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U.S. & NATO Negotiate a Breakthrough That Could End Insurgent Fighting in Afghanistan

U.S. and NATO Forces

Bookmark and Share    On the condition of anonymity a high level official within NATO has declared that U.S. and NATO forces have reached a breakthrough that will allow the afghan government and the Taliban to begin talks which could lead towards reconciliation with the insurgency that has been the source most responsible for drawing out the decade long war in Afghanistan.

At this point in time, with little detail regarding the actual content of these talks, it is too early to suggest that this is a breakthrough which could help bring an end to the war before President Obama’s scheduled withdrawal of American troops from the theater of battle.

At the moment it would seem that American and NATO officials have been able to move dialogue between the Afghan government in Kabul and the Taliban, to the point where, with the help of U.S. and NATO forces, insurgent commanders will be able to enter Kabul for official talks that could lead to a significant reduction in violence by insurgent forces.

Up till now, it was impossible for insurgent commanders to even approach Kabul.

The current development now makes it possible for dialogue that could end the Taliban backed battle against the Afghan government.

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