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Liberal Hypocrisy Proven Again! They Want A War Tax But Some Won’t Pay Any Taxes

Bookmark and Share    I consistently contend that liberals are hypocrites and that the contemporary, predominantly liberal, Democrat Party, possesses a hypocrisy based ideology.

Hypocrisy is so ingrained in liberalism that it seeps into everything from the way they do business to the policies they promote and the double standards they operate under.

For example. A $400 million dollar deficit after 8 years of President G.W. Bush drew repeated public denunciations by the left and cries of irresponsibility (which is actually true) but an epic $1.85 trillion deficit in 10 months under President Obama is seen as a good thing by liberals now.

Liberals claimed that Clarence Thomas was unfit for the Supreme Court because a comment he made about pubic hair on a can of coke inspired one Anita Hill to accuse him of sexual harassment. But according to these same liberals, the dozens of sexual harassment charges against President B.J Clinton, including those settled out of court, had no bearing on how fit he was to be Commander-and-Chief.

The list is endless, but recently I was struck by a group of liberal, civilian, conscientious objectors who oppose our national security interests and the war against the enemies confronting us.

WarTaxBoycott.org proudly promotes their “2009 War Tax Boycott” and they even ask you to participate in their 2010 War Tax Boycott. I was floored by the message this site offered. What shocked me was not their total refusal to understand why we are at war, or their unwillingness to accept the fact that what we are in the middle of is borne out of necessity (as President Obama admits). No. What made my eyes pop out was the utterly ridiculous level of hypocrisy they confirmed.

Here is some of what the site explained:

“$141,696 redirected from war to projects that serve humanity!

Half the signers to the 2009 War Tax Boycott refused to pay federal income taxes to the IRS and are giving the money to Direct Aid Iraq, Common Ground Health Clinic, or hundreds of other projects of their choice.”

Here’s the kicker…………….

“Other signers have chosen to reduce their income so that none of their money will go to war — with the added benefit of less consumerism.”

I was astonished by the liberal admission of the fact that less income in the pockets of individuals results in “less consumerism”.

Now in the case of this Brooklyn based pit of hypocrisy, they see less consumerism as a good thing because the reduced purchase power and lack of profit in America, in their small, warped minds, is an added sign of protest against our national security.  However; the bottom line is that these liberals clearly connect less money in the pockets of taxpayers with less consumerism. So another words if one were to be allowed to keep more of the money they earned, they would spend more and their would be more of that much hoped for consumerism.

Is this not the exact same point they argue against when they denounce tax cuts?

In the meantime, while you have a portion of the Democrat Party refusing to pay their taxes because of our defense efforts, you have a leading liberal, Congressman David Obey, demanding that we create a “war tax”.

Are liberals actually this confused or are they really as stupid as they sound and act?

But just to accentuate the undeniability of liberal hypocrisy, I should mention that people like Congressman David Obey and Joe Klein, the liberal, so-called journalist of Time, are currently trying to argue that a “war tax” is patriotic, yet, at the same time, do they call it unpatriotic when  liberals refuse to pay any taxes, as demonstrated by the 2009 War Tax Protest group?

The endless hypocrisy of the left is painfully obvious and incredibly obscene.  But if you really want to blow a gasket,  check out what Joe Klein had to say about Congressman Obey’s war tax.  Not only does it add to my point, it also demonstrates the blatant level of political insincerity that liberals possess.  Klein’s brief opinion of the war tax reveals the real reason behind it. 

It is an attempt, on the part of the left, to exploit the war effort and turn it into a wedge issue to attack Republicans with.  And we all know it!  After all, do any of us believe that the same government which claims that stimulus dollares are creating jobs in Congressional Districts that do not exist , is actually going to insure us that their war tax goes to the war effort?   Absolutely not! 

These hypocrites really need to stop the lies and put an end to the games they’re playing.

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