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Democrats Exploit Gays on the Issue of DADT

Bookmark and Share  I regret the fact that the U.S. Senate saw fit to deny gay men and women the right to serve in the U.S military openly and honestly.

The defense of our nation is a most noble cause, one which should command great respect for those whom choose to take up that cause, with great sacrifice of and risk to themselves . Among other things such as time with family and friends and the creature comforts of home, military service requires that you give up some, some, of your individuality and even some of your freedoms, all in order to dedicate yourself to a unique code of conduct that is designed to enhance survival of ones self and their fellow service members. But amid all these sacrifices, a soldier should not have to sacrifice who they are and live under the added pressure of fear that they will be found out to be gay.

The necessary sacrifices that our men and women who serve in the armed forces make, are done so with a sense of responsibility to this nation and all that represents. That representation includes equality, something which clearly does not exist in the military. Yet the blood that a gay person sheds for their nation is just as red as the next person, and the pain and anguish suffered on the field of battle is just as intense for a homosexual as it is for a heterosexual.

But for some reason the military and many elected officials refuse to acknowledge these facts. Instead they choose to treat gays in the military as second class citizens.

This is not acceptable. It is not the type of treatment and respect that someone who serves our nation deserves.

Much of the opposition to gays in the military stems from the premise that homosexuals will create discomfort upon fellow troops and threaten unit cohesiveness. Proponents of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that Republicans refused to repeal, claim that the existence of openly homosexual service members can lead to apprehension and resentment in units, and ultimately threaten military readiness and morale.

Opponents like myself claim that if a man or woman is brave enough to face down the enemy in combat, they should have the courage to stand in defense of this nation by the side of a fellow American who just happens to be gay.

Military service has little to do with sexual activity. In fact, sexual activity is shunned and not allowed on bases while serving on active duty. That fact should be enough to alleviate any concerns about homosexuality. But in addition to that, the DADT compromise is not working. Even former President Clinton, the architect of the 1993 compromise, has admitted that the policy is “out of whack” and “Isn’t working as it should”. Since DADT was enacted, discharges of gay and lesbian troops have increased by 67 %. Much of this has had to do with voluntary declarations of homosexuality, as an increasing number of homosexuals in the military have begin to challenge the policy by openly declaring their sexual preference. And some of the high average also has to do with sinister motives which allow rivalries to turn into accusations made by fellow soldiers who take advantage of the DADT policy by using it to make false charges.

Then there is the fact that our armed forces face recruitment shortages, and by discharging homosexual service members in large numbers, they are losing men and women who are ready to serve our nation.

None of this is helping our nation’s cause.

For that reason, I regret the filibuster which would have overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.. And while I know that my Party, the Republican Party, is being described as the leaders of the filibuster against DADT, there are several corrections that need to be made.

The vote to end the filibuster including, several Democrat votes such as Pryor and Lincoln. It is also important to understand the real reason behind the filibuster. which was not based solely on DADT. Much of it was based on the fact that Democrats played a political game. Harry Reid decided to attach repeal of DADT and his immigration proposal called the Dream Act to a defense authorization bill.

For their part, before Republicans could debate the merits of either bill, they argued that neither bill had anything to do with a vote on defense appropriations. And they were right.

If Democrats were at all sincere about their supposed efforts on behalf of the gay community, they would have made the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell a standalone bill that would have been debated on its own merits. Instead Democrats under, Harry Reid, decided once again to exploit gay men and women by turning DADT into a wedge issue in the upcoming midterm elections. Rather than actually stand behind repealing DADT, Democrats simply created a scenario that forced the GOP to mount a filibuster more against process than any issue. In turn the Democrat plan is to motivate gays to come out in November and vote against Republicans for what they will describe as a vote against homosexual rights.

Hopefully the homosexual community will have the intelligence to understand that while they may not have benefited from Republican action on the issue of DADT, they were actually used by Democrats who decided to exploit their political naivety and sacrifice gay rights in the military for electoral power in November.

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The Week’s Political Winners & Losers – February 15th

Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers

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POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

New Jersey Governor Chris ChristiePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

In office for a little over a month and Chris Christie has been hit several with several snowstorms that were among the worst everin the state.  The last blast came from a back to back set of set of storms that had 18 and more inches dumped in South Jersey and then only a few days later had a blizzard dump another 18 to 28 inches across the entire state.   Yet despite the brutal back to back blizzards, Chris Christie’s Administration kept New Jersey running as smoothly as possible and within just 1 day after the last storm, had every single state roadway cleared of every flake of snow and ahintof ice.  So kudo;s to Christie and his Department of tRansportation for accomnplihing a hurculkean task and acoomplishing it well.  But weather alone is not whyChristie is a winner this week.  He is a winner also because he is proving to be all that he said he would be in his campaign.  This week Christie used emergency powers to freeze state spending and enact seveal major spending cuts. He said that since the legislature has failed to act on  our economic crisies, he will.  Christie added, I am hoing to govern as if I were a one term governor and just get what needs to be done, done.  Here! Here! Chris.  Maybe I was wrong about you.  Maybe you are the real deal. 

 Equality in the Military   PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

After more than a decade of being a major example of political hypocrisy, the federal military policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell saw one of the most dramatic signs of its uselessness when former Defense Secretary and Vice President Dick Cheney stated that he defers to current military leaders who are of the opinion that the military can function effectively without the policy. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell essentially said that its alright for you to be whoever you are and defend your country, so long as you hide it and deny who you are. The policy claims it is alright to be gay but it becomes known, it makes you unqualified to defend your country . DADT failed to take into consideration that rules regarding sexual conduct in the military applies to sex, not certain types of sex and therefore any regulations or restrictions regarding sexual conduct would apply the same to heterosexual activity as it would homosexual activity. To his credit, Dick Cheney, who has not been known to be a big advocate for the gay community, understands that personal opinions are trumped by logic. And logic tells him that if the military top brass feels that the times we are in makes DADT an outdated policy that is no longer needed to maintain the effectiveness of military cohesiveness, than it should be changed. The admission of such, by a conservative who has been in charge of our military, severely undermines any arguments that some may still have for maintaining the outdated, Clinton era, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy of discrimination.

RedWhiteBlue.gif picture by kempite


Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

Big brouhaha over Biden's Vice President Joe “The Schmo” Biden  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Joe Biden has not been let out of his cage much. He‘s too dangerous, or at least his mouth is. His latest verbal stool sample came when on the Larry King show he stated “I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration.”  Did Joe have a full frontal lobotomy at some point in time? Is this man serious? Can he ever be taken seriously? The members of “this Administration” opposed every single thing about the War in Iraq, from the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power, to allowing the Iraqi people the right to self determination through democracy. They opposed the troop surge that finally thwarted insurgents and quelled violence and they even tried to stop funding the American troops that were fighting in Iraq. In the mean time, “this Administration” has maintained the very same policies, strategies, agreements and timeline that the previous Administration developed. President Obama has called this a dumb war and he ran his entire campaign on first immediately withdrawing our troops and then removing them within a year and finally, once he was elected President, he decided to just go with the plans that he opposed. So that makes Iraq “this Administration’s greatest achievement”? It is not an achievement. It is an admission of the fact that the members of this Administration, including President Obama and Joe as well, were wrong for the years prior to their assuming office. This claim of credit for that which they opposed makes Joe Biden not only the biggest loser of the week but also the biggest out right liar and one of the most insincere and skeevy politician in America. Biden’s remarks were one of the greatest attempts to deny history since Holocaust deniers like Iran’s President Ahmadinejad came along.

when Chuck SchumerSenator Chuck SchumerPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

New York’s senior senator and head hypocrite came out this Sunday and called for the trial of the professed 9/11 conspirators to not be held in his backyard and then urged that the trial be held in “a self contained” environment. There are not many citizen courtrooms that are self contained in America. Most courtrooms are designed and located for public access. Manhattan’s former District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau recently stated how the trial of the terrorists would have crippled the court systems and that they will cripple any civilian court that they are held in. And now Chuck Schumer agrees. He even believes that in addition to the excessive cost burden that the trial would bring to any jurisdiction it was held, the trial would also produce unnecessary security risks to population centers. So he wants the trial of KSM and the other 9/11 co-conspirators to be held in a self contained environment. Is Chuck Schumer dumber than Joe Biden? Does he not realize that what he described was a military base? A military base! You know the type of self contained environment where military tribunals are conducted. Like maybe the self contained environment that exist in Cuba and is called Guantanamo Bay. Democrats are most certainly dense. Either that or they believe that we, the people, are as dumb as their handlers tell them we are. I mean if you are going to describe a military tribunal, why not come out and call it that? The answer to that question simply is that if they call for a military tribunal and admit that Guantanamo is the most secure, “contained environment for such a military tribunal to take place, than they would also have to admit that they were wrong to try to shut Guantanamo down and wrong to try to have the trial in a civilian court. Schumer is not just a loser, he is an ass.

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Is Denial And Death Worth Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell?

Bookmark and Share  On June 30th, Seaman August Provost, a 29 year old man in the U.S. Navy, was found dead in a guard shack at Southern California’s Camp Pendleton.

U4NavySeamanAlthough military officials believe the cause of death may be murder and are holding a person of interest in the brig at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station no charges have yet been filed. In the meantime although an autopsy has been conducted officials are awaiting the findings of toxicology reports and beyond these few basic facts, officials are remaining tight lipped.

Much of the reason for that just might have to do with the fact that August Provost was gay.

Provost was openly gay. He never denied his sexuality to his friends. He trusted them and did not care that they knew, but for the most part, to those who had no right or reason to know about Provost‘s sexual preference, he kept his life private and even avoided mention of his significant other, Kaether Cordero, his male partner back home in Houston, 

But sadly it looks like someone who did find out about August Provost’s sexual orientation killed him because of it.

In the days before August Provost was found dead at Camp Pendleton, family members report that he conveyed to them that he was being harassed. They urged him to report it to his superiors but Provost refused. This refusal was most likely based upon the anti-gay military tradition that is currently preserved behind the “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” policy which grudgingly acknowledges homosexuals in their ranks but only through a military code that enforces denial, and if broken, that code is grounds for dishonorable discharge.

Without all the circumstances and facts surrounding August Provost’s death publicly clear, one can not claim with certainty that his murder was rooted in homophobia. But several gay advocacy groups are all over this tragedy. They have even put pressure on several California congressional representatives to call for an official inquiry into Provost’s death based on the existing evidence which does point to a homicide that was committed because of Provost’s sexual orientation.

I bring this to your attention because I respect our military traditions. I respect our military for what they do, what they sacrifice and for their longstanding traditions of bravery and honor but it is on honor that I must begin to doubt our military’s commitment. Is it honorable to force a fellow American to fear the discovery of who they are, who they love and how they love them?

Is it honorable to force a fellow American to keep risks to their safety and life or infringements on their inalienable rights a secret because of potential penalties that the victim may face based on policies that discriminate against them because of who they are? I understand that it is necessary for our military to operate under codes that are somewhat different from the ones that are afforded to the general American society whom our armed forces defend. It is necessary for a cohesive flow of our military’s efficacy. But I dare say that in so far as the military code applies to sexual conduct, it is applicable to all individuals regardless of sex or even sexual preference.

Prohibitions on sexual activity that may seemingly pertain to heterosexual members of the military while serving on active duty do not force a female service member to deny that they are a woman. It simply precludes sexual activity while on duty. This same rule can still be upheld by and applied to homosexuals who are serving in the military. So why should a gay man or woman in the military be forced to serve in fear of being outed?

While these men and women in our armed forces are preserving the rights of all, why should they fear reporting that a fellow member of the military might be denying them their own civil rights or threatening their life?

The current policy which promotes this hiding of facts may have helped to kill Seaman August Provost.

Now I am not a gay pride parading, rainbow flag waving gay man. I am happier to wave the American flag which symbolizes a nation that allows me to be who I am and what I want to be, but circumstances and times have compelled me to confront the issue of gays in the military.

We are a nation at war and I know many gay men and women who have served, are currently serving and will be serving. One gay service member that I know has just completed three tours of duty in Iraq and is scheduled to report back to duty and serve in the same region in another 10 months.

These gay service members and future service members do not seek to turn lifesaving camouflage outfits into pink polka dot petticoats or convert tanks into gay pride floats and turn in their combat boots for stilettos. They do not wish to add ruffles and gold lamé ribbons to their parachutes before they get dropped into the mountains of Pakistan for a covert operation. They do not seek the chance to have their way with a fellow service man or woman in some sandy Afghani foxhole in between exploding mortar shells. They seek to preserve our nation and our freedoms. They seek to serve our nation not service someone. They are willing to risk their lives to serve our nation and yet because of Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, August Provost may have lost his life while trying to serve.

For this reason, I seek to abolish this arcane policy of official denial. I do not plan on replacing it with some sort of modern day version of the segregated, all black Muskogee Pilots of our past by implementing some sort of Gay Brigade that segregates homosexuals from heterosexuals. Nor do I wish to change any existing restrictions that pertain to the sexual activity of active duty service members. But I do seek to make sure that a gay person can serve his country without fear of discrimination and with the same protections from abuse and misconduct that are afforded to heterosexuals in the military.

The Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell policy is a failure. Its name may sound rational and even safe but in actuality it is dangerous. August Provost may be proof of that.

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