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“Honey, You Remember Dada?

Bookmark and Share   “I missed you so much.  I’m sorry I went away

Those are the words spoken by this soldier on his return home from the war.  Who is the one he speaks those words to?  It is to the one who rushes to his side before anyone else can get to him.

See for yourself and if you still don’t undersatnd why they are man’s best friend….than you never will.

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Chris Christie Wins New Jersey!! Republicans Win ’09 Big!!

Bookmark and Share  So far, in Republican strongholds like Monmouth and Ocean County, Chris Christie is over performing!

large_Chris-Christie-wins-GOP-primaryChristine Todd Whitman was the last Republican to win statewide office in New Jersey and she did so, in part, due to racking up large pluralities in Monmouth and Ocean. Chris Christie is winning those counties by 30 and 50 thousand more than Christine Todd Whitman did in her two gubernatorial elections. On the other side of the coin, Corzine is underperforming in many Democrat strongholds.

Based on existing trends during day, POLITICS 24/7 projected Chris Christie the winner early this afternoon. It is safe to say WE WERE RIGHT!

However we may be wrong about how much Christie wins by.

It could be by more than the 3% we predicted!!

So far between a clean sweep of all three statewide offices in Virginia, including the office of Governor, it looks as though, in this first test of President Obama’s clout, he has fallen flat. Jon Corzine morphed himself into the President and campaigned as though he was President Obama’s running mate . The President himself has visited New Jersey 3 times and campaigned for Corzine in many heavily African-America strongholds. Yet this still failed to bring out the numbers that the President and Governor Corzine needed.

On another note, Independent Chris Daggett has hurt Corzine more than Christie. It has been established that most of the voters who supported Daggett, would have been Corzine voters if Dagget was not in the race. Although Chris Daggett’s vote total is miniscule, if this race is close his 6 or so percent could be a lethal blow to Corzine’s reelection effort.

The collective results of all the races around the country have yet to be fully felt. It won’t be until late tonight that we know who picked up seats in state legislatures and who lost seats in state legislatures. It is unlikely that there were any great switches in New Jersey, but Virginia is a different story. Bob McDonnell had coattails. But clearly, so far the results are a setback for Democrats. They have lost statehouses and momentum as they now begin to gear up for next year’s crucial midterm elections.

Sadly, Chris Christie will not win tonight because people believe in him or like him. 42% of those who voted for him stated that their vote was not really for Christie. It was against Corzine. So Christie doesn’t start off with an electorate enthusiastic about him.

Current results look like this:

  79% of precincts reporting:

Christie, Chris GOP 921,809 49%

 Corzine, Jon (i) Dem 834,349 45%

Daggett, Christopher Ind 101,378 5%

Kaplan, Kenneth Ind 3,403 0%

Steele, Gary Ind 2,518 0%

Cullen, Jason Ind 2,085 0%

 Petris, Kostas Ind 2,046 0%

Meiswinkle, David Ind 1,928 0%

Pason, Gregory Ind 1,471 0%

Stein, Gary Ind 1,234 0%

Leinsdorf, Joshua Ind 813 0%

Lindsay, Alvin Ind 531 0%

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Fearful Jersey Democrats Start Campaigning For Chris Daggett

Bookmark and Share    In one of the most corrupt states in the Union, sleazy politics should come as no surprise to


Frightened Jersey Democrats Trying To Steal Votes......Again!

anyone.  But when an incumbent Governor and his state party stoop down to sleazy tactics in the closing hours of an election, you know they’re losing it———-figuratively and literally.

PolitickerNJ.com, the state’ s premier political blogging web site informs us that the New Jersey State democrat Committee is making robo-calls into heavily Republicans districts.  The calls are urging New Jersey republicans to vote for Independent candidate Chris Daggett.

Most of these calls are going into heavily Republican Morris and Somerset counties.  The tactic is geared at suppressing Chris Christie’s Republican.

As Election Day progresses, turnout in Republican districts is described as steady to heavy.  That’s good for Christie, bad for Corzine.  But in heavily African-American and Democratic Newark, the state’s largest city, voter turnout is lower than hoped for.  That too is good for Christie, bad for Corzine.

Given the circumstances, a call begging New Jerseyans to vote for Daggett is probably the last thing Corzine

Stolen Absentee Ballots 1

Fraudulent Absentee Ballots Discovered. Where is ACORN today?

 Democrats can do.  They know full well that they can’t convince most people to vote Corzine!  To counter this the Christie campaign has  robocalls of their own reminding to watch out for Democrats trying to “trick you into voting   for Chris Daggett“.

It looks like the race for Governor in New Jersey will not be as close as polls show.  I believe Christie may even win by more than the 3% POLITICS 24/7 predicted earlier.

No wonder why the Democrat State Committee is dumping money into campaigning for someone other than Corzine,their nominee.  Democrats are beginning to see the writing on the wall and it scares them to death. 

But wait!

This just in.  There’s word that thousands of fraudulent absentee ballots have been found.   Hmmmm, I wonder who might be trying to stiff those ballots?  Anyone know what ACORN is up to today?

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Foxx Cried Wolf And It Must Be Denounced By Fellow Republicans

Bookmark and Share   “I believe that the greatest fear that we all should have … to our freedom comes Rep Virginia Foxxfrom this room, this very room, and what may happen later this week in terms of a tax increase bill masquerading as a health care bill,”

“I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country.”

-Rep. Virginia Foxx (R), NC

Those are two quotes from North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. They were delivered early Monday and spoken in regards to the Democrat government run health management and insurance plan (See video below).  I am going to tell you right off the bat that I agree with the first quote offered here by the Congresswoman. I believe that Congress has the ability to quickly and quietly take our freedoms away without any announcement, with no call to arms, or bombs or bullets. They can simply take away more and more of our earnings and more and more of rights. In many instances, they are doing that. There are just a whole lot of people who do not realize it or are unwilling to acknowledge it.

I will also tell you that I do not support the liberal health management and insurance bill that was drawn up, behind closed, by an exclusive group of liberal leaders. I do believe the bill takes away some of our freedoms, enforces a transfer of wealth through government programs and the taxes to pay for them, and in the end, it still leaves nearly 25 million people uninsured and does not improve the quality of healthcare in any way, shape or form. In truth, it actually jeopardizes the level of care we receive, while raising costs and creating a shortage of health care givers and providers.

So I agree with Representative Foxx and practically all other Republicans elected to Congresson, that point .

However I do not agree with the second quote by Virginia Foxx which appears here. Not only do I disagree with it, I believe she needs to apologize for it.  It was an offensive and inappropriate comparison that goes beyond acceptable political discourse.

It is totally unacceptable to state “I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country.”

Although I find the liberal ideology detrimental to the long term health of our nation’s economy and our personal economic conditions, I will not allow anyone to compare taxes to Osama bin Laden, or government insurance to Timothy McVeigh. The fact that Rep. Foxx attached the recklessness of the liberal plan for government run health care and insurance with a word that conjures up thoughts of 9/11 and tries to compare the two is offensive. It is offensive to the memories of the lives lost to terrorism and their loved ones. It is offensive to those who put their lives on the line to defend us against acts of terrorism. And it denigrates any politician who has an ounce of integrity and participates in the political process.

Passionate people will always draw attention to a cause or problem that they believe is crucial to our survival one way or the other. There will always be exagerated descriptions or claims, but  those who are sincere do not cry wolf and make it so that when there is a very real need to ring the alarm bells, people will be desensitized to its urgency.

It would seem like today’s Congress is a kindergarten classroom where a game of tit for tat is being played and little boys and little girls are screaming “well Bobby did it first” or “Sally did it to me”.

After Democrat Alan Grayson had his staff use the congressional printing officer to prepare  a poster that read “Republicans want you to die quickly”, it almost seems that Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is trying to act in kind and claiming that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama are drafting a terrorist program. Not only is that ridiculous, it irresponsible.

To not denounce the inappropriate rhetoric of Rep. Foxx would also be irresponsible. If I and fellow Republicans do not make it clear that we do not appreciate or want to tolerate hyperbolic rhetoric that goes beyond attention grabbing and becomes offensive, than we are creating an environment where there are is no longer any professionalism in Congress and where there is no longer the assurance of civility. If we do not denounce Foxx’s remarks, the next time an Alan Grayson liberal type steps up to the podium and claims that Republicans want to kill gay people or, as a journalist recently did, claim that Republicans want to kill the President, than we will have no leg to stand on when we expect those remarks to be retracted, corrected and apologized for.

Representative Foxx tried to explain her outrageous remark explaining that she meant the health care bill is more dangerous to the country’s freedoms than terrorists are. Although I will say that the Democrat’s rush to socialism of late, certainly is slowly, taking freedoms away. However Rep. Foxx is not a fool, or at least the people of North Carolina don’t think she is. So she should be well aware of the sensitivities that surround terrorism in a post-9/11 America that is fighting terrorism globally and in the midst of a war because of terrorism. So I do not buy Congresswoman Foxx’s explanation.

She is entitled to her opinion as House Minority Leader John Boehner suggested, but she is not entitled to add to the inappropriate level of discourse that exists in D.C. without going unchecked. That is why Minority Leader Boehner must declare Foxx’s remarks inappropriate and she must retract them and acknowledge her unacceptable comparison.

Congresswoman Foxx cried wolf and responsible Republicans must put a stop to such conduct.

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Election Eve 2009 Offers a Mix of Blowouts & Nail Biters But Republicans Look Good

Bookmark and Share    As voting on Election Day 2009 is about to begin in just a mere few hours, most of the races Election 2009taking place in America are municipal elections.  These local elections are in many ways, the most important ones.   The effects of the leaders elected on the local level have some of the greatest effects on a community and they certainly have the most immmeduate impact.  These municapal elections determine just about how everything is done, including that which begins at the state and federal levels.  While the federal government or your state government may daw up budget and allocate money to local governments,  it is your local municipality which actual spends it.  Will they spend it quickly?   Will they spend ity effectively?  Will they use it in ways that can be considered valuable investments for the future of the town you live in?

Local elections are indeed quite important.  They do not get the same amount of attention that the only two races for Governor get during this election cycle, but you have to be sure to give the local election in your neck of the woods, the attention it deserves.  

As for those much focussed on Governors races, as we approach the start of voting in New Jersey and Virginia it would seem that some trends are continuing and others are still evolving.

Creigh Deeds

Democrat Creigh Deeds

In The Old Dominion, Democrat Ceigh Deeds continues to plummet to earth without a parachute.  His campaign lacked any believable sense of responsible leadership and failed to convince a vast majority of Virginians that he can make things better for the people of the state.  Most of Deed’s campaign consisted of a focus on a college thesis that his Republican opponent wrote over twenty years ago.  The paper described working women and feminists as “detrimental” to the family and said government policy should favor married couples over “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators.”

Republican Bob McDonnell explained that his college thesis did not reflect the opinions that age, time and experience have afforded him.  Hed even pointed to the career of his wife and his daughters military service in Iraq, as evidence of his feelings about women’s rights and equality. 

Bob McDonnell

Virginia Republican Bob McDonnell

The issue was the only hope that Deeds and Democrats had of turning his floundering campaign around.  It failed.  So Deeds did what all Democrats are doing right.  They try to morph themselves into President Obama and trying  hard to get the President to come in and campaign for them.    For Deeds, that too seems to be failing.  Currently he is bracing for a loss by a whopping 11% but possibly be by as much as 18%.   Such results should require an immediate apology from Deeds to the people of Virginia that excuse his failure to be a canddiate that anyone can take seriously.

The only real question in Virginia now is, how big will McConnell’s coat tails be and how many Republicans will he sweep into office in the Virginia state legislature.

In New Jersey, after blowing his own, one time, nearly 18% lead over Democrat Governor Jon Corzine, Republican Chris Christie fell behind Corzine.  As of last week Corzine was ahead of Christie by as much as 4% and 6%.  But now, in the closing hours just about every poll places Chris Christie ahead by 2% . A poll by Piblic Policy has him ahead by as 6% on this electeion eve.  RealClearPolitics closes out the race theis way:

  •  42.6%     Chris   Chris Christie (R)
  •  41.6%      Jon Corzine (D)
  •  10.4%     Chris Daggett (I)

The story here is that New Jersey Republicans mucked up this one and turned this once slam dunk win into a nailbiter.  Governor Corzine has been a dismal failure who produced more bad than good for New Jerseyans and everyone——-everyone knows it.  That is why Corzine, a horrible campaigner, has, like Creigh deeds in Virginia, turned to President Obama  to save him from the type of embarrassment that Deeds will have to endure.  But that alone is not responsible for Corzine’a ability to make this election competetive.  The rest of the reason is due to Chris Christie. 

He sucks. 

That’s it, plain and simple. 

He has absolutely no message, offers no convincing evidence of proper leadership and like Corzine, is also not a very good candidate on the campaign trail.

So here we are, looking at a toss up.  My gut tells me that Chrsitie will pull it out.  But I am not too sure about that.  If he does win, it will be a remarkable event and dramatic signal. 

Republican Chris Christie

Republican Chris Christie

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, the election in New Jersey will be a referendum on President Obama.  Democrats have made sure of that.  They have tied Corzine and Deeds to Obama at the hip.  Corzine runs billboards of him standing behind the President with the slogan “Obama – Corzine”.  They are trying to get people to believe that a vote for Corzine is more a vote for President Obama than it is for the Governor.  So make no doubt, this election is a refendum on the President and the liberal leadership in Washington D.C.  This is made more clear by the fact that if a lackluster and down right horrible candidate like Chris Christie can win, it is not because anyone really likes him or his policies.  Christie has not dedtailed any policies, so who knows what he wants to do.  The only reason Christie could possibly win is because Corzine is so bad, that most people cannot deny it and they are not too pleased with the President either.

Adding to the miracle it will be if Chrtistie wins, is the third party candidacy of Chris Daggett.

Dagget is taking anywhere from 4 to 10% of the vote.  A significant portion of his votes would have been ballots cast for Christie, had Daggett not been in the race.  That puts Christie at an even greater disadvantage than Corzine.  Add to that the limit to under $11 million that Christie was able to spend in his campaign and compare it to the almost $40 million of  the persoanl wealth that Corzine invested into his own reelection effort.

All together, these things do not add up to a Christie victory.  Yet he just might do it.  Why?  Because people are fed up

Chris Daggett New Jersey Independent

Independent Chris Daggett

 and they don’t buy President Obama’s faslse hope claims.   They also know that voting to reelcet Corzine is like buying a ticket on the Hidenburg or the Titanic.   So this one will be clos, despite all of the President’s campaigning for Corzine in New Jersey.   The reason I am not convinced that Christie will win  is because I fear that the strategy Corzine went with , may work among an electorate that is not excited by his opponent Chris Christie.

Corzine has focussed on drawing out an unsusally high Jewish and Africa-American vote.  Hoping that many of the other ethnic groups in the state will be evenly split, Jon Corzine has put all his money on attracting the record African-American voter turnout that existed for the President in 2008.   Governor Corzine has been trying to on a formula that Democrats hope will allow him to recieve at least 1 more vote than Chris Christie. Between his focus on the African American community  and special attention to the Jewish community, the Governor and his Lieutenant Governor running mate,  Lorreta Weinberg are hoping that it will provide the votes needed to win.  

For a Governor who has been so bad that he needs a miracle to win, that stategy is a Hail Mary pass of sorts, but it is all Corzine has.

Corzine Obama billboardIn the end, I am not sure the formula will add up, but Christie is so bad that it just might be enough.  For now though, I believe that despite all that is against Christie.  Despite his poor campaign, lack of money and there being no reason to vote for him other than to send a message to Democrats, I think the miracle will, God help us, be Christie’s. 

Beyond the two big statewide races, there is of course New York 23, the special election for to fill a vacant congressional seat.  Republican Dede Socazzafava turned this race into a national fracas.  As a pure liberal, many questioned how and why she was the republican nominee.  In came Doug Hoffman, a man of no great import accept for the fact that he is conservative.  So many flocked to his candidacy that in the end Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the Democrat Bill Owens.

This congressional seat has been in Republican hands since the Civil War.   If Owens wins, the GOP can thank Scozzafava and she claim to have made history.  The race is so far too close to call but a goof GOTV operation could make all the difference here. 

The only other race of mention is New York City, where the once republicam Mayor Mike Bllomberg circumvented term limits to run for a third time.  New York is a 5 to 1 Democrat to Republican city.  Yet despite the Citys’ Democrat instincts, they have not elected a Democrat to the position of Mayor since 1993.  They have been so incredibly incompetent in New york City that even fellow Democrats don’t like their party much.  After Democrat Mayor David Dinkins drove New York City into  a coma and Republican Rudy Giuliani brought it back to life, City residents began to look at their choices.  In doing so, they have not liked what the Democrat Party had to offer.  So even though they hate Republicans, they voyed for them.

Now, Democrats are running the City’s Comptroller, an  African-American man named William Thompson.   You would think that with all the campaigning that President Obama has been doing for fellow Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, he might at least show up once in New York City to help a brutha out.  But Democrats in New York are so pittiful that even President Obama isn’t lending his name to their nominee for Mayor. 

William Thompson

Democrat mayoral Nominee Bill Thompson

The only suspense in this race is if Bloomberg can win by as much as 12 to 15%.  Thompson has been tightening things up in the last few days but he is so far behind that he the best he probably can do is to only lose by as much 8 to 10%.   Yet, you are soon led to understand that losing by 8 to 10% is not bad when you examine the situation in NYC.  Especially when you  factor in the money that Mike Bloomberg is investing into his own campaign for Mayor. 

Mayor Mike has broken just about every spending record for political campaigns, there is. 

In this run for mayor, Bloomberg  is spending more than $85 million.   Bill Thompson  is spending a  measly $8 million dollars.  It is a  campaign budget that can’t possibly  compete with the Mayor’s campaign which is financed by Bloomberg’s personal net worth of more than  $17 billion bucks. 

NYC Mayor Mike BloombergTo put Mike Bloomberg’s spending into perspective,  consider this.   The wealthy Jon Corzine has so far spebt $130 million of his own money on one senate race and two races for Governor.  Money magnate Steve Forbes spent $114 million in his two races for the Republican  presidential nomination and the eccentric Ross Perot invested $75 million in his two bids for President. 

What has Mike Bllomberg spent so far,  in his three mayoral races?

More than $250 million dollars.

So tomorrow, I don’t know when i’m voting, but I do know that I’m heading to New York City where the real money is.  All these other fools are trying to be President Obama, when they could be getting on the good side of a man who wont waste time  trying to get your vote.  He spends his time buying your vote.

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Scozzafava Endorses Liberal Bill Owens and Says Goodbye To Her Assembly Seat

Bookmark and Share    After accepting the fact that she was outed as the liberal that she is, Assemblywoman and rebuilding The GOPRepublican nominee for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, Dede Scozzafava, ended her campaign. She saw the writing on the wall and realized that her liberalism did not appeal to the people of the 23rd C.D..

After third party Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman took more than half of the support that Scozzafava had, away from her, it was clear that Dede was going down.

So she closed up shop three days before the election.

Initially, she neglected to endorse either of her opponents. Instead, she released her supporters and said they were free to do as they please. I personally felt that was a genuinely decent thing for her to do. As a campaign manager and someone who has had all of my being invested in the political beliefs that I campaigned for, I am well aware of the hard feelings that can exist towards those who derail the advancement of your cause. The wounds can be deep and they can hurt and so I am sure Dede was hurt.

Yet she refused to show bitterness. In suspending her campaign, Scozzafava used phrases like “in the best interest of the people of the district” and “for the sake of our community”. All responsible remarks from a political figure, and considering the hurt she must have been feeling, they were commendable and I gave her credit for that.

Then on Sunday, she came out and endorsed her Democrat rival Bill Owen.

This liberal Assemblywoman who was trying to represent one of the most conservative districts of New York’s North Country, actually came out and endorsed the one person in the race, who she tried to claim was to the left of her, came out and endorsed that same left leaning person.

Was this because she, a supposed Republican , suddenly found out that the liberalism of a Democrat was better than the conservatism of the Republican Party of which Scozzafava claims to be a part of? Or was it because she hates the fact that conservative Doug Hoffman proved that Scozzafava was too liberal for the 23rd district?

Scozzafava’s endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens is a great example of how birds of a feather flock together. Scozzafava is at home with her liberal counterpart, Bill Owens, and she also has more ego than sincerity.

While she licked her wounds, rather than simply continue with her initial statements stating that her stepping aside was “best for the community” and staying on the sidelines, she jumped right in for revenge. She jumped back in for revenge against the man who defeated her even before the first ballots were cast. There was nothing sincere about the move. It was nothing but vengeance and vanity, neither of which has anything to do with decisions sincerely based on the best interest of the people.

Before Dede Scozzafava pulled out of the race, former Speaker of the House and the leader of the ‘94 Republican Revolution, Newt Gingrich, declared his support for Dede Scozzafava and reminded us of the following……

art_gingrich_gi“The Republican Revolution in 1994 started very much like what we see today,” the former speaker said. “Like then, our country is reeling from misguided liberal policies, high taxes and out-of-control spending. This special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District could be the first election of the new Republican Revolution, but we need the momentum to get it started.”

I am glad Newt realizes that. But now I must ask if his original choice in New York’s 23rd Congressional District understands that? Obviously not, because she just said “screw the next Republican Revolution”. And why? Because Scozzafava is more concerned with self than principles. She was never a Republican. She just couldn’t defeat other Democrats who sought the nomination for State Assembly in her assembly district. She became a Republican simply because in her A.D., winning the Republican nomination was tantamount to winning the election for Assembly.

So I would like to remind Newt and other establishment Republicans of something. The steps we take in the coming months could generate “the momentum to get the next” Republican Revolution “started”. But that will only be the case if we nominate real Republicans to positions of power. For too long, Republicans have tried to be politically expedient by moderating themselves to be like, and appeal to, Democrats. That has only helped to make us the minority party in the halls of Washington, DC.

New York State Assembly District mapSpeaker Gingrich must remember that the most successful revolutions begin with the sincere belief in a specific idea and in specific values. Revolutions based upon such heartfelt beliefs are the most enduring while those revolutions based on ones greed and need to have power simply for the sake of having power, often achieve the least results and are the least enduring causes. That is why we can not build the momentum for a Republican resurgence by simply winning with any old smiling face or good name. We must build the momentum to Republican victory based upon sound, consistent policies rooted in Republican principles.

That is why Scozzafava never should have been nominated by the establishment Republican leaders in New York. It is why Newt Gingrich, who knows better, should never have backed Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava for Congress in the first place and it is also why we must now insure that Dede Scozzafava is not reelected to her seat in the New York Assembly next year.

She should be “Scozzafavrized” and purged out the party that she does not like and that she does not believe in.

After endorsing a liberal over a conservative because the conservative outed her as closeted liberal, Scozzafava needs to face a real moment of truth. She must be forced to deal with a primary challenge for her nomination to the State Assembly and she needs to lose it.

The next Republican Revolution must be fought under a big tent but that tent can not have room for fakes, frauds and feckless politicians.

Dede Scozzafava is free to take revenge and endorse Democrat Bill Owens for Congress in New York’s 23 Congressional District, but we the people are free to make sure that Dede Scozzafava does not again represent the Republican Party that she opposes. We must make sure that Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava is given the boot.

In 2010, Republicans need to nominate a real Republican for Assembly in the 122nd A.D..

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If Republicans Want To Win Big In 2010, They Must Scozzafavarize RINO’s

Bookmark and Share    Regardless of whether third party candidate, conservative Doug Hoffman, wins the special election in New York’s 23rd Scozzafavarize RINO's.  Reject psuedo-republicanismCongressional District on Tuesday or not, the fact that a district wide and nation wide backlash forced liberal Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava out of the race, was already a dramatic victory of sorts. It marked one of the first times that many high profile Republicans publicly as well as rank and file Republicans, did  away with their loyalty to the party label and placed a priorty on the party’s ethical and ideological standards.  It was a victory against RINO Republicanism that sent a message to establishment Republicans. The message it delivered is one that  lets the old guard know that they better stay true to the principles of our party, the principles which made this country strong and can keep it prosperous.

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava was not made the Republican nominee for Congress in the 23rd by Republican voters. If they selected the nominee, it would not have nominated a liberal.  Scozzafava only became the nominee after the 11 Republican County Chairmen, who have portions of their counties fall into the 23rd CD, got together and decided on making Scozzafava the candidate. This was a special election, so special rules allowed Party bosses to award the nomination to whomever they saw fit. You would think that 11 Republican Party bosses would select a candidate strong on conservative Republican values. You would think that.  But such is not the case with the establishment of the Party. The Republican establishment focuses on political expediency and they believe the politically expedient thing to do is act like Democrats so that we can win Democrats voters over. The problem with that thinking is that if Democrats have a choice, why would they select a Democrat who runs as a Republican when they can elect a Democrat who acts like…., well…., like a Democrat.

That thinking is why Dede Scozzafava was forced to shut down her campaign for Congress on Saturday.

Republicans saw that Scozzafava was a liberal. Between her positions on abortion, Card Check, ACORN, taxes, spending, the stimulus packages and a host of other issues, Dede Scozzafava was clearly more in tune with the left than the right. So in a district that is heavily Republican, and has been ever since the Civil War, Scozzafava saw her support cut by more than half when a conservative Doug Hoffman became a viable alternative to the choice of Scozzafava .

The appalling liberalism that establishment Republicans tried to hide under the Republican label was so obvious and offensive that it drew national attention. It caused former Vice Presidential candidates and governors and even several incumbent governors, to throw their two cents in and demand that Republican nominees reflect the principles of the Republican Party.

In the end, there was so much attention given to the bad decision that the Republican establishment made by choosing Scozzafava that it became ground zero in the battle for the future of the GOP.

It was a battle won by the Republican wing of the Republican Party. It was a battle won by conservatives over liberals, the anti-establishment over the establishment.

But was it decisive? Was it a turning point?

That remains to be seen. After all, till this day, historians and experts on the Civil War still debate if there was a single decisive turning point in the Civil War. And if there was, there is still debate over which point it was that turned the vicksburgtide in the Union’s favor.

Many contend that the combined effects of the Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg were the turning point in the Civil War. Others contend that it was Grant’s appointment as Union General-In-Chief in 1864, while some say it was the Union’s third victory in Chattanooga that set in motion the fall of the Confederacy. Than there are those who say the war turned around when the Union captured Atlanta while many claim Lincoln’s winning reelection was what really did the trick.

I contend that it was all of these events and factors, combined with a few others. Together, they allowed things to turn around and maintained the forward momentum that led to the final conclusion of hostilities and the reunification of the states. Had anyone of the events heretofore mentioned turned out differently, the ensuing chain of events could have achieved very different results than they did.

Thus is why I will not say that the collapse of the Scozzafava campaign is a turning point in the Republican Party. It was most definitely a shot heard throughout the Party. It makes many incumbent Republicans a little fearful. At the very least, it has gotten the attention of them and the rest of the establishment Republican powerbrokers and Party bosses who are concerned more with politics than policy.

As they all await the results of Tuesday’s elections, they are hoping that resounding Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey set the stage for a Republican resurgence in 2010. As such, having already crushed the chances of one their hand picked candidate, even before any votes were counted, the anti-establishment has shown the establishment that if they choose to have a fighting chance in 2010, they need to run Republicans loyal to the principles of the party. The events in the 23rd district prove that if the GOP tries to run candidates who resemble Democrats, the Republican Party will be entering next November’s field of battle with far less fighting power than they could have. If they are going to continue running republican-lite nominees, the Republican base will not show up to fight with the establishment. They will fight against the establishment.

It is for those reasons that I will not declare the defeat of Scozzafava to be a turning point. It could be, but only if the establishment learned their lesson and catches up to the anti-establishment Republicans who are ahead of the curve and the wave of the future of the GOP. The events in the 23rd district could prove to be a turning point if the Republican wing of the Republican Party prepares to replace the old guard with the new guard and are willing to offer primary challenges to those Republicans who have betrayed the principles of our Party.

Crap-and-Tax RepublicansIn a state like New Jersey, that would mean that it is necessary to confront people like Representatives Leonard Lance, Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo, the Jersey Three who voted with Democrats to pass the Cap-and-Trade measure that would tax the air that we breathe and amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. By supporting a measure like Cap-and-Trade, Republican like Lance, LoBiondo and Smith have proven themselves to be unworthy of our trust and unworthy of our nomination. They have proven that they can not be counted to stand up against big government, big spending and the abuse of state’s and individual’s rights.

These are the type of establishment Republicans that must be purged as the GOP moves forward. They are the type of quasi-Republicans that the anti-establishment must make sure are challenged and defeated in a primary battle for the Republican nomination in their Congressional Districts come next year. I am one of those willing to challenge my Congressman, Chris Smith, a 14 term incumbent who rode his way into office on the coattails of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Now, 29 years later, and Smith is an entrenched establishment Republican who sides with Nancy Pelosi.

If the GOP intends to reinvent itself, it can not do so with Republicans like Chris Smith or Leonard Lance and Frank LoBiondo. Such inside-the-beltway, establishment stalwarts of old must be replaced by Republicans willing to lead us rather than be led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The Republican establishment will not change themselves. We have to change them. Just as the anti-establishment did by successfully shutting down the campaign of the establishment’s hand picked nominee for Congress in New York. Unless Republicans in districts represented by RINO’s are willing to find their own Doug Hoffman’s and turn their opponents into Scozzafava’s, the Republican Party will never change and it will never become the force for change that it could and should be.

Marco Rubio for Florida and the Nation

Marco Rubio: The GOP-Y2K10 Leader

The collapse of the campaign of a Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s North Country was indeed a victory but whether or not it is a turning point, has yet to be seen. It has the potential to be one, but only if the anti-establishment pushes ahead hard. Real hard. They must do all that is possible to spur the victory of Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist in Florida’s race for the U.S. Senate. They must find viable alternatives to the likes of Olympia Snowe of Maine and replace pseudo sometime Republicans like California’s Mary Bono, New Jersey’s Chris Smith, Delaware’s Mike Castle and Illinois’ Mark Kirk. They must all be Scozzafavarized. Then and only then will October 31st, 2009 be considered as a turning point in the resurgence of republicanism in America.

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Establishment Republicans Get Knocked Out By Anti-Establishment Republicans In New York

Bookmark and Share    In the wee hours of the morning POLITICS 24/7 had learned that that the National Republican
Doug Hoffman

Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman

Congressional Committee was withdrawing resources from the special election to fill the vacancy in the 23rd district congressional district of New York.   POLITICS 24/7 noted that between a cessation of ads and a withdrawal of Republican workers on the ground out of the 23rd and into New Jersey indicated that to the NRCC, winning the election with the Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava was impossible.

This morning, Assemblywoman Scozzafava withdrew from the race as she announced that for the good of the community, she was suspending her campaign and releasing those who endorsed her and her supported her to do back who ever they see fit.

Citing a recent Sienna Research Institute poll that put Scozzafava behind her closest rival by as much as 14 percentage points, the Assemblywoman claimed that she did not have the funds have to make up all the ground she needed to cover to win this election.

The 23rd was previously held by Republican Congressman John McHugh who resigned his seat after President Obama appointed him to the position of  United States’ Secretary of the Army. The seat is a totally Republican congressional district. It has been in Republican hands since 1871 and the most that aDemocrat candidate normally receives there is 38%. And that is in the worst of environments for Republicans and best of environments for Democrats.

However, when the establishment Republicans of New York joined forces with national establishment Republicans, they decided to run Dede Scozzafava, a New York State Assemblywoman with a particularly liberal record. Perhaps the thinking of establishment Republicans was that in the age of Obamunism, a left of center Republican would be more palatable. So in typical fashion, for the sake of political expediency, the Gop leadership delivered the nomination to Dede.

Problem is that Dede Scozzafava was not just left of center, she was down right off the map left.  As a supporter of ACORN, high taxes, increased spending, and abortion, in past elections, Scozzafava accepted the nomination of the Working Family Party and ran under their name . The WFP is a socialist organization, that simply stretches the meaning of “family” and exploit’s the word “working”. In addition to that, Dede Scozzafava’s husband is a big SEIU organizer. SEIU is the union that stands shoulder to shoulder with ACORN. Scozzafava’s family connection to one of the largest unions in the nation has allowed her to endorse Card Check legislation which strips individuals rights and tightens the grip of control that unions have.

All together, Dede Scozzafava’s inclinations, were not just left of center, they were offensively liberal to the people of a red district. The fact that many establishment types endorsed her only added salt to the wounds of many conservatives.

So in came Sara Palin. She became the most prominent anti-establishment to come out and endorse a third party candidate against Assemblywoman Scozzafava. Palin proudly proclaimed her support for Doug Hoffman a Republican running on the New York Conservative Party line.

Others began to follow her lead. People like former Senator Fred Thompson came to Hoffman’s side. So did people like Republican Congressman Todd Tihart of Kansas former House leader Dick Armey, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and even former New York Governor George Pataki.

Pretty soon it became clear that the GOP was becoming sharply divided and the establishment mentality which helped lose the White House in 2008 and the House in 2006 was rearing its ugly head again as Republican renegades abandoned party label loyalties to declare their commitment to Republican principles.

Perhaps  the one person whose reputation was damaged most here was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a leader long considered unconventional and a visionary.

Gingrich was one of the most adamant supporters of liberal Scozzafava. He was persistent in his campaign to make sure that Republicans stuck together and stood behind Dede Scozzafava because she was a Republican. Problems is that Scozzafava may have been a Republican on the ballot but she was at heart, a DIABLO, a Democrat In All But Label Only. Gingrich’s failure to call a spade a spade here tarnished his own renegade credentials and helped move him into the ranks of the “establishment”.

Bottom line in the 23rd Congressional District is this. The anti-establishmentarians of the GOP, the ones who are the future of the Republican Party, scored a decisive victory in the 23rd, even before the first Election Day ballots have been cast. Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race is proof of that. The suspension of her effort for Congress means that the continuation of at least one pseudo-Republican campaign has been blown to bits by the purity of principles and the sincerity of purpose that true Republicans believe the GOP must represent.

Even if Democrat Bill Owens happens to win this on Tuesday, anti-establishment Republicans will still have won. They will have made it clear to that establishmentarians in the Party, that they better stop losing by acting liberals and start trying to win by acting like Republicans, conservative Republicans, not Arlen Specter Republicans.

Currently, Doug Hoffman seems to be the beneficiary of Scozzafava’s suddenly derailed campaign but if her 20% or so, will all come out and vote for Doug Hoffman is yet to be seen. Some Scozzafava fans may have bitter feelings over the split that Hoffman’s candidacy created. So far RNC Chairman Mike Steele has declared that with Dede Scozzafava out of the race, the RNC endorses Hoffman and will pump their resources in to Hoffman’s campaign during these closing days.

That is important. Those resources will provide Hoffman with the finances needed to saturate the district with ads that can increase his exposure more than ten times the extent that his limited war chest had permitted up to this point in time.

The race will most likely be much closer than it ever has been, but with three days left, Republicans could just get their act together and elect one of the only conservatives to Congress to hale from America’s North East.

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Republicans Do The Election Slide & Shift From Scozzafava To Christie

Bookmark and Share    One of the most intense and controversial races taking place this Tuesday is in New York State, where on November dancing_elephant3rd, a special election will be held to fill a vacancy for Congress in the 23rd Congressional district.

The seat, a long held Republican seat since 1871, was previously held by Republican Congressman John McHugh. McHugh however was appointed by President Obama to become The United States’ Secretary of the Army.

At the moment though, things do not look good for republicans in the 23rd.

election slideUnnamed sources from within the National Republican Congressional Committee, who wish to remain anonymous, have indicated that the NRCC is pulling their time and a substantial portion of their money out of the 23rd Congressional district, leaving their Republican congressional, Dede Scozzafava to fend for herself in the remaining few days left in the campaign.

Apparently Scozzafava’s numbers are fading and possibly so much so that the NRCC does not want top waste precious resources on what they may now be seeing as a lost cause.

scozzafavaOn the other hand the NRCC  has decided to end their active support for Scozzafava and swing it south to New Jersey where the GOP is hoping to force Democrat Governor Jon Corzine into retirement and replace him with Republican Chris Christie. This shuffling of resources from one to the other is a sign that while Scozzafava is floundering in New York, Chris Christie is showing signs of life in New Jersey. This view helps to confirm indications that, since Thursday, the very large undecided vote in the Garden State has been breaking towards Chris Christie.

As for the 23rd Congressional District in New York, the NRCC has apparently stopped airing ads that they were running against conservative Doug Hoffman and they have also stopped running ads positive ads on Dede Scozzafava. The only airtime they have is dedicated to negative ads against Democrat Bill Owens.

Christie picking up his leadAccording to Erik Erikson at Redstate, “The NRCC tells me directly that they are only spending money on anti-Owens ads”

This and the switching of on the ground manpower from North to South suggests that Republicans are feeling good about the chances of pulling off a win for Governor of New Jersey, and not so good about the chances of Dede Scozzafava.


The Republican establishment nominated Dede Scozzofava to run for the vacant congressional seat and for many, it was a horrible choice. Her Irish sounding name (just a joke) is not the problem. It is the fact that Scozzafava is not a Republican. She is a liberal turned Democrat in Republican clothes, otherwise known as a DIABLO, (Democrat In All But Label Only). As an Assemblywoman Scozzafava has a record as an abortion rights activists, has supported massive tax increases, the budgets of New York State Democrats and made her support for a $180 million state bank bailout and trillion-dollar federal stimulus.

Scozzafava also supports “Card Check” and ACORN and has strong ties with ACORN leaders. On top of that, in previous elections, Scozzafava proudly accepted the nomination and line of the Working Family Party, a socialist political party.

None of this hints of Republicanism and it has inflamed real Republicans throughout the nation. Many have begun to oppose the rank and file establishment Republicans and refused to support Scozzafava. Instead they have dedicated their time, energy and resources to Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate for Congress in the 23rd district. The split has wound up making Democrats competitive here for the first time in almost 150 years.

Some polls place Democrat Bill Owens ahead by as much as 5% and as little as 1%. Two polls have conservative Hoffman winning by. One by 5% and the other by 4%. Scozzafava on the other hand, is leading in three different polls from as much as 9% to as little as 3%.

The Election Slide  would seem to indicate that if anything, Republicans are beginning to believe that Hoffman and Owens are the men to beat and Scozzafava may not be the person to do that.

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Scary House Version Of Government Run Health And Insurance Hits In Time For Halloween

Bookmark and Share   Nancy Pelosi’s House version of government-run health management, care and insurance has been released in a glorious, 1,990 page package which includes a 13-page bill that repeals the sustainable growth rate caps on Medicare spending.

nancy-pelosi-scaryPelosicare, which must be incorporated into Obamacare and Reidcare, costs more than $200 billion and provides no means to pay for it. This does not meet President Obama’s promised requirement that any reform, if not pay for itself, at least be funded through sustainable means that do not add to the deficit which he has tripled in under just nine months and promises to pile on to even more in the years ahead.

The closest this bill comes to funding methods is a section where it states “There are hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not appropriated to the Trust Fund, an amount equivalent to the amount of payments made from the Trust Fund”.


Even more scary is Section 324 which states as follows;

“The Secretary may utilize innovative payment mechanisms and policies to determine payments for items and services under the public healthcare option”.

The bill actually gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services the power and authority to use “innovative” methods for payments dealing with government-run health management care and insurance. Wasn’t the use of creative financial activity already a bit too problematic without making it an instutionalized tool of government?   Especially in the case of an almost 2,000 page bill that Congress has demonstrated they will not read? Bernie Madoff used “creative” financing too, ya know.  It was called ponzi scheme.

With instructions on how the government will implement an “Income Verification Process” on Americans and how employers and employees must deal with healthcare, the bill outlines the creation of excise taxes for failures “to meet healthcare coverage requirements, uses a variation of the word “private” 103 times, “tax” 207 times, “penalty “110” times, and “mandate” and the “phrase “opt out” 5 times each. In a strange twist, the Pelosi version of government-run health care and insurance uses the word “shall” almost more than the bible, a book that liberals consider to be blasphemous when it comes to government. As one of the bill’s most used words, “shall”, as in you “shall” do this and you “shall” do that is used for a total of 3, 425 times. That means there are 3,425 “shalls” that Democrats use for mandating one procedure and requirement or another on the American people.

This bill is so comprehensive, (I write with tongue in cheek), that it designates $283 million in spending for federal grants for veterinary students. Imagine that, with 1 trillion dollars of debt, an unfunded creation of government-run plan for health care and insurance actually invests in veterinarians. I guess government healthcare will soon allow vets to offer their services on human beings. This might be wise considering how this bill will create longs lines in hospital waiting rooms and force many out of a field that is already seeing severe shortages of providers and caregivers. Have a broken leg? Let the government financed veterinarian diagnose you. You’ll be shot and set to the glue factory but hey, at least you won’t burden the overloaded government care facilities.

healthcare27All in all, it took Nancy Pelosi and the legion of liberal leaders in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, 1,990 pages to state, that the government will adopt unfunded systems of mandates that you and I will have to pay for one way or another.   The bill also promises to  pry into every aspect of our lives in order to create a government system of health care management and insurance that will sicken our economy and pollute health care in America with a bureaucratic mess that will largely be governed and funded through the incorporation of “innovative” mechanisms instituted by an  unelected, unaccountable Secretary of Health and Human Services.

While Pelosicare does all this and gives all this power to unelected bureaucrats, her bill does nothing regarding tort reforms and portability. Two areas of reforms essential in holding down costs and insuring continuous health coverage.

These are just some initial discoveries and as they say, the devil is in the details and in each of the 1,990 pages in this bill, there are plentyof  devils…I mean details. But perhaps what may even be more disturbing is what is not mentioned in the bill. That which is not mentioned will be at the discretion of the new health and insurance bureaucracy that the final healthcare bill will ultimately create

Review the full bill through the link below and make good use of the search engine at the bottom right hand of the application box that will appear. This will allow you to quickly find references in the bill to that which may be of particular of interest or concern to you:

House HCR Bill

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