.

Liberals may not agree with trickle down economics but they can’t deny the trickle down effects of midterm elections and, after only seven or so months in control, the effects of their ultra-liberal leadership has already surpassed expectations with record levels of spending, deficits, taxes and regulations.

Their promotion of a second and now possibly third “stimulus package” has done little more than give the White House the opportunity to say that, at its best, the historic federal spending bill has helped to make things not as bad as they could be. That claim in and of itself is false, yet despite that far from glowing admission, Washington essentially borrowed nearly $10,000 from every American household to create jobs that have yet to materialize while at the same time the unemployment rate continues to exceed expectations as it soars to distressing heights.

On other fronts, President Obama has been on several foreign tours of apology to the world for our being the greatest hope of freedom the world has ever known and at home, under his orders, his uber-liberal underlings, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been hard at work trying to tax the air that we breathe with an ill conceived Cap-and-Tax bill and now a horrifically rushed measure to socialize medical care in America.

These highlights along with other areas such as slashes in our missile defense systems just as North Korea builds missiles that can hit American soil and as Iran kicks its nuclear ambitions and rocketry muscle into high gear, have all helped to lead 61% of all Americans to conclude that America is on the wrong track. In that same poll, a Rasmussen poll, 46% of the population disapproves of the President’s job performance and while 86% believe that the economy is the most important issue of the day, only 30% trust President Obama’s handling of the economy.

All of this indicates a boom and bust cycle for Democrats that is about to cause the political quake of 2010 and ultimately change the political landscape of Washington, D.C. and the direction of our nation .

The realization of just how antithetical contemporary liberalism is to the founding principles of our nation is slowly but surely beginning to settle in to the American psyche.

People who have never before been inclined to pick up a sign and protest in the streets are being inspired to do so today as it becomes clearer and clearer to them that the rights they have taken for granted for too long are being eroded at an unprecedented rate.

The result is not only a realization that the “change” the Democrat’s messiah, President Obama, offered is not exactly the holy grail that many had sought, it is also making many fear the results of the changes that are being made to the very fabric of our American society.

That realization is responsible for the reemergence of the type of conservative ideological vehemence and determination that helped bring Republicans to control of the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years in 1994. In fact the forces of true conservatism were so powerful at the time that, at that same time, the GOP also wrested control of the Senate and after two years in office, the White House press corps was forced to ask President Clinton if his administration was relevant anymore.

Today the signs of outright rage over years of encroachments on individual rights and personal wealth is at such a boiling point that even the establishment of the Republican Party is about to be purged.

Years of runaway spending and a political culture of corruption that both parties have participated in are inspiring a new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status of quo of the G.O.P..

In Florida, the once promising governor, Charlie Crist has declared that he will run for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination to replace retiring and inconsequential Republican Senator Mel Martinez.

As governor, Crist has fallen far short of his predecessor, Governor Jeb Bush. He has proven himself to be a pseudo conservative and generic politician. He is far from being fiscally conservative, has endorsed all of President Obama’s bailout proposals and he has never taken a stand for state sovereignty over the encroachment of the federal government.

In other words he is simply a career politician with his finger in the wind as he tries to sail with the tide of beltway politics.

So in comes Marco Rubio to challenge Crist for the nomination.

Marco Rubio is a young energetic man of Cuban immigrants who has served in the Florida state legislature and even at his young age rose to become the Speaker of The Florida House of Representatives. He is also a true believer in the principles that should make one a problem.

Rubio acknowledges that his state’s incumbent Governor has the inside track to the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate but outspent and outmanned Rubio is undaunted in his challenge to Crist for the nomination. His reasons are simple and in his own words he explains that he believes……. “that our country is at the proverbial crossroads and that our future will depend on which path that we choose. Some believe that the path to security and prosperity is a larger involvement of government in our economy, that what we need is a government that spends more money and uses the tax system to distribute wealth and pick winners and losers. That is the view of some of our fellow Americans and it is the view of the folks who are in charge today of Washington, D.C.. But the majority of us don’t agree with that view and we deserve a voice in American politics. And that’s why I want to serve in the United states Senate. Because I want to be a part of offering an alternative.”

Rubio is inspired to represent something more than himself. That is why instead of waiting to win the favor of Florida’s Republican political establishment he is challenging its leader, Charlie Crist.

The outright anger with the current state of affairs in America spans the nation and as the atmosphere of discontent compels conservatives to challenge the establishment in Florida we head north to Ohio where conservative John Kasich has cast his hook, line and sinker into the sea of discontent as he seeks the Republican nomination for Governor in 2010.

Kasich is a former congressman, one of the leading members of the Republican Revolution which took control of Congress in 1994.

After handily winning reelection to several terms, Kasich remained true to the conservative agenda that propelled him into office in the first place and rejected the notion of making his place in Congress a lifetime job. But after several years in the private sector the condition of his state and nation has forced him back into the political arena as he seeks to bring the same sense of fiscal responsibility and conservative activism that he brought to Congress, to his state.

“Let people have their power back and run America from the bottom up.“ Power flows from the individual to the government, not the other way around. The individual is paramount in our society. There should be no individual to lord over other groups of people. Individuals ought to be in charge. We ought to get back to the days when we ran this country from the bottom up” says Kasich.

And with that sentiment John Kasich will likely become one of the most influential, leading conservative Governor’s come 2011.

Heading West Chuck Kozak is another example of the renegade Republican forces that are emerging to challenge the status quo of politics and the G.O.P…

As political novice, Kozak enters the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada. This family man, veteran, volunteer, outdoorsman and highly honored attorney will be taking on none other than one of the three leading liberal faces of government, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Kozak seeks to restore a sense of Federalism to our nation by returning the 85 means tested federal welfare programs that remain, back to the states, and give each state the ability to establish an entirely new safety net system based on work instead of handouts. He also sponsors an optional 15% flat income tax, that gives taxpayers the opportunity to choose either that flat tax or the deductions and credits of the current system and he strives for a 20% reduction in the capital gains tax.

Also on his agenda is a focus on a reliance of the free the marketplace to produce new energy, while still using existing sources such as oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power, as well as the newer alternative energy sources such as wind and solar in order to assure a reliable, low cost energy supply to boost the economy.

This powerful innovative, conservative, constitutional, freedom based agenda is in sharp contrast to the ever emerging liberal, government controlled, socialistic list of plans that Kozak’s opponent, Harry Reid, is responsible for putting on the legislative docket and promoting.

In Pennsylvania the opportunistic, old guard, career politician Arlen Specter who spent his life masquerading as a Republican will be trying to convince Democrats that he’s as liberal as President Obama. His Arnoldian move has opened the door for Republican rebel Pat Toomey to accept the GOP mantle and carry a conservative agenda as powerful as Chuck Kozak’s over the finish line and finally put Specter’s games to rest.

Allover the nation, a new breed of conservative constitutionalists who understand what the Republican Party is suppose to stand for and are ashamed by the old guard’s retreat from that stand, are stepping forward to slowly but surely push aside the Republican leaders who have lost their steam and taken on a practice of political expediency that promotes their grasp on power more than the cause they should be using their power to advance.

In New Jersey conservatives are preparing to challenge the five Cap-and-Trade Republicans who sided with President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi on the issue of taxing the air that we breathe with the greatest transfer of wealth known to man. Those challenges include one to the Dean of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, Republican Representative Chris Smith.

In California where, next year, a fiscally responsibly, innovative Republican in the form of Ebay C.E.O. Meg Whitman, is likely to become Governor and also whisk Republicans in to control of one of their two legislative chambers.

Also in California, Chuck Devore, a state senator, has been slicing and dicing the demonically liberal and outstandingly obnoxious Barabara Boxer as he prepares to challenge her for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Devore’s outspoken and aggressive attacks on Boxer are proven more and more deserving as she uses Capital Hill as a stage for grandstanding and dressing down members of the military and anyone who is not as rabidly partisan to the radical liberalism that she subscribes to.

One of his strongest issues is a plan to get dollars flowing into California’s coffers without soaking average state taxpayers. He is calling for an aggressive off-shore oil drilling program that would gain access to 9 billion barrels of oil waiting to be tapped into off of California’s coast waters.

Some of the challenges to the establishment of the Republican Party will not be the only reason for new life and new successes for the party. Some Republican victories in many areas will simply come by default as they win not because of themselves but because of the undeniably devastating performances of the Democrats that they will be running against.

Such will likely be the case this year in New Jersey where the race for Governor will probably be won by the guy who has screwed things up least. In this situation that would be Republican nominee, former U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie.

Christie is nothing special and leaves a lot to be desired but incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine has been a disgrace. With no accomplishments to run on, Corzine’s campaign has one issue that he is going with. It is the fact that he is of the same party as President Barack Obama. But without Obama on the ballot, that campaign issue will ultimately fall flat on the ears of voters who have been punished by Corzine with one of the worst economies in the nation and the greatest tax burden in the nation. That all amounts to a Republican win by default.

In New York where Governor David Paterson has led the state into dire straits and Democrat control of the state legislature has led to a point of chaos and confusion that has stalled legislative actions on everything, Republicans are on the verge of taking back at least one chamber of the state legislature and could have a potential Republican Governor in the form of conservative Congressman Peter King of Long Island. That is a long shot though. There is a better chance that former Governor George Pataki will run again or there is always the possibility of Rudy Giuliani entering the picture. Neither of those two would honor the conservative revolution that the state needs but both would be better than David Paterson or Andrew Cuomo if   he challenges Paterson for the nomination and beats him.

In Michigan the devastating ruin that liberal Governor Jennifer Granholm made of the state will usher in some much needed changes there too. And they will be quite the opposite to the change that President Obama is currently creating.

All together, the cumulative effects of all these pending races demonstrates that 2010 is shaping up to be the precipice of a pivotal political period. On that precipice are the fronts of two battles which are brewing at this very moment.

One battle is for the restoration of a Republican Party that realizes its roots and begins to once again represent its grass root followers. In this battle the Marco Rubio’s who represent the new breed of traditional conservative Republicans will fight the stagnant and unproductive old guard members of the party………the ones that produced the moderate and almost apologetic Republican candidacy of John McCain for President. The part of the party that has forgotten the principles and responsibilities that led to the Republican Revolution of 1994.

The second front will be the fight against incumbent liberal powerbrokers who now control government on the state and federal level because of those Republicans who strayed away from the principles they vowed to advance. On this front, the John Kasich’s, the Chuck DeVore’s and if he wins the first battle, the Marco Rubio’s of the new generation of Republican leaders will have to slay the loyal liberal opposition that is taking this country in the wrong direction that 61% of Americans believe we are heading in.

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