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DNC Ad Attacks GOP With CPAC

Bookmark and Share  In what can only be viewed as a sign of things to come, the Democratic National Committee is returning to their attempts at demonizing Republicans by trying to paint their conservative base as heartless fiends and maniacal evil scientists who would dare to experiment with such things as the ability for the free market to improve quality and life in America. In a video put out this week by the DNC, clips from CPAC, the American Conservative Union’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

The video uses clips of cheering CPAC audiences as speakers talk of replacing the E.P.A, abolishing the Board of Education and allowing people to opt out of Social Security. After the evil Republicans have their say, Steny Hoyer and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are spliced in as they discuss how Democrats are making sure that America is competitive enough to insure is a stronger economic future. The video then goes to a clip of President Obama from his State of the Union Address in which he discusses the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans and how as a nation “we do big things.”

What the ad does not tell you is that for Democrats, those big things are big government and big government programs which replace the American entrepreneurial spirit with bureaucratic mandates and regulations that have a return on the dollar that is less than the cost required to implement.

Another interesting thing to point out is that, the way I see it, the DNC seems to also be banking on President Obama’s supposed great oratory skills as means to appeal to the hearts and minds of the American voter. Not that there is anything wrong with that. A President should be able to do so, but one must be able to tap into American sentiments if they wish to be successful at such attempts. One must be Reaganesque if they wish to do that. The problem is we knew Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan. Nice try though.

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Incoming House Democrat Minority Contradicts Reality

Bookmark and Share    In a Tuesday afternoon presser the incoming leadership of the Democratic minority announced the new Vice Chairmen of the Democrat Policy Committee. On her last day as Speaker, Nancy Pelosi was joined by soon to be Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer and other ranking Democrats to elevate both Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida and Texas Rep Henry Cuellar to the position of Vice Chair.

During the show, Democrats promised to work with Republicans while simultaneously laying out the groundwork to obstruct them as each of those assembled called the Republicans and their legislative agenda “hypocritical” and full of “empty rhetoric”

For her part, Nancy Pelosi stated that the Democrat minority would “continue” to focus on the creation of jobs and to measure every initiative that comes before them on how it will effect jobs and our mounting national debt. But what she left out was the lack of focus on effective job creation and debt creation that she and her Party produced in the past two years of their reign over the House. She did however reiterate her dogged determination to block any repeal of the 2,400 page healthcare reform debacle that cost Democrats their majority in the House.

Members such as Democratic ranking budget committee member Chris Van Holland, Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and rabid New York liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, all echoed the same sentiments during the press conference but probably the best quote to come out of this performance in hypocrisy, came from incoming Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer of Maryland.  He stated that Democrats will make sure that Republicans keep their promises.

The statement summed up the quandary that Democrats will now find themselves in.

Among other things, Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare. Now, how effective can Democrats be if they promise to help Republicans keep their promise to repeal Obamacare, while at the same time promise to block any repeal of healthcare? It would seem that in addition to being  the real hypocrites, based upon their conflicting statements, House Democrats are  going to act in a way that will cancel themselves out  and become inconsequential to the legislative process over the next two years.

If anything, this press conference demonstrated that Democrats are as about willing to work with the Republican majority as they were when Republicans were in the minority, which is very little if at all.

After listening to the contradictions of Democrats, it is quite obvious that the loud message sent in the midterm election results of 2010, fell on deaf Democrat ears and it looks like the G.O.P. will have a great opportunity to prove which Party is truly willing to listen to the people.

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