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A Tribute To My Hero, Jack Kemp

jackkemp8x10Bookmark and Share   Today, Jack Kemp will be laid to rest after private funeral services at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C..

To mark this event, I have put together the following memorial tribute.

Jack Kemp was more than a politician. He was a man who helped shape lives.

From his children to activists like me, Jack Kemp inspired a generation or more of American enthusiasts like myself. It was not just his policies or legislative agenda which provided us with that inspiration, it was his ability to turn issues into goals and dreams into reality. It was his inherent optimism and boundless belief in human potential that inspired millions to the American Republican cause.

Jack Kemp inspired me to believe that it is not our government that makes us great but our people that make our nation great.

In his plight for economic empowerment, human dignity and the defense of freedom, Jack Kemp’s words and deeds gave the Republican Party a heart and for many his philosophy became the heart of the Republican Party.

That is why I am Kempite. That is why I am and will always be a bleeding-heart, Jack Kemp, conservative.


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