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The Best & Worst of The Week-Political Winners & Losers-2/22/10

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers

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POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

Is Glenn Beck The Next BillGlenn Beck PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This weekend Glenn Beck delivered a keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference that was among one of the most dramatic political slaps in the face of the political establishment ever seen. Few people could stand among a largely Republican crowd of 10,000 conservatives and get a rousing response of adoration and appreciation after admonishing them to their face. But Glenn Beck did. He stood before the base of the Republican Party and let the G.O.P. have it. He told them that winning because you don’t suck as much as the Democrats is not winning. He told them to admit to their spending addiction and then went on to remind them what Republicans are suppose to stand for and what they are suppose to do. Beck’s speech was a mix of humor and passion, and history and current events . It was a the political equivalent of Cher standing there in Moonstruck as she slapped you in the face and yelled “snap out of it.” Beck’s honesty and ability to craft a message so potent and profound makes him a winner for the week.

Grant Woods.com > The WOODY J.D. Hayworth   PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This week, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth became the latest Republican to step up to bat and try to shake up the political establishment. He entered the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona. It is a race that will pit him against Senator and recent Republican nominee for President, John McCain. McCain is a hero, there is no doubt about that, but he is does not represent the change that we need in the G.O.P. and in the nation. Once John McCain won the Republican nomination for President in 2008, he was the lesser of two evils. Americans do not want choices of bad or worse. They don’t want to have to settle, they want a choice between good and better. As we look ahead to the future, J.D. Hayworth is the better. Now that he has entered the race, Arizonans don’t have top settle for the lesser of two evils, they can pick a conservative. One that understands the national mood and understands the direction that we must begin to take the nation in. Hayworth must get some credit here. He is pretty brave and bold to enter this race. His chances of winning are not so great. After all, John McCain has become a staple of Arizona, but if Republicans of the state want to really begin to make big changes for the better in America, changing John McCain in for J.D. Hayworth is the right change to make.

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Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

Undaunted on Wed, Jul 22nd, Caley Gray  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Caley Gray is the Communications Director for Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. Lautenberg began the week falling after becoming dizzy and lightheaded. It was discovered that he had an ulcer. Then it was discovered that the ulcer was caused by stomach cancer. Luckily Doctors say both are treatable and that the Senator is expected to fully recovery. That is good news. But in the midst of all this Caley Gray comes out and issues a statement that declared the Senator will b e running for reelection in 2014. Huh? Senator Lautenberg is now 86. In 2014 he will be 90 and at the end of that term he would be 96. But putting aside such lofty goals and long term plans for someone of such an accelerated age as Lautenberg, the Senator was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. Focus on what is important. Do not start focusing on which Party has majority control of the Senate four years from now. Gray’s stupid and uncalled for comment trivialized and politicized a situation of such serious gravity, that he did his boss, Senator Lautenberg, more of a disservice than a service.

Posted by Ryan Sorba at 2:51Ryan SorbaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
I don’t know Ryan Sorba and after seeing him in action at CPAC, I do not want to know Ryan Sorba. Few know who he is but after he made an embarrassing spectacle of himself, more people have come to know the name. He is the President of California Young Americans for Freedom and no words other than arrogant, punk can accurately describe this character after the despicable, militant, spectacle of intolerance and hate that he put on display at this past weekend’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Sorba took the stage and denounced CPAC for allowing a gay Republican organization to attend the event and for allowing their views to be heard. Sorba stood there and when his denunciation received boos, he waved his arms and told the audience to bring it. He proceeded to instigate the situation even more as he then called out  one member in the audinece by name and repeatedly stated that the person just made himself enemy.  As  the booing audience continued to show their dislike for what was unfolding before them, Sornba then told them all  that “the lesbians at Smith College protest better than you [them]”. That was a reference to the protest of a speech that Sorba was giving at that college, a speech that had lesbian protesters climbing through windows to show their objections to Sorba’s rhetoric. You see, Sorba is not a young American for freedom, he is a little Nazi who wants all rights denied to homosexuals, including the right of conservative gay men and women to participate in the conservative cause. That opinion was soundly rejected and liberals should take note of that fact. You see, punks like Ryan Sorba, are the radical minority, not the right wing, but the radical minority in the GOP, that make it easy for the left to paint the right as intolerant. But as was evident at CPAC, Sorba’s disgusting Nazi-like views are not widely accepted among the party or its base which was at CPAC and booing Ryan Sorba off the stage. As for Sorba himself, I am originally from Brooklyn, and where I come from when an arrogant, punk like him stands there and says bring it on, that’s when the nearest two by four gets slapped up the side of his head and the case is closed. And the case on this loon Ryan Sorba, is exactly that,…….. closed.  He is a more than a loser, he is a discredit to the human race.

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Bookmark and Share   BigGovernment.com breaks a story that further demonstrates the abuses of the already established to be abusive, liberal front group ACORN that President Obama once help train when he was an attorney for them.

acorn2According to undercover investigation, ACORN employees, aided a woman who posed as a prostitute trying smuggle underage kids into the country that were to be used for the establishment of a brothel.

Not only did the ACORN employees not stand in objection to the intended illegal behavior, they offered assistance in how to make it successful.

As seen on tape produced by BigGovernment.com, the ACORN employees explained how the woman could get tax credits for the underage children she was trafficking, how she could avoid getting caught by the IRS for cheating on her taxes and how to keep peace between her and her pimp.

This is what the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now really stands for?

Is that what a collective amount of billions in federal funding has and is being used for? Do we really want the government to fund the illegal trafficking of little girls into a life of prostitution with taxpayers dollars?

Officials at ACORN may once again claim that this is a set up and that it involves only their employees, not theirACORN3 organization. That may be the position they take but there comes a point in time when rampant corruption among a groups employees must be considered an inherent part of the group that hires these people and maintains a longstanding history of corruption on their umbrella.



We did not find the prevalent fraud committed by ACORN during the ‘08 election “bad” enough to shut them down. But if prostitution and evasion of the law and IRS is not enough, than there are a whole lot of elected people in America that need to be impeached. But only after ACORN is SHUT DOWN!!!!!

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Glenn Beck Show Identified By The Use Of Curse Words On T.V. Screens

Bookmark and Share   So there have been claims that the entertainment industry and the media have a liberal bias. The claim is nothing new. It is a charge that has existed for decades and one look at Hollywood, cable or network news or a newspaper and you can understand what has led to this allegation.
Screen shot of how how Optimum identifies the Glenn Beck Show - "Glenif*ck"

Screen shot of how Optimum identifies the Glenn Beck Show - "Glenif*ck"

Once esteemed news outlets such as The Grey Lady of New York, The New York Times has only helped to perpetuate claims of bias. Their recent history is strewn with examples of political favoritism rearing its ugly head in the form of editorialized news stories that deliver more opinion than fact.

But recently a most unorthodox display of bias played itself out on the most unlikely places.

Subscribers to Optimum, a cable television and internet service provider received a little surprise when going through their channel lineup or adjusting their DVR settings.

There among other programs during the same 5:00 pm time slot was the show Glenn Beck. But while other shows like StarGate or Star Trek or the Guiding Light were indicated by their correct spellings and names, the Glenn Beck Show was displayed as “ Glenif*ck “.

Could this be a glitch of some sort? Well maybe but it has to be a pretty selective and stealthy one and it would be a very coincidental one. As of late, Glenn Beck has caught on as one of the largest antagonists of the left to come down the pike since Sean Hanitty went national.

Beck’s defiant demeanor stems from a libertarian, not Republican, streak that infiltrates every school of thought that he present to his viewers and listeners. He has a tendency to throw a monkey wrench into policies that detract from the principles which founded our nation. He uses a rarely referred to document these days, the U.S. Constitution, to point out the problems with contemporary governance in America.

This frustrates many Obama fans and loyalists who disdain any comparisons between President Obama’s liberal socialist policies and actual socialism. So much so that when Glenn Beck became a hit and unattracted an unprecedented number of viewers for his time slot, the liberal media organized itself into a full court press attack on him. At one in April, when Beck’s popularity was first confirmed on the radar, liberal newspapers ran hit pieces on him for weeks.

This was a stark contrast to Lefty media critics who gushed about MSNBC’s boldness at giving a liberal lesbian in Rachel Maddow her own show. For he shallow interviews and lame attempts of humor, the public endured numerous stories of praise in periodicals.

It is clear that while Glenn Beck’s message is being widely received among a general population that is offended by the Gestapo style policies and tactics of the current ruling regime in Washington, the liberal elites have been offended and angered. But despite their disgust with the views expressed by Glenn Beck, none of them can effectively dispute his constitution based opinions and interpretations.

So one must question the legitimacy of his popular program being listed as Glenif*ck.

Will this be explained? Will the doubts about how Glenn Beck got translated into Glenif*ck even be addressed?

A skeptical community of Americans await an answer or at the very least an explanation. Inquiries in to the FCC and Optimum on this incident have yet to be answered but if they are, I’ll be sure to let you know what it may be. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation though.

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Bookmark and ShareAs Democrats begin to feel their oats, with control of all three branches of government, there has been a renewed interest inantfairnessdoctrine_front1 what liberals smartly, but improperly, call  the Fairness Doctrine.

The Fairness Doctrine seeks to insure that the media allots equal time to both liberal and conservative viewpoints.

That sounds innocent enough on the surface but a cursory look under the surface reveals a twisted and tangled web of deceit and chicanery.

First of all, the Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair.

Is it fair to tell you what you must listen to or see? Is it fair to dictate what a private company sells outside of illegal trade?

Well the so called Fairness Doctrine does just that. It tells privately owned media outlets what they must air.

So if you are a liberal themed radio network, now you must change your format and become both a liberal and conservative network.

Attempts to reinstitute any type of Fairness Doctrine are attempts to undermine free speech, the free market and freedom of choice.

Liberal cries for a new Fairness Doctrine stem from a fear of conservative talk shows dominating the airwaves and over the years, they have become a thorn in the sides of liberal advocates. So much so that left leaning activists have tried and failed at creating their own liberal talk show ventures.

One such progressive station recently closed on February 5th. It was an AM station located at 1260 on the dial and called Obama 1260.

One of the most recent big liberal ventures was Air America. That went over so well that it went bankrupt in 2006.

Yet it seems that every day there is a new conservative oriented radio or television program cropping up. Be it Glenn Beck on t.v. or Mark Levine on WABC am radio, conservative hosts are increasing in popularity. They are getting more time on the air, more listeners and more money. Rush Limbaugh recently signed on to a decades long contract which made him one of radio’s richest hosts in history.

Why is that? Is it because the liberal oriented media moguls like these guys, or is it because they like the money that these guys bring in for them? Do they give these conservative hosts more time because their ratings are slipping or do they give them more time because when these hosts articulate the conservative cause, ratings go up?

The truth is that there are more people in America yearning for a comprehensive, logical, conservative oriented approach to government. Such an approach is not what they always see from their so-called political leaders. Voters are often disappointed by their political leaders who cave in on any number of political issues or votes. Yet conservative talking heads are able to  remain consistent in their views without having to bend to political compromise. So more often than not, conservative hosts are even more popular than some conservative legislators.

This popularity irks the left. They are frustrated by an articulation of conservative ideas that people listen to and want to listen to without having any desire to hear Al Franken, Randi Rhodes or Rachel “madcow’ Madow on Air America.

It is the free market which leads to the preponderance of conservative viewpoints that exists. It is driven by what is popular. Like any other commodity, radio and television is geared to what the people like. Would Milton Bradley keep on producing Monopoly if it didn’t sell? Would it be right for the government to come in and demand that Milton Bradley continue to make it if no one wanted to buy it?

Unless the government intends to confiscate the airwaves and all other forms of media, they have no constitutional right to control programming that does not violate the bounds of legal decency and ethics.

In the former Soviet Union the Fairness Doctrine had a different name. It was called Pravda. It was an official state sponsored radio and television agency which aired only what was approved or written by the government. It was an effective way to help maintain thinking in line with the way that the communists wanted the people to think.

If a Soviet Premier suddenly had a heart attack while having sex with a mistress, no one would ever know. In fact it could be weeks before the government decided to let anyone know that their leader was dead.

For communist Russians, it worked. But this is America. And in America, whether you call it fair or equal or anything else you might, it is not right. It is government control.

Government control seems to be the trend during this era of “spreading the wealth” but just how much government control do we want and where does the Fairness Doctrine draw the line?

Does the Fairness Doctrine eventually apply to the internet? Perhaps it will someday limit the internet to only a certain amount of conservative and liberal comments . Maybe servers such as aol or platforms such as wordpress can only be online at times of parody between Republican and Democrat commentary.

Will the Fairness Doctrine be strictly enforced in schools where every good word said about President Barack Obama is required to be followed by a good word about the Republican Senate Minority leader?

How far do we go?

I do know one thing for sure and that is that whenever government encroaches into new territory, they keep on going. When government creates a new tax that they promise to keep at a certain rate, they inevitably increase it.

When government regulates something, they rarely, if ever stop there. They regulate it more and more.

The saddest part of this whole discussion stems from the fact that the Fairness Doctrine is no where near being a sincere minded effort. It is a politically driven, partisan attempt to make censorship legal. It is an attempt to censor a free market society by the same people who try to claim that conservatives ban and burn books .

It is just another example of liberal hypocrisy.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

But to add insult to injury let us look at liberal Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Stabenow recently stated that she has begun the push for the Fairness Doctrine and feels that hearings on the matter are in the works.

That is interesting. Particularly in Stabenow’s case.

You see, you wouldn’t know it but Debbie Stabenow is also Mrs. Tom Athans.

Tom Athans is her husband and he is a radio executive.  A failed one but one who is still struggling to make his mark in liberal radio.

Athans is the co-founder of Democracy Radio and after failing as Vice President of Air America he founded another liberal talk show network called TalkUSA Radio.

For the sake of full disclosure I will add that, last year, Tom Athans was also arrested for hiring a prostitute for $150 bucks but that had nothing to do with Stabenow. However; for the the same sake of full disclosure, will Senator Stabenow disqualify herself from participating in measures that would in essence force demand for her husbands networks on to national airwaves and produce a great deal of personal wealth and benefit for the Athans-Stabenow family if those measures are approved?

Senator Stabenow with Husband Tom Athans

Senator Stabenow with Husband Tom Athans

Does anyone else not see the conflict of interest in Stabenow’s rush to push for the so called Fairness Doctrine?

Stabenow’s push to censor conservative talk shows and to call it a Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair or decent. It is censorship and in her case it is also an obvious conflict of interest.

Just as the infidelity of Stabenow’s husband is none of my business neither is radio or television any of Stabenow’s governmental business.

When I watch the Obama network, otherwise known as NBC or MSNBC, I do not believe that the government needs to intervene and needs to control their programming, I just do what most Americans do. I turn off MSNBC.

The same can be done with Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity or any other host or program that someone does not wish to see.

It just so happens that when it comes to liberal radio, few have been able to make a good case for liberalism. Hence the failure of Stabenow’s husband’s liberal programming career. It is a result of the free market. It is a victim of supply and demand. There is very little demand for a great deal of liberal propaganda so there is a limited supply of it coming from a market that is based on profit.

The funniest aspect to this whole hypocritical legislative initiative is that there are few people who will argue with the fact that most of the media already has a liberal bias. Even Hillary Clinton had a hard time containing her disdain for a liberal media that turned on her in favor of an even more liberal Barack Obama. Yet that is not good enough for greedy liberals like Stabenow.

Liberals like Stabenow want to stifle speech and profit from it too.


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A capitalist and a socialist are working on the side of a road when a rich fellow drives by in a Cadillac.

The capitalist says, “Someday, I’ll be driving a Cadillac.”

The socialist replies, “Someday, that guy won’t.”

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