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The Year of “The Angry Voter” and the Future of the G.O.P.

As Election Day approaches, American voters are not in a good mood. More than 64% agree that the nation is heading in the wrong direction. On the economy, consumer confidence is consistently at one of its lowest points in years, unemployment continues to rise, and more than ever before, Americans are finally believing the issue of our nation’s debt is at a crisis level.

As a result, the Party which controls every legislative chamber of federal government is now facing one of the most abrupt falls from political power that we have ever seen. In 2008, Democrats rode a wave of change. Creating that wave was Barack Obama, a new presence in politics who convincingly argued that with him at the helm, he would lead Democrats in “transforming America”. From Berlin, Germany to Bayonne, New Jersey, Senator Obama traveled the globe and the nation and painted a picture of a new and improved America, an America that was loved by all the world and that lifted the quality of all our lives. He promised to provide us all with better healthcare, financial wealth, inexpensive, cleaner energy, the best education and a less partisan political atmosphere that would unite us rather than divide us.

Instead what they got was not just the opposite, it was so antithetical to that promise that people are not just angry, they are offended.

Instead of real bipartisanship, the nation has seen the major issues of the day turned into  an audaciously corrupt and intensely partisan process that closed it doors to any differences of opinion. Instead of financial wealth, they have seen less business growth, less jobs, increased federal spending, higher prices, economic uncertainty and by year‘s end, record tax increases. And in the case of healthcare instead of seeing any meaningful reforms, they have seen it turned into a government bureaucracy that is raising costs more than lowering them. In fact, on virtually every signature issue of President Obama and the Democrat Congress, such as stimulus spending, the healthcare law and the bailouts, most voters oppose reelecting anyone who supported them.

In general, Democrats have done nothing to instill confidence in their leadership and vision for America. In fact, it is just the opposite and it happens to be their ‘signature’ issues, their top priorities, which have produced not only a lack of confidence in them, but a backlash of anger against them.

The healthcare bill, and the way in which Democrats rammed it through, highlighted all that Americans hate about politics and all that they feel is wrong with how business is done in Washington, D.C.. It was a process that revealed how the bills they vote on, go unread and how it closed the door to the Republicans, and even went so far as to shut down opposing views by asking Americans to report to the names and sources behind arguments which refuted the Democrat’s position on the issue. They asked that such dissention be reported to them at flag@whitehouse.gov, an assault on freedom eerily similar to that of the German National Socialist Party as it began to takeover Germany.

The process also highlighted numerous backroom deals that bought the votes of wavering Democrats at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars each. And in perhaps what was one of the most astonishing shows of just out of touch Democrats are, they spent an entire year focusing on ramming through their unpopular government takeover of healthcare, at a time when the economy was the top issue on the minds of Americans.

Today, the economy is still the top issue in the minds of most, but as demonstrated by their focus on healthcare reform, the White House and Democrat led Congress, nproved themselves to be out of touch and ineffective on. But even more than that, the one solution that they consistently offer to solve our economic troubles is turning out to be a another problem of its own which they fail face up to…… spending.

To every issue, their solution is spending. But spending has now gotten so obviously out of control that average Americans who understands that 2 plus 2 equals 4, have become offended by this liberal mentality that hopes people will believe that more money out of their pockets will allow government to put more money into their pockets. This offensive notion has only been compounded by the Democrat approach to all issues and problems which also calls for more government.

People are waking up to the realization that more government costs more money. They understand that a healthcare bill which creates over 127 new government agencies, department and bureaus does little to drive down healthcare costs and much to, among other things, increase costs.

Combined with that fact that the exaggerated growth of government and government spending is doing nothing to improve the economy and in fact is doing just the opposite, what you have is a new voter demographic. It is not a demographic identified by race, religion, or geographic region. It is not a demographic identified by age, or life conditions. It can’t be described as “Soccer Moms”, “Reagan Democrats” or “Yuppies”. It is a demographic that crosses all divides and unites a profoundly large portion of the electorate in 2012. It is the demographic of “Angry Voters”.

In the Republican Revolution of 1994, credit for the political turnaround of that time was credited to what pundits penned as “Angry White Men”. They claimed that white men were fed up and felt threatened by the rise of women and minorities in society and took it out on democrats. These pundits were as wrong then as those who try to play the race card anytime President Obama must face legitimate criticism today. In ‘94, the revolt away from Democrats largely began when President Clinton gave First Lady Hillary Clinton the responsibility for reforming healthcare with a plan that would have government take it over. That move did not suddenly unite white men again Democrats and it did not motivate African-Americans to come out and support them. It had nothing to with sex or color and everything to do with federal overreach.

Fast forward 16 years and history is repeating itself.

In 2010 Americans are seeing a dramatically exaggerated display of government largess which is leading to a government that is growing too much, spending too much, controlling too much and failing too much. It is the failings and the overreach of Democrats which is what is behind the Republican Rejuvenation of 2010. In 2008, politicos and the left wing of American politics touted the demise of the G.O.P.. Some political prognosticators claimed that the Republican Party was dead for a generation or more. Others claimed it had gone the way of the Whigs. As usual, they were wrong. But this is not to the credit of Republicans. The Republican bounce back has less to do with them and everything to do with Democrats.

Democrats have so offended the senses of rational thought in mainstream America, that the average person has become “angry”. So much so that even those who care little for Republicans, are willingly holding their noses to vote the Republican ticket, simply to register their disgust with government and the Democrats controlling it. And all of these people have become the “Angry Voter” demographic that is about to undo the liberal overreach of the past 20 months which has simply highlighted and brought to the forefront, all that Americans see wrong with government.

I would suggest that I could be wrong, but if I were, Republicans would not be preferred over Democrats by 48% to 39% of likely voters, a dramatic turnaround from 2008. If I was wrong, voters would not be trusting Republicans more than Democrats on 8 out of 10 key issues. If I was wrong, 78% of mainstream voters would not be claiming that they prefer fewer services and lower taxes.

If I was wrong. West Virginia’s overwhelmingly popular Democrat Governor would be far ahead of his Republican opponent in the race replace the late Robert Byrd in the Senate. However, despite the fact that voters in West Virginia love Governor Manchin, they are skeptical of sending another Democrat to Washington, D.C., where the last thing they want is to provide additional support to take the nation in the wrong direction that they feel Democrats are leading us in.

Americans are fed up. They feel hoodwinked by a President who promised to unite us but has only successful polarized us. They feel swindled by a Congress that promised a healthcare bill that would lower costs, but is already raising premiums. They feel swindled by a government that is taking more freedoms away than they are protecting. They feel betrayed by a federal government that will sue a sovereign American state in order to allow the free flow of illegal immigration in America. They are angered by a White House that promised to not conduct business as usual, only to demonstrate that they are conducting business worse than usual.

These are the reasons why Democrats are losing voters since 2008. It is why more voters are again beginning to identify themselves as Republicans than as Democrats. It is also why many Democrats are not even coming out to vote and why Democrats are on scheduled to suffer some of the most significant losses in decades. 20 months after promising the world to voters and inspiring and motivating millions of young and first time voters to the polls, Democrats under Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama, have not only disappointed them, they have embarrassed them and successfully discouraged those new voters from showing their support for Democrats again in 2010. And what’s more is, they have so alienated so many, that new group of young and first time voters are now inspired to come out to vote against them.

In 2008, Republicans presented little reason to vote for them and in many cases, were already seeing the signs of disenchantment from their own base of support. But now, in 2010, although Republicans have done little to change that, Democrats have successfully embarrassed their own base, turned disenchantment into downright anger and chased voters back into the arms of the Republican Party. From here on out it will be up to the G.O.P. to prove that they have gotten the message which they strayed away from and cost them dearly in 2008. If they fail to, I predict that a third Party will begin to rise.

From the TEA movement, arguably, the most influential political force of the last year, we will see an independent ideological division of voters significant enough to not merely influence the selection of candidates in the primary elections of both major Parties, but one so potent and so disgusted with the failure of both major Parties, that it will naturally rise to the forefront. Ultimately, this would be to the benefit of the Democrat Party, for this new breed of anger voters is united behind principles which are largely encompassed by the Republican Party but seemingly ignored by the political establishment of the Party.

These angry voters are beholden not to any Party. They are ruled by a commitment to the Constitution and three core achievements ……. less government, less spending and, more liberty. By the very nature of today’s contemporary Democrat Party, those goals contradict with the liberal faith in an activist government which seeks to regulate more, provide more services, oversee more, and spend more to do so. For that reason, if Republicans fail to represent the total opposite of what Democrats offer, this new breed of angry of voters is far too fed up to reverse the current trend, jump back to Democrats and put them back in power. Instead they will continue to reject the modern Democrat Party, turn their back on the G.O.P. once and for all, draw votes away from them and make it possible for the smaller number of left leaning supporters to build up a coalition of enough votes to compromise slim electoral victories for Democrats in local, state and national, three way elections.

For this reason, it is with trepidation that I look forward to November 2nd. I fear that the G.O.P. may not fully be ready to lead as it should. Thanks to Democrats, the Republican Rejuvenation of 2010 is coming to the the G.O.P. leadership  far too easily. I fear that the wrong leadership in the Republican Party will take this victory for granted. If they do, Democrats and the liberal ideology that most Americans do not agree with or have faith in, will once again be advanced much too far for their liking. If Republicans fail to adhere to a hard-line on states rights, a constitutional limited government, limited spending and a social agenda that does not invade privacy and individual rights, they may not go the way of the Whigs, but they could find themselves enduring many years of hard fought elections that produce the same type of electoral success that John McCain saw in 2008.

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Ayotollah Obama’s Lies and Mischaracterizations of Protestors Fan the Flames of Anger

Bookmark and Share  Americans are becoming angry  as they are being led astray and marched into very dangerous territory by the R.O.P.E. bunch.

R.O.P.E.Who are the R.O.P.E. bunch?

They are the Reid-Obama-Pelosi-Enablers.

They are the liberal establishment and their supporters who are enabling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lie to the American people and to deny the extent of disapproval that the American people are demonstrating as it relates to their policy direction.

All across the nation, Americans are getting increasingly angry at what they are seeing.

They have seen a pattern of producing voluminous legislative packages that no one knows what is exactly contained in them and then suddenly commence voting to pass those legislative initiatives before being given a proper hearing.

They have seen Congress quickly pass a Cap-and-Trade bill that amounted to a tax on the air we breathe and that will be the greatest transfer of wealth the nation has ever known.

Now the American people are witnessing the R.O.P.E. bunch rush through an over one thousand page bill to reform the nature of healthcare in our nation and have the federal government assume control of a sector of the economy that accounts for more than 17% of the gross domestic product.

President Obama took more than six months to choose the right dog for his family yet he gave Congress half that time to propose and pass legislation that would determine the quality, affordability and availability of healthcare in America. If you are like me, you might think that people’s health is an issue that is worthy of much more time, attention, consideration and sincere debate than the issue of which hypoallergenic dog is best suited to run around the White House.

So yes! Many Americans are mad!

Admittedly not all Americans are already fed up with President Obama and the liberal leadership of Congress and their tactics. Some are just ignorant and they comfortably enjoy membership in the R.O.P.E. bunch. They are content to enable the administration’s statist and collectivist mindset and they have no concern over the total disregard they show for the intentions of the founding principles of our hopefully still great nation.

Many Americans, even those who did accept Barack Obama’s claim to offer “change we can believe in”, are troubled by the rush to federal control and socialism that his policies are bringing to America. Many more were even brought to tears when they saw the White House take a totalitarian approach to dissenting opinions and asked Americans to report any views that opposed the President’s health control policies to them at flag@whitehouse.gov.

For a vast number of people this was eerily reminiscent of the communist practice of policing information and only allowing that which was vetted by the state to be disseminated to the public.

But this mentality goes beyond just the McCarthy like request to report to the White House dissenting opinions that they indiscriminately define as fishy. The President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats all over have taken a page out the ruling regime in Iran and labeled those who oppose them as fringe groups, mobs, radicals, dangerous and Republican operatives. In Iran when protestors recently demonstrated against shady election results the Ayatollah depicted the same things of them. That is of course with the exception of claiming that those dissenters were backed by Republicans. Instead the Ayatollah said that those rebel rousers were backed by the American devil.

Through the Democrat National Committee, Ayatollah Obama and the R.O.P.E. bunch even produced an ad depicting those who oppose the administration as violent mobs.

This has been the case with any voices of dissent that the left encounters. For months the liberal leadership of the United States has used these words to describe American who participate in the Tea party protests that take place all across America. They claim that they are all Republican backed operatives, racists and radical fringe groups.

The truth is that there are many Republicans involved. There are even some Republican affiliated organizations devoting time to opposing the direction the nation is going in. However, the G.O.P. as an organization is in disarray. Nationally the party does not have any effective organization mechanism in place. If it had, a few months ago, they would have performed much better in the November elections than they actually did. The Republican Party is not yet capable of mobilizing the vast numbers of people showing up at town hall meetings and organizing Tea Party protests in every state in the nation. I wish they did have the ability and I look forward to when they do, but in the mean time, we are not there yet.

The federal government fails to acknowledge that reality and they fail to admit the truth about these protesters. Instead they simply try to write them off as inconsequential and claim that they are just Republicans.

But they are not just Republican voices.

They are American voices.

They are the voices of Democrats, Libertarians and Independents too. They are people who have never before been compelled to pick up a sign and protest or demand that their government hear them. But after seeing the extremes of liberalism in action, they have been compelled to take a stand and just say “No !”

Yet while the President refuses to call terrorists terrorists and while he apologizes for America to foreign governments and extends hands of friendship to our enemies his administration calls fellow Americans dangerous mobs and characterizes them as inconsequential fringe groups.

The gall and wizardry of President Obama is more than disturbing. It is dangerous and although

the approach may work with the Reid-Obama-Pelosi-Enablers (R.O.P.E.) “it won’t play in Peoria”.

As for me, if this is the change America was suppose to believe in, let me click my heels together three times because “Toto, I have a feeling were not in Kansas anymore”.

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Ruling Regime Wants You To Identify Dissenters at flag@whitehouse.gov

Bookmark and Share    The White House’s recent attempt to flag what they term disinformation on the internet is reminiscent of the good old days of the Soviet Union.

censorshipAACommunist states have tight control over the media and force all published information to be from official sources and to be vetted through the state. Yet recently the democratic government of the United States posted the following statement on the White House’s official government web site:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

For the federal government to ask Americans to send to them the emails of dissenting voices on the healthcare issue may sound innocent enough but it is far from innocent.

These are the thoughts and practices of totalitarian regimes and it can only lead to nefarious federal targeting of individuals. What will the White House do with this information? Will they promise not to target those who offer their contradictory opinions to the President’s socialized medicine policy? Will they not delve into the identities of those who have a different opinion from the President on the issue?

The White House has actually and officially embarked upon an American witch-hunt by soliciting Americans to turn over dissenters of administration policy.

Hitler did this, Saddam Hussein did this but who in the world ever expected American President Barrack Hussein Obama to do something like this?

Oh of course President Obama’s intent is not as nefarious as Hitler or Saddam Hussein. At least we hope not. But whose to stop him from having the IRS audit a blogger who claims that Obamacare is going to cost all Americans more in taxes and result in a loss of quality healthcare? By the administration’s definition such a statement is disinformation. Will they emulate Iraq and pull down my blog because of that opinion?

Exactly how un-American is the administration prepared to get?

They have already flagged conservatives as terrorists. They have done everything possible to paint those who participate in Tea Party demonstrations as dangerous Republican backed extremists and they have had a mentality similar to the British fists that attempted to quell the first American revolution against the Crown.

I have forwarded the follow message to the White House’s flag@whitehouse.gov email address. It reads as follows:

As for flagging disinformation, I am the author of a political web site that sets the record straight. It defies those policies which increase America’s march to socialism under liberal leadership. The information in it may not quite jive with the propaganda presented by the White House but I offer it to you as a site for you to react to in your vile campaign to flag emails and to police the opinions of the American people.

Perhaps placement in a gulag will be your wish for me. Maybe you will take a page from Iran and take my site down. However the current statist regime wants to treat it, please do. I relish the attention that your heavy handed communist fists would bring by silencing this American. You can find my site at https://politics247.wordpress.com/ . I look forward to your retribution and the ensuing struggle that it will give birth to.

So I fully expect to be placed on a White House terrorist watch list by morning.

And since wordpress is a platform for my dissenting voice I fully anticipate that it too shall soon fall victim to the government scrutiny and with it so will all of you who state an opinion that contradicts the new American socialist hero and liberal messiah President and Supreme Commanding Ruler Barrack H. Obama.

Heil Obama!

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