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Time For The States To Take Control & Ratify A Constitutional Convention

Bookmark and Share  The time has come for Americans to take control of our government. Real control.

For too long it has been controlled by politicians who have had the opportunity to turn elected office into a lifetime position. This has led to a political class that, over time, over 234 years, to be exact, have been able to manipulate the process in ways that allow them to draw favorable districts for them to run in and get elected in, to creating laws that others must follow but Congress does not.

From partisan politicians who appoint activists judges who then end up circumventing the legislative process and creating laws from the bench, to members of Congress who pass spending measures by attaching them to totally unrelated legislation so that they can get them passed through without scrutiny, the federal government has totally sidestepped the people to, in essence, do whatever they want and “deem” it to be legal.

Never before has this been more evident than in the case of the sleazy and illegitimate process that the national liberal-Democrat Party used to pass a government takeover of the free market and healthcare in America.

The bitter taste that liberals have left in the mouth of most Americans, far surpasses any shock at the audacity of any of the 111 sessions of Congress in our nation’s history has ever demonstrated. From attempts to twist the process by suggesting they could pass a law by simply “deeming” it a law without voting on it, to deals that pay hundreds of billions to legislators in return for their support, to a no holds barred, partisan passage of an unconstitutional law, the American people have come to truly realize that the federal government is undoubtedly out of control.

We now clearly see that the American people no longer control our government, and under the liberal-Democrat Party, government is instead controlling the people. And the trend will only continue to worsen as the political class continues to shape the system in their favor and by placing more controls on us, controlling more of our personal finances and acting as though they were above the law.

So how do we get control back?

Beyond trying to sway the elections of representatives who run in districts that are gerrymandered to favor one ideology or another, the U.S. Constitution offers a way for the people to override Congress.

The Constitution acknowledged the possibility of Congress becoming isolated from the will of the people and preventing major structural reforms from being adopted by the government. That acknowledgment came when the founding fathers allowed for the Constitution to be amended through a process that would allow a majority of the states to convene a convention and ratify amendments that would those amendments the law of the land and can not be overturned by either the courts or Congress.

Given how out of touch and isolated the liberal Democrat Party has proven themselves to be and given their utter disdain for the people, freedom and the rule of law, I would say that if ever a Constitutional Convention was needed, now is it. Passage of the recent government healthcare bill was one of the most audacious power grabs we have ever seen the federal government enact.

It steals from the free markets, puts government in the business of loans and healthcare, creates a federal insurance monopoly that they then force Americans to buy into or face prison and in every, way, shape or form, far exceeds any intent of the Constitution or our founding fathers who wrote it.

And yet, despite the will of the majority of the people, the liberal Democrat Party insists that they know better than the people they represent and have manipulated the legislative process to get what they want.

So now it is time for the people to manipulate the process.

It is time for the American people to focus on there state legislators.

Our founding fathers did all that they could to make sure that power was retained in the states, not the federal government., a concept which today’s liberal Democrat clearly does not understand. And our founding fathers were right to do this. For it is the smaller state government and the smaller districts which state legislators are elected from, that best reflect the will of the majority of the people. That is why the founding fathers gave the ability to reform our government and amend our Constitution based upon the initiative and approval of a majority of the states. The states are more in tune with the people and more representative of the true will of the people than the collective representation of the federal government bureaucracy.

With that realized, the existing liberal led legislative slashing and burning of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution makes use of the Constitutional amendment process through the states, the only surefire way to bring about the reform of the federal government that that the federal officials will not themselves adopt.

Through the states, the people could amend the U.S. Constitution in a way that will circumvent the ruling political class and once again put the people in control of Congress instead of Congress in control of the people.

The problem is, that in order for a Constitutional convention to be held, 34 states must ratify such a move. At the moment, 28 states are controlled by Democrats that make up the majority in both the lower and upper houses of their respective state legislatures. While the same applies to Republicans in only 13 states and 8 states are split between Republican controlling one chamber of the state legislature and Democrats control the other. The remaining state is Nebraska, which is the only non-partisan state government in the nation.

Popular opinion

Under the current configuration of Party control of the states, even though the bulk of them are in Democrat hands, all 13 of the Republican states would easily ratify the call for a Constitutional convention, 7 of the 8 states with split delegations would ratify such a move and 8 of those legislatures totally controlled by Democrats would also ratify it because many Democrats, especially those in the South, are not liberals. A

Add to all those states, Nebraska which has no parties but still remains conservative and that brings us to a total of 29 states that would more than likely support ratification of a Constitutional convention—— five short of the 34 required.

It is for that reason that I suggest Americans focus on their state legislative races.

When looking at the coming midterm elections, not only will the make up of Congress be important, but if control of a majority of state houses and state legislatures can be won by anti-liberal forces, we can easily find 34 states to ratify the convening of a Constitutional Convention.

But the promise of this process does not stop there.

A Constitutional Convention has no rules. It creates its own rules, much like Democrats did during the process that allowed them to have the government takeover our healthcare , our personal economies, our freedoms, the free market and a sixth of the American economy.

The states could allow a Constitutional Convention to take place for as long as they wish and wherever they wish. They could hold it online or at a brick and mortar location. It could hold meetings of itself in each of the 50 or 58 states that President Obama claimed we have. Furthermore, the rules of a Constitutional convention can call for a national referendum on any of its proposed amendments if they desired. Like Democrats, a constitutional convention creates its own rules and after all, Democrats have no problem with such a process. Right? Of course they do. They just defended such a process

It should also be noted that Constitutional conventions are not limited to the adoption of just one amendment. It can produce several amendments.

That point is one in which I take great advantage of and use to build popular, public support by pushing for several amendments such as term limits on federal elected officials.

Term limits are overwhelmingly popular among the American populace. But while Republicans championed the cause during the mid 90’s, it failed and was even considered unconstitutional.

The opportunity to adopt an amendment to the Constitution would make term limit’s the law of land and require the Supreme Court to uphold it against any challenges, will change that once for all. That and the widespread popularity of term limits are two reasons why I would use term limits as one of the major focuses to use in building support for the public to urge their state legislators and Governors to ratify the call for a national constitutional convention. First, it will be the only way to adopt federal term limits. Second, it will help build support for a Constitutional convention and help force state legislators to move towards ratifying a constitutional convention.

Popular support for such a gathering could also be gained by putting on the agenda, an amendment that would ban all federal funding or creative subsidies of abortions and make it forever impossible for liberals to circumvent any existing laws aimed at preventing such a procedure. These would of course all be in addition to an amendment that would essentially repeal the recent liberal government healthcare scheme.

Along with language that repeals government run healthcare, would set an agenda that proposes the ratification of amendments that make terms limit’s the law of the land, puts an end to amnesty for illegal immigrants and rids ourselves of the anchor baby laws that automatically make the children of illegal immigrants American citizens and allows their parents to circumvent the legal immigration process.

The amendment process is not one that ideally, I wish to pursue. It is one that, if abused, could work against the people and produce undesired results that infringe upon our freedom.

However; it has become glaringly obvious that under the control of radical liberal ideologues such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and those in the Obama regime, the current threat to freedom is not the constitutional amendment process but the liberals in government who are trying to circumvent the people and our Constitution. For that reason, I believe that we must resort to amending the Constitution through the states so that we can prevent the liberal political class from doing what President Obama promised———“transform American”, into the type of socialist and Marxist government that America has opposed and rejected throughout its history.

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