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Poll Proves President Obama to Be Weak Where He Should Be Strong

Bookmark and Share    A new Quinnipiac Poll shows that 52% of New Jersey voters disapprove of the job that President Obama is doing and 43% approve of his job performance.  It is his lowest approval rating in the Garden State yet.  A breakdown of the polls shows that  Democrats approve of his job performance 77% to 19% percent. Disapproval is 88% – 10%  among Republicans, and the most important and lethal number is his 60% – 34% disapproval rating among independent voters.

Quinnipiac also notes that there is a large gender gap as women have a 50% to 45% approval rating of the Presidents job performance, while men disapprove  60%  to 36%.

Still though, the poll finds that voters are split 47% to 48% on whether President Obama deserves reelection.

However; one should take note of the polling history pertaining to New Jersey’s 2009 gubernatorial election.

At this same point in that election, almost a year before it took place,  a similar Quinnipiac Poll found that New Jersey voters disapproved of Governor Jon Corzine’s job performance by 51% to  40%.  It was his fourth negative score that year. Democrats approved of the Governor 60% to  31, while Republicans disapproved 75% to 19%,  and independent voters gave him a thumbs down by 52% – 38%.

Those numbers are better than President Obama’s number are and Jon Corzine went on to be  soundly defeated by Chris Christie.

The only difference is that President Obama’s job approval among Democrats is higher than Jon Corzine’s approval was at this same point in his election.  That shows that New Jersey Democrats are still more enthusiastic about Obama than they were of Corzine.  But aside form that, President Obama’s disapproval among New Jersey Republicans, and more importantly, New Jersey Independent voters, is substantially higher than Corzine’s were.

All of this simply confirms that at the moment, President Obama is indeed in trouble.

These poll numbers come from a very blue state that is in the bluest region of the nation for…….. the Northeast.  If the majority of voters  in a state like New Jersey disapprove of the job that the President  is doing, than you can rest assured that similar sentiments exist throughout the region.  So it only follows that President Obama will have to actually spend time and money campaigning in state’s like, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and even New York.  That will give the President less time and resources to dedicate to winning battleground, or swing states, like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate won New Jersey was in 1988, when George H. W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis.

With 14 electoral votes, if New Jersey does not soon be safely in President Obama’s column, it will dramatically increase the number of electoral college equations needed for Republicans to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.  Following conventional wisdom, giving Democrats and Republicans the state’s they traditionally win and leaving states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and several others undecided, if New Jersey is a tossup,  President Obama will have 15 different ways to reach a winning combination of electoral votes.  Republicans would have 45 winning combinations available to them.  And for those who really like suspense, there would be 7 scenarios whereby there could be a tie in the electoral college.

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New Jersey GOP Profits From Chris Christie & So Does the State

Other than Grover Cleveland, New Jersey has never really been known for its Republican leaders. There have been no Lincolns or Reagans to hail from it. There have been no Glodwaters or Jack Kemps to claim it as home in recent years. We’ve had some fair governors like Christine Todd Whitman and Tom Kean but none have profoundly led the G.O.P. or set a tone for the Party on a national level.

But in 2009, unbeknownst to most, that all changed.

In less than 1 year’s time, after defeating liberal Governor Jon Corzine, Chris Christie burst on to the scene and in no time at all proved that he was not your ordinary Republican and certainly not your run of the mill Northeastern liberal Republican.

He came into promising that he would govern as if he intended to only be a one term Governor. He said this because he refused to allow himself to be beholden to the powers that be and the special interests and powerbrokers who peddle political favors for government kickbacks.

So far Christie, has lived up to that promise. He has taken on the biggest unions in the state. He has adopted fiscal restraint and slashed the budget of every state government agency and department in order to balance the budget and get spending under control. He has made many hard decisions and most New Jerseyans have no regrets over the choices he made.

Along the way, all of Christie’s actions have echoed loudly and far beyond the borders of the Garden State. From Kennebunkport to California, Chris Christie’s actions have given rise to a true profile in courage which leaders all over America want to emulate. Which is why Chris Christie spend a month worth of time campaigning for the elections of Republicans to congress, the U.S. Senate and statehouses. His legendary prowess as a fiscal conservative who knows when and how to say no, during a time with a President that feels spending is the answer to everything, has made Christie a novelty and turned him into a national figure and in some cases a national hero.

So it is only logical for the New Jersey Republican State Committee to try and capitalize Christie’s fame. That’s is why, under the stupendous leadership of Assemblyman and Republican State Chairman Jay Weber, the N.J.G.O.P. has begun to sell Chris Christie gear. From mugs and bumper stickers to T-shirts and hoodies, conservative can purchase items that signify their appreciation for common sense, fiscal restraint and the man who has come to represent such concepts .

Proceeds from the sales go directly to the N.J.G.O.P. which unlike most states will be holding critical state legislative races and end up having much to do with the redistricting process that will draw the district lines from which every House and state legislative candidate will run in for the following ten years.

The effort is one that is sure to bring some sorely needed bucks for next years legislative races. So I for one commend the N.J.G.O.P. for their bright packaging of our Governor to the rest of the nation and taking advantage of his popularity. I mean why not? It’s not anyone could have made money off of Jon Corzine sweatshirts. I also thank Governor Christie for making New Jersey proud again and for becoming one of those few great Republican leaders that we can proudly say hails from New Jersey.

Click Here To Get Your Christie Gear


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Big Labor Unions. Are They a Big Help or Just a Big Business?

Bookmark and ShareBig labor unions have recently been in the forefront of political expression.
Since last summer many unions have had their members clash with Tea Party protesters.   Some even pretended to be Tea Party protesters and made and carried inflammatory  signs  in an attempt to define participants of the Tea Party movement as racists.  On several occasions union members even physically attacked Tea Party protesters.
Recently in New Jersey, dozens of public service unions hired busses and bodies to attend what was billed as one of the largest protests of its kind.   It was a protest aimed at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.   Not long ago, he blamed the New Jersey Education Association for creating two classes of people in the state, one that pays for rich pensions and the other that enjoys rich pensions. Then he proposed a cap increase on public employee wages and benefits at 2.5 percent annually and added to that  a measure that would replace pensions with employee contribution plans. So more than 35,000 union members from allover the region descended upon Trenton to threaten Governor Christie for his fiscal responsibility.

Not long after that, hundreds of Service Employee Internationaly Union members trespassed on the property of a bank executive’s home to protest the activities of the Bank he works for, Bank of America. The man was not home, and so the 500 or more angry union hacks simply terrorized the bank executive’s 14 year old son, who hid from the unruly mob in the bathroom.

Now the SEIU is protesting the state of Arizona because they do not like the fact that Arizona is doing what the federal government fails to do…..enforce immigration laws.

All of this got me thinking about big labor unions and their activities, tactics and even their purpose.

Where do we  begin?

Do we begin with the fact that many big labor unions have outlived their purpose and lost track of their original purpose?

Do we begin with the fact that they have become “for profit” businesses of their own that rake in lucrative salaries for big labor’s leaders and managers at the sake of their members? Do we even begin to address the fact that the liberal-Democrat federal regime is taking taxpayer money and the dividends of shareholders of auto companies and giving them, not to employees, but to unions?.

Labor unions were borne out of a true need for better wages and working conditions in the early 1900’s.

At the time, there was no Department of Labor, there was no minimum wage, there were hardly any federal safety codes, no OSHA, no inspectors, and essentially nothing that prevented a business owner from taking advantage of hard working people whose livelihoods were at the mercy of the business owner and managers.

Unions provided that, and ultimately led to the creation of federal laws that have in many ways made unions, less necessary. And so unions deserve a certain amount of credit for making life better for working Americans and overall, for improving the quality of life in America in general.

So while before the rise of unions in the 1900’s a working class American had no protections, now they have many. They exist in the form of federal and state laws.

The redundancy of these protections has essentially turned contemporary big labor unions into boondoggles for union leadership and management that make them rich off of the sweat of their working class membership. And while unions force the working class American to pay costly dues, the leaders of public unions also hold entire states hostage as they threaten to strike and stop the productivity of their workers in order to take more money from their customers….the citizens of those states.

Unions have destroyed a state like of New Jersey.

Between pensions, exorbitantly high minimum annual pay raises and state contracts that are hammered out through extortion and patronage, taxes can’t be raised fast enough to account for the unduly high costs incurred to state government by its public workers unions. In New Jersey, the biggest culprits are the teacher’s New Jersey Education Association union and the Communications Workers Association union. Governor Chris Christie has made it clear that these once well intentioned unions have become enemies of the state. So what do they do in turn? The teachers union, which cries poverty, has spent millions of dollars to put ads on the air against Governor Christie. For a bunch of people who are in such need of money, they sure know how to spend it, and it isn’t on “the children”.

And in the mean time, who is on board and in bed with this contemporary union Ponzi scheme……well in New Jersey, former Governor, liberal-Democrat Jon Corzine, was the boyfriend of now former Communications Workers Association President Carla Katz. And up until his recent resignation as head honcho of the Service Employees International Union, White House records show that Andy Stern, former president of the SEIU, was THE MOST FREQUENT VISITOR to the White House…..the most frequent visitor.
You see how much access to power you get when you donate $70 million in campaign contributions to Democrats, as did the SEIU?

Of course it is Andy Stern being wined and dined in the White House and bedded in the Lincoln Bedroom, not the hard working union members who have a portion of their salary garnished by the union that they are often forced to join in order to get the job that they want.

When you think about it, the marriage between big labor and liberal-Democrats is more than just a marriage of convenience. It is a perfect pairing of harmonious synchronicity where one hand washes the other so thoroughly, that you can hardly make out the fingerprints that they leave at the scene of their economic crimes.

One does not even begin to realize how much the liberal laws-to-union demand ratio, raises the price of everything and overall cost of life in America. And many refuse to see the basic problem that unions are presenting to entire economies.

While we see that private sector wages and benefits have stalled during the current economic climate, many state and local governments are continuously forced to increase the compensation packages and salaries of public workers.

In 2008, while state and local workers received combined salaries and benefit packages of $1.1 trillion. That amounted to exactly one half of the total spending by state and local governments. In 2009, those compensation packages amounted to more than half of the total spending by state and local governments. And in the coming years these costs are expected to continue to rapidly rise because of increasingly lucrative compensation and benefit packages. Not to mention health care costs too. Can you say “increased deficit”?

The bottom line is that unions have made themselves too expensive to do business with and states cannot afford their ponzi schemes. The financial costs of union demands are rapidly outpacing the revenue of the states that they hold hostage. And at the same time, the added costs of union demands which is built into the cost of everything from items purchased and services provided, often prices those goods and services out of the reach of the consumer. And ironically, it even puts many of those goods and services out of the reach of the consumer who is also a union member that is paying union dues to wealthy American labor leaders.

Now you can argue that while Democrats are in the pocket of big labor, Republicans are in the pocket of big business. But your argument would be weak. Democrats are on par with Republicans when it comes to donations from big business. Just look at BP and their contributions to President Obama. But when it comes to “big labor unions” few of them are donating $70 million to Republicans as the SEUI did to Democrats.

Furthermore; while the laws that regulate business in the areas of working conditions, minimum wages, time off, insurance, paid leave etc., are practically infinitesimal, the number of laws that regulate big unions pale in comparison. In fact if anything, there are far more laws that give big union all the advantages. No business can demand that you pay them back $45.00 a week to keep your job. Yet the laws are written so that in order to get certain jobs, you must pay a union to represent you whether you want them to or not.

Not all unions are abusive and there does still remain a need for organized representation of workers interests among management, but such a collective representation does not require it to become a business of its own that provides perks and pay to people who call a dinner meeting work. This does not mean that a public sector union such as a transportation union, should be able to shut down the entire infrastructure and economy of entire cities. It just means that unions that are sincere about their mission, need to scale back their political agenda and focus on the real needs of their members without screwing over the taxpayers and consumers who pay their salaries.

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Ted Kennedy’s Dying Wish Becomes A Trend In New Jersey

Bookmark and Share  Who knew that one of Ted Kennedy’s greatest legacies would have been his dying wish to legalize partisan political power grabs? But such is the case.

As the liberal led majorities in New Jersey’s State Senate and Assembly brace themselves for operating under the leadership of a newly elected Republican Governor, they are desperately trying to insure that they do not lose anymore elected positions than they expect to in the coming years.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman John McKeon, an Essex County Democrat, requires the Governor to temporarily fill U.S. Senate vacancies with a members of the same party as the person whose seat they fill and get rid of the current call for a special election to fill out the full term of any such vacancy.

This type of manipulation of the democratic process is much like that which Ted Kennedy initiated in Massachusetts. While lying on his deathbed, he penned a letter asking the state legislature to change existing laws which called fall vacancies in the United States Senate to be filled by the winner of a special election. In its place, Kennedy wanted the Governor to be able to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. The funny thing is that this was how vacancies use to be filled. But several years back, Massachusetts had a Republican Governor——-Mitt Romney. Back then, in 2004, it was feared that if Massachusetts Senator John Kerrey was elected President, Governor Romney would have appointed his replacement to his senate seat and it probably would not have been with a Democrat. So Kennedy asked the legislature to make sure that such a thing could not happen. He asked that the law be changed so that the vacancy was filled by a special election.

Fast forward 5 years and as Kennedy lay dying, since the new Governor of Massachusetts was a Democrat, like him, he asked that Massachusetts change the law back to what he originally opposed. This enabled liberal Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Kennedy’s replacement rather than risk losing the seat in a special election.

The episode was an example of political insincerity and it hit all time heights of hypocrisy. It was also a despicably low way for Ted Kennedy to end his life and career. But like everything else Ted Kennedy did, it influenced unscrupulous liberals to continue his legacy and go out of their way to manipulate the democratic process.

New Jersey Assemblyman McKeon’s bill is a shameful attempt to do the same that Kennedy did. Such attempts to change the process in New Jersey were not attempted when Governor Jon Corzine appointed Democrat Bob Menendez to fill his own vacated seat in the United States Senate. However, now that a Republican has the opportunity to yield the same power that they once had, they want the rules changed. But beyond that is the absolutely ridiculous, and totally blatant nature of just how partisan Democrats are willing to go. McKeon actually stresses that the seat must be filled by someone of the same party as the person whom they replace. That is unheard of. To actually try to legislate away any hope of nonpartisan politics is a dreadfully obnoxious attempt to block any opportunity for decency to play a role in politics. The proposed legislation actually makes it clear that McKeon and his cohorts believe party is more important than ability.

The push for such an embarrassingly partisan power grab does raise questions though.

Next month, five term liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg will turn 86 years old.

The man is already brain dead. He has been, even before he retired in 2000 and was illegally thrown back on the ballot in 2002 when Democrats were losing Bob Torricelli’s senate seat to Republican Doug Forrester. But since then, Lautenberg has truly been a non-entity. All of his activity takes place on press releases issued by his very large senate staff. Other than that, when Frank was running for reelection last year, he needed to be reminded of who he was and after having the drool wiped from his chin, reminded where he was.

Currently I believe both he and West Virginia’s Robert Byrd are propped up by leaning them against one another in the Senate chambers for appearances. But other than that they are useless. They are simply 2 more numbers helping Harry Reid, the Democrat senate majority leader, to maintain majority status and control.

Now until someone places a mirror under Lautenberg’s nose and confirms my assessment, Lautenberg is suppose to be 91 year’s old when his fifth term expires in 2015. That is unless, of course, it is proven that Lautenberg has actually expired before his term.

Perhaps this is why New Jersey Democrats want to change the rules. Could they themselves be realizing that they might not be able to prop up the comatose Senator for much longer? And could it be they fear that when the gig is up, Republican Governor Chris Christie could replace Lautenberg with a Republican who is actually breathing? My guess is that the answer is yes. But add to that the fact that things are not looking good for Democrats as they begin to lose more than they win. In this past November’s elections, they lost far more than they won. They lost County Executives, Governors, state legislative seats, Attorney Generals and as host of other local county, and statewide elected offices and all indications are that the trend is growing.

So Democrats are scared. They should be. But that is no excuse to manipulate the process. Democrats need to understand that their power should lie in superior leadership and ideas. It should lie in policies that are helping, not hurting people.

Apparently they realize that they and their policies are not superior. In fact, as time progresses, more and more people are once again realizing that Democrats are not good leaders and that their ideas and policies are inferior, not superior. That is why they losing their hold on power.. That is why they are all trying to practice Ted Kennedy’s deathbed policy that puts politics ahead of policy and politicians above the people.

Do they not have any shame?

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The Week’s Best & Worst In Politics-Winners & Losers

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers



Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

Loser ScozzafavaDede ScozzafavaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The NY State Assemblywoman and Republican nominee for Congress in NY’s 23rd CD, was outed as closet liberal, crashed, burned and decided to take everyone out with her.  She withdrew from the race on Saturday & endorsed the Democrat nominee over the Conservative candidate, Republican Doug Hoffman.  He lost in a narrow race and gave Nancy Pelosi an extra seat in Congress.  This woman is not just an Assemblywoman, she’s an ass& come next year, someone better get her ass out of the New York State Assembly.


Joseph Cao  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The freshman Republican Congressman from Louisiana was the only, “the only” Republican to support the Democrat’s big government takeover of health care and insurance.  What he saw in it which 215 other Republicans didn’t, is hard to say.  Perhaps you see something else when looking from the left.  But to look from the left you have to be on the left and that’s where this guy belongs.  If he fails to find the faults in this 2,000 page, 111 bureaucracy creating, 1.3 trillion dollar costing, freedom steeling, job costing, tax hiking, care rationing novel, than he is a Democrat or he is missing a chromosome.  Either way……….Ciao, Cao!


 Governor-reject Jon CorzinePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket+

This man was to New Jersey, what Katrina and Governor Kathleen Blanco were to New Orleans.  This golden parachuted, wealthy Wall Street wizard purchased a senate seat only to turn around and buy the governor’s mansion so that he could use the same kind of financial expertise as Bernie Madoff.  He had nothing to run on, so he tried to turn the election into a referendum on President Obama.  But in the end, voters knew that a vote for Corzine, was like buying a ticket on the Hindenburg.  This despicably deplorable Governor should be punished, not just voted out of office.  Good riddance!!!!


Creigh DeedsPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Creigh Deeds?  More like crepe paper.  This loser was blown away like tissue paper in a wind tunnel.  His liberal ideas fell flat, his campaign never got off the ground and he cost Democrats all across Virginia dearly.  This guy wasn’t as bad a candidate as New Jersey Governor-reject, Jersey Jon,  but he practically chalked up a negative vote total.  He was an embarrassment, but most Democrats are.  Virginian’s just didn’t want to let this one do to their state, what Corzine did to New Jersey.  Still so pathetic was Deeds, that he should be forced to pay a fine to the DNC for defamation of Party.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite


POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

Bob McDonnell Governor-elect Bob McDonnellPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

He ran a good campaign, made people believe in him, never miss-stepped and had coattails so big that he swept in a Republican Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General as well as 5 new Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates.  If Republicans aren’t coming back, someone has to tell Bob McDonnell and the voters of Virginia that.

Governor-elect Chris Christie

Governor-elect Chris ChristiePhotobucketPhotobucket

He didn’t win so much as he didn’t lose.  42% of those who pushed the button by Christie’s name, said they really voted against Jon Corzine, not for Chris Christie.  Still, after blowing a double-digit, Bob McDonnell-like lead, he won the election and becomes the first Republican to win statewide office in New Jersey since 1997.  The people may not have thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they are behind him and hopeful that he will be able to clean up the wreckage that Democrats and Jon Corzine have strewn across the state.

President ObamaPresident ObamaPhotobucketPhotobucket

Election Day was a setback for him.  Virginia and especially New Jersey were a referendum on the President and his Party, but after Saturday night’s landmark vote for the government takeover of health insurance and care that he wants, he ends the week up.  The President put a lot into this vote.  So much political capital was spent by him, that his reputation was on the line.  Had this not passed the House, the President would have been severely wounded and Democrats would not have wanted anything to do with him as they approach the midterm elections.  He lucked out by 2 votes.  This week he must be seen as a winner.

nancyleftSpeaker Nancy PelosiPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

She delivered!  It took a strong hold over her minions and on power to keep the legislative loose cannons in line.  Pelosi would have liked to get more votes and she failed to convince many who were not Democrats of the merits of her health care takeover , but she said she would get it passed and she did. Getting the vast majority of her conference to stand with her on a vote as contentious and questionable as this, took a masterful sense of politics——closed-door  politics,—- to pull this off——and Pelosi did.  She is a lying con artist but she is a good one.

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National Review & POLITICS 24/7 Join Forces. Of sorts.

Bookmark and SharenroNational Review, a magazine which I have always greatly appreciated, just moved up a few notches in my book. 
Through their internet  site which mirrors their magazine, National Review Online or NRO , recently linked to POLITICS 24/7 in order to convey a  message about the 2009 elections.

Author Jim Geraghty posted the image of a billboard that POLITICS 24/7 took a photo of and unveiled un a piece  I like to call “Jonnie Obama” .  The post was actually entitled ” Governor Corzine Tries To Appeal To Voters By Changing His Name“.  

It told a funny tale based on the billboard which featured New Jersey Governor-Deject Jon Corzine behind an image of  President Obama and made the soon to be gone Governor toNational Review Magazine look like President Obama’s running mate.  The story I created out of it claimed that Governor Corzine was legally changing his name to Jon Obama.  I suggested that Corzine was trying to do as much as possible to make his election all about the President, including an attempt to pull a Michael Jackson in reverse by darkening  his skin.

NRO’s Jim Geraghty tapped expanded on that point by using the examples I offered in POLITICS 24/7 and a another example of how Virginia Democrats tried to make the election there a referendum on the President too.

This is how the National Review story appeared; 




Recalling Some Now-Inconvenient Deeds and Corzine Campaign Material

The White House would like you to forget this Creigh Deeds flyer:

A Deeds flyer that is almost entirely Barack Obama.

And they want you to forget this billboard:

An Obama-Corzine billboard.

However,  with New York’s Special House election looking very close but the Democrat leading, Vice President Biden would like you to remember this CNN:

Joe Biden, campaigning with Owens.

Remember, whatever happens on Election Day, no result could possibly ever suggest that Barack Obama and his administration is not as popular, as persuasive, as well-liked or as influential as he was a year ago. Never, ever, ever.

11/03 11:10 PM Share

Thank you NRO.  And thank you Mr Geraghty.  Your ability to drive nome the right points that conservatives in America must get across never fails and I am truly honored to have been able to provide just a little added assistance in enabling  NRO to make it clear that the 2009 elections most certainly did make a statement about the national opinion of the President and his policies.

Again, thank you Mr. Geraghty!  It made my day!

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Republicans Do The Election Slide & Shift From Scozzafava To Christie

Bookmark and Share    One of the most intense and controversial races taking place this Tuesday is in New York State, where on November dancing_elephant3rd, a special election will be held to fill a vacancy for Congress in the 23rd Congressional district.

The seat, a long held Republican seat since 1871, was previously held by Republican Congressman John McHugh. McHugh however was appointed by President Obama to become The United States’ Secretary of the Army.

At the moment though, things do not look good for republicans in the 23rd.

election slideUnnamed sources from within the National Republican Congressional Committee, who wish to remain anonymous, have indicated that the NRCC is pulling their time and a substantial portion of their money out of the 23rd Congressional district, leaving their Republican congressional, Dede Scozzafava to fend for herself in the remaining few days left in the campaign.

Apparently Scozzafava’s numbers are fading and possibly so much so that the NRCC does not want top waste precious resources on what they may now be seeing as a lost cause.

scozzafavaOn the other hand the NRCC  has decided to end their active support for Scozzafava and swing it south to New Jersey where the GOP is hoping to force Democrat Governor Jon Corzine into retirement and replace him with Republican Chris Christie. This shuffling of resources from one to the other is a sign that while Scozzafava is floundering in New York, Chris Christie is showing signs of life in New Jersey. This view helps to confirm indications that, since Thursday, the very large undecided vote in the Garden State has been breaking towards Chris Christie.

As for the 23rd Congressional District in New York, the NRCC has apparently stopped airing ads that they were running against conservative Doug Hoffman and they have also stopped running ads positive ads on Dede Scozzafava. The only airtime they have is dedicated to negative ads against Democrat Bill Owens.

Christie picking up his leadAccording to Erik Erikson at Redstate, “The NRCC tells me directly that they are only spending money on anti-Owens ads”

This and the switching of on the ground manpower from North to South suggests that Republicans are feeling good about the chances of pulling off a win for Governor of New Jersey, and not so good about the chances of Dede Scozzafava.


The Republican establishment nominated Dede Scozzofava to run for the vacant congressional seat and for many, it was a horrible choice. Her Irish sounding name (just a joke) is not the problem. It is the fact that Scozzafava is not a Republican. She is a liberal turned Democrat in Republican clothes, otherwise known as a DIABLO, (Democrat In All But Label Only). As an Assemblywoman Scozzafava has a record as an abortion rights activists, has supported massive tax increases, the budgets of New York State Democrats and made her support for a $180 million state bank bailout and trillion-dollar federal stimulus.

Scozzafava also supports “Card Check” and ACORN and has strong ties with ACORN leaders. On top of that, in previous elections, Scozzafava proudly accepted the nomination and line of the Working Family Party, a socialist political party.

None of this hints of Republicanism and it has inflamed real Republicans throughout the nation. Many have begun to oppose the rank and file establishment Republicans and refused to support Scozzafava. Instead they have dedicated their time, energy and resources to Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate for Congress in the 23rd district. The split has wound up making Democrats competitive here for the first time in almost 150 years.

Some polls place Democrat Bill Owens ahead by as much as 5% and as little as 1%. Two polls have conservative Hoffman winning by. One by 5% and the other by 4%. Scozzafava on the other hand, is leading in three different polls from as much as 9% to as little as 3%.

The Election Slide  would seem to indicate that if anything, Republicans are beginning to believe that Hoffman and Owens are the men to beat and Scozzafava may not be the person to do that.

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Reckless Debt Accumulation & Misleading Environmental Policy: Vote No On Ballot Question #1

Bookmark and Share    On November 3rd, those voters in New Jersey who realize that there is an election is going on will be deciding who NJenvironmenttheir assemblymen and state senators will be. They will also be choosing who the Governor of the state for the next four years will be. The choices for governor are dismal. Essentially it is a decision between bad, really bad and not as bad as the other two. Three weeks before the election and it looks like the candidate not as bad as the other two is Chris Daggett. But no matter who it winds up being, New Jerseyans are screwed. None of the candidates have a clear plan for placing the state on a path to prosperity and none of them bring new innovative approaches and solutions to old, debilitating issues and problems.

The person in charge for the next four years is not likely to lower the costs of living in New Jersey anything else, including the mounting debt that we are accumulating. That is why it is important for us New Jersey voters to look out for ourselves and to vote correctly on a little known ballot question that will be before us on Election Day. It is Ballot Question Number One, the “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009.”

The language used in it is not short and snappy. At length, it broadly explains that if passed, the measure will increase the state debt by $400 million through bonds. With this borrowed money, New Jersey bureaucrats will determine how to protect state waters, what lands to preserve and how to attain and create land for recreation use. The increased debt spending is also suppose to be used for bureaucrats to purchase land for agricultural and horticultural preservation and to purchase property that has been damaged by storms and floods for state conservation or recreational purposes. Lastly , question number one is intended to  provide money for preservation projects and to pay off the interest on the debt it all creates.

Now the green lobby would have you take that all as necessities crucial to clean drinking water, keeping farms up and running, preserving a clean environment, saving wildlife and insuring that New Jersey does not lose all of it’s natural beauty and bounty.

As positive and noble as that sounds, what you must remember here is that many of those who are promoting question number one in such a positive way, are also making money from the passage of question number one. You must also remember that it is the state government which makes the determinations that determine which, how, and why lands are to be used with this bond debt program. You have to understand that there is a translation problem between English and government talk. This is the same government that defined the property that former State Senator Ellen Karcher owned as “farmland” because she sold three tress that grew on her property as Christmas trees . That “farmland” designation entitled her to special tax breaks and other benefits.

Do you really think that the state and state bureaucrats will not stretch and abuse the meaning of such terms as “preservation”, “storm damage”, and “conservation”?

You must also understand that the most dangerous aspect of any legislation or proposition is what is not mentioned in it. In this case what is not mentioned are the countless other entities that will be profiting from the increased debt that question number one would have us  approve.   Attorneys, consultants, developers, accountants, soil analysts, surveyors, resource management advisors and others involved in the lucrative field of conservation and New Jersey political patronage will all be sharing in the $400 million of debt we are being asked to approve.

What is also not mentioned in the ballot question is that through the advice, consent and determination of all those people and Trenton’s bureaucratic legislature, many projects financed by the debt will include the creation of parking lots, bathrooms, Astroturf covered ball fields, and even the purchase of condemned inner city buildings. To one degree or another all of these projects could be considered some kind of “open space”, but is it really the type of open space that we thought they meant? And who will benefit from such projects? The developers hired to pave the way for parking lots, roll the asphalt, paint the parking space lines and ultimately charge people to park there, will be the beneficiaries, that’s who.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like mountains or lakes? Who doesn’t like clean water or a nice park to run in or picnic in? The answer to those rhetorical questions need not be answered. We all appreciate a sound environment and as such, responsible local action should be in order. Local municipal and county governments should choose wisely how to use their land and how to preserve and protect it. Does anyone think that Governor Corzine, who, in all likelihood has never even been to a town like New Jersey’s Sunberry Village in Pemberton township,  know what the people of the village need as far as land use better than the people of Sunberry Village do?

Does anyone assume for one single minute that state government will spend money that they don’t even have, responsibly?

On November 3rd, things will be bad enough. We will be stuck with a state legislature that is deaf to our needs, local officials dumb enough to believe them, and one of the three blind mice governing us. So unless all of your senses are dead, don’t go out of your way to make things any worse than they already are or will be. Don’t help finance a bureaucratic boondoggle that will help fund corruption, patronage and false promises.

Vote “NO” on ballot question number one “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009”

To familiarize yourself with the ballot question below is the exact language that will appear on the ballot. Read it. Understand it. And REJECT IT!!!

  • Shall the “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009,” which authorizes the State to issue bonds in the amount of $400 million to provide moneys for (1) the acquisition and development of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including lands that protect water supplies, (2) the preservation of farmland for agricultural or horticultural use and production, (3) the acquisition, for recreation and conservation purposes, of properties that are prone to or have incurred flood or storm damage, and (4) funding historic preservation projects; and providing the ways and means to pay the interest on the debt and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof, with full public disclosure of all spending, be approved?
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Jersey’s Largest Paper Pokes Dems & Reps Right In Their Eyes and Endorses Chris Daggett for Governor

Bookmark and Share    The Star-Ledger is one of New Jersey’s largest newspapers. It mainly serves Northern and Central New Jersey, where the largest portions of the state’s population exists. Like most newspapers, they are struggling for readers. With 24 Chris Dagget, Independent candidate for governor of New Jerseyhour news outfits on radio and television and the internet, they are hardly do or die sources of the most up to date news anymore. But the Star Ledger just did something that transformed it from being an outlet that delivers the news, to an outfit that is the news.

In a surprise move, The Star-Ledger has come out and endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor of New Jersey.

Under funded and underexposed, Chris Daggett has been running as an independent candidate. His campaign has been as well run as any effort of its size could be. He does not have party powerbrokers wheeling and dealing for him, he has no union bosses intimidating their members into canvassing communities for him and he has no major corporations, lobbyists or political party throwing oodles of dollars into his campaign. Given that and the fact that it is uniquely difficult to become known statewide in New Jersey, Chris Daggett has been doing remarkably well for himself. His polling numbers haven’t hit 20% yet but they are still higher than 10%. Not bad for a candidate who, in a matter of months, has come from relative obscurity to prominent player.

Daggett’s plight would not normally garner much attention and to be honest, he’s nothing special. He is not a particularly unique or great leader. But with less than four weeks till Election Day what just happened makes Daggett and his candidacy newsworthy and a powerful force to reckon with. The Star-Ledger’s endorsement of Chris Daggett creates a partnership of sorts  between a struggling newspaper and a struggling candidate and together, they have just poked their fingers into the eyes of the political establishment.

In plain English, the Star-Ledger came out and endorsed Daggett, not because he is uniquely qualified or even the most qualified person for the job. They did so because Democrat Governor Corzine and Republican candidate for Governor, Chris Christie have proven themselves to not be up to the job and because, as they put it, both Democrats and Republicans:

 have forfeited any claim to the trust and confidence of the people of New Jersey. They share responsibility for the state’s current plight.”

As a Republican, I have to agree with that assessment too.

As a Republican there are few  incumbent G.O.P. legislators in New Jersey who adhere to the conservative principles that make me a Republican and  translate them into the practical application of our government and its policies. I won’t corner myself by claiming that there aren’t any good New JerseyRrepublicans.  There are a few stands out who are exceptions to that opinion.  A  handful of worthy, conservative Republicansdo exist.   In the state Assembly there’s  Jay Webber, Michael Carroll, and Michael Doherty . In the State Senate, while not exactly being the most conservative, Bill Baroni and Jennifer Beck are still quite promising figures. In Congress, Rep. Scott Garrett is a true and outstanding voice for traditional Republican policy and values. So there are exceptions but since none of them are running for Governor, and since the majority of New Jersey Republicans fall far short from those I mentioned, my opinion of the Jersey G.O.P. remains negative.

Chris Christie and the events leading up to his candidacy only enhanced that view. Before Christie even announced that he would run for Governor, rank and file Republicans came out and endorsed him in unprecedented numbers . Establishment New Jersey Republicans always manage to get behind a lousy losers either because they have name ID or money. To hell with what they believe in or how good the candidates in question are.   Republican leaders in New Jersey give away the nomination to anyone with good  name recognition or lots of money.   In 2008 they got behind Rudy Giuliani like teenagers waiting in line to buy the hottest new single by Madonna.   This year they did it again , but with Chris Christie for Governor instead of Rudy giuliani for President.  Christie never earned the nomination by proving himself or presenting solid plans for the state’s future.  The status quo, establishment  just said, “Here.  The nomination is yours”.  

 And so what did they get?

They got a man who had a reputation as great crime busting federal prosecutor but failed to demonstrate how that reputation will translate into being a good governor.  Aside from saying that he will do things differently than Jon Corzine, Christie has wasted valuable time not telling us what he would do differently nor has he given a detailed answer to any question or presented a solid plan for New Jersey. This has not helped to instill any confidence in him among the voters.

With little to say, his campaign has not had much to go on and it shows because his campaign has been a poorly run effort that has dropped the ball on many issues. It is also why his once double digit lead over Jon Corzine has evaporated.

As for Jon Corzine, his record speaks for itself. As Governor he has presided over nothing less than a mess. As a leader, he has failed to control any circumstances or conditions. He has consistently been a victim of circumstance who has constantly been shaped by events and unable to shape events. On this, the Star-Ledger writes;

 “Corzine is the chaplain on a pirate ship, not really its captain.”

Here again, I agree with the Star-Ledger.

None of this is new for New Jersey Republicans and Democrats. Recent history shows that Jersey Republicans have only come into the power of majority status whenever Democrats fail and screw everything up. They never win based on any credit of their own. As for New Jersey Democrats, they too only regain majority status after Republicans screw up. The Star-Ledger puts it this way:

“For too long, the cliche about New Jersey’s two great parties has seemed all too true — that Democrats are corrupt, Republicans incompetent. Nothing will cause them to change their ways for the better except repudiation at the polls Nov. 3.”

They may just be right about that too. However I do not believe that Republicans are inherently incompetent. When true conservative principles are translated into the practical application of government, those policies work. From fighting crime to combating unemployment and taxes, innovative conservative thinking based on less government and more freedom do work. The problem is that New Jersey Republicans never see their ideological train of thought completely through . If they did, perhaps the success of such right of center policies could be seen. But we will not find that out anytime soon because Christie is not a conservative. He’s a Democrat-lite candidate and not even a very good one at that.

I have tried to give Chris Christie a chance each and every day, and each and every day he disappoints me. With a little more than 3 weeks to go, I still will give him a chance. Perhaps he will release a well thought out plan that shows he means business. One that allows us to take him serious and offers hope for turning things around in the state.

I really do not want Jon Corzine to be reelected. His shallow, Obama-based campaign and grossly incompetent management of the state make him the last person to vote for.  However, unless Christie proves to me that he can and will govern based on the principles that make me a Republican, than I do not want a Democrat-lite like him to win either. That will only encourage the establishment Republicans and to continue watering down our principles.

That explains why, although I do not want to, I may very well for Chris Daggett.

Jersey Republicans need to wake up. Perhaps losing a race that they once had in the palm of their hands, will do that. I do not want to encourage bad behavior or reward it. That is why I am preparing to vote for Chris Daggett. And the sad thing is, I believe an awful lot of Republicans will feel that way too. Many Democrats have similar sentiments towards Corzine. They see he has been a failure and many democrat voters who feel that same way, will also be voting for Daggett. Will it be enough to pull Chris Daggett over the top? At this juncture in the race, I don’t think so. I do however believe that Daggett may syphon off enough votes from Chritie  to deny him the margin of victory.

Add to that the combination of Corzine’s personal wealth, unlimited spending and union support, his Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort will be far superior to Chris Christie’s and ultimately I believe a strong showing from Daggett and a weaker than expected turnout for Christie will give New Jersey what it deserves. Another four years of Jon Corzine.

Of course, we could all just join together like Dagget and The Star-Ledger did. Us struggling citizens of New Jersey could take the lead of a struggling newspaper and support the struggling candidacy of Chris Daggett. That would in fact send the right message.   The Star-Ledger articulated that point  quite well in their endorsement of Daggett when they wrote;

“As for government experience, Daggett, who has a doctorate in education, has at least as much as his rivals, having worked for both Democratic and Republican governors and served as regional administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. His mastery of detail is impressive.

The reservation one hears about Daggett among the surprising number who say they’d like to vote for him is that he can’t win. And, indeed, the ballot position assigned Daggett and other independents makes his task daunting. You’ll have to hunt to find him.

But the value of a vote is not limited to picking a winner. The real value lies in the signal it sends about what the voter believes is best for the city, county or state — not merely at the moment, but long-term.

We believe Daggett is best.

For disappointed Democrats and Republicans, a decision to vote for Daggett will mean a break with party loyalty — no easy thing. What we’re suggesting is a temporary suspension of that loyalty as a way to begin changing the corrosive culture of Trenton. Daggett would owe nothing to either party establishment; he’d be free to recruit best talent wherever he found it. As he told The Star-Ledger editorial board, he’d feel no obligation to honor the traditional Democratic-Republican deal that requires bipartisan balance on the Supreme Court. He’d apparently take the best he could find regardless of party affiliation — or lack thereof.”

It is not often that I agree with the lamestream media but unless Chris Christie gives me reason to believe otherwise in the closing days of this election, not only will I agree with them, I will be taking their advice.

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Ted Kennedy Dies. Liberal Lions Legacy Launches

Bookmark and Share  Senator Kennedy’s death makes us all pause for a moment. His name evokes many emotions and conjures up thoughts aTedof his storied brothers Jack and Bobby.

The Senator certainly has his share of devoted fans and admirers and the emotions stirred and thoughts conjured up in their minds are all positive. But their exist many others who do not have such positive sentiments.

I am among those of the former opinion. And so at a time like this, I really do not know what to say. The death of any person, with the exception of the most truly evil and dangerous among us in the world, is not a source of any good emotions and the death of Ted Kennedy is quite sad. I do hope that he rest peacefully and I offer my deepest condolences to the members of the Kennedy family, one of America’s most iconic families in American history.

They are a family which has suffered an inordinate and unjust amount of pain and loss and after losing the their patriarch they deserve our prayers.

None of this however allows me to make Senator Ted Kennedy something that he wasn’t. Although he had a longevity in politics that his two famed brothers were denied, Ted Kennedy did not leave behind a legacy as great as either of his of them.

Chappaquiddick will always be a part of his legacy, a dark spot on his legacy, a very sad and dark spot which documented Ted Kennedy’s lack of integrity and his sense of being above the law.

And while some fondly refer to him as the Liberal Lion, others realize that with that name came a quality that many Americans do not view positively……partisanship. Ted Kennedy was one of the most partisan politicians that the Senate had to offer and some have had to question if his first loyalty was to his country or was it to his party.

In many ways many of the qualities which made Ted Kennedy such a respected man by some are also the same reasons that some did not respect him for. There are those who hung on his every word because he was a Kennedy while others saw him as only having his position because he was a Kennedy.

Some are impressed by his 47 years in the United States Senate while many others were turned off by his being a career politician who spent the vast majority of his life in the Senate. The great liberal legacy that he represents is admired by some whereas others found his championing of only liberal policies as a sign of blind partisanship.

Just days ago, I posted my own harsh words for Senator Kennedy. After trying to get the Massachusetts state legislature to change the law which would have his replacement in the Senate chosen by the Governor instead of being chosen in a special election, I was incensed at the nerve the Senator had. He wanted to undo the very law he helped change when the Governor who would have had the opportunity to fill any vacancies was a Republican. The fact that Senator Kennedy wanted to usurp democracy in Massachusetts for partisan interests was an example of political insincerity and hypocrisy.

Ted Kennedy’s sad passing does not change these things. It does not erase any of his shortcomings  or y anshenanigans he took part in.

Yet I am sure that in death the senator will be canonized and turned into a greater figure than he actually was. There will be bridges, highways, schools, state office buildings, parks, airports and post offices all named after him. I am certain that healthcare reform which had its name changed to health insurance reform will now take on another new name and be called the Ted Kennedy Health Security Act.

All of this is likely to occur as a result of all that the senator influenced and did but none of it will cover all of the scars left behind. While structures and legislation will be named after Ted Kennedy there will be no buildings or parks named after Mary Jo Kopechy.

I will respect Ted Kennedy for the sacrifices that he made for what he believed in. No matter who you are, you do indeed make sacrifices as a public servant. But I will not go with the much anticipated flow, no, make that the flood of praise for Ted Kennedy that we will see and make him in death, something that he was not in life.

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