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Christmas Comes Early as Keith Olbermann Gets Taken Off The Air

The low rated Olbermann

Bookmark and Share    Christmas really came to America early this year. Here we are in the first week of November, and Nancy Pelosi is out of power as the Speaker of the House, Republicans have won a majority of statehouses and state legislatures, and record number of House victories. Now we find out that Keith Olbermann, the only man who was found too stupid to deliver the news as a sportscaster and now host of MSNBC’s low rated Countdown with Keith Olbermann, has been suspended indefinitely without pay.

As ecstatic as I am, I am just amazed at the liberal logic which the corporate big wigs running NBC, used to suspend Olbermann.

According to Phil Griffin, president of the General Electric Co., owners of NBC stated “Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

Before we get into what that policy and those standards are, I must confess that I am shocked to learn that NBC News had any standards. I am still not so sure they do and in the end, “standards” had little to do with Olbermann’s “indefinite suspension”. NBC’s policy is what actually did him in.

It would seem that the NBC News does not allow its employees to participate in any political activity, including such practices as financial donations to political campaign. Fortunatley, or unfortunately, depending upon how you  look at it, Olbermann donated the maximum amount allowed by law to the failed campaign of Arizona’s Democrat senate candidate Jack Conway and two more Arizona congressional candidates.

In truth, I find the situation incredibly absurd and example of twisted liberal logic.

Here is MSNBC, an obvious and blatant corporate front group for the Democratic National Committee and the liberal cause, trying to claim that they do not allow their staff to privately exercise their rights as Americans but promote the blatantly partisan slander and bias by their on air gaggle of talentless mouthpieces. This is just another example of bass-backwards liberal thinking. Nonetheless, if Keith Olbermann signed on and agreed to this policy, he signed his right to privately support candidates away and is in violation of the so-called policy.

Or could it be that NBC finally found an excuse to ditch Olbermann and his extraordinarily low rated program that weighs the networks cable outlet down during, of all times, primetime. NBC certainly could not simply ditch Keith and risk alienating the six or seven loyal liberal viewers who comprise Olbermann’s audience, so they needed  to present a good rationale for getting rid of him. This was it.

Now leftists will shout “where the is the outcry against this action, that there was when Juan Williams was fired from NPR“. Well in the first place, people like Juan Williams, few like Olbermann. But the main reason for the lack of opposition to Olbermann’s “suspension” is due to the fact that Juan Williams was fired for making a point by offering a personal opinion on a media outlet separate from NPR. In response, NPR fired Williams claiming that the practice of offering an personal opinion was a violation of his contract. The uproar that ensued was based on the fact that if that was the reason Williams was fired, how come his NPR counterparts who famously offer their opinions, did not suffer the same fate as Williams? The reason clearly is because that Williams offered an opinion that did not conform to the liberal bias of NPR, while the opinions consistently offered by others at NPR are in synch with the station’s liberal ideology.

Even though I find the reason that NBC used to suspend Olbermann was twisted, if it is in fact their policy to prohibit their employees from exercising their rights when it comes to privately supporting the candidates they believe in, if this was indeed the reason Olbermann was taken down, I commend the network for applying their standard and policy to all their employees and didn’t give Keith a pass simply because he is as a liberal. However, as I stated previously, I think this suspension was motivated more by the lack of ratings than the donations Olbermann made to candidates.

Either way, I really have no desire to defend Olbermann. He consistently espouses a Marxist-liberal view which promotes federal control of people regarding everything from what they eat, to what their children learn and what they must purchase. So even if his rights were denied here, I’m sorry to say it but my only response is, good. It’s inline with the policies he promotes on MSNBC every week night.

Maybe if Olbermann ever said anything of merit or even that contained some semblance of fact, I would be less inclined to support NBC’s decision. But let’s face it, Keith Olbermann is a nothing but an arrogant idiot. His ignorance and downright hypocrisy is mind numbing. And for a man who claims to be of superior intellect he is incredibly dumb. Case in point is his violation of policy by directly donating money to liberal candidates. A smart person would have understood how simple it would have been to make his campaign contribution found its way to his candidates of choice and still avoid violating his station’s policy and jeopardizing his limited career. But Olbermann is not smart, he is just,…..well, he is just incredibly arrogant and stupid. I still want to know who slept with at NBC to get his job and who he was sleeping with to keep it, because that is the only possible explanation for him lasting as long as he has. And apparently, now he hasn’t even been doing that very well either. But up till now, it certainly hasn’t been ratings or popularity that kept him on the air. And I doubt very much it was his charm and wit which helped. That came from the writers who wrote his words for him.

No matter what though, I can honestly say that Santa came to town early this year.

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NPR’s Firing of Juan Williams Offers an October Surprise That Will Destroy Democrats

Journalist and correspondent Juan Williams spe...
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The firing of Juan Williams from National Public Radio over his admission that he himself has experienced unease around Muslims in certain situations, has unknowingly unleashed a backlash against liberalism and political correctness that is going to help boost the fortunes of Republicans in theses closing days of the midterm elections.

National Public Radio is famous for coloring their coverage of politics and political issues with undeniable liberal biases. As a 10 year correspondent of NPR, Juan Williams has been an admitted liberal and he has consistently defended his liberal point of view. But unlike many polarizing liberal media figures, Williams avoided exaggeration, distortions and lies. He always defended his opinion without belittling the opposing opinion or individuals behind those opposing views. Instead he passionately used facts to advance his thinking and positions. And he did so with complete respect of those who disagreed with him.

Juan Williams is one of the few sincere talking heads in the business. Not just on National Public Radio, but in the industry. As such, in his recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, after admitting that he himself has been, at times, uncomfortable when he finds himself boarding a plane with people who openly identify themselves as being Muslims, he went on to add that it would be wrong of us to allow that initial fear to lead to the condemnation of all Muslims.

Williams remarks were honest and respectful. They were the words of an adult having an adult conversation about the reality that confronts us. For this, NPR fired him.

The dismissal of Williams was an incredible example of liberal intolerance. It was an example of the liberal need for all people to tow the liberal line or face being demonized. It is the type of thinking which leads the left to write off any criticism of President Obama by claiming it rooted in racism.

Firing Juan Williams for not defending liberal, political correctness to his death, is evidence of the hypocrisy of the left which preaches acceptance and tolerance and but obviously can not tolerate a difference of opinion and the episode could not have come out for Democrats at worse time.

Juan Williams is a popular journalist who has earned respect from both the left and the right. As such his abrupt and unreasonable firing from NPR is creating a firestorm which is adding fuel to fire that is currently burning the chances of democrats in the 2010 midterm elections. Americans have become fed up with many of the characteristics that Democrats have become known for. Endless spending, big government, federal control, all of these things have been so exaggerated by the left that voters have reached a breaking a point and are unwilling to stand by and allow it to continue.

But now, the unseemly termination of the popular Juan Williams for what the liberal giant NPR considers politically incorrect statements, will simply reinforce the prevailing thinking that the left in America has gone too far. The incident is going to further fuel the momentum behind rejecting Democrats come November 2nd.

Many have been expecting, and in the case of Democrats, hoping for an ‘October surprise’ which would turn the trend around and help Democrats pull ahead in the polls. Well thanks to National Public Radio, we have our October surprise but the real surprise here is that it is one which will hurt Democrats and help Republicans. This issue has legs and it is about to run the ball to the end zone for Republicans at a pace faster than it was already going in.

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