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Zoo Rewards Those Who Take Down Michael Vick

Bookmark and Share   I happen to live a mere few minutes away from the Popcorn Park Zoo. It is a wildlife refuge sanctuary and rehabilitation facility, that is open to the public and cares for sick, elderly, abandoned , abused, or injured, and which could no longer survive in its natural habitat.

If you are an animal lover, or tear up at the thought of Bambi losing his mother, the Popcorn Park Zoo is a source of incredibly powerful stories. It saves lives and gives animals faced with unbearable conditions under circumstances beyond their control, more comfortable, happier lives.

MrWigglesInhandWTake Mr. Wiggles.

Mr. Wiggles is a squirrel monkey who was rescued by Popcorn Park in 1994. He had escaped from the cage his owner kept him in and was running loose in a north Jersey town. Had Wiggles not been captured he was destined to die during the often harsh New Jersey winter months that squirrel monkeys are not acclimated for. Once captured it was discovered that Mr. wiggles was illegally owned, and as the person he belonged to had no permit, he was surrendered to the zoo.

15 years later, not only is Mr. Wiggles content and comfortable he is one happy camper who is treated like a king and constantly has his intelligent mind occupied by activities and attentive zoo keepers..

But today I shine a light on The Popcorn Park Zoo not because of Mr. Wiggles but because of the zoo’s ingenious attempt of gaining awareness and support. The zoo is a subsidiary of the Humane Society a non for profit group that

Popcorn Park Zoo's Princess

Popcorn Park Zoo's Princess

 unlike organizations like ACORN actually do everything legally and some good. So Popcorn Park relies heavily on donations and how to generate donations is a job unto itself that requires creative, free campaigns of awareness.

In that vein, Popcorn Park has taken advantage of an opportunity to make a statement and get some much deserved publicity for their cause.

In a region of New Jersey that is relatively in relatively close proximity to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Popcorn Park Zoo has made a statement regarding the acquisition of convicted dog fighter and animal abuser Michael Vick.

princesshandAmong some of the needy residents of the zoo is Princess, a camel.

Last year Princess accurate predicted 17 of 21 NFL games, including the Super Bowl. She makes her predictions by choosing the graham cracker that is held in one of the two hands with the team of her choice.

In keeping with tradition, Princess will continue to make her predictions this year but in dishonor of Michael Vick, the Popcorn Park Zoo will be donating dog food every time that Vick is sacked during a game.princess

This campaign has worked. Many news stations have carried the story and many people have found out about the Popcorn Park Zoo. All this while also making a statement that rightly condemns any hero worship of a man who took part in despicable acts that tormented and killed animals.

So I salute the Popcorn Park Zoo. I salute them for providing needy animals with a second chance and I applaud the creative managers of the zoo who made a statement against the conduct of Michael Vick and received the attention that they deserve.

Take a moment to check out the Popcorn Park Zoo through the link provided below and consider offering them a much needed and well deserved donation.

Click here to visit the Zoo

Click here to visit the Zoo

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