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Taxes. They Are Sure To Go Up Under The Taxman

Bookmark and Share   On the way to D.C. for the national Tea Party protest, those on my bus took advantage of its taxman1DVD player and the overhead television screens.

At first the words of Mark Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny were played. The use of his best selling book on audio came in quite handy and as we listened to the last chapter, those of us on the bus were inspired by the meaning of his words and could not help directly relating  the mission we were in the midst of,  to the one proposed by Mark Levin when he urges conservatives to become activists and steal back the mantle of leadership for the sake of stemming the tyranny of bureaucracy in place of spreading independence and liberty.

Not long after that chapter of that audio book came to its conclusion, a video came on.

No we were not plugged into MTV or VH1 or some other lamestream media outlet. It was a DVD provided by one of my fellow passengers. A gentleman whose expresses his sense of conviction by producing videos dealing with the very purpose of our journey to the Tea Party.

I would like to share one of those videos with you. It is done quite well with excellent production value and a level of superior creative quality that provide a jovial look at a serious matter …….Taxes.

Take a moment to check it out. You wont regret the three minutes spent on it but certainly will regret not taking the opportunity to see this little gem.

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