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Republicans are Fascists? That’s like the Dictator Calling the Communist a Marxist

Bookmark and Share    I recently stumbled upon a link on Facebook that led to an article published on an online, liberal, advocacy publication called AddictingInfo.org. The site is about as addicting as a car wreck. You just can’t help but take a look at the mess. One of its main stated goals is to “stand Against” the Koch Brothers. Now I know that the Koch brothers are hated by liberals as supporters of the G.O.P.. At the same time, being a politically involved Republican, I must state that it is my daily experience that the influence of the Kochs is not quite as pervasive and ever-present as the left claims. But I guess the left’s desire to exaggerate the Kochs is a manifestation of their need to counter the influence offered to their Party from such liberal activists and supporters as George “I Can’t Give Enough Money” Soros. But in this liberal groups attempt to counter the rich supporter of their ideology with a rich supporter of the opposing ideology, they published an article written by Stephen D. Foster, Jr., a leftwing radical whose legitimacy is based solely on the fact that he is the braggadocios holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology and is….surprise…… a teacher, in Pennsylvania and Missouri. Most of his ramblings are found on a site called the Proud Progressive Forum.

But on AddictingInfo.org, Foster posted an article that claims Republican’s are fascists.

By definition, a fascist is any one who is part of any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism.

By that definition, it is my most sincere opinion that it is the liberal ideology and the Democrat Party, not the conservative ideology and Republican Party, which is most closely connected to fascism. Part…….just part of this belief ……….. is based on such things as the Democrat Party’s takeover of General Motors, their standing policy to force people to become dues paying union members if they want to be employed, their initiatives dictating how much a private company or corporation can pay its CEO’s, their desire to redistribute wealth and penalize success, and their centralized control and nationalization of healthcare, not to mention their suppression of Republican opposition to Obamacare by excluding Republicans from the process that created the healthcare reform bill behind closed, partisan doors, and passed strictly by a partisan vote.

The fascist Foster goes on to state that “fascism is the ultimate manifestation of social change and moral revolution,”.

He then asks…..“Sound familiar?”

It sure as hell does!

The liberal ideology that dominates the Democrat Party has consistently touted social change as their main mission. They often call it social justice.

This has especially been the case since the days of FDR and then again LBJ.

Are liberal Democrats now claiming that all social change is evil, wrong, and fascist?

Are they now claiming that federal attempts to acquire equal rights, and end discrimination were fascists acts? Are they now suddenly wanting to repeal such things as the 1964 voting rights act? All of these items (and many more) are examples of social and moral change. And in many cases they were achieved with equal credit having to be given to both Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps liberal minds forget that during the Obamacare debate, the leading liberal fascists in their Party argued that healthcare reform was “a moral issue”. From Louise Slaughter, to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez, and John Lewis, to President Obama and all the rest of Democrat Party, they all claimed Obamacare to be morally right. Yet suddenly, it is the G.O.P. who are fascists whom are trying to consolidate central government power to create social change based on morals? Such a view is maintained only through a double standard that is the hypocritical hallmark of liberal thinking.

Now liberals may consider me an extremist. At the same time, some conservatives…..”some conservatives” ….. don’t consider me extreme enough. I however; consider myself to be a common sense conservative. As such I am not so extreme as to believe that all social change is bad. I am also not so extreme as to believe that our government and governance is not based on a certain degree of morals. However, I am also independent enough to possess an innate and experiential understanding of principles and simple facts such as increased government size and spending is out of control and that like the housing bubble, the big-government bubble will have to burst at some point. And if such innate and experential understandings force me to address these issues by limiting government, cutting our budget and yes, “bringing about moral change” by weaning our society off of the unsustainable culture of dependency which the liberal ideology has been the chief proliferators of, than I guess I am what a liberal would call a fascist. But the way I see it, the governmental model as erected by the American Founders through our constitution, gave the federal government only 20 specific powers and left the rest to the states and people. As a Republican I believe in maintaining the federal government’s constitutional jurisdiction over only those twenty powers. Among them include the defense of our national sovereignty, something which Mr. Foster suggests in his article that we should relinquish to the United Nations.

However; liberals believe that all injustices must be resolved by legislative action and that all inequities must be balanced through federal fiat. In doing so, they claim moral justification for their unconstitutional federal intervention and like Mr. Foster, they expertly use unhealthy political hyperbole to denigrate opposing view points and to advance their own fascist viewpoint. Need proof? Check out the fear mongering exhibited by this following liberal-progressive ad.

Could you imagine the outcry that would have stemmed from a similar ad sponsored by Republican interests showing President Obama pushing that old lady off the same cliff? Not that President Obama wouldn’t. After all, during the 2008 presidential election, he threw his own Grandmother under the bus by trying to claim that she had racist tendencies.

Other examples of Mr. Foster’s own political hyperbole are exhibited in his own account as he tries to claim Republicans are fascist because they want to insure voter integrity. He accuses Republicans of fixing elections and never once touts the preponderance of evidence that has proven widespread liberal election tampering. Mr. Foster also tries to claim a deep rooted, Republican hatred for gays. This is a point which I particularly like. As a gay Republican it has been my experience that those who hate me the most are fellow homosexuals. Despite their cries for acceptance and tolerance, many gay men and women are the least accepting and least tolerant of differences of opinion. I have been spat upon by be gay men because I am a Republican. At the same time, I have been embraced by Republicans and hired as a chief of staff to Republican state senators in New York, Republican assemblymen in New Jersey, as the campaign manager to countless Republican candidates on the state and local levels, and elected and appointed by Republicans to leadership positions within the Party.

In the end, Mr. Foster’s charges are nothing but political propaganda that are used by him and his fellow liberal fascists, as a means to hold on to their last vestiges of liberal legitimacy in modern politics. When it comes to contemporary politics, the liberal numbers just don’t add up. Their policies have led to an unsustainable federal behemoth that can only be propped up through rhetoric, the proliferation of ignorance, and much like the popularity of unhealthy narcotics, through a continued dependence on something that is not good for you.

Ultimately, I believe the most contrarian approach to fascism that one could take is to oppose a centralized government that seizes the assets earned by individual Americans through excessive taxation that funds social engineering and programs that exceed the twenty constitutional powers given to the federal government. For that Mr. Foster considers me a fascist. Yet ironically he considers his belief in more government intervention, more social engineering and greater centralized powers in the federal government make him a defender of liberty?

Cleary, Mr. Foster and anyone who is inclined to hold his writings up for consideration are either living in denial about their own fascist inclinations or totally unaware of what liberty truly is.

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