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McCain Putting Country First

McCain Putting Country First

Days ago I wondered why aren’t the two men who are sitting, United States Senators, and running to assume the presidency of the United States, actively involved in the proposed, largest in history, government bailout and economic initiative that we are about implement? It would only seem logical that their potential leadership as presidents be applied in this process.

This past Wednesday, John McCain took to thinking the same way. He announced that he would suspend all of his normal campaign activities, including a scheduled debate on foreign affairs, in order to actively participate in shaping the rushed legislation to correct the economic woes that exist within several sectors of the financial market . He called upon Barack Obama to do the same.

Contrary to the opinion of critics and liberals, this was a move that called for a cessation in the political pugilism of a campaign and replace it with action. The economic policy initiative being worked on here is a an expensive proposal that requires due diligence and attention. By suspending the political exploitation of the issue to participate in the process and allow for proper attention to it, John McCain has once again put country first and shown us that he is serving a cause greater than self.

John McCain has been in the lead on this issue since 2005 when he put forward Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005. It was a measure that would have prevented the lack of proper regulation and recording practices that allowed the current crisis to get to this point. Democrats, including the current chairmen of the house and senate committees responsible for such legislation, blocked it.

Liberals Chris Dodd and Barney Franks are the Chairmen of the committees which oversaw the very aspects of the process which led to the crisis we are now in. Suddenly they are working together, holding hearings and trying to hammer out a solution to a problem that has now exploded. Where have they been prior to this? For them to suggest that John McCain is not needed to solve this crisis and that he need not to suspend his campaign to address the issue properly is preposterous. He is a sitting Senator, as is Obama. Since 2005, McCain has tried to avoid the problem we are now facing and led the way to prevent it. For the last two years, his first years in the senate, Barack Obama has campaigned for President. I would suggest that of the two, John McCain is the more rational voice on the issue. His actions to postpone that which would distract from the dire attention needed for this bailout package are not only right, they are prudent.

Detractors claim that this a political ploy. They suggest that a President must be able to handle more than one issue at a time. That is true, however, a President must also be able to demonstrate that he can properly prioritize issues and actions. A president needs the instincts and judgment that allows fellow Americans to understand the urgency of a situation. When 9/11 struck, we accepted it’s obvious importance as the most immediate concern to our nation and we accepted the postponement of other priorities in order to focus on the main concern. The failing of certain sectors of the financial market does not compare to the tragedy and horror of 9/11 but it does represent the necessity for the same type of urgency for action and attention.

I am concerned with the rush of pork barrel spending, legislators to craft a 700 billion dollar legislative initiative. I understand the need for the relatively quick development of the initiative but quick is not what the government is good at. They botch up things that they work on for years, yet we are  suppose to be confident in something that they throw together in days.

That being said, since there is the need for congress to quickly come up with a package that corrects certain wrongs before they start infecting other areas of our economy, I want them to spend the few days in question working on it, focused on it and not distracted from it. I want McCain’s input and leadership on this issue. I want attention to detail that opposes any last minute, unaffiliated, pork barrel measures added on to this bill. I do not want to see the crisis used as a political game with bumper sticker slogans being used to solve the problem.

If this budget bailout package is not worked out in time for Friday’s debate, than so be it. The work to create a truly proper and effective bailout package will still need to be done and I would not mind the two candidates applying themselves to it. One of the two will inherit an administration that will have to deal with the results of this legislation and I prefer them to work on it. I do not want them to be debating foreign affairs while our

Obama, Putting Politics First

Obama, Putting Politics First

nation deals with the most drastic measures in the history of economic affairs.

You can call McCain’s suspension of regular campaign activity a ploy but I call it a judgment call that demonstrates his sincere sense of responsibility and desire to put country first. Barack Osama’s “call me if you need me” attitude democrats the judgment of his “above my pay grade attitude. Both men are elected representatives in the United states Senate and both men have responsibilities to that position. Barack Obama is taking that responsibility lightly and putting his campaign for president first.


Rules Of Washington

If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth fighting dirty for.

Don’t lie, cheat or steal…unnecessarily.

There is always one more son of a bitch than you counted on.

An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble.

The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

Chicken little only has to be right once.

“NO” is only an interim response.

You can’t kill a bad idea.

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

The truth is a variable.

A porcupine with his quills down in just another fat rodent.

You can agree with any concept or notional future option, in principle, but fight implementation every step of the way.

A promise is not a guarantee.

If you can’t counter the argument, leave the meeting


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As far away from the dysfunctional mentality of politics as Alaska is from Washington, D.C.

As far away from the dysfunctional mentality of politics as Alaska is from Washington, D.C.

 There are quite a few critics of Sarah Palin out there. They don’t outnumber her supporters but they are louder than those who stand by her. Her supporters are not among the Hollywood elite or the newsroom water coolers. They are not the ones at the Emmy’s accepting trophies for their mindless portrayal of some lovelorn, sex and drug addicted, mistress on a never ending daytime soap opera. They’re not the ones sitting on sofas and describing their view of things while they wave their diamond, bedazzled fingers in the air during animated conversations from the insides of a studio.

No, supporters of Sarah Palin are the people who are hard at work during the day establishing their views based upon the real lives that they live. They are the people who appreciate the changing courses in Sarah Palin’s life which brought her to the vice presidential nomination.

Her critics like to make of fun her religious values and belittle her mayoral experience. When making fun of those characteristics doesn’t get them far, they attribute fictitious actions to her in the name of her faith or in the line of her duty. Yet, admirers of Palin appreciate the changing paths that brought her leadership to them. They appreciate the fact that by drawing from her personal, religious faith, she has functioned with sincerity, bravery , confidence and conviction. And she has done so without enforcing that personal faith on others and intruding on their own beliefs.

For all those who denounce Sarah Palin and her selection for the vice presidential nomination, I suggest that they take forty minutes out of their lives and get a grip on their loose cannon critiques of her. Pick up a copy of….

SARAH: How A Hockey Mom Turned
Alaska’s Political
Establishment Upside Down
by Kaylene Johnson, Epic Press

Long before Sarah Palin was nominated for Vice President, Alaskan author Kaylene Johnson penned this quick read because she felt the story around this new Governor of Alaska was remarkable. Obviously she was right. The 140 or so pages of this paperback, details Palin’s path from small town girl to big time leader.

In it you get a sense of her unintentional role as David going after Goliath and you come to realize that Sarah Palin is not your typical politician You will understand that she never set out to conquer the world. She simply set out to do her part in the world and fell into circumstances that forced her right the wrongs she found and to stop those who tried to use the system to short change the people around them. As each page in this book turns you develop a sense of how Sarah Palin was never driven to put her name on any ballot to fulfill some aching desire for greatness or the admiration of millions. Unlike many vain politicians who seek the praise of others and set out to achieve personal greatness, Sarah truly set out to do what she felt needed to be done and in doing so, greatness found her.

It is a simple story but it is also a powerful one One that will allow people to understand why John McCain selected this woman who was relatively unknown to the lower 48, but is a hero to fellow Alaskans. Readers will come to realize that Sarah Palin was not picked for looks or her gender or to try to win over jilted Hillary supporters. She was picked because she is a doer and because she is as far removed from the dysfunctional mentality and workings of Washington as her state is. She was picked because her direction and leadership offers what all Americans, regardless of their gender, needs…….honesty, integrity and sincerity of purpose. You will see that in choosing Sarah Palin, John McCain took on a partner who is the antithesis of all that is wrong in politics. Someone who cares not about the comfort of the political class but the needs of the working class.

If you think you hate Sarah Palin or if you thought you liked her, read this book.

After reading it, Palin critics will have to reassess their opinions and mindless attacks Fans of Palin will be wanting to run her for President instead of John McCain and they will better understand why the left is infatuated with here and fixated on tearing her down.





 George W. Bush, in an airport lobby, noticed a man in a long flowing white robe with a long flowing white beard and flowing white hair. The man had a staff in one hand and some stone tablets under the other arm.

George W. approached the man and inquired, “Aren’t you Moses?”

The man ignored George W. and stared at the ceiling.

George W. positioned himself more directly in the man’s view and asked again, “Hey there! Aren’t you Moses?”

The man continued to peruse the ceiling.

George W. tugged at the man’s sleeve and asked once again, “HEY THERE! Aren’t you Moses???”

The man finally responded in an irritated voice, “Yes, I am.”

George W., a bit peeved at this point then asked, “Why the cold shoulder?”

To which Moses replied, “The last time a bush spoke to me I ended up spending forty years in the wilderness.”

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