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O’Donnell Ad Makes Democrats Look Like The Nut Jobs Here

Bookmark and Share   With  simple and subtle melodic notes of a piano, a gentle tilt of the head and a soft, soothing voice that utters the words “I’m you”, Christine O’Donnell makes the left look like fools and turns the hate filled rhetoric, smear campaign tactics and wild chargesof Democrats into the seemingly irrational acts of madmen desperate to win an election at any cost.

That is essentially what Christine O’Donnell’s does in just 30 short seconds with her new camapign ad.

With a sedate background of gently glowing light , O’Donnell looks directly into the camera and delivers a punch to the gut of the liberal campaign against  her as she softly, slowly and sweetly  states;

“I’m not a witch,” “I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you.

None of us are perfect, but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us, politicians who think spending, trading favors and backroom deals are the ways to stay in office.

I’ll go to Washington and do what you’d do.

I’m Christine O’Donnell, and I approve this message.

I’m you.”

The ad is an ingeniously simple way to counter the inundation of national, liberal, venom that is being spat into the small state of Delaware as Democrats desperately seek to maintain their majority in the Senate as they give up the hope of mainting the majority in the House.

The content, timing and strategy of the ad, should make Democrats rethink their previously held belief that now that Mike Castle isn’t the Republican nominee, they will maintain Joe Biden’s long held slot in the Senate. afterall.  The new O’Donnell does everything that it should and takes advantage of every characteristic  and quality that O’Donnell has but the Democrat candidate lacks.

O’Donnell comes off in this ad as the type of sweet girl whom you would want to defend, not attack.  That in turn makes the fact that Democrats who are forcing this cherubic like figure to deny that she is a witch, an offensive and obsurd notion that could only be made by people who are even more irrational than they try to claim O’Donnell is.

Then with the tables turned and Democrats looking like the lunatics, O’Donnel carries the voter off with her into a world of commonsense that strikes directly at the heart of the anti-establishment, anti-business as usual sentiment that is stirring a backlash against the Democrat majorities that control the federal government and are wreaking havoc with the nation.

In thirty seconds, not only does this add deflect the wild descriptions of O’Donnell away from her, it turns the table and makes her opponents look like the irrational extremists and then it wraps things up by going a step further and makes voters relate to her in a way that has them believing that she is one of them while the irrational Democrats are the ones against them.

But one of the most important things about this ad is the timing.

By  putting it out early, I am convinced that G.O.P. will not make the mistakes that they have with other campaigns when they allowed the opposition to define them.  The timing of this “Im With You” ad shows me that they are getting out there early to define Christine O’Donnel before the left has the chance to do it for them.  Now, if O’Donnell can keep turning the tables and keep convincing voters that she is one of them, all she will need to do is shock everyone with a command of the issues that will make voters say, ‘Hey, this girl is sharp”.  Once that happens, a majority of just enough Delawarians may find O’Donnell just the right breath of freshair that they want to send to Washington and blow the political polution away with.

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