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U.S. & NATO Negotiate a Breakthrough That Could End Insurgent Fighting in Afghanistan

U.S. and NATO Forces

Bookmark and Share    On the condition of anonymity a high level official within NATO has declared that U.S. and NATO forces have reached a breakthrough that will allow the afghan government and the Taliban to begin talks which could lead towards reconciliation with the insurgency that has been the source most responsible for drawing out the decade long war in Afghanistan.

At this point in time, with little detail regarding the actual content of these talks, it is too early to suggest that this is a breakthrough which could help bring an end to the war before President Obama’s scheduled withdrawal of American troops from the theater of battle.

At the moment it would seem that American and NATO officials have been able to move dialogue between the Afghan government in Kabul and the Taliban, to the point where, with the help of U.S. and NATO forces, insurgent commanders will be able to enter Kabul for official talks that could lead to a significant reduction in violence by insurgent forces.

Up till now, it was impossible for insurgent commanders to even approach Kabul.

The current development now makes it possible for dialogue that could end the Taliban backed battle against the Afghan government.

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Ditherer in Chief Is About To Lose a General and a War

Bookmark and Share   President Obama has called our involvement in Afghanistan “a war of necessity”. The necessity has prompted the President to continue our war effort. The fact that we can not abandon the cause is McChrystal Is Sure, President Scratches his headobvious to most. Leaving an unstable government to deal with a resurging Al Qaeda backed Taliban will benefit no one other than both the Taliban and Al Qaeda and there gain will be our loss.

President Obama understands this. It is one of the few things that I agree with him on. Yet, despite the admitted “necessity” of this war, President Obama is not providing the resources necessary to win the war and get the job done.

Last month was the deadliest month ever for our forces in Afghanistan. That tragic fact should be more than enough to indicate that more needs to be done and strategies need to be changed. The commanding general in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal understands this. That is why he has asked for more troops to work with.

An earlier request for additional forces in January prompted the President, after weeks of procrastination, to finally send 21,000 more troops. That deployment was fulfilled only last month but now, as it becomes clear that more are needed, President Obama is again stalling. So much so that General McChrystal is begging for more troops.

Recently, one memo from the General was leaked and in it was word that without more forces in the war effort, we are headed for disaster in Afghanistan. Now another leak is pouring out. Apparently McChrystal is not willing to lead a war effort that Washington will not sufficiently support. Officers close to General McChrystal have indicated that he will resign if the administration continues to put both the mission and the existing troops in jeopardy without the necessary logistical support and manpower.

According to a senior official in Kabul McChrystal will “be a good soldier, but he will only go so far”. That same official added “He’ll hold his ground. He’s not going to bend to political pressure.”

The situation in Afghanistan is at a do or die point and the less the President does, the more will die and the war that he calls “necessary” will be lost. The foot dragging that the administration continues to conduct regarding Afghanistan is doing no one any good. It is a sign that Washington is not committed to the success of the war and that perceived lack of commitment is demoralizing to our troops on the frontlines and it emboldens the enemy that they are fighting.

Weeks ago, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that a decision on additional troops in the Afghan theater was weeks off because healthcare reform was the top priority. Well this administration and its President better learn how to chew gum and walk at the same time, because any war that our nation is in and that are fighting men and women are dying in is also a “priority”.  The more President Obama waffles and dithers, the more lives are getting lost and the further off a successful conclusion to the war is achieved.

President Obama; It is time to act like the Commander-in- Chief not the Ditherer in Chief.  Learn how to deal with more than one issue a season and provide the means necessary to win the “necessary” war in Afghanistan.

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