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CBS Proves To Be the Corrupt Bastard Station

Bookmark and Share   The drama in Alaska’s election for United States Senate seems to be endless, but the closer we get to Election Day, the more clear the reasons behind the drama becomes.

Republican and TEA movement supported candidate Joe Miller is not a favorite of the liberal lamestream media. He is a conservative and believes in applying that annoying little document called the Constitution to government. His conservative qualities appealed to most Alaska Republican and they denied incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski renomination as the Republican standard bearer and chose Miller instead. His win over Murkowski was a surprise and it provided him with a rocket-like rise to fame that catapulted him into the targets of the liberal establishment who find all that Joe Miller stands for unacceptable.

This has led to quite a lot of biased reporting of Miller and even attempts to create controversies and scandals that were meant to sabotage his chances of winning the election which he is the frontrunner in.

But now, in one of the most disgraceful and indisputable examples of unethical liberal media activism, a recorded cell phone message made by local CBS staffers proves that CBS is in fact nothing but the Corrupt Bastard Station.

The call was made by CBS to Joe Miller and went to voicemail. After stating what the CBS staffer intended to ask, unbeknownst to the caller he neglected to hanng up the call properly and dicsonnect the connection. Instead the voice mail continued to record a conversation between the CBS staffer who made the call and the other CBS employees covering Joe Miller. In it you can hear these so-called news people plotting on how they would cull through the names of every person who walks into an Miller event in the hopes of finding a “child molester” and then breaking news that Miller is supported by such despicable people.

The conversation even records the intention to concoct situations that would make it possible for CBS to send out Tweets on Twitter that would convey the sense that the Miller campaign is in utter chaos with happenings such as “Miller was punched in the face”.

In a Sunday morning interview with Sarah Palin on Fox News, the former Alaska Governor, a Miller supporter, took the opportunity to claim that these people were “corrupt bastards”.

She was right.

Trying to sabotage the democratic process in America is anything but ethical or American. Trying to create the news instead of reporting the news is disgracefully disingenuous and unacceptable. The malicious and devious intentions of this and other news organizations has been evident for quite some time but this latest episode should be for all Americans, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Let’s face it folks, news is not suppose to be opinion. Real news is not suppose to fabricate events to report on, it is suppose to deliver the facts surrounding the events that have happened. Yet far too many outlets that call themselves true “news” organizations do little to deliver real news and much to create the news stories which they wish to report on and help promote viewers to reach the same biased conclusions that those who create the stories, wish to convey.

CBS just happens to now be the best example of how discredited modern journalism has become.

This recent incident inspires the memory of the CBS scandal that lead to the downfall of Dan Rather who tried to falsify records to create a story that was meant to sabotage the reelection of President George W. Bush in 2004. In that case, Rather and his CBS staff were found to have breached every single code of journalistic integrity that existed. Now CBS has simply reinforced the tactics of Rather and in doing so , they have truly turned what use to be known as the Communist Broadcasting Company into the Corrupt Bastard Company. They have also given Alaskans even more reason to vote for Joe Miller and provided added incentive for a vast number of sincere Americans to come out and vote.

Between the firing of Juan Williams from NPR for practicing free speech, to the New York Times and NBC and CBS, the liberal media elite have been hand feeding us their biases and suppressing opposing views for far too long. It is a symptom of the liberal mentality which has taken hold of the federal government during the last two years and even more reason to take a stand and reject the left on Election Day.

I for one know that when I go to vote on November 2nd, in addition to the issues such as the economy, national security, cap-and-trade, taxes, the government takeover of healthcare, banks and the auto industry, I will also be seeing visions of lowlifes like Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Chuck Scarborough, Candy Crowley, Bill Maher, Joy Behar and others whom are more than happy to offer their opinions but are hypocritically intolerant of any opposing views.

Each of those people may have a time slot on some low rated programs, but as voters we have the final say and what pseudo-news outlets like CBS need to understand is that whether they like it or not, it is our decisions which they are suppose to be covering, not the staged events which they hope to alter history with.

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Murkowski Exploits Ted Stevens In Alaska Senate Race

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
The Disgraceful Lisa Murkowski
Bookmark and Share    How disgusting can a person be?

Well if you’re Linda Murkowski, apparently there is no end to just how disgusting one can be.

After being defeated in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Alaska, Lisa refuses to accept the will of the people of the Party, she has decided to run a third Party candidacy against the winner of the primary …. Joe Miller.

Now, as polls show her losing to Miller again, she still refuses to accept the fact that a majority of people, at least in Alaska, don‘t want anything to do with her anymore. So what does she do? She pulls out an old that has the much beloved Ted Stevens endorsing her.

Problem is, Ted Stevens is dead and the endorsement was for Murkowski in a different race, based on different issues, and against different candidates. But most importantly…..TED STEVENS IS DEAD!!!!!

Regardles of what you think of Ted Stevens, he did what he thought was best for his state and delivered.  As such, Alaskans kept in office until he was wrongly charged of abuses which he was later found innocent of. The trial was such a sham that the prosecutors involved have been brought before the bench for misconduct. But that was too late for Ted Stevens days in the Senate. Because of the erroneous guilty charge, which came just days before the 2008 election, he lost his bid for reelection.

It wasn’t until after it was discovered that tainted and faulty evidence was used against Stevens, that he was exonerated . But it was too late.

Then after being railroaded, this storied figure in Alaska was abruptly killed in a plane crash this past summer.

Given the situation, it is utterly disgusting and despicable for Lisa Murkowski to come up with a commercial that exploits and misrepresents Stevens for the purpose of holding on to a senate seat that she lost in a primary election. The Stevens family did gave Murkowski the permission to use this endorsement but that does not still make her ad legitimate. This endorsement came to Lisa before she lost the support of the Party that Ted Stevens represented

But Murkowski is a real loser. Perhaps it was her upbringing that has her thinking that she has the right to do anything she wants, regardless of any bounds of decency.  Maybe being raised by a father who was long serving Senator from Alaska, gave Lisa a sense of entitlement and the sense of of being special.  Then, maybe after being appointed the job of Senator after her father resigned from the position to become Governor Alaska, helped reinforce little Lisa’s sense of entitlement. After all, its not many Daddy’s who can leave their little girls a U.S. Senate seat. There aren’t too many Daddies who would have the nerve to do that either.

But now, after scandal helped to deny Frank Murkowski reelection, Lisa lost her ticket to power. Now that Daddy is in no position to give Lisa everything that her heart desires, she has turned to a dead man to resurrect her dream of being Senator for life. She has unscrupulously taken Ted Stevens and interjected him into the race.

Does she have no shame? Is she so desperate that she  has lost her entire sense of decency?

Before his tragic death, politics dragged Ted Stevens through the mud. Out of respect, Lisa Murkowski should stop dragging him through the political mud and allow him to rest with honor and peace.

The episode should give the people of Alaska even more reason to make sure that Lisa is again rejected. As a Republican, Lisa should understand that part of the problem in America today is the entitlement mentality which has given birth to a growing, unaffordable, unsustainable government. Lisa should understand that, not be a part of it. Just because her Daddy gave her the senate seat, doesn’t mean she is entitled to keep it forevermore. It is the people’s seat, not the Murkowski family seat and nothing, including the inappropriate and disrespectful use of the recently departed Ted Stevens, can change that.

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It’s Miller Time! Murkowski Is Out.

Bookmark and Share    In a count of absentee ballots Murkowski could not surpass a 1,200 vote lead by her Republican primary opponent Joe Miller and so she conceded victory to Miller early Tuesday night.

Miller bested Murkowski on election night with a lead of 1,668 votes.  But with a large number of outstanding absentee ballots out, Senator Murkowski refused to concede.  But a week later and with most ballots counted, it became apparent to all, including the Senator, that it was numerically impossible for her to overtake Miller’s lead.

The defeat puts an end to the Murkowski family’s Alaskan political Dynasty, a reign that started when Lisa Murkowski’s father Frank who held the seat his daughter now serves in until he was elected Governor of Alaska.  At that point in time, he appointed his daughter to fill out the remainder of his term.

Perhaps the one person who can take the most credit for the demise of the Murkowski’s is Sarah Palin.

After being appointed by Murkowski to head the Alaska Oil Commission, Palin found many irregularities that she was instructed to keep under hat.  Those orders came from Governor Murkowski’s Administration.  refusing to just sit by and let the establishment get away with insider deals and legal improprieties, Palin made her case public and as a result, several top Murkowski Administration officials went to jail.

Then when it came time for Murkowski to run for reelection, Palin challenged him for the Republican nomination and defeated the powerful Governor and ex-Senator.In the latets loss of a Murkowski, it was Sarah Palin who became the highest profile and one of the only high profiule officials to endorse Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski.  And that endorsement made all the difference.

Evidence of that fact can be found in the numbers where, while in many regions of the state Lisa Murkowski was winning, the areas she lost to Miller produced very slight margin of victories for him.  But it was in the area around Wassilla, Palin’s hometown and the town she was Mayor of, produced a plurality of more than 3,000 votes for Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski. 

That in and of itself shows that Palin still has significant sway in Alaska.  It is alos proof that Palin was probably the key difference that turned Miller’s underdog candidacy into a strorybook victory.

Beyond the Palin angle though is the narrative of this being an election cycle that is placing big targets on the heads of incumbents andf not just incimbent Democrats.  We are talking incumbents of both Parties.  Fortunately for Republicans though, there are more Democrat incumbents than Repoublicans, whic means that Democrats have more seats to defend and more obstacles to overcome this November.

As for the general election in Alaska, even though Republican Murkowski is out, you can bank on consewrvative Republican and TEA  Party backed Miller to keep Alaska Senate seat in Republican hands, just not the Murkowski’s hands.

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