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Fire Nancy Pelosi Bus Tours Campaigns In New Jersey

Bookmark and Share   With five days remaining in the 2010 election cycle and all the trends and voting patterns set in stone, each side of the political aisle is now focused on only certain races with laser-like precision. Gone are the days where that hope for just a little more money to pull candidates in over the finish line. Gone are the chances for creating new strategies to win voters over and convince people that your guy or gal is the better candidate.

At this point in the campaign, all the cards are on the table. This year, for Democrats, that means, do all you can to cut the losses and focus on saving what competitive seats they still have a chance of maintaining, like long term incumbents Barney Frank of Massachusetts and John Dingel of Michigan. For Republicans it means, nail down those races that are toss ups and produce the gains that will take back the House and possibly even the Senate.

That’s why top Democrats like President Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden and even President Obama himself have had to stomp in the states and districts of incumbents and hit the trail for people like Barney Frank, or Virginia’s Tom Periello. These are seats that should be shoo ins, yet voter anger has them even at risk unless they can stop the hemorrhaging. But for Republicans, the story is quite different.

For Republicans, big names like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and others are out on the campaign trail for people like Sean Bielat, Harold Johnson, Randy Hultgren, Sean Duffy and John Runyan, all virtual unknowns who are about to take down some of the biggest names in Congress.

Most of us live in the 400 or so , so-called “safe” districts where there is little if any race going on. As someone who has spent my life in the blue states of New York and New Jersey , I have usually resided in such safe districts, but this year, the Republican Rejuvenation of these midterm elections is bringing competition even to these states.

Case in point is New Jersey’s 4th congressional district. Incumbent Democrat John Adler is facing a race in an atmosphere that has him swimming  against the tide and Republicans are doing everything possible to insure that the tide beats him.

In those towns within the 4th district that are strongest for John Runyan, the local, state and national G.O.P. has been relentlessly gnawing away at Adler’s support and feeding a relentless cycle of energy that is electrifying the already enthused and exciting those who are normally not even involved in the election process. In just this week alone, popular Governor Chris Christie has attended two jam packed rallies for Runyan, he has taken part in two special teleconferences to address the hundreds of volunteers at different campaign headquarters who are manning the phones and providing the walking sheets for an army of more volunteers whom are going door to door. In fact, as residents of the 4th CD, Governor Christie’s own parents, are manning phones out of a local Mount Holly headquarters, leaving the governor to recently quip that his Dad is working harder for John Runyan’s election than he did for his son.

Today, in an unprecedented event, Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, even stopped by the district to campaign for Runyan.

The event which was part of the RNC‘s “Fire Pelosi” bus tour produced a standing room only crowd and fired up an already energized electorate.

Even I was moved by Chairman Steele’s words, and that says a lot, for although I had liked Mike Steele before he was RNC Chairman, I have found myself disappointed by his job performance as Chairman. Yet his performance today was exemplary.

He entered the Atlantis Ballroom of the Toms River Holiday Inn to thunderous, almost rock star-like applause, and from then on he had the crowd eating up every word with a mix of ideological fervor, commonsense logic, and a degree of humor that even had the reporters covering the event laughing out loud. (I saw you Zach Fink).

Steele’s remarks not only drove home the importance of defeating Democrats in this election, but he assured the crowd that the GOP has learned their lesson. He embraced and thanked the TEA Party movement for reawakening us to the principles we strayed away from, and promised that the Grand Old Party has come to understand that we can no longer compromise on spending or the size of government and that no type of big government is acceptable, not even “big government Republicanism”. He even credited the new class of freshman of Republicans for turning the Grand Old Party into the “Great Opportunity Party.”

Steele also reminded the New Jersey audience that it was they who has started this electoral revolution. He reminded the audience that it was the election of their Governor, Chris Christie, which helped set in motion the trend for the type of less government, less spending leadership that voters all across the nation are demanding this November 2nd.

The event gave a campaign that is already slightly ahead in the polls, an injection of unbridled enthusiasm, the type of enthusiasm that is needed to motivate the forces in the tiring days of a long campaign, the type of energy that Democrats and the forces of John Adler are lacking in their uphill battle.

Gone for the Adler campaign are the appearances by heavy hitters with star power. Gone for Adler is the expectation of making the over half a million contacts that the Republican volunteers for Runyan have made. Gone for Adler is the final injection of money from the Democrat National Campaign Committee for attacks ads against Runyan.

And if today’s rally was not enough, the same area of the district Christie and Steel have campaigned in, will be experiencing a major GOTV rally on Sunday as the TEA Party Express bus stops in Toms River with one of the biggest stars of the 2010 election, Sarah Palin.

As someone who has been assigned to work on targeted races in the past, I can honestly say that I have never quite seen the level of intensity that some of the most hotly contested races, like Runyan in NJ4 are seeing in 2010. It is all the culmination of Democrat leadership which has lurched so far to the left and demonstrated all the aspects which people hate most about politics and the process, that the electorate has become polarized to the point of seeing the choices as not being between the ‘left’ or the ‘right’ but rather between right or wrong.

For these reasons, all over the United States, unknowns like John Runyan will be taking control of Congress this January. The only question now is how much in control will they be in. Three weeks ago POLITICS 24/7 saw the GOP on a trajectory that provided them with 62 seats in the House and 10 or 11 seats in the Senate. On Friday, POLITICS 24/7 will release its final predictions along with an election night schedule that will help you understand what trends some of the earliest results will be pointing to.

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Join New Jersey In Paying Tribute To President Ronald Reagan

Bookmark and Share  Ronald-Reagan-1985  Few annual political events in New Jersey are growing in popularity as much as Assemblyman Jay Webber’s New Jersey Reagan Day Dinner.   And this year the state’s “tribute to the life and legacy of our 40th President” is going to be the biggest yet.

This, the Seventh Annual New Jersey Reagan Day, will feature former Attorney General Ed Meese as its Keynote speaker.

Few men worked as closely with President Reagan as did Ed Meese. He was at his side for over 21 years and through his two terms as Governor of California and two terms as president of the United States.

When President Reagan first took office, Mr. Meese, served as Reagan’s chief policy adviser, a responsibility that, as Counselor to the President, was his from 1981 to 1985. In February of 1985, President Reagan made Ed Meese the 75th Attorney General of the United States. Prior his work in the White House, Attorney General Meese played a role in each of President Reagan’s two presidential bids and both elections for Governor of California.

While in Sacramento, Mr. Meese served then Governor in several different capacities including Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant and from 1967 through 1968, he was the Governor’s Legal Affairs Secretary.

Reagan and Meese appreciated and trusted and each other. And appreciated each others talents and abilities. That respect and appreciation was never more evident as the time President Reagan told reporters;

“If Ed Meese is not a good man, there are no good men”.

The feeling for Ed Meese was mutual. And it is that special bond and knowledge of one another that makes Ed Meese probably the most appropriate political leader to offer the Keynote address at New Jersey’s tribute to President Reagan

Reagan and Meese worked together through some tough times in our nation’s history and not only did they get us back on our feet again, they stood us on solid ground and provided a roadmap for prosperity and security. A roadmap that many American’s see us taking a detour from as the current Administration and the ruling liberal regime marches us down a path of mediocrity and dependence on government.

Last year’s Reagn Day dinner saw a crowd well in excess of two or more hundred as the room opened up in order to allow more tables to be set for the arrival of many more people than was expected. And in addition to a host of state, county and municipal leaders, it also attracted all the candidates who were vying for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. That included the inevitable nominee and now incumbent Governor, Chris Christie.

This year is different though. This year, a sense of a nation that has wandered off track and in need of a return to the conservative values and practical application of government that Reagan offered, will probably attract even more people and top name political leaders. Although the official NJ Reagan Dinner invitation does not say it, I suspect that after showing up last year as a candidate, Chris Christie will be showing up again, but this time as Governor.  If by chance he can not show up, there is a pretty good chance that our new, and the state’s first Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadagno will be there to say a few words.   (These are my expectations, not those of the event’s organizers or sponsors, so don’t hold them accountable to my prediction.  Hold me accountable)

Last year, the man responsible for the New Jersey Reagan Day dinner was a prominent young Assemblyman. This year that man, Jay Webber, is still a prominent young Assemblyman but he is now also the Chairman of the State Republican Party. As such, unless of course there is some kind of emergency that creates a scheduling conflict, protocol would dictate that Governor Christie show his respects with a personal appearance. After all, Assemblyman Webber is now the leader of the Governor’s Party and he is also the man that gave candidate Christie the opportunity to address hundreds of Republicans when he wanted their support. Now it’s Governor Christie’s chance to show his appreciation and make a return appearance.

It should be noted that in addition to the main purpose of this event, our tribute to President Reagan, and in addition to the possible appearance of Governor Christie, another good reason to head out to the Reagan Day dinner is to thank your host, Assemblyman Webber.

Assemblyman Webber is truly one of the state’s brightest stars.

He is among the most conservative legislators that we have and he is no establishment politician who simply goes along to get along. He is a fighter and a true defender of the Reagan values that made our nation strong and can make our state strong. Legislators like him are, unfortunately far and few between, so it is up to all of us to have his back because he’s got ours.

So be sure to make it to the 7th Annual Reagan Day Dinner.

Join Assemblyman Webber, Attorney General Meese and all the others who will be paying tribute to our greatest contemporary President,…….Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The party is :

Friday, February 19th, 2010

From 6 to 8 pm

  at the

Zeris Inn

372 Route 46 East

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

Tickets are $40.00 per person and that includes a Full Dinner Buffet with Dessert, but lushes beware, it is a cash bar.

Checks can be made out to New Jersey Reagan Day,  42 Carlson Place, Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034-3102

For more information you can call (201) 602-4468 or visit www.njreaganday.com

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