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Obama Officials Ready To Ignore Illegal Immigrants in Arizona

Bookmark and Share On Friday, John Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, indicated that he may not follow through on the deportation of illegal immigrants who are forwarded to his agency by Arizona.

John Morton

That revelation was further supported by the Department of Homeland Security when officials there made it clear that final decisions were up in the air until the Department of Justice examines the Arizona law and its relationship to civil rights and other implications.

For his part , Assistant Secretary Morton told one newspaper that he doesn‘t “think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution”. He added “The law, which criminalizes being in the state illegally and requires authorities to check suspects for immigration status, is not “good government”.

Well thank you Assistant Secretary Morton.

Thank you sir, for acting as judge, jury and Congress here. Thank you for determining which laws should and shouldn’t be carried out and which states have good governments or bad governments.

As an unelected, bureaucratic, patronage positioned, pen pusher, John Morton should simply be following the law rather than determining which state the law applies to.

The decision would mean that when Arizona officials do turn illegal immigrants over to I.C.E., John Morton will set them free and inspire a revolving door of injustice.

To be clear, the Arizona law is simply a reiteration of existing federal law. It does not allow for Mexicans to be harassed or for individuals to be singled out for their looks. It would in fact only allow an illegal immigrant to be taken into custody, for their immigration status, if they are found to be illegal aliens during the course of their participation in other infractions of the law.

Perhaps if anyone read the bill they would know that. But most federal officials have only admitted that they have not read the Arizona law. Yet here is John Morton, a political appointee, prematurely stating that he will not follow up on the deportation of illegal immigrants released to his agency by Arizona authorities until someone in the Department of Justice finally does read the bill.

Ladies and gentlemen, does anyone else not see the bubble of stupidity that the government is operating in on this issue?

I certainly do. And you don’t have to be a genius to see what is coming.

In the near future, somewhere in Arizona, a dozen illegal immigrants will have been arrested for various infractions of the law. They will have been determined to be illegal immigrants after it discovered that they have no green card, no visa and are not documented citizens of the United States.

The Arizona courts will then turn them over to Immigration and Custom Enforcement for deportation. In turn, John Morton will release them back on to the streets where one of them will eventually rape and kill some young woman in Phoenix, or Flagstaff.

Then and only then will the Obama Administration learn.

But it will be too late for that young woman who lies in her casket.

And will John Morton be held accountable in that young woman’s murder? Will he be an accomplice to the crime and charged with involuntary manslaughter? The law doesn’t allow for that, so no, he wont. But he will have been the one who made the decision to ignore the law that Arizona is enforcing and ultimately made it possible for that woman to be killed by someone he should have deported.

Then and only then will the outcry against the political games that this Administration is playing, reach a crescendo so loud that finally they will read the Arizona bill and understand that it simply reiterates federal law.

If you think this is a ridiculous prediction, think again.

Not long ago the City of Newark, New Jersey operated as a sanctuary city. They did not turn illegal immigrants over to federal authorities. So when an illegal immigrant was released on bail after being charged with molesting a three year old child not once or twice, but three different times, he shot a group of kids who he ran into one night. Three died and one remains disfigured from the bullets that rearranged her face but did not kill her.

Needless to say, Newark is no longer a sanctuary city. Now, when an illegal immigrant is discovered during the course of a crime, Newark turns them over to I.C.E.. But unlike what John Morton wants to do with Arizona, I.C.E. actually does deport Newark’s illegal immigrants back to their country of origin.

So America, I ask you this. Why is it that tragedy is the only thing that wakes us up? And when will someone in the Department of Justice finally read the Arizona immigration enforcement bill and explain to the President that it simply reaffirms federal law?

Someone is going to die here if they don’t read it soon.

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