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The Economics of Jealousy and Hypocrisy

Bookmark and Share    On the issue of taxes, there a  few politicians and Parties have more of the  market on hypocrisy than do Democrats. A vast majority of those who play the role of your biggest so called “fighters for the common man” ironically happen to be among the wealthiest and most removed segments of society from the plight of the working class.

The fact is that of the 535 seats in Congress (435 in the House and 100 in the Senate), 44%, or 237 of them, are millionaires. In whole, only 1% of the entire American population are millionaires, so clearly there is an alarming disparity that exists between the face of America and the Congress that represents it.

This is not to suggest that legitimately accumulated wealth is a bad thing. Quite the contrary. Wealth is a good thing, especially when you do the right thing with it and do others right by it. But the existing gap between wealthy Americans and the wealthy Americans representing their needs in Congress is of some concern. I mean, at some point, as we all have, you must begin to wonder how in touch Congress is with the people whose concerns they represent.

The left has spent decades playing off of this question. They have used it to play a sometimes successful game of class warfare that is designed to divide and conquer by feeding off of one of the most debased and unchristian instincts there is ———– jealousy. Much of the Democrat Party tries to make voters believe that wealthy Republicans are out of touch rich men who are trying to prosper from the toil and sweat of the working class. This is the argument that has helped to advance socialism throughout the world. But that argument never quite mentions the fraud and benefits which is extended to the bureaucrats who are placed in charge of spreading that wealth and it also neglects to address the unsustainability and inherent mediocrity and lack of excellence that comes with such a system in the areas of productivity and quality of life.

Yet Democrats often get away with their class warfare tactics.

It is easier for a poor man to blame his lot in life on someone else. For Democrats that finger of blame for ones lot in life is pointed at Republicans as they paint members of the G.O.P. as fat cat business interests in their exclusive country clubs, hob knobbing with the rich and famous..

But the truth is that as most Democrats point their fingers at Republicans, while admittedly almost evenly split, the majority of the wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats. And even if that were not the case, it is the majority of those same finger pointing liberals who do their damnedest to hide their wealth, cheat the system, live above the laws they create for others to follow and evade what Vice President Joe Biden called, their “patriotic duty”………paying taxes.

Take Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters.

These are just two of the latest cases of tax evading hypocrites on the Hill today.

Both led the fight for socialized healthcare, both exempted their own congressional healthcare plans from the 3,000 page federal healthcare boondoggle that they wrote, both are wealthy, both have benefited from skirting the very regulations they draft and support and both are now being charged with unethical conduct regarding the way they have hidden and added to their wealth. This would bring into play another very unchristian value————greed.

Their greed and their desire to promote the economic politics of jealousy and class warfare have played a critical role in the way that the liberal leadership of the Democrat Party has crafted legislation and to be more exact,………crafted  bad legislation.

But beyond the likes of Rangel and Waters, there exists an incredibly strong history of liberal hypocrisy on the issue of wealth and attempts to paint Republicans as the Party of the rich.

Take one of the most beloved political families in the world……..The Kennedy’s

The son’s of Joe, a swindling financier whose greed built a political dynasty and drove his sons to value power more than people, have all been wealthy, country club liberal elitists. They run around with, party with and play with the rich and famous while wining and dining the media elite who eat out of their hands and then sing their praises in print and on the airwaves. All of them have built their careers on the plight of the common man. Yet while they perform this play on the political stage, they have done everything from kill to cheat and avoid accountability.

But while the Kennedy’s are a prime example of the liberal class warfare hypocrisy that exists in the Democrat Party, they are far from alone.

Of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress, 8 are Democrats;

Jane Harman (D-CA) – $377,275,000,
Herb Kohl (D-WI) – $265,629,996,
Mark Warner (D-VA) – $346,085,992,
John Kerry (D-MA) – $258,959,049,
Jared Pelosi (D-CO) – 566 $265,609,998,
Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) – $128,416,002,
Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) – $101,856,020
Diane Feinstein (D-CA) – $101,849,018

All eight of them have done their best to paint themselves as the toughest fighters for working families that ever existed and claim that the G.O.P. is simply for the rich. Yet when it came time help the working man, these rich limousine liberals have all failed to alleviate the tax burden that weighs down a families ability to achieve financial security and oppresses their ambitions for economic freedom and prosperity.

They have opposed such things as making an increase in the child tax credit permanent. They refused to pass a bill that would have cut all income tax rates and make other tax cuts of $958.2 billion over 10 years and convert five tax rate brackets, which range from 15 to 39.6 percent, to a system of four brackets with rates of 10 to 33 percent.

They have rejected efforts to require a supermajority to raise taxes and protect working families from the never ending rising costs of the government bureaucracy and attempts to oppose making income taxes flatter and lower.

And these are not reforms that could be simply defined as effecting only the rich. These were reforms designed to directly impact working families and the common man that they claim to be the defenders of.

But beyond the voting records which indicate just the opposite when it comes to proving who the real defenders of personal economic freedom really seems to be, are the far fetched attempts that Democrats and their Party make in trying to claim whose side they are really on. Not only are they the same rich and powerful enemy that they try to make Republicans out to be, they are true hypocrites of their own messages who are far from understanding of the plight of the working class.

Take John Kerry, the Democrat Party’s former standard bearer, who fell into wealth after marrying the power hungry wife and heir of deceased Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz’s fortune.

After Teresa Heinz inherited her husbands ketchup fortune, she maintained her Washington, D.C. power base and tax writing authority by marrying incumbent liberal Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Kerry then shared in the wealth and the two ran for the presidency of the United States. Much of the Kerry-Heinz campaign was based on typical Democrat class warfare which described George W. Bush and the G.O.P. as the wealthy corporatists who robbed from the poor to give to the rich. But during that campaign, he and his wife neglected to mention that in their own family, making money from the workers in their corporation was a good thing and to them, wealth was something that you married into and sheltered in schemes that evaded taxes.

For instance. Take the case of the 76 foot Heinz-Kerry luxury yacht.

Keeping it docked in The senator’s home state of Taxachusetts would have meant that he had to dip into his wife’s purse and dole out a minimum of half a million dollars in taxes to Massachusetts. So what did Kerry do. He kept his yacht, the “Isabella” in the much more relatively tax friendly neighboring state of Rhode Island. And had it not been for a public disclosure of the creating docking arrangement, Kerry would have avoided the expense. But instead the failed presidential nominee had to resign himself to telling the press that he promised to bring his yacht back home and eventually the proper state taxes that he owed on it.

John Kerry, Maxine Waters, Jane Harman, Charlie Rangel and the rest of the liberal elitists who makeup the Democrat establishment are truly divisive hypocrites. Each and everyday they preach the virtues of the working class. They speak of how the wealthy are ruining this nation and how the rich Republicans are co-conspirators in a plot to rob the common man of his just desserts. They preach socialism and tout its virtues, yet they spend their time out of the public eye cheating the system and accusing others of the crimes they are guilty of.

Do both sides of the aisle have their share of wealthy members of Congress? They sure do. But the difference is that Republicans do not pretend that wealth is a bad thing. Republicans do not use an unholy greed for power and money to divide people and to inspire jealousies that form the foundation for economic policies of oppression and limited opportunities. Republicans are not ashamed of any wealth that individuals may have. They are not hypocritical leaches who are chowing down on caviar while writing speeches that claim the wealth creators of America are forcing everyone else to crumbs.

John Kerry once said “Values are not just words, values are what we live by. They’re about the causes that we champion and the people we fight for.” But apparently, the values that John Kerry and many of his wealthy and powerful liberal friends live by are not the values that most hardworking Americans live by. The values of greed and deceit are those which Americans try to avoid and this November, we will see exactly how many Americans feel that way.

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Liberals Trying To Use Texas Plane Attack To Paint The Right As Dangerous Anti-Government Groups

Bookmark and Share    We knew it would not take long for the left to take Joe Stack’s suicidal terrorist flight into an Austin, Texas building that housed IRS offices, and associate it with those to the right of the political spectrum.

Within a few hours of the unimaginable horror that Stack wreaked, Washington ComPOST columnist Jonathon Capehart went ahead and did it.   He stated that the sentiments expressed were like those of the extreme elements of the Tea Party protestors.

Capehart also proceeds to post segments of Joe Stack’s suicide message in his column as evidence of his association between the terrorist act of a lunatic and those who dissent against the excesses of government. (see the full Stack manifesto here)

In less than a paragraph, Capehart essentially labels those who oppose this Administration or the strong hand of government as extreme anti-government groups. Does Capehart include himself in this dangerous group of “anti-government” groups? Because if he doesn’t, he needs to. Not long ago Capehart was opposed to everything that the government of President George W. Bush did. So should Capehart not be on a government watch list now? Maybe someone needs to send his name to that fishy@whitehouse.gov website that the Obama Administration had once created for the purpose of reporting to them those who disagree with the government healthcare takeover scheme.

It is time for the left to get a grip and start revaluating their shtick. They have gotten away with their double standard for far too long .

In the wake of 9/11 and the rise of radical Islamic terrorists, the left stood firm in their goal to insure that all Muslims were not condemned. They were right too. And they were not alone. President Bush went out of his way to make it clear that we were not at war with Islam or any faith but the terrorists. Profiling was disallowed and instead of doing a second search on the veiled and burkah clad airplane passenger traveling from Yemen, they demanded that the blue haired Grandmother from Pasadena be stripped and frisked.

But when it comes to political ideology, the left suddenly loses any guilt by association beliefs. Suddenly , if you do not think like them, if you did not support Barack Obama for President, you are part of a dangerous anti-government group or movement.

If liberals were as steadfast in their cries and warnings about terrorism as they are with their knee-jerk tendency to label Republicans as dangerous killers, than this nation would be a much safer place.

But such is not the case. Instead, liberals like Jonathon Capehart will use the acts of a lone lunatic who targeted the IRS and associate it with Tea Party protestors and right wing groups.

In Capehart’s case, while he posted the last few remaining paragraphs of Stack’s manifesto, he conveniently left out the last two lines that were between the last paragraph of his message and his name at the bottom.   They were;

“The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.”

While Capehart associated Stack’s opinions with the Tea Party movement, in addition to conveniently leaving those last two lines out of his post, he neglected to associate many of the other very left leaning positions that Stack espoused. Gone were the references to Stack’s anti-Bush remarks or his desire for government run healthcare. Combine these sentiments along with the final two sentences of Stack’s suicide note and what you have are the words of someone who sounds like a left leaning Marxist.

Maybe it is time for Jonathon Capehart, the Washington ComPost, the New York Slimes and other disreputable liberal entities to put an end to their attempts to label those who oppose big government as terrorists. After all, President Obama has ties of his own to quite a famous anti-government, liberal figure who happens to also be a confessed domestic terrorist, responsible for plots against several different government building and deaths.

Does the name William Ayres sound familiar?  We can start disussing that name and the Weather Undrground again?

So if liberals want to play this game, let’s play it. Let us see how many liberals who cried that dissention was patriotic when Bush was President, but find it not the case now, could be considered dangerous radical anti-government elements based on their dissention back during the Bush years. There are many moves to be made in this game if they wish to continue playing it.

Or we can stop the game. They can drop the double standard and stop trying to associate a dislike of socialism with violent radicalism or stop equating opposition to President Obama’s policies to racism.  And I can stop blaming them for their endless use of double standards and continuous hypocrisy.

If the left can actually drop their hypocrisy, perhaps we can unite against violence and terrorism instead of exploiting tragedy in an attempt to dilute the effectiveness of those who disagree with them.

What Joe Stack did was beyond wrong. It was horrific, reprehensible and deserving of  all of us  going out of our way to join in a united national denunciation of his acts. And what Jonathon Capehart did was also wrong. Instead of using Stack’s act of terrorism as something for all of us to unite against, he used it to divide the differences between left and right even further apart. 

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What If George Bush Spoke of “Light Skinned” Candidates “With No Negro Dialect”?

Bookmark and Share  What if George Bush described Barack Obama as a candidate who was “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”?

Oh I think we all know what would happen………………All hell would break out!

Al Sharpton would be holding a 5 borough march throughout New York City, with the President hanging in effigy at the head of it. Oh, and special guest speakers at the end of the march….that would likely include Senator Schmuck Schumer, Governor David Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, and a slew of congressional representatives like Louise Slaughter, Carol Maloney, Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner and too many more to allow to speak on stage in one night.

They would be joined by Marches in Chicago led by Jesse Jackson, in several in California led by people like Maxine Waters, and Loretta Sanchez, as well as Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer and a host of her liberal underlings in the House.

They would all be calling upon him to resign from office. Some might even be trying to have him impeached.

All across the country, most of the population would be denouncing the President for his insensitive, prejudicial remarks. Most Republicans would also be chastising the President for his remarks and almost all would be distancing themselves from him and his remarks.

Back in 2002, incoming Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott

Attended a birthday party for long serving Senator Strom Thurmond. In a toast-like offering at the party he stated “I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either,”


Strom Thurmond, was a segregationist when he ran in 1948.

Lott’s choice of words were certainly inappropriate. They were also not intended to be a reference to segregation or racism. In an immediate apology, Lott tried to explain that he was not referring to the segregationist policy that Thurmond held over fifty years ago and dropped long ago, but rather his body of work over his lifetime.

The apology was not enough.

Jesse Jackson called for Lott to resign. Former and always bitter Vice President Al Gore declared Lott’s remarks to be “racist.” And in an interview on CNN Gore stated that Lott should apologize for his comments or face censure by the Senate. The Vice President could not let it go and days later publicly stated…… “It is not a small thing … for one of the half dozen most prominent political leaders in America to say that our problems are caused by integration and that we should have had a segregationist candidate. That is divisive and it is divisive along racial lines. That’s the definition of a racist comment,”

Now I don’t know about you, but I did view any direct reference by Trent Lott to race, dialect, color, segregation or anything divisive. Inferences were made by many like Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi and even Barack Obama before he was a Senator but unlike Harry Reid’s insensitive remarks, there was no mention of color or prejudices.

They all put word in Trentt Lott’s mouth and they defined what he said to mean something he did not mean.

And joining in the chorus of partisan pricks from liberal hangmen, was the media, which was all too happy to help Democrats tie the noose around a Republicans neck. They continuously hounded Lott and other Republicans. The Lott comment was headlines for days. And people like Harry Reid only fed the flames of partisan fury that burned like created by leading Lott to his lynching. This went on until Trentt Lott and Republicans understood that the dust up caused by the toast to a man on his one hundredth birthday was turning into a sandstorm that would not die down.

So several Republicans agreed to throw Lott under the bus, and Lott resigned.

Of the resignation, Harry “The Racist” Reid said;

‘He had no alternative,’ ‘Senator Lott dug himself a hole and he didn’t dig it all in one setting. He dug it over the years. And he couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it.’” (”Nevada Lawmakers Not Surprised By Lott Resignation,” The Associated Press, 12/20/02)

He also through this in;

“If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, it’s that much easier to say ethnic things publicly. I’ve always practiced how I play.”

Apparently, that is not really the case. Apparently Harry Reid believes that dark skinned black Americans who speak ebonics are less than Presidential.

Personally, I can’t argue with at least part of that sentiment. I mean I truly could not imagine myself electing Fifty Cent or Snoop Dog President of the United States.

That is not because of their color. It is because of the attitude they convey, the lack of respect they demonstrate, the vulgarity of their performances and language. This is not limited to African-Americans though. Eminem, the Caucasian rapper from Detroit also known as Mathew Matthers would also be a non starter for me. 

But I don’t think Harry Reid was talking about rappers or pop icons. Was he actually stating that politicians like maybe Jesse Jackson, Jr., spoke too black and had skin too dark to be elected President?  Was it a reference to someone else like maybe Maxine Waters or the African-American Mayors of Philadelphia, Baltimore or Detroit. Maybe he meant Southern Congressman John Lewis was too dark skinned? I don’t know, but he said it. I didn’t. I would not claim that those people can’t get elected because of their dialect or color. Congressman Joe “You Lied” Wilson didn’t say that. Mitt Romney didn’t say that.  Nor did Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin say that.

Harry Reid did!

So what’s the difference here? Why did Trentt Lott’s head have to roll for a toast to a hundred year old man who, at the time, was the longest serving senator in history? A toast which made no mention of race but which he still apologized for?

The difference is Democrats are pure hypocrites. The foundation of their political being, liberalism, is a hypocritical based ideology that proves to be full of double standards and incongruent logic.

Need more proof?

Compare the defense that Democrats been offering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his remarks about color and speech to the general tone of the following remarks that Democrats made regarding then incoming Republican Senate Majority Leader Trentt Lott for his remarks about the decades of service that a 100 year old Senator gave to his country:

Then-Senator Joe Biden:

“What he said was insensitive as hell; it’s very offensive. Race is serious stuff. It’s not something you kid about.’” (Erin Kelly, “Del. Lawmakers, Civil Rights Leaders Condemn Lott’s Comments,” Gannett News Service, 12/13/02) 

Sen.Barbara Boxer:

‘His apology does not take away the sting of his divisive words, nor the pain inflicted on millions of African Americans under segregation,’ she said.” (Edward Epstein, “Bush Calls Lott’s Remark ‘Wrong,’” The San Francisco Chronicle, 12/13/02) 

Then Sen. Hillary Rodham:

“the GOP must decide whether Lott ‘represents the views of the majority of Republicans in the Senate and in our country.’” (Ron Kampeas, “Some Republicans Say Lott’s Apology Should End Controversy,” The Associated Press, 12/14/02) 

Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski:

“Lott’s comments ‘demonstrate a glaring insensitivity to the pain African-Americans suffered as a result of segregation and discrimination.’” (Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “Lott Repeats Apologies, Rejects Calls To Resign As Senate Leader,” The Baltimore Sun, 12/14/02) 

Sen. Debbie Stabenow:

‘Those kinds of comments have no place in our society and should be repudiated by every American,’ ‘At this point, the Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate needs to think long and hard about the kind of values they want their leadership to represent.’” (Katherine Hutt Scott, “Mich. Delegation Members From Both Parties Criticize Lott Remarks,” Gannett News Service, 12/14/02) 

Senator Patty Murray:

“The comments by Lott, R-Miss., were offensive, hurtful and wrong. Worst of all, they do not appear to be isolated remarks. At a time when our country should stand as one, (the comments) serve only to divide. Americans deserve leaders who will stand up for the civil rights of all citizens.’” (Gregg Herrington, “State’s Two Democratic Senators And Gop Chairman Take Lott To Task For Remarks,” The Columbian [Vancouver, WA], 12/14/02)That’s just a small sampling.

So I ask you…………………….What makes it okay, or not a big deal for the Democrat leader of the United States Senate to make irresponsible, racially insensitive remarks while it is not okay and a very big deal if a Republican leader of the Senate has his words twisted into racially insensitive inferences that were not intended?

Why should Harry Reid not be forced to resign?

This is a moment of truth for Democrats. Now is the time for them to demonstrate whether they are the hypocrites that I have come to know them to be, or if they are a party with at least a scintilla of  integrity and with any sense of fairness and justice.

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Liberal Hypocrisy Proven Again! They Want A War Tax But Some Won’t Pay Any Taxes

Bookmark and Share    I consistently contend that liberals are hypocrites and that the contemporary, predominantly liberal, Democrat Party, possesses a hypocrisy based ideology.

Hypocrisy is so ingrained in liberalism that it seeps into everything from the way they do business to the policies they promote and the double standards they operate under.

For example. A $400 million dollar deficit after 8 years of President G.W. Bush drew repeated public denunciations by the left and cries of irresponsibility (which is actually true) but an epic $1.85 trillion deficit in 10 months under President Obama is seen as a good thing by liberals now.

Liberals claimed that Clarence Thomas was unfit for the Supreme Court because a comment he made about pubic hair on a can of coke inspired one Anita Hill to accuse him of sexual harassment. But according to these same liberals, the dozens of sexual harassment charges against President B.J Clinton, including those settled out of court, had no bearing on how fit he was to be Commander-and-Chief.

The list is endless, but recently I was struck by a group of liberal, civilian, conscientious objectors who oppose our national security interests and the war against the enemies confronting us.

WarTaxBoycott.org proudly promotes their “2009 War Tax Boycott” and they even ask you to participate in their 2010 War Tax Boycott. I was floored by the message this site offered. What shocked me was not their total refusal to understand why we are at war, or their unwillingness to accept the fact that what we are in the middle of is borne out of necessity (as President Obama admits). No. What made my eyes pop out was the utterly ridiculous level of hypocrisy they confirmed.

Here is some of what the site explained:

“$141,696 redirected from war to projects that serve humanity!

Half the signers to the 2009 War Tax Boycott refused to pay federal income taxes to the IRS and are giving the money to Direct Aid Iraq, Common Ground Health Clinic, or hundreds of other projects of their choice.”

Here’s the kicker…………….

“Other signers have chosen to reduce their income so that none of their money will go to war — with the added benefit of less consumerism.”

I was astonished by the liberal admission of the fact that less income in the pockets of individuals results in “less consumerism”.

Now in the case of this Brooklyn based pit of hypocrisy, they see less consumerism as a good thing because the reduced purchase power and lack of profit in America, in their small, warped minds, is an added sign of protest against our national security.  However; the bottom line is that these liberals clearly connect less money in the pockets of taxpayers with less consumerism. So another words if one were to be allowed to keep more of the money they earned, they would spend more and their would be more of that much hoped for consumerism.

Is this not the exact same point they argue against when they denounce tax cuts?

In the meantime, while you have a portion of the Democrat Party refusing to pay their taxes because of our defense efforts, you have a leading liberal, Congressman David Obey, demanding that we create a “war tax”.

Are liberals actually this confused or are they really as stupid as they sound and act?

But just to accentuate the undeniability of liberal hypocrisy, I should mention that people like Congressman David Obey and Joe Klein, the liberal, so-called journalist of Time, are currently trying to argue that a “war tax” is patriotic, yet, at the same time, do they call it unpatriotic when  liberals refuse to pay any taxes, as demonstrated by the 2009 War Tax Protest group?

The endless hypocrisy of the left is painfully obvious and incredibly obscene.  But if you really want to blow a gasket,  check out what Joe Klein had to say about Congressman Obey’s war tax.  Not only does it add to my point, it also demonstrates the blatant level of political insincerity that liberals possess.  Klein’s brief opinion of the war tax reveals the real reason behind it. 

It is an attempt, on the part of the left, to exploit the war effort and turn it into a wedge issue to attack Republicans with.  And we all know it!  After all, do any of us believe that the same government which claims that stimulus dollares are creating jobs in Congressional Districts that do not exist , is actually going to insure us that their war tax goes to the war effort?   Absolutely not! 

These hypocrites really need to stop the lies and put an end to the games they’re playing.

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Wrangling Rangle While Exploring Liberal Hypocrisy and The Democrat-Media Complex

By POLITICS 24/7 guest blogger Michael Duminiak
mikewithdogsBookmark and Share   Oh Charlie, what can’t you do? You’ve told your constituents to shut up and mind their own business on tape when they questioned you. You’ve battled an ethics probe for over a year and still hold the Chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Just tell us you drove your car off a bridge killing a mistress and we’ll canonize you.

There are times when I almost wish I were a Democrat. Ah, the simplicity of the left. If a Republican so much as toasts a hundred year old man, call for his resignation. If, on the other hand, a Democrat calls someone a “nigger” – name something after him. If a Republican has an affair, scream for his resignation or impeachment. If, on the other hand, a Democrat has an affair and lies about it in court committing perjury, attack those who exposed him. If a mikesblogRepublican lies on his tax forms, he should go to prison. If on the other hand, a Democrat lies on his tax forms you can appoint him to Secretary of the Treasury or head of the House Committee in charge of tax law. If a Republican goes to jail for felony crimes, his career is over. If, on the other hand, a Democrat spends seven years in federal prison for felony crimes, he gets an appreciation dinner and support to get back into politics. If I ever decided to be a sleazy, no good, felonious, adulterous racist, I’d join the Democrats where such attributes gain praise.

If it weren’t all true, it would be funny. Instead, it is evidence of a political/media structure so completely deranged that we have good reason to be truly fearful. The subjective and relativistic morality preached by the left is their ‘get out of jail free’ card. They can hold the conservatives to their own standards (and rightly so), but then hold themselves to no concrete standard at all. Instead, Democrats lament the felony convictions of fellow Democrats and talk about all the good that crook had done. It’s like the mothers of murderers who say, “he was such a nice boy”.

Pointing out this serious problem of the Democrat-Media Complex only serves to make whoever points it out into the punching bag of the leftist mobs. Rather than admit to their own problems, they throw the mistakes of Republicans as examples that neither side is clean. They miss the point. Neither side is clean, but at least the Republicans take out their own garbage when they find it. The Democrats try to cover theirs in perfume and flowers and pretend it doesn’t stink.

When the left decides to hold their own crooks to account, maybe then I’ll have some respect for them. Until then, they’re just a bunch of boobs.

posted by mduminiak at 10:29 AM

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Conservative Blogger Becomes Target of Liberal Web Site

Bookmark and Share    Yours truly recently became the target of a liberal propaganda web site by the name of DemocraticUnderground.com.
DemocraticUnderground.comThey took offense to a quote that I have written and taken on as a mantra ever since the day that radical jihadists brought Islamic terrorism to our shores and killed more than three thousand Americans in a matter of hours on the eleventh of September, 2001.

The quote in question reads as follows:

“May God Bless America and provide us with the strength and perseverance necessary to thwart and eliminate the hidden cowards who threaten all that is precious to us.”

This quite innocent, personally held, sentiment has led to a flurry of activity on DemocraticUnderground.com which has in turn led to near unprecedented levels of traffic to POLITICS 24/7 where the quote was seen by liberal eyes.

So offended were the senses of the liberal statists that one even wished for my being killed.

The statement helps to prove my long held assertion that liberals and today’s Democrat Party are a hypocrisy basedLiberalHate collection of political retards with little ability to deal with reality and no sense of ethics, morals or responsibility.

The left which tries its best to carry the mantle of tolerance is  in truth the most intolerant lot of people that can be found in this hemisphere.  These are the same people who praise strong women and promote their breaking of any perceived glass ceilings, but only if they are liberal women. If they are a strong conservative woman, they are shunned, attacked and ridiculed by the very same people who would seek to castrate others who would dare do the same to a liberal woman.

These are the same people who seemingly stand full force for the advancement of people of color but only if they are people of color with liberal allegiances and beliefs. To them, a person of color who is conservative is an Uncle Tom and traitor.

Yes liberals have come a long in proving their lack of sincerity and abundantly hypocritical thinking and policies. Such was made even more evident by wishes for my death because I hope that divine powers help us to help ourselves defend against the disguised faces of terrorism.

Regarding that quote, some on this cesspool of asininities known as Democratic Underground stated “wtf? Who does he think these people are and where does he think they are hiding?

That statement received ringing endorsements of support from virtually all who sough to denigrate me for my concerns and beliefs.

That statement and the liberal reaction to it are clear examples of the left’s inability to accept the reality of the world we live in. They seek to ridicule those who take seriously the threats of terrorism. They seek to discount the facts that led to carnage, mayhem and death on 9/11.

It is obvious from the questioning rebuttals on Democratic Underground, that the base of the Democrat Party, does not understand that terrorists rely on the essential element of surprise and that they do not publicly identify themselves as threats to our lives. Instead the left chuckles at the notion that we have enemies. Instead they seek to make fellow Americans out to be the enemy.

A look at the message board on Democratic Underground dealing with the quote of topic in my blog, showed an endless stream of profanity and ridicule. Many consider me tobe  insane and out of touch. Others referred to me as “a pretty boy”.

None of this offends me. It comes from strangers who I do know, but whom through  through their demonstrated ignorance and non-existent civility, I do know I do not respect.

Beyond that though, I do appreciate what these moronic, hypocritical buffoons did.

Their deep rooted hatred, bigotry and ignorance allowed them to put in writing the evidence that substantiates all my beliefs and assertions about the pointlessness, hypocrisy, irresponsibility and detachment from reality that is the base of the contemporary Democrat Party.

The fact is, I greatly appreciated their immature antics and evident trashiness. Not only did it drive a great deal of traffic to my site, it also was an honor of sorts. I am honored to be a target of the socialist left of American politics. Winston Churchill once asked “You have enemies?” When the respondent said “Yes, I do” the statesman, often referred to as the British Bulldog, replied “Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I do stand up for things in my life.  things like the rule of law and freedom.  Things like out national soverignty and the principles which founded our country.  And God willing, I always will. I will even stand up for the right of those on the left to state their opinions and prove me right about them all the time.

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Bookmark and Share   It is interesting to listen to the left grouse over objections to President Obama’s economic proposals. They are astonished by any dissent and they are offended by any lack of sensitivity offered to the messiah’s vision for us. They want us to give him a chance and give him some time. obamaicon2

Perhaps they want us to treat President Obama the same way that they treated President Bush? 

From his first forays into the race for President in late 1999, Democrats demonized George W. Bush and since that time, they never once let up .

From day one, they called President Bush an illegitimate President and despite defeating them in a bid for reelection, many continued to make that claim.

From day one, the left never gave President Bush a chance. With unfounded grounds as their basis for accusations, Democrats spent much time even threatening impeachment.

Yet today, they have the nerve to suggest that opposing President Obama on certain issues, so early, is inappropriate.

The same people who once hoped for us to fail in Iraq are the same people crying foul when someone states that they hope President Obama’s socialist agenda fails.  It is not the right which is declaring that Obama has lost any chance at turning the economy around, yet liberals like Harry Reid went so far as to claim that we lost the war in Iraq.

The left used the difficulties of war as fodder for their campaigns and did everything in their power to make George Bush fail. From calling it a lost cause to voting to deny our troops the financial resources to properly fight, liberals have wished for the failure of the war in Iraq, every step of the way.

Yet today, they come before us complaining about opposition to President Obama.

I for one do not oppose President Obama. I oppose some of his positions.

I say, some, because many of his positions have yet to unfold. But of those he has revealed, I am not pleased. I am not pleased with the lurch to socialism that President Obama has promised. I am not happy with his breaking of promises to oppose legislation packed with pork and earmarks or his promotion of the largest budget proposal in history.

But despite my disagreements, unlike many on the left, I do at least refer to President Obama as my President. Many of them refused to acknowledge the same when President George W. Bush was our President.

In truth, the left is the very last side of the political spectrum to protest current of futire opposition to the President.

President Bush never justified opposition to him by being held in contempt of court or for lying under oath. President Bush never warranted disparaging remarks for calling our troops stupid like liberal icon John Kerry did.

The right is not advancing an anti-American socialist agenda. The right is not praying for our loss in a war. The right is not assassinating the character of the President anymore than his own past conduct already has.

The left, however, has to answer for such acts themselves. The left has no legitimate leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about opposition to President Obama. Doing so is simply another fine example of liberal hypocrisy.

Leftist sympathizers may try to claim that opposition to President Obama is Obama bashing, but given the amount of Bush bashing that they took part in, you would think they know better and would realize that current opposition to President Barack Obama is tame in comparison to their baseless allegations and mean spirited attempts to denigrate President Bush and his family.

But leave it to a liberal to demonstrate hypocrisy. Saying one thing and doing another is their modus operandi.

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How can you tell when a lawyer has gone bad?

When you call them senator.

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As many call a truce in political negativity for the Christmas holiday, some politicians and political wannabes wont be focusing on Santa or practicing any piety over the birth of Christ.

No,……. I am not talking about atheists.

Whatever they believe or do not believe is their business, not mine, and as long as they do not try to stifle my celebration of the holiday, their not celebrating it doesn’t bother me.

grinch animated Pictures, Images and Photos

That is their business, not mine.

I am referring to a group of organized political mobsters who unlike Santa are not stuffing any gifts in any stockings or under Christmas trees. No, these organized criminals are stuffing ballots and playing the role of the Grinch.

Up north, in cold and snowy Minnesota, almost seven weeks after Election Day, Minnesotans are still counting ballots.

Folks in Minnesota are not especially slow or particularly uneducated. They know how to count. Its just that every time Board of Election officials finish counting a district or town, Democrats supporting ultra, leftwing, liberal, lunatic, comedian Al Franken for the United States Senate, keep finding more ballots that election officials seem to have missed. They either misplaced them, or forgot to bring them in the counting room, or just plain didn’t count some machines.

The sudden appearance of this continuous stream of ballots out of nowhere is hindering the process. It’s understandable. I mean after all, once you think you finished tallying up the votes in one district and find out that incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman won it by 115 votes, you would assume that it was over in that district.

No not in Minnesota.

In Minnesota just as one district is done and they move on to the next, new ballots from the town that they just completed pop up, out of nowhere. Even more surprising is the fact that all of the votes that mysteriously appear happen to be for Al Franken and it just so happens that the number of newly found Franken votes is just slightly more than the plurality of votes that Coleman previously won by.


Comedian Turned Liberal Leader, Al Franken

Hmmm……that is really funny, you might even say miraculous. I mean it makes you kind of expect a burning bush to appear and communicate the final vote, which Al Franken will no doubt win.

But day after day, these miracle ballots appear. Most of them, if not all of them are found by Democrat officials. In one case 100 votes on one voting booth in a heavily Democrat town were discovered. All of the 100 votes were for Al Franken and even more odd was the fact that the time stamp on each of the 100 votes  reads November 2nd, 2008.

Election Day was November 4th, 2008.

Whoa,…….. now hold on here. Now its getting spooky.

I mean this is almost as miraculous as the Virgin Mary giving birth.

Maybe this guy Franken really is special. Maybe he is the “chosen one” who will walk on water, split the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and transform mankind.

Al Franken

Al Franken

Or maybe this guy Franken is simply as freakish as Frankenstein.

The circumstances surrounding the astonishing finding of votes, that are all for him, is  funny. Much more funny than any of Franken’s offbeat humor and comedic routines.

I can’t wait for Saturday Night Live to do a segment on this situation.

That could be a truly hysterical skit. I could just see SNL cast members portraying blind election board officials counting ballots as liberal Democrat operatives keep passing them the same ballot over and over again and declaring it for Al Franken each time.

SNL scriptwriters could have a field day writing that segment. It would really be funny. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is not funny. It is sad. Sad but true.

Liberal Democrat operatives are stuffing ballots. They are counting illegitimate votes for Al Franken that they would never consider to be legitimate for Norm Coleman if the circumstances were reversed.

But true to form, liberal hypocrisy aboundsantalfrankenforsenatej. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in liberal la la land. These are the people who try to combat discrimination by implementing forms of discrimination.

They are the people who want everyone to pay their fair share, but refuse to pay it themselves.

They sit in private jets writing press releases that denounce some for speeding up global warming by driving an S.U.V. without thinking twice about how much more damaging their flight is than any S.U.V..

Liberalism is rooted in hypocrisy. So it should not surprise anyone to know that Democrats accept a lower standard for themselves than they do for Republicans. Just like Florida in the election fiasco of 2000 when Democrats wanted a higher standard for approving vote counts in some districts than in others. In 2000 they wanted higher standards in counties that Bush won and lower standards in counties that Gore won.

Then they decided that they didn’t want all disputed votes reevaluated and recounted, only some votes.

Let’s face it folks. Democrats are now in control. Total control. From the White House to the U.S house and the senate.

Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman

Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman

If Coleman wins this thing it will really be a miracle.

The way I see it, even if Minnesota’s liberal Democrat Secretary of State certifies Norm Coleman as the winner, the Democrat led Senate may refuse to seat him. Under senate rules, that is something they can do. It happened as recently as 1974 when in New Hampshire a Republican won a close election and despite certification of that victory, by the state of New Hampshire, the U.S. Senate called for a new election.

Democrats in the House of Representatives did the same thing with a close election in Indiana. Here again the Republican won. The state certified the Republican winner but Democrats refused to seat him. They ordered a recount and the Republican won again but by an even larger margin than before. Democrats still refused to seat the Republican winner. House democrats conducted their own recount, with their own standards and declared the losing democrat, the winner.

This stuff didn’t happen in the “old days”. It happened during the most recent past decades. And liberals haven’t changed very much in that time. If anything their hypocrisy has increased over time.

So it doesn’t look good for Norm Coleman.

Even if a preponderance of legitimate votes for him overcomes a preponderance of illegitimate ballots for Franken, liberal senate leader Harry Reid and his henchmen will probably ignore it and refuse to seat Coleman.

Senate Leader Harry Reid

Senate Leader Harry Reid

It may not get that far anyway. Minnesota liberals are pretty ruthless. They will probably spend Christmas falsifying any piece of paper that isn’t wrapped around a Christmas gift and submit it to blind Board of Election officials who will count it as a vote for Al Franken.

You have to remember that these are the same liberal Democrats who ,six years ago,  did everything they could to prevent Norm Coleman from winning the first time he ran for the Minnesota senate seat.

Back then he was running against incumbent, liberal, firebrand, Paul Wellstone.

Deceased Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone

Deceased Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone

As popular as Wellstone was, the race between him and Coleman was tightening up. Then suddenly in a truly horrific and tragically sad turn of events, while campaigning, the plane carrying Wellstone, one of his sons and a campaign worker crashed and killed them along with the pilot of the plane.

As tragic as it was, Minnesota Democrats pulled out another corpse, Jimmy Carter’s vice stooge and a former landslide-losing, Democrat nominee for President in his own right, Walter Mondale. They asked him to fill the vacancy and become the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate in Wellstone’s place. He accepted and Democrats held a nationally televised memorial service for the senator.

As sad as the the occasion was, with the body of Senator Wellstone, his son and campaign associate still warm, Minnesota liberals launched Walter Mondale’s campaign to replace Wellstone in a spectacle as raucous and celebratory as the Democrat’s national convention.

Filled with music and cheerleading speeches, the event only lacked the traditional balloon drop.

Walter Mondale

Walter Mondale

The blatant disrespect for Senator Wellstone and the astonishing exploitation of his death actually ended up hurting more than it helped. Even non-activist, left leaning, Minnesota voters were appalled by the political spectacle.

It wound up making history. Up till then, Walter Mondale never lost a statewide election in Minnesota. In fact even when Mondale embarrassed himself and Democrats in his landslide loss for President against Ronald Reagan, Minnesota was the only state in the union to still vote for Mondale.

Well after turning the somber funeral of a sitting senator into a boisterous campaign rally, even Minnesota rejected Walter Mondale.

Liberals in Minnesota are still feeling the sting of that debacle. Walter Mondale won’t even show his face anymore and others are still bitter. That is why you can bank on their not spending this Christmas celebrating. They will spend it stealing. Stealing an election that they were not able to steal six years ago.

This Christmas, Minnesota Democrats have no visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, they have visions of ballots falling from the heavens. Ballots that are all marked in support of Al Franken.

So tonight, don’t be surprised if Santa is a little late to your house. Democrats will be forcing him to stuff ballots instead of stockings at Minnesota’s State Board of Elections headquarters.

If they are successful, all that the voters of Minnesota will find in their carefully hung stockings tomorrow morning will be a couple of lumps of coal.


Just before Christmas, there was an honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus traveling in the elevator of a very posh hotel.


Just before the doors opened they all noticed a five dollar bill on the floor.


Which one picked it up??



Santa of course, the other two don’t exist!






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