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Plate Hate Offers A Remedy To Holiday Road Rage

Bookmark and Share     Summertime often provides a steady stream of traffic. If you’re not struggling through rush hour traffic on the weekday, come late afternoon Friday, you’re finding yourself coping with congested roads filled with weekend tourists traveling to the mountains, the beaches, the lake or the quaint and once quiet hamlet that becomes inundated by antiquing city slickers. Yet as busy and as rough as things can be made by summertime fun and sun seekers, when the holidays come rolling around, that’s when you really start pulling your hair out.

No holiday provides for more traffic than Thanksgiving. All transportation organizations, from triple A to the National Highway Safety Administration and the FAA, all concede that the Thanksgiving holiday makes for the most heavily traveled day of the year. Everyone is rushing to make it home in time to be with friends and loved ones before the turkey hit’s the table.

Then when the turkey is done and the last piece of pumpkin pie has been wrapped up for a guest to take home with them, Black Friday hits.

Any roadway within five miles of any mall or shopping hub comes to an agonizing crawl as we all join in the traditional holiday gift shopping season. It isn’t disturbing enough that you had to mortgage the house to buy gifts for co-workers you really don’t like and find special presents for the strangers who are the guests of family members that will be spending Christmas with you, but now your are sitting in an hour long back up on the Garden State Parkway. You have been elbowing your way through endless crowds of crazed Moms knocking over other women and children to make sure that Bobby , Jr. gets that latest monogrammed cell phone cover or the newest “Rap Idol” game player. No,—- now your legs are cramping, your feet are killing you, you have to pee, its starting to snow and you know that even without traffic, you’re still more than a half an hour from home.

And then it happens.

That jackass in the BMW, jumping up in down in his seat to some horrible tune playing so loudly on his stereo that the windows are vibrating, is screeching up along side of you on the shoulder just as you are at the merge.

And he just keeps trying to inch in front of you like you’re not even there.

What are you gonna do? You keep looking at him but he is ignoring you. To him you don’t exist. You honk and he honks back as he keeps trying to inch in. You’re ready to shoot the guy, but you know you left your gun at home because you knew that at some point during this day, you would be too tempted to use it. You want to roll down the window and curse him at the top of your lungs, but the kids are in the backseat and you really don’t think it appropriate to be shouting out profanities over your radio that is playing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer for the umteenth time. At least not in front of the kids.

You’d get out of the car but you know that as soon as you step out, the traffic will start moving and besides, the punk in the BMW may not have left his gun at home like you did.

Your screwed and all you can do is hope that this game of chicken doesn’t wind up denting your car. And since you’re in the ’01 Chevy Cavaleir and he’s in the ’09 BMW, you really don’t want to pay for the damage to his two door lease. So whatta ya do?

Well now there’s Plate Hate.

Just let that punk go. Let him get in front of you so that you can take his plate number down because when you get in the house, after you drop the dozen or so bags that you just went into hock for, and after you  run to the bathroom, go make yourself a nice cup of coffee and turn on the computer. Once it has loaded up and is ready to go, let your fingers fly across the keyboard as you type in http://platehate.eu/ .  Once there,  let the whole  world know about that jackass.

Plate Hate is a site where fellow victims of inconsiderate, reckless and plain old stupid drivers can register their rage in a safe and “slightly” more civilized way than actually demonstrating your physical rage on the face of that idiot that cut you off. Here you get to post their license plate number and describe the offenders actions. And you can do so by expressing all the contempt for the inconsiderate jerk, that you want.

The creators of the site write:

“You need to relax a bit. Road rage isn’t good for anyone, least of all the rest of the drivers who may be affected by you doing something stupid to counter what just happened to you. Take a deep breath, take some consolation that you’re a better driver that the moron in the X5, and have a rant here. It’ll make you feel better.”

 The developers of Plate Hate are actually right. You never know who you’re dealing with and no one is worth having your holidays ruined for. But still there is always that need to get back at those fools who are driving while brushing their hair or putting on lipstick. You can never quite just totally let go of that schmuck who was doing 90 mph and zigzagging in and out of lanes and cutting off car after car.

That’s what makes Hate Plate so great. You no longer need to even deal with such unsavory persons as that. Just wait till you’re home and then let the world know just how much of an ass that inconsiderate driver you encountered really is.  A tour of Hate Plate will also make you feel less alone in the world. Looking at the comments of others will make you realize that you are not the only one confronting the most obnoxious drivers or those uniquely dangerous maneuvers and traffic violations that the cops are never around to see

There are all sorts of comments about infractions others have had to endure. For example :

7301BE  -Lexington, KY, US – Thu, 19th Nov 2009  – (0 comments)

“Park between the lines bitch!!”

or there was this;

GTT 6028  –  Zelienople, PA, US – Mon, 16th Nov 2009 –  (2 comments)

“Blows through stop sign almost hitting us. Then doesn’t like being flashed lights. Tough guy is going to shoot us.”

Then there’s this one from Texas.   We’ve all been behind this guy:

OLE MEX  – North Houston, US – Mon, 16th Nov 2009   –  (1 comment)

“The speed limit along Veterans Memorial is 45 mph, but this A** can’t seem to get it over 35. My time is being wasted and nobody has the fricken right to waste my time but me. Someone told me that illegal Mexicans don’t drive very fast because they don’t want to be pulled over. If that is the case then this dumb A** is on the most wanted list.”

According to the person behind Plate Hate ;

“being the cynical type who believes that any calls to a ‘how’s my driving’ hotline would be promptly answered by a spotty automaton, thought that maybe the perfect place to vent their rage would be on the Internet. Where people actually care*“. 

The meaning of the asterisk  is denoted as follows * flame the opinions of others, relentlessly”.

Hate Plate was first created in the UK, but I for one am glad that someone brought it to the states.  After all, those guys in the the UK  are all messed up.  They legally drive on the wrong side of the road but here in America, it is not a habit we appreciate.  So having a place to blast those who do stuff like here, is a great relief.  

Look at Plate Hate as online holiday stress relief .  See it as an early Christmas present, one that will help you make it to Christmas Day, without having an anurism due to all the S.O.B.’s driving around you.  I for one fully expect to be  taking  advantage of Plate Hate this Thanksgiving when I suspect the site to be as busy as the roadways.

Oh……..By the way, if you are one of those drivers people like us hate and you find your plates on the site and wish to have them pulled off, the creators of Plate Hate have the following message……………

“Maybe you should be a little more considerate when you’re driving your vehicle?”

That’s a pretty good idea, especially during a time of the year when we’re suppose to be giving thanks and celebrating goodwill to all.

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Bookmark and Share    What has her majesty’s kingdom come to?

Today British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came before a joint session of Congress and declared honorary knighthood to Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.

ted-kennedyBeing a Kennedy has almost always been a magical thing. It is a get out of jail free card that exempts them from wrongdoing. Be it a Kennedy cousin who has killed a Connecticut neighbor, a Kennedy nephew who raped a Florida neighbor, a Kennedy relative in Congress caught driving drunk or Ted Kennedy’s swimming away from a date after plunging into icy cold waters in Hyannis port and then neglecting to tell anyone that he left her there, being a Kennedy is a great thing.

When it comes to Kennedy wrongdoing, cover-ups are expected and accepted. When it comes to Kennedy scandals it is again, both expected and accepted.

Now it is worthy of knighthood.

The sad fact is that the Kennedy clan has come along way since the days of President John F. Kennedy and New York Senator Robert Kennedy. But it has not progressed in quite such a good way. Kennedy’s have since then have done more harm than good.

We knew John and Robert had faults of their own, but we were able to respect John and Robert Kennedy, but Ted Kennedy is no John or Robert Kennedy.

John and Robert Kennedy had their lives taken. Ted Kennedy has taken lives.

Yet the monarchy of Great Britain has chosen to put more value in Ted Kennedy’s socialist agenda, than his crimes.

It is a shame but such is the world we live in.

God save the Queen.

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A woman interviews for a job with Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy: “You realize that you’ll have to travel a lot.”

Woman: “That’s OK.”

Kennedy: “And that to save money we’ll have to share a hotel room.”

Woman: “OK.”

Kennedy: “And on some nights we will be having sex.”

Woman: “That’s all right.”

Kennedy: “Do you have any questions?”

Woman: “Well, if we are having sex, I might get pregnant and I wonder what arrangements you’ve made for obstetrics insurance, maternity leave, etc.”

Kennedy: “Don’t worry; we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

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