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John Edwards Has a Lovechild and the Eagles Sign Up Michael Vick

Bookmark and Share   So as we enter another summer weekend I can’t help but start it off being really pissed off at how utterly arrogant and callous much of society has gotten.

vickSickAs I was driving home from a late night of work that went from Thursday into the wee hours of the morning on Friday, I turned on the radio to listen to the news. In what was perfect timing, I caught it just as the anchor was reviewing the headlines before another never ending commercial break. In this teaser were the following highlights:

“Reports confirming that a prominent Democrat has a lovechild are about to surface and in Philadelphia, the Eagles have signed Michael Vick on for a one year contract. More after this……….”

With my eyes on the road I couldn’t help but wonder if I heard right.

The lovechild thing was not actually shocking. So another pol stuck his pole where it doesn’t belong, but if I heard it right, the Michael Vick thing was more than shocking, it was downright disgusting.

When the commercial ended the news reported that the Democrat with the lovechild was John Edwards. The same John Edwards who 4 years ago was John Kerry’s Vice Presidential pick and who only a year ago was crisscrossing America while preaching his virtues in an attempt to become President of the United States.

The scandal is just an extension of the same one that was discovered shortly after Edwards finally gave up his bid for President. At the time we learned that while the former Democrat Senator was dragging his loyal and cancer stricken wife around the country with him, when she was home, he was out and at play with a freelance writer helping out his campaign. Johnboy denied this at first and then he finally admitted it.

But then came the allegations that he tried to use campaign money to payoff his mistress and keep her quiet.

Those charges are still being investigated.

Not long after that came word that Johnny’s mistress had a child and that she believes it is his.

Well now we know. It is! Ain’t it great!

The whole thing pisses me off. I don’t care who is sleeping with who. It is none of my business but when you have the nerve to cheat on your ailing wife and sire a child with your mistress and at the same time, ask a nation to believe and trust you and make you their President, there is something wrong and it is so wrong that it compels me to not trust anyone who asks me for their vote.

But just as my disappointment in the sincerity of man was settling in, again, the news report continued and confirmed that I heard right the first time. The Philadelphia Eagles hired Michael Vick.


Michael Vick is a callous thug with no compassion, decency or morals. This is a man who for years was operating a dog fighting ring and was breeding, selling, training and transporting dogs for the purpose of dog fighting. Beyond the mere illegality of this activity is the brutal reality of what is behind it.

The dogs dragged into this reprehensible activity are trained in ways that could only be described as torture. The goal of those behind dog fighting is to develop a killer instinct in the animal. This is achieved by conditioning the animal to survive by being vicious. They are often starved for food. They are often beaten and they are almost always forced into a life that has no companionship, no comfort and no love.

This to Michael Vick, a so-called professional football player, was a “sport”. So much so that Vick used the wealth he accumulated from playing the game of football to turn in his sprawling estate into a dog fighting training ground and kennel.

When police discovered the facility on his property they also found 55 dogs. All of which were being slated for an eventual fight to the death that Vick and his cohorts would gamble on.

After pleading guilty, this scumbag, served 18 months in prison for his crime.

Now that he served the required time in prison for the death and torment of the animals he procured for sport, the Philadelphia eagles come along and scoop this athletic young man up to be on their team. They say that after serving his sentence everything is fine and dandy.

If Michael Vick stole a piece of jewelry or was caught speeding I would agree.

But Vick did more than just commit a simple transgression or demonstrate that we are all imperfect. He devoted lots of time and money to a premeditated and prolonged demonstration of a true thirst for blood that proved him to have no regard for life or decency at all.

He took innocent animals that are known for their intelligence and loyalty and then starved and tortured them in preparation of a struggle for survival that included being bitten, chewed and torn open and apart? The fortunate ones died quickly. The less fortunate ones lived on to endure the pain of their wounds for a while longer while the others lived to lick their wounds as they healed so that they could be forced to fight again.

This conduct is inexcusable and although one may be able to legally fulfill some indiscriminate sentence of punishment for such a crime, they can never erase or make up for the torment that those animals went through and it can never bring back the loyal companions who were cheated out of life.

Ultimately, although there are no legal grounds which allow a civil society to enforce any additional penalties upon Vick regarding the crimes that he served his legal sentence for, there are still acceptable and even appropriate consequences. There is a deserved lack of respect for him. There is legitimate reason not to put this man on a pedestal.

As a result, the National Football League never should have reinstated Michael Vick in the first place. He should have been banned from playing professional football. But he wasn’t. Even so, you would think that there would not exist a single major league franchise that would want to tarnish their reputation by embracing this subhuman disgrace to society. At least you would think that.

But Noooo…….The Philadelphia Eagles felt the need to bless their roster with Vick.

I don’t know who has less shame, Vick or the owners and managers of the Eagles?

These people have absolutely no decency or respect. Not for values, or standards of decency and certainly not for their fans who are overcharged for the opportunity to support the team.

Michael Vick is the same professional football player who the NFL fined $10,000 after he famously gave fans the middle finger when he lost a game for the team. He is the same man who has had several run ins with the law connected to drugs and whose own girlfriend, Sonia Elliot, sued him because he knowingly had genital herpes, did not tell her about it and subsequently spread them to her.

Is this the type of character that the Eagles want to reflect on them? Is this the type of athlete that athletic oriented youngsters should be compelled to look up to on the field of play? What is the message here? Is it that the dollar is the bottom line and that winning is everything?

Whatever the motives behind the Eagles move to sign up Vick, the message is WRONG!!! And the fans are the only ones who can correct it. Philadelphia Eagles fans and the citizens of Philadelphia now face a moment of truth. If they have any shred of decency in them, they will boycott the Eagles and they will not sit silently by and allow the “City of Brotherly Love” to embrace this man of hostile indifference and callous disregard.

As for me, the only way I will ever watch or go to a Philadelphia Eagles event will be if they strip Vick down to his skivvies, slather him in a chum of raw meat and drop him on the field amid four dozen rabid Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Rottwielers.

Michael Vick is an example of what men of character should not be and as such he should not be held up as example of the type of man that a professional sports team should associate with and reward a lucrative salary to for playing a game he loves.

So as I start this summer weekend off not only do I do so already pissed, I am disappointed.

I am pissed at these examples of the fact that some of those who should be the best among us are actually some of the worst among us.

I am disappointed in the fact that among our political leaders, even those who would approach the highest office in our land are capable of being the most corrupt and misleading characters in all the land.

I am angry to see that in the area of one of our nation’s greatest pass times, we have people with such a disregard for decency and lack of respect that they would reward the most despicable and heartless in the land and offer them up on a national stage for all to cheer on.

I can only hope that on Monday, the next time I give the news a chance, there will be something positive revealed in it.

Maybe I will hear a story about a politician who donated a kidney to a needy constituent or even just something less dramatic like a politician caught on camera turning down a bribe and reporting the attempted bribe to the authorities. Maybe I will hear a story about three thousand Philadelphians showing up outside of Veteran Stadium to protest the teams acquisition of Michael Vick and that hundreds of season ticket holders are demanding their money back.

I won’t hold my breath.

But I also won’t wait to hear about some examples of decency, compassion or altruistic outreach. This weekend I will make it a point to take it upon myself and be responsible for setting a good example and demonstrating sincere acts of altruism.

I probably won’t be donating a kidney but I am pretty sure that I won’t be torturing animals or cheating on my partner.

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Amid a grand jury investigation into whether he exchanged government contracts for contributions to his failed presidential bid last year, former Clinton cabinet member and incumbent New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination for Commerce Secretary in the quickly arranged potential presidential cabinet of President-Elect Barack Obama.

This development helps to maintain the string of Democrat corruption scandals that began with the resignation of New York Democrat Governor Elliot Spitzer early in 2008 and the Senate seat selling scandal of Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich at the end of 20o8.


JOHN 'Women Are My Vice" EDWARDS

The year was not a good one for politicians.  Along with Democrat gubernatorial problems, the Democrat field of Presidential candidates saw its own share of trouble.  Although Joe Biden’s short lived run for the democrat presidential nomination did not see him involved in another plaguerism scandal, the party’s former Vice Presidential nominee was caught with his pants down. 

John Edwards was found to have been having an affair with a hired consultant that his presidential campaign committee paid tens of thousands of dollars to.  All of which occurred while Edwards’  wife began a life threating battle with cancer and continue to stand by her husbands side on the campaign trail.

This latest development just reinforces doubts about politicians and it also creates some doubt about the incoming Obama administration.

Many Obama supporters criticized Senator John McCain and said that picking Sarah Palin was bad judgment and that his campaign did not properly vet her.

That criticism begs to question the judgement and vetting process of the Obama administration.

Did they not look into Governor Richardson before selecting him to be Commerce Secretary?

Maybe they did.  Maybe they felt that anyone who could utilize government for personal profit as well as Richardson may have, would be perfect for a position such as commerce.

Yes siree, change is on the way.  What kind of change we have yet to see.


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