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Liberals Trying To Use Texas Plane Attack To Paint The Right As Dangerous Anti-Government Groups

Bookmark and Share    We knew it would not take long for the left to take Joe Stack’s suicidal terrorist flight into an Austin, Texas building that housed IRS offices, and associate it with those to the right of the political spectrum.

Within a few hours of the unimaginable horror that Stack wreaked, Washington ComPOST columnist Jonathon Capehart went ahead and did it.   He stated that the sentiments expressed were like those of the extreme elements of the Tea Party protestors.

Capehart also proceeds to post segments of Joe Stack’s suicide message in his column as evidence of his association between the terrorist act of a lunatic and those who dissent against the excesses of government. (see the full Stack manifesto here)

In less than a paragraph, Capehart essentially labels those who oppose this Administration or the strong hand of government as extreme anti-government groups. Does Capehart include himself in this dangerous group of “anti-government” groups? Because if he doesn’t, he needs to. Not long ago Capehart was opposed to everything that the government of President George W. Bush did. So should Capehart not be on a government watch list now? Maybe someone needs to send his name to that fishy@whitehouse.gov website that the Obama Administration had once created for the purpose of reporting to them those who disagree with the government healthcare takeover scheme.

It is time for the left to get a grip and start revaluating their shtick. They have gotten away with their double standard for far too long .

In the wake of 9/11 and the rise of radical Islamic terrorists, the left stood firm in their goal to insure that all Muslims were not condemned. They were right too. And they were not alone. President Bush went out of his way to make it clear that we were not at war with Islam or any faith but the terrorists. Profiling was disallowed and instead of doing a second search on the veiled and burkah clad airplane passenger traveling from Yemen, they demanded that the blue haired Grandmother from Pasadena be stripped and frisked.

But when it comes to political ideology, the left suddenly loses any guilt by association beliefs. Suddenly , if you do not think like them, if you did not support Barack Obama for President, you are part of a dangerous anti-government group or movement.

If liberals were as steadfast in their cries and warnings about terrorism as they are with their knee-jerk tendency to label Republicans as dangerous killers, than this nation would be a much safer place.

But such is not the case. Instead, liberals like Jonathon Capehart will use the acts of a lone lunatic who targeted the IRS and associate it with Tea Party protestors and right wing groups.

In Capehart’s case, while he posted the last few remaining paragraphs of Stack’s manifesto, he conveniently left out the last two lines that were between the last paragraph of his message and his name at the bottom.   They were;

“The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.”

While Capehart associated Stack’s opinions with the Tea Party movement, in addition to conveniently leaving those last two lines out of his post, he neglected to associate many of the other very left leaning positions that Stack espoused. Gone were the references to Stack’s anti-Bush remarks or his desire for government run healthcare. Combine these sentiments along with the final two sentences of Stack’s suicide note and what you have are the words of someone who sounds like a left leaning Marxist.

Maybe it is time for Jonathon Capehart, the Washington ComPost, the New York Slimes and other disreputable liberal entities to put an end to their attempts to label those who oppose big government as terrorists. After all, President Obama has ties of his own to quite a famous anti-government, liberal figure who happens to also be a confessed domestic terrorist, responsible for plots against several different government building and deaths.

Does the name William Ayres sound familiar?  We can start disussing that name and the Weather Undrground again?

So if liberals want to play this game, let’s play it. Let us see how many liberals who cried that dissention was patriotic when Bush was President, but find it not the case now, could be considered dangerous radical anti-government elements based on their dissention back during the Bush years. There are many moves to be made in this game if they wish to continue playing it.

Or we can stop the game. They can drop the double standard and stop trying to associate a dislike of socialism with violent radicalism or stop equating opposition to President Obama’s policies to racism.  And I can stop blaming them for their endless use of double standards and continuous hypocrisy.

If the left can actually drop their hypocrisy, perhaps we can unite against violence and terrorism instead of exploiting tragedy in an attempt to dilute the effectiveness of those who disagree with them.

What Joe Stack did was beyond wrong. It was horrific, reprehensible and deserving of  all of us  going out of our way to join in a united national denunciation of his acts. And what Jonathon Capehart did was also wrong. Instead of using Stack’s act of terrorism as something for all of us to unite against, he used it to divide the differences between left and right even further apart. 

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